Chaos 001


As the Chaos hype video ends we cut to an all-black screen.

There literally is nothing to see.

But there are sounds.

The sounds of waves crashing into a large object can be heard as if it was the Atlantic Ocean crashing onto the shores of New York City.

But alas it is not New York City.

The camera slowly begins to pan out and as it does we see that it was a black screen we were seeing……but instead we see we were zoomed in ALL the way onto the object sitting in the Atlantic Ocean.

And as we continue to pan out we finally see the object in all its glory.


The camera continues to zoom out from the lovely black locks of the LSD Champion, and we see that STRONK Godson is literally standing a few feet off the shoreline looking out into the ocean.

The camera turns and we see what has his attention.

An object that is bigger than him….which intrigues the man to no ends.

The USS Octane.

Suddenly there is a loud roar and the ocean and sand around STRONK begins flying as we see a large CH-53K King Stallion helicopter slowly descending from the night sky.

The helicopter hovers only a hundred feet above the shoreline and suddenly a line drops from the helicopter down to STRONK.

Without hesitation the man wraps the line around his list, and he is quickly lifted off the shore and STRONK and the KING STALLION make their way towards the USS Octane.

The feed follows them as we see a massive display of fireworks begin to shoot off from the shoreline and as they light up the shore we see that there are thousands of High Octane fans watching STRONK literally being delivered to the USS Octane.

The crowd has two chants going as the fireworks continue to light up the New York skyline



The KING STALLION and STRONK make their way around the Statue of Liberty and STRONK just smirks at Lady Liberty and gives her a wink for good measure.

Several seconds later and the KING STALLION and STRONK are hovering over the USS Octane, and we see the set up for tonight’s event.

The HOFC Cage set to host the most anticipated World Championship Match in several years.

And the same HOW ring that has seen thousands of title matches over the years and will host three more tonight.

As STRONK releases his grip from the wire and falls to the deck of the USS Octane we get a final shot of the New York skyline behind him, and it fades into darkness.

The time for talk is over.

The time for Refueled has ended.

There is only time left for one thing and one thing only.



The feed cuts from the deck of the USS Octane to inside the massive ship as we get a hard shot of Joe Hoffman who has taken his customary position on the bridge of the ship to call tonight’s action. He has several monitors in front of him.

Joe Hoffman: WELCOME TO CHAOS!!!!!!

Joe smiles as he is extra excited for tonight’s show.

Joe Hoffman: WHAT an evening we have in store for us folks. The Refueled era is over after 100 shows and this first Chaos of this era might as well be a PPV event. I mean just listen to this card……Tag Team No.1 Contenders Match…..HOTv Championship Match……ICON Championship Match…..LSD Championship Match and of course the World Championship match where we will see Christopher America defend big 97red inside the HOFC Cage against America’s number one MERCDAD….Steve Solex.

Joe pauses as he catches his breath.

Joe Hoffman: The MACHINE resets itself for the beginning of this CHAOS era and we have all new Champions coming out of War Games so it will be exciting to see how these matches go down tonight. STRONK we just saw make a most impressive entrance as the LSD Champion. Clay Byrd with his first singles Championship as HOTv Champion. What is old is new again as a Best is an ICON Champion as Tyler defends against Steve Harrison tonight. The names might change over time but some things never change and that is the MACHINE of High Octane Wrestling rolls on.

The action cuts to ringside as the cameras tighten in on Bryan McVay standing in the ring as the KING STALLION and STRONK have exited stage left as the show is set to begin.

Joe Hoffman: We know that the LSD Championship will be up for grabs but under what stipulation? We’re about to find out…

Bryan McVay: The following contest… IS A TABLES MATCH… FOR THE LSD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God!

The camera then begins zooming out as we see the ring is surrounded by tables.

Joe Hoffman: I saw the crews bringing in tables earlier but I thought it was for catering or for some of the equipment because we were on the USS Octane but I never imagined this!

“Wolf Totem” by The Hu hits as HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff makes his way out. As the camera cuts to him, Kostoff stops and runs his large weathered hands against the tables that line either side of the path to the ring.

Kostoff smirks before grabbing a table and sliding it into the ring. Kostoff climbs in after it and lays the table against the far left turnbuckle.

“Juicy” by the Notorious B.I.G. hits as Stronk Godson, built like a fucking tank, comes out with the LSD Championship wrapped around his waste.

Joe Hoffman: This won’t be for the faint of heart. Two big men about to square off in a tables match for the LSD Championship. Kostoff who damn near killed Lee Best at War Games and Stronk Godson who traded the TV Championship for the LSD Championship after pinning Steve Harrison.

This is especially dangerous for Stronk who was put through a table at War Games… a flaming one at that!

Stronk also grabs a table with relative ease and slides it into the ring. He tosses Joel Hortega the championship with such force that Hortega is knocked back a couple of steps. Hortega holds the championship up and shows it to the competitors.

Kostoff, seeing Stronk with the table, immediately grabs the one that he leaned in the corner.

Hortega calls for the bell and the match is underway.


Kostoff charges Stronk and the two begin trading table shots as if the tables were swords. The tables smack against each other with neither man gaining the advantage. Both men back up and swing.


Both tables snap in half from the sheer power of these two men.

Both men cast their other halves to the side. For a brief moment, Stronk looks like he might smile, impressed at the strength of his opponent, but his face does not budge.

The veteran Kostoff immediately bounces off the ropes and goes to clothesline Stronk. Stronk does not move as Kostoff bounces off of him. Kostoff looks enraged at the thought of his clothesline not working so he goes for it again but gets the same result. Kostoff tries one more time but instead of throwing a clothesline, he throws his entire body at Stronk.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe it! Kostoff launching himself like a missile at Stronk and he knocked the big man down!

Kostoff gets up and screams in pure rage. He begins stomping away at Stronk who quickly rolls out of the ring. Kostoff quickly follows and grabs Stronk. He picks him up and tosses him into the steel steps. The force of Kostoff’s throw and the sheer mass of Godson make the THUD from the stew steps sound like a cannon explosion.

Joe Hoffman: If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought a bomb exploded! Godson has to be knocked out!

With Stronk down, Kostoff goes and picks up one of the tables at ringside. He slides it into the ring. He then grabs another and slides it into the ring. Kostoff then goes under the ring and grabs two chairs.

Kostoff slides into the ring and places one of the tables horizontally in the corner of the ring. He takes the two chairs and wedges them under the ends to create some structural integrity for the horizontal table.

He goes to set up the other table in the middle of the ring. Satisfied, Kostoff leans over the ropes to check on Stronk but he’s not there!

Stronk slides into the ring from behind Kostoff, wraps him up and backdrops him towards the table that Kostoff set up in the center of the ring.


Joe Hoffman: Good God, Kostoff might have a concussion!

Stronk misjudges the distance and instead of dropping Kostoff through the table, the back of Kostoff’s head clips the table. The table does not break and Kostoff is grabbing the back of his head.

Furious, Stronk grabs the table in the ring, picks it up and throws it into another corner. He picks up Kostoff and whips him onto the table. Stronk then backs up and runs at Kostoff hoping to drive him through the table but Kostoff rolls out of the way. Stronk grabs the ropes and stops himself from going headfirst into the table.

Kostoff gets behind Godson and hits him with a German suplex right into the middle of the ring. With Stronk down, Kostoff begins raining punches right to Stronk’s face.

It’s hard to tell if the punches are doing anything but pissing Stronk off. He tried pushing Kostoff off but Kostoff barely moves. He continues punching away as Stronk struggles. After a few more moments, Stronk’s struggling begins to wane.

Joe Hoffman: You have to believe Kostoff is hoping to just beat the big man down to delay him long enough to drive him through a table.

Kostoff begins marching around the ring, flipping over tables and kicking them down.

Halfway up the entrance way, Kostoff stops, turns and marches back down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff apparently unsatisfied with the tables here! What’s he thinking?

Kostoff looks under the ring and pulls out a 5 foot by 5 foot square table.

Joe Hoffman: That table’s enormous! It’s almost as big as Stronk!

Kostoff slides it into the ring and sets it up. The reinforced legs are positioned and Kostoff smacks the table checking for sturdiness.

Kostoff picks up Stronk’s body and begins moving him towards the table in the corner. With a huge lift, Kostoff hoists Stronk onto the top turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: The sheer strength of Kostoff! To be able to lift Godson like that!

Kostoff then climbs onto the table beating supported by chairs. He looks back at the giant table in the ring before turning back to Godson. He hooks Godson up and…

Joe Hoffman: Superplex!!! SUPERPLEX!!!

The rumble hits like an earthquake so that even Hoffman feels it from inside the USS Octane.

Both men smack and arch their backs in pain.

But perhaps even worse, the table doesn’t break. The reinforced legs and sheer size of the table allow it to withstand the impact.

Both men roll off the table and land with a thud on the mat.

Hortega can do nothing but look on as this match can only end with someone being out through a table. After a few moments, both men begin to stir. Kostoff gets up to his knees and looks over, his eyes barely above the table. Stronk places his meaty paws on the table and pulls himself up to meet Kostoff’s gaze. Seeing him look, Stronk snarls and gets to one foot. Kostoff does the same.

Both men then climb onto the table and begin trading blows. They hammer harder and harder hoping someone will gain the upper hand. Stronk’s slight power advantage allows him to create a small window of opportunity. He knees Kostoff in the gut and then hammers on his neck. Kostoff drops to his knee where Stronk quickly hoists him up into a…

Joe Hoffman: Squat Rack Breaker!


Stronk drops to his knees on the table.


A visible crack has now formed on half of the table.

As Stronk drops Kostoff’s body, Kostoff immediately pops up behind Godson and cracks his neck. Godson turns around and looks stunned. Kostoff kicks Godson as hard as he can in the gut and then…



Kostoff drives Stronk into the table with a thunderous force.


The crack spreads further rand the reinforce legs are now bent under the sheer brutality these two are dishing out.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how much more the table, or I for that matter, can take! What can these men do?

Kostoff turns and eyes the table still being propped up by chairs. He taps his elbow and motions for an elbow drop.

Joe Hoffman: There’s no way. THERE’S NO WAY!!!

Kostoff climbs the table, working his way around it, and then up to the top turnbuckle as Stronk still lies there. Kostoff steadies himself and then dives!



Stronk pops up and catches Kostoff in mid air! He hooks his arm around Kostoff and hoists him up!



The table legs snap as the table splits with both men falling through, hitting the mat hard.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner…in 9:12… AND STILLLLLL LSD CHAMPION…. STRONK GOOOOODSOOOON!

Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable match! Another win for Stronk Godson, this time against Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff. Kostoff managed to do well in keeping the champ down but Godson’s pure mass and strength helped him overcome the veteran.

Only through a last minute opportunity did Stronk pull this out!

I am still in shock at the sheer power of these two men and we still have more to come tonight!


We cut away from ringside to one of the passageways in the lower deck of the USS Octane, where Blaire Moise is standing by outside one of the cabins.

Blaire Moise: Hello HOW fans, Blaire Moise here waiting to speak with Xander Azula, who just last week issued an HOFC challenge to Scott Stevens! After what the Hall of Famer had to say later that night, I’m sure we’re all wondering what–

Blaire is interrupted by the sound of retching, leaving her visibly worried as the door creaks open to reveal one of Xander’s fellow disciples, Mysti.

Mysti: And what, may I ask, do you want?

Blaire Moise: I wanted to talk to Xander about the challenge he gave last week, and–

Mysti cuts the reporter off with a raised hand and a sneer on her face.

Mysti: I’m afraid he’s feeling…under the weather, right now, so he won’t be able to answer any questions at this time. I told him it was a bad idea to board the USS Octane, didn’t I?

She turns toward the interior of the cabin, where Xander finally steps into view, visibly wiping his face with a paper towel before speaking with a slightly more hushed tone than usual.

Xander Azula: Now now, I did say I would confront this issue head on, my dear.

This statement causes Blaire to raise an eyebrow before pressing on with the interview.

Blaire Moise: What issue would that be, Xander?

Xander smirks in response, before speaking up a little louder.

Xander Azula: I’m glad you asked. I want you to turn the clock in your minds back, a little over a year…the middle of May 2021, to be more precise. The last time I was on this forsaken ship, when I was embarrassed for all to see.

Xander stops, letting out a small cough before continuing.

Xander Azula: The mere thought of coming back to this boat made me nauseous, but I knew I needed to overcome any sea sickness I might have if I wanted to toughen myself up before facing Scott Stevens inside that HOFC cage.

Blaire Moise: Right, but Scott didn’t answer your challenge fully last week. In fact, he almost ignored it…how does that strike you?

Xander chuckles, shaking his head.

Xander Azula: I’m not shocked, to be honest. The man came into the Best Arena with his own agenda, which I suspect he will continue to follow to the letter…but I have my path to walk, and I intend to keep moving forward. I’ll let him think it over a little longer, but if he ignores me again, I will be much more confrontational with him…next week.

Blaire Moise: Why not tonight?

Xander chuckles again, before another cough gets the better of him.

Xander Azula: I thought about it, but…I need to rest up now. I told Coach Bergman I’d watch him and Darin Whatshisface try and get that Number One Contender spot for the tag titles later tonight, but I can’t do that if I keep a meal down can I? Now, if you’ll excuse me.

With that, Xander coughs once more as he retreats into the cabin…and just a second later, Mysti slams the cabin door in Blaire’s face, much to the surprise of the interviewer as we go to commercial!



Flashes across the screen as we see Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey inside a hotel room somewhere in New York City she has a pink card in her hand as she sets it down on the desk nearest the door. The card says “Mr. Godson.” on it. She exits the room to bump into the LSD champion and his manager.

STRONK GODSON and Shelley Greene stand in the middle of the hallway, with the LSD Champion digging cooked chunks of beef out of a plastic ziplock bag and stuffing his face. He appears startled as he comes face-to-face with the object of his carnal desires. At least she used to be, but perceived indifference on her part has since caused the Stronkest Man Alive to move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Bobbinette: I am so sorry, I was just leaving a note. But since you’re here thank you for beating Harrison at war games. It was very chivalrous of you.

She actually sounds genuine. She looks at the two of them and at the bag of meat and smiles.

Bobbinette: So I sent you half of the cow as a thank you. I realized I didn’t send a note so I was just leaving one now.

She points behind her back to his locker room.

STRONK glances down to his bag of beef, a small amount of cow remaining after he sat down a few days ago upon its arrival and consumed literal pounds of meat in a single sitting.


Bobbinette: Yes I like giving gifts to people. It’s kind of my thing and I figured since your weight is important a half a cow would be…nice?


Bobbinette: Well it didn’t go unnoticed. So thanks again.

She stands there nervously tucking her hair behind her ear as she smiles politely.

STRONK doesn’t talk to women very often. Oh, he fucks, don’t get it twisted, but the women he beds are typically gym-bos who don’t require any manner of conversation to get their clothes off. Bedroom cardio is the only cardio STRONK allows. And so STRONK doesn’t really know what to say or how to say it.

Greene: Well, that’s very thoughtful of you, Carey, but why’d you have to go and cheap out on half a cow? The big man not worth the full cow corpse?

Bobbinette: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought-

STRONK shoots him a death glare.


Bobbinette looks at Shelley confused then back at Stronk.

Bobbinette: I’m happy you enjoyed the half of a cow. And congratulations on becoming the LSD champion. It suits you. I have to go get ready before we all head out to the USS Octane. Good luck tonight.

She says as she smiles and nods to both before departing back into her room.

STRONK flexes.


CHAOS moves on…


Back at ringside where Bryan McVay and Matt Boettcher are in the ring for our next bout as we cut to the commentary area up top, where we are greeted by Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, we are now gearing up for what could be a rough and brutal affair for the High Octane Television Championship! Clay Byrd earned the title by eliminating Stronk Godson from War Games, and now defends here at Chaos aboard the USS Octane against a man out to cause some damage, David Noble!

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall…and it is for the High Octane Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…

The powerful thumping of large drums segues perfectly into “Fighter” by Jung Youth and Sam Tinnesz.

Brick and Mortar

Blood and Water

Goin’ Harder


David Noble emerges, dressed in blue jeans and wrestling boots as he looks to the audience watching him from along the railing above the ringside area. He seems to be harboring a great deal of anger, doing his best to keep the rage in check as he heads toward the ring.

Bryan McVay: …from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 265 pounds…DAAAAVIIIIID NOOOOOOBLEEEEE!

He keeps a focused eye on the ring the whole time as he approaches, hopping up onto the ring apron before stepping through the ropes, turning his attention to the entryway…waiting for the champion to arrive.

Joe Hoffman: After everything we witnessed at War Games, David Noble seems intent on making life hell for Clay Byrd here tonight…and in the process, he might just become the HOTv Champion to boot!

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of  “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo from the sound system aboard the USS Octane. Clay Byrd appears at the entryway, a cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand.

My gun is loaded

It’s gettin’ time

Two shots of whiskey

I’m takin’ what’s mine

Ain’t what you’re sayin’

It’s what you do

Your time has come, boy

I’m gunnin’ for you

Bryan McVay: From Plainview, Texas, weighing in at 295 pounds…he is one half of the HOW Tag Team Champions, and the reigning, defending High Octane Television Champion…CLAAAAAAY BYR–

Bryan is cut off as David shoves past him, leaving the ring on a beeline toward the champ! The two immediately come to blows here, trading lefts and rights until David sends Clay into the steel steps with a thud! Noble brings the champ back to his feet before sending him rolling into the ring, sliding in close behind to cause further damage…only to be held back by Boettcher, who checks on the champ standing back on his feet before calling for the bell!


No lockup here at the outset, with Clay immediately charging at Noble after the pre-match assault…but Noble seems to have something of an advantage here, dodging an early lariat attempt to send the champ to the ropes, and connecting with a spinning elbow on the rebound! Byrd looks rocked after that, but manages to dodge a second elbow by Noble before delivering a set of nasty rights and lefts that sends Noble reeling toward the corner…only for Noble to catch the champ by surprise by sending him barrelling into the corner! Noble turns Clay around, stomping away at the midsection until he drops to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Noble is really taking it to the champ here, looking for a pound of flesh as he keeps on the attack!

Noble steps back only when Boettcher cuts him off after a count of four, admonishing him for the continued assault as Byrd manages to get back to his feet. Noble doesn’t give the champ much room to breathe, however, as he immediately blindsides him with a tackle to the canvas, throwing caution to the wind with some mounted punches to the head! Boettcher has to pull the challenger away, warning him about the closed fists…but Byrd is standing up once again, charging at full speed toward Noble before hitting one hell of a haymaker to the temple!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my! The champ firing back with some hard, heavy punches, and it looks like that haymaker connected flush with Noble’s skull!

Sure enough, Noble looks loopy after the haymaker, giving the champ a much-needed opening to strike back with some more lefts and rights before sending Noble to the ropes, this time connecting with a spinebuster that sends Noble down hard onto the canvas! The crowd watching from the railing is showing their support for the champ here, but he pays them little mind as he lifts Noble to his feet…only to send him right back down with a body slam!

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Byrd is taking no chances against Noble here as he keeps wearing the challenger down as much as he can!

And, having possibly worn Noble down enough, Clay goes for the cover looking to put this match away as Boettcher makes the count!



David Noble is NOT down and out here, much to the chagrin of Byrd as the champ brings Noble back to his feet…only Noble fights his way out this time, shoving Byrd away to create some much needed space. Clay goes after the challenger again…only to be met with another spinning elbow from Noble for his effort! Byrd is thrown for a loop after that, putting the challenger firmly back in control as he increases the ferocity of his strikes, really leaning toward doing as much damage as possible with every punch and kick before following up with an uppercut…and rounding out the combo with a Saito suplex, nearly dropping the champ right on his head! This does NOT get the reaction Noble was expecting or hoping for, as the watchful crowd start booing him…but the challenger forces himself to ignore this as he presses on, hammering away with some forearm strikes on the downed champion.

Joe Hoffman: Noble made it clear as day what his mission was tonight, and he’s out to accomplish that with this vicious assault on Clay Byrd!

The forearm strikes quickly lead back to closed-fist punches against the skull of the champion, forcing Boettcher to step in once again, only for Noble to shove him away. Boettcher is REALLY unnerved by this, telling the challenger not to put his hands on an official again or he will be disqualified…which Noble just seems to shrug off, before going right back to work on Byrd, bringing the champ back to his feet before hitting a Northern Lights suplex! Noble bridges the neck, keeping Byrd’s shoulders pinned down as Boettcher makes the count!




Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd kicks out! The champ still has plenty of fight in him, by the looks of it…but with Noble shrugging off the referee’s warning, you can’t help but wonder if Noble cares too much about winning this title or just trying to hurt the champion!

The frustration is noticeable on Noble’s face as he rolls Byrd out of the ring, quickly making his own exit for the sake of causing even greater harm to the champ as he approaches the steel steps…removing the top half with a look of bad intent in his eyes! Noble raises the step above his head…but Byrd saves himself with a quick punch to the gut of the challenger! Noble drops the step to the floor, affording Byrd the opportunity to send Noble into the ring post and finally gain a measure of revenge from the pre-match assault! Noble doesn’t even have a chance to fall to the ground, as Byrd quickly sends him right back into the ring before Boettcher gets to begin his count. Noble manages to get to a knee as the champ launches himself off the ropes, looking for the Texas Lariat…BUT NOBLE CATCHES HIM WITH A SPEAR INSTEAD!

Joe Hoffman: Could this be it for the champ? That was quite the spear from Noble, how much more damage can Clay take here?

It looks like we’re about to find out, as Noble rises to his feet taunting the champ to do the same, clearly not finished just yet. Clay gets to a knee as Noble looks for the jumping knee strike! RISE U–NO! BYRD WITH A SPEAR OF HIS OWN ON NOBLE! Clay rolls toward the ropes, using them for leverage to get back to his feet as Noble slowly comes to…and just as the challenger manages to get back to his knee, Clay Byrd goes flying off the top rope, connecting with the Texas Lariat! Noble goes down hard to the canvas, as the champion crawls over to make the cover! Boettcher with the count here, as Clay hooks the leg as a measure of precaution!




Joe Hoffman: That did it!


Clay makes it back to his feet, looking worn out as the referee raises his arm while McVay makes the announcement official.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner in ten minutes, sixteen seconds via pinfall, and STILL High Octane Television Champion…CLAAAAAAAY BYRRRRRRRRD!

Clay looks down upon his fallen challenger, as Noble looks like he’s still out from that Texas Lariat before we go back to Joe Hoffman watching from up above.

Joe Hoffman: What a fittingly brutal match this was, folks! David Noble looked poised to take the champ down, but it seems like his eagerness for violence cost him in the end as Clay Byrd retains the HOTv Championship! Folks, we’re just moments away from seeing three teams square off for the right to be Number One Contenders to the tag titles, but it seems we’re about to hear from one of the competitors now as Blaire Moise gets a few words from Joe Bergman!

With that, we cut away to somewhere inside the USS Octane to hear from the HOW Hall of Famer!


We cut away from the ring and follow Blaire Moise to the edge of the ship far, far away from where the ring sits. 

Blaire Moise: Blaire Moise here and I have Joe Bergman with me. 

Joe steps into the frame along with Sunny O’Callahan.  Blaire does a doubletake when she sees Sunny.   

Blaire Moise: And… Sunny…

The self-proclaimed ‘One True Queen of Pro Wrestling’ looks much different tonight.  No red and green crown tonight.  No cape.  Instead, she’s wearing a spaghetti strap top, a pair of jeans, heels. and her usually straight hair is all frizzed out. 

Blaire Moise: …is dressed like a backup singer from a seventies Southern rock band? 

Joe shrugs.  Fully immersed in her role tonight, Sunny takes a swig from a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Blaire Moise: All right, Joe.  Tonight you are teaming up with Darin Zion in a big three-way tag team match to determine the number one contender to the tag team title that is being held by… The Highwaymen.

Joe Bergman: That’s right.  For some inconceivable reason, I’ve been booked to team up with Zion against the team of Scottywood and Bobbinette Carey… AND… the team of Jace Parker Davidson and Cecilworth Farthington from The Board.  It’s pretty clear what the deal is here.  The Corporate Machine is trying to fast track JPD and Farthington to a title shot and the tag belts.  And since I am a part of the Highwaymen and… 

Joe points at Sunny who flashes a peace sign and shouts. 


Joe Bergman: …that means I’m already a tag team champion, I have no idea why I’m in this match.  That being said, I wouldn’t put it past The Board to be up to something nefarious. 

Blaire Moise: So, how do you approach tonight then?

Joe Bergman: Well, I said last weekend that Scottywood and Bobbinette Carey are worthy HOW Hall of Famers.  Scottywood is the heart and soul of HOW and Bobbinette Carey is the conscience of HOW and still a very dangerous wrestler. As for Farthington and Davidson?   They’re HOW Hall of Famers and still are great wrestlers in their own right.  JPD just won a title over at OCW.  He had a nice run with the HOTv belt last year and seems to be rounding back into form.  Cecilworth is back as well and looking good as well.  Not going to be easy.  We’ll be the underdogs in a three-way tag team battle against two teams consisting of HOW Hall of Fame wrestlers.  Can the underdogs win against the odds?  Why not.  I’ve done it before.

Blaire Moise: You’re referring to the 2019 World Title Tournament that you won as Halitosis. 

Joe Bergman: You bet I am.  Jace Parker Davidson said earlier this week that… and I quote… “Joe Bergman can’t win unless the company loses 85% of all its talent and all he has to do is beat Brian Hollywood or John Sektor who most times already has a foot out the door.”  I think Jace has taken a few too many shots to the head because he has me confused me with Ray McAvay. The tournament that I won in 2019 had a who’s who of the wrestling world competing in it:  Max Kael, Bobbinette Carey, Eric Dane, David Black, Mario Maurako, Brian Hollywood, Lindsay Troy, Michael Best, Cecilworth Farthington, and John Sektor among others.  And the last time I checked, I’ve been the World Champion twice in the Refueled era. JPD?  Well?  

Bergman rolls his eyes. 

Joe Bergman: However, this isn’t about the world title.  The challenge for tonight is Zion and I will have to figure out a way to work together against two very good tag teams and then choose our moments very carefully.  As I said last week, we can’t let the Board prepare the battlefield or Scotty and Bobbinette Carey either.  We will have to wait on our opponents to make a mistake and provide an opening… an opportunity to strike.  We will have to bide our time and then do what we need to do to win.

Blaire Moise: All right.  Thanks Joe as always and good luck tonight. 

Joe Bergman: Thanks Blaire and Happy Independence Day!

Blaire Moise: Back with more after this commercial break.


The come back from commercial break to the lower sections of the U.S.S Octane docked here in New York in front of Liberty Island. Brian Bare can be seen holding his microphone and standing in front of the cameraman. He gets the signal that we’re back live on the HOTv Network and raises his microphone into the air.

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentleman watching at home. Please allow me to welcome HOW Hall of Famer and member of The Board Jace Parker Davidson.

The shot from the camera zooms out a bit as Jace steps into camera view. He has a Championship belt slung over his right shoulder and he’s dressed ready to compete tonight. Madison walks into camera view also and stands at Jace’s side.

Brian Bare: Thank you for the time Jace, and it seems like you’ve got gold back around your waist.

Bare motions to the Championship belt on Jace’s shoulder with his eyes.

JPD: This here? This is the OCW Savage Championship belt. You know that Fisher Price company that used to be on HOTv?? I captured this bad boy at the last OCW PPV in a triple threat match against… well, two men whose names aren’t even worth mentioning.

Jace sports a cocky grin then pats the gold plate on the Championship belt.

JPD: I figured since I’m the one leading OCW back from the stone ages, I would be a generous Savage Champion and give this title some air time during a broadcast of a REAL company. So, it goes without saying but you’re welcome Thaddeus Duke and Marcus Welsh.

Jace looks directly into the camera as he says the names of the OCW owners before winking.

Brian Bare: Errr….OK….I am getting word that they are going to allow this interview to continue….I thought for sure this would get cut after all those other letters being mentioned. Anyway…That’s quite impressive after the grueling War Games match that took place in Ukraine. You suffered a pretty nasty neck injury thanks to Steve Solex that night. How are you feeling heading into this match tonight?

JPD: Well unlike Conor Fuse and the rest of the so-called Highwaymen I didn’t sit back for a week or so and lick my wounds. I got back here to the states and immediately went right back to training. As you can see, that little scratch that Solex gave me across the throat didn’t stop me one bit. I went out in Amish Country and I beat two men to put gold back around my waist. Everyone talks about how I’m some anchor or weak link in The Board but are any of them the 2021 HOW Wrestler of the Year?

Bare shakes his head at Jace’s question.

JPD: Are any of them happen to be, say HOW World Champion? How about HOW ICON Champion? Surely, they must have at least kept the HOW LSD Championship, right? No? Well I guess it sucks to suck. They all run their mouths and try to diminish my accomplishments but not a single one of them can shut me up. Not a damn one of them can stop me from climbing back to the top of the rankings. Call me a lap dog for Lee Best, call me a dick rider for Mike Best. Your words hold no value then none of you can even carry my jock strap at this point. I was away for five years. I suffered a career ending neck injury and yet a majority of you couldn’t beat me on my worst day. Jealousy isn’t a good look in professional wrestling. They hate me being in the HOW Hall of Fame, they hate me being a member of The Board because I was picked to be among the elite and they are just left with the table scraps.

Brian Bare: Let’s talk about tonight’s match. You’re a part of a triple threat tag team match to decide the #1 Contenders to the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts. You’ve been paired with HOW Commissioner and fellow Board member Cecilworth Farthington. No one has heard from him since the end of Refueled 100 and no one has been able to confirm that he’s even here tonight on the U.S.S. Octane. That has to worry you, doesn’t it?

Jace cuts his eyes down at Bare as he thinks about how to respond to the subject.

JPD: I called Farthington an upgrade as a partner compared to the one I had back when Ascended Supremacy was dominating the tag team division. It wasn’t until later that I heard the rumors about whether or not Farthington was still officially a member of the HOW roster as an active competitor or as HOW Commissioner. Am I worried? Not in the slightest bit. I just had a really good showing at War Games against multiple opponents. Do you think I’m going to back down against the likes of Scottywood, Carey, Bergman, and Zion?

Brian Bare: That is three HOW Hall of Famers and a man that defeated you last year in a three on one handicapped match.

JPD: You mean three Hall of Famers and a man that I’ve eliminated from War Games multiple times. I heard what Bergman said right before the break. I stand by what I said. He can quote everything I said…it does NOT make it untrue. Sure Bergman, Scottywood, and Carey are Hall of Famers and former HOW World Champions. Yet, all of their World Championship reigns combined don’t add up to my record breaking HOW World Championship reign from the last era. I don’t need Farthington in my corner to walk away with my hand held high in victory. If he shows up and pulls his weight, great. If he decides to stay at home and sip tea then the hell with him. Either way, I’m walking into the match, I’m going to stomp some skulls into the canvas and I’m walking away #1 Contender to the tag team titles. I’ll pick a replacement partner for the title match and then together we will get sweet, sweet revenge on the likes of Clay Byrd and Steven Solex. And most importantly, we’ll steal yet another Championship belt away from The Highwaymen and those Locker room idiots.

Brian Bare: Bobbinette Carey seems to be looking for revenge against Madison for their altercation back during the War Games qualifying match against Scottywood. Are you worried that this will become a distraction while you’re out in the ring tonight?

Madison goes to speak up but Jace holds up his hand and silences her.

JPD: It won’t be a distraction because Madison won’t be out there tonight. She’ll be back here holding my OCW Savage Championship belt and protecting it with her life.

Jace grabs the OCW Savage Championship belt and hands it to Madison.

JPD: See, I don’t want any excuses from Carey and Scottywood that one of them was distracted by Madison and that’s why they couldn’t beat me all by themselves. I don’t want to hear the bullshit from Zion or Bergman about how The Board has to always cheat to beat lower level talent like themselves. I’m going out there by myself. No weapons, no outside interference. And whether Farthington shows up or not I’m taking control of our destiny in this match and I’m wrestling the entire thing on my own. I’m not taking my chances on a flaky fancy boy who can’t decide if he’s back or retired from one moment or another. I’m not letting him drop the ball tonight and if he can’t handle himself as a wrestler or Commissioner then maybe they should just hand that position over to me. A little something to think about.

Brian’s eyes widened at Jace’s comment.

JPD: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to prove once again why I am The King of Everything. Enjoy the show, you’re not going to want to miss what I do out there.

Jace heads off out of camera range leaving both Madison and Brian Bare standing there dumbfounded as we head back to the upper deck of the U.S.S Octane for more action.


The camera returns from the lower section of the U.S.S Octane to the room high about the deck where the ring and HOFC cage can be seen. Joe Hoffman sits with his headset on ready to get back to action here on the very first edition of Chaos of this era.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for our third match of the evening and I feel sorry for referee Joel Hortega for being given the duty to try to keep this one under control. Seems we’re ready so let’s send it down to Bryan McVay for the introductions.

The camera pans down to the center of the ring on the U.S.S. Octane where Bryan McVay stands with his microphone in hand.

Bryan McVay: Our next match is a Triple Threat Tag Team Match to decide the #1 Contender to the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts.

Bryan lowers his microphone a bit to let the suspense build for the people watching at home.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…

The sound of “Beg” by Seether begins to play from the PA system on the ship. As light shines above the makeshift entry way on the ship as HOW Hall of Famer Scottywood makes his way out onto the deck.

Bryan McVay: From New York City, New York. Weighing in at 265lbs, he is The Hardcore Artist and HOW Hall of Famer SCOTTYWOODDDDD!!!!

Scottywood has his barbed wire wrapped Hockey Stick in on hand and a beer bottle in the other. Scottywood raises the Hockey Stick high into the air as he takes a long drink from his beer. Scottywood lowers the bottle and the Hockey Stick as he marches his way towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood in a very unusual fashion made it on The Best Team for War Games but was unfortunately the first person that was eliminated from the match. He looks to rebound here tonight by winning this match and officially becoming the #1 contender to the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts.

Scottywood walks up the steel ring steps somewhat wobbly as it gives away the fact that this is not his first beer of the evening. Scottywood steps through the ropes and enters the ring but referee Joel Hortega comes over and warns him about drinking inside of the ring and the Hockey Stick. However, Scottywood refuses and threatens to hit Hortega with the Hockey Stick.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

The sound of “ENEMY (ARCANE)” by Anna begins to play from the PA System. There are no magenta lights or big production about the entrance. It’s just the music as a nervous Bobbinette Carey walks out onto the deck on unsteady legs. She has on a life jacket, floaties on her arms, and an inflatable donut around her waist. She also has a Swimmer’s cap tightly around her head to protect her long hair along with a full diving mask like she’s prepared to go scuba diving.

Bryan McVay: From Parma, Ohio, weighing in at 235lbs. She is The Queen of Epicness and HOW Hall of Famer BOBBINETTEEEEEE CAREYYYYY!!!

Bobbinette shakes her head clearly not happy about being on the U.S.S Octane while holding her brand new Kendo Stick. She very carefully and slowly takes one step at a time towards the ring as Scottywood can be seen doubled over laughing at his partner. Carey ignores her long time friend and continues her journey to the ring like she’s walking on a tightrope.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey wanted to skip this match when she learned it would be held here on the deck of the U.S.S. Octane. Seems like she’s come prepared for anything but she’s here and tonight her and Scottywood have a chance to become the #1 Contenders to the Tag titles. After the disrespect shown to her by Conor Fuse’s War Games team, I’m sure she’s happy to be teaming with someone she can trust.

Bobbinette makes it to the steel ring steps but is unable to climb up them. Scottywood has to exit the ring and help Carey up the steel ring steps up to the ring apron. Bobbinette tries to step through the ropes but is unable to due to the amount of stuff she has on. Scottywood has to grab a hold of Carey and literally shove her through the ropes and into the ring. Carey falls to the center of the ring then gets back up to her feet.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents…

The sound of “HAPPY SONG” by Bring Me The Horizon begins to play from the PA system. Darin Zion walks out onto the deck through the makeshift entrance way wearing a leather jacket. He hams it up for the camera before pointing and laughing at Carey inside of the ring.

Bryan McVay: From Crowd Point, Indiana, weighing in at 220lbs. He is the Vi-Zicene… Vi-Ziggy… Vi-gina-ary… uhhh.. Here is DARINNNN ZIONNNNN!!!

Darin marches his way towards the ring while showing off the tattoos he has recently gotten to the camera. Zion marches up the steel ring steps then walks along the ring apron. Zion leans back against the ropes and points out towards the Statue of Liberty saying something about Real Love.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion had a better showing at War Games than either Scottywood or Carey but it was still disappointing by his standards. He’s been obsessed with becoming HOW World Champion for the first time. Zion believes a win here tonight will get him one step closer to a shot at Christopher America or maybe Steve Solex depending on the winner of tonight’s main event. However, Zion feels like his partner is nothing more than dead weight.

Zion steps through the ropes and enters the ring. Zion takes to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Zion once again points out towards the Statue of Liberty while shouting more words that can’t be picked up. Zion hops down off the turnbuckle then goes to greet Scottywood with tough love but Carey extends her arm and keeps Scottywood from interacting with Zion.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

The opening piano played by Billy Powell followed by the iconic guitar licks from Gary Rossington’s slide guitar from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s epic ‘Freebird’ blare out of the speakers. Seconds later, the lovely and somewhat controversial self-proclaimed ‘One True Queen of Professional Wrestling,’ the self-proclaimed ‘best manager ever’ and the ‘greatest wrestling mind in pro wrestling history’… Sunny O’Callahan emerges from the makeshift entrance. Instead of donning her usual green and red ‘queen’s crown’ and cape, Sunny’s dressed in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band and sways on the stage as Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals come on over the sound system.

Or they would have if the music wasn’t suddenly cut off.

Sunny looks around confused as Joe Bergman makes his way out on deck from the makeshift entrance. He looks none too pleased while wearing a plain black robe over his wrestling trunks.

Bryan McVay: From Plattin, Missouri, weighing in at 215lbs. He is a HOW Hall of Famer and member of the Highwaymen. “ORDINARY” JOEEEE BERGMANNNN!!!

Sunny shrugs her shoulders then leads Bergman down towards the ring. Bergman can be seen muttering under his breath, clearly frustrated over The Boards tactics to ruin his entrance to the ring. Sunny takes her place at ringside as Bergman slowly makes his way up the steel ring steps.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman already considers himself a Tag Team Champion for the fact of being a member of The Highwaymen and the whole Freebird rules. However, he’s been paired tonight with Darin Zion and one has to wonder just how will these two men co-exist. Will Joe be able to put up with Zion’s antics? Or will Zion be able to sit back and learn a thing or two from the Hall of Famer?

Bergman steps through the ropes and enters the ring. He takes off his robe and hands it to Sunny as referee Joel Hortega continues to argue with both Carey and Scottywood about their attire and weapons they brought to the ring. Joe stands in his corner and doesn’t seem to have too much to say to Darin Zion.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents…

The sound of “Mr. FINISH LINE” by Vulfpeck begins to play through the PA system. Everyone turns their head towards the makeshift entrance way in a curious manner. After a few moments pass the HOW Commissioner Cecilworth Farthington makes his way onto the deck of the ship.

Bryan McVay: From Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, weighing at 187lbs. He is a member of The Board, an HOW Hall of Famer, and the HOW Commissioner. CECILWORTHHHH FARTHINGTONNNNN!!!

Farthington has no expression on his face whatsoever. It’s hard to tell whether he’s happy to be here or if he hates every second of it. Farthington marches his way towards the ring as Hortega continues to fight with Carey and Scottywood. Carey groans but finally agrees to take off the diving mask, the floaties, and the inflatable donut but the life jacket and swimmers cap stay on.

Joe Hoffman: After rumors were running wild that the HOW Commissioner would either not show up or pull his own weight here tonight. We see the man himself appear and he looks ready to wrestle. I wonder how JPD is going to respond to the fact that Farthington actually showed up here tonight. But if they can work together they are the odds on favorite to walk out of here tonight with a win.

Farthington walks up the steel ring steps and up to the ring apron. Farthington wipes his feet on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes. Farthington looks around at the two other teams but seems uninterested as he takes his corner.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

The words “THE KING HAS RETURNED” echoes from the PA system. Everyone turns towards the makeshift entrance way as the sound of “KINGDOM” by Jaxson Gamble begins to play. After a few moments Jace Parker Davidson steps through the makeshift entrance onto the deck of the ship.

Bryan McVay: From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 253lbs. He is an HOW Hall of Famer and a member of The Board. JACEEEE PARKERRRRR DAVIDSONNNNN!!!

Jace stares down at the ring full of people with a look of determination on his face. Madison is nowhere to be seen as Jace told her to stay away from ringside and guard his OCW Savage Championship belt. Jace rolls his neck a bit before making his way towards ringside.

Joe Hoffman: And here is the man that claimed that if Farthington didn’t pull his own weight here in the match here tonight that he would take on both teams single handedly. Jace holds a claim to Wrestler of the Year for 2021 but I don’t like his odds against three other HOW Hall of Famers and the man that beat him in a three on one handicapped match in Darin Zion.

Jace slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring. He gets to his feet and makes his way over towards a nearby corner. Jace climbs the turnbuckle and looks out at the Statue of Liberty before gesturing with his hands that he would soon have gold around his waist. Jace hops down off of the turnbuckle as Bryan McVay exits the ring. Joel Hortega manages to get everyone to their own corners then signals for the bell.


The teams talk amongst themselves and it’s decided that Jace will start the match for his team and that Darin Zion has decided to start the match for his team demanding that Bergman let him handle this. Scottywood and Carey take their places on the ring apron as the two men circle each other. Zion stops then flashes his tattoos in Jace’s face while going on about Love. Jace raises his eyebrow then just kicks Zion in the midsection that doubles him over. Jace rears back and hits Zion with a European Uppercut that floors him. Zion hurries back up to his feet but Jace grabs a hold of Zion and whips him into the ropes. Zion bounces off the ropes as Jace goes for a clothesline but Zion ducks under it. Zion bounces off the other side of the ropes as Jace turns around. Zion leaps into the air and goes for a cross body block but Jace steps aside and Zion goes crashing down to the canvas. Zion pulls himself up to his hands and knees and Jace gets a glimmer in his eyes. Jace charges towards Zion and…

Joe Hoffman: BEND THE KNEE!

No, Zion quickly rolls out of the way and scurries off to his corner in a seat position as Jace smiles and uses his fingers to indicate he was that close to ending it. Zion looks furious as he doesn’t like getting mocked by the man that eliminated him from this year’s War Games match. Zion goes to pull himself back up to his feet but Bergman reaches into the ring and tags himself into the match. Zion looks like he’s about to go absolutely ballistic about Bergman tagging himself in but referee Hortega forces Zion to his corner as Bergman enters the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Good move by Joe Bergman to tag himself in and slow down the pace of this match. He noticed Zion was letting his emotions get the better of him against Jace. Zion might not like the fact that Joe tagged himself in but now he has time to cool off and get his head back into the match.

Bergman and Jace circle each other a bit, then lock up collar and elbow. Jace uses his size and strength advantage to get Bergman into a side headlock. Bergman doesn’t panic though, he fires off some shots to Jace’s side then shoots him off into the ropes. Jace bounces off the rope then runs through Bergman with a shoulder block. Jace turns and races towards the ropes again as Bergman quickly makes it back up to his feet. Jace bounces off the ropes again but Bergman catches him with a hip toss that slings him down to the canvas. Bergman kneels down and quickly transitions into an arm wrench on The Board member.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman might not have section 214 here tonight with him but he’s still a man of the people and he’s going to be fundamentally sound inside of the ring no matter who his opponent happens to be.

Bergman cranks on the arm of Jace as Hortega asks him if he wants to submit. Jace looks up at the referee like he’s lost his mind before powering his way back up to his feet. Jace powers back Bergman into the corner as Hortega comes over and calls for a clean break. Bergman lets go of Jace’s arm but he immediately thumbs Bergman in the eye, blinding him. Hortega gives Jace a warning for the dirty move but Jace just holds his hands into the air as if he’s innocent. Jace pushes past Hortega then heads over to the corner. Jace plants a knee to the midsection of Bergman then whips him into the Scottywood and Carey corner. Bergman hits the turnbuckle hard as Jace gets a running start towards the corner. At the last second Bergman gets his boot up and Jace runs into it face first. Jace staggers away from the corner stunned but before Bergman can capitalize, Bobbinette Carey reaches into the ring and tags herself into the match.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman had the advantage here but that’s the problem with having more than two teams in the match. He didn’t see Carey reach in and tag herself into the match for her team. You had to know that her and Scottywood wouldn’t just stand on the apron all night and let the other teams have all the fun.

Bergman argues with Hortega but the referee tells him the tag was legal and he has to leave the ring. Bobbinette drops her Kendo Stick and steps into the ring. Bergman begrudgingly exits the ring as the Queen of Epicness stands toe to toe with the King of Everything in the center of the ring. Jace dares Carey to hit him and she obliges, unleashing a vicious forearm shot to the chest. Jace absorbs the blow then mocks Carey for being unable to hurt him. Carey fires off more forearm shots but Jace stops the onslaught with a right hand to the face of Carey. Jace grabs a hold of Carey and whips her into the ropes but Carey reverses the whip and sends Jace into the ropes. Jace bounces off the ropes but doesn’t see Zion reach in and slap him on the back. Jace leaps into the air and hits Carey with a double foot stomp to the chest that sends her down to the canvas. Before Jace can turn around, Zion races into the ring. Zion grabs Jace from behind and tosses him through to the ropes to the deck of the ship. Zion quickly turns then hooks the leg and makes the cover on the fallen Carey as Hortega slides in.




Joe Hoffman: Zion tagged himself into the match and disposed of Jace immediately. He tried to take advantage of Jace’s handiwork and get the quick win over Carey but Scottywood came into the ring and broke up the count before the three.

Zion slams his fist onto the mat with frustration as Hortega forces Scottywood back to the ring apron. Zion gets up to his feet and argues with Hortega over a slow count. Jace gets back up to feet and slides back into the ring pissed off at Zion but Hortega cuts him off. Hortega tells Jace that Zion tagged himself in legally and that he has to go to his corner. Zion turns his attention back towards Carey. He grabs a hold of Carey and begins to pull her back up but Carey fires off a shot to the midsection of Zion that stuns him. Carey fires off a few more shots before regaining her vertical base. Carey wraps her arms around Zion then hits him with a belly to belly suplex that slams him down to the canvas. Carey gets back up to her feet then grabs a hold of Zion by the hair. Carey pulls him up to his feet before planting a boot to the midsection. Carey grabs a hold of Zion and whips him towards the corner but Zion reverses and whips Carey into the corner. Carey hits the turnbuckle hard and slumps against the top turnbuckle. Zion marches over then climbs up to the middle rope over Carey. Zion points his Love tattoo down at Carey before unloading a series of right hands to the head.

Joe Hoffman: The old Darin Zion had a principle about not facing a woman inside of the ring because he felt a male should never hit a female. However, this new Zion has no such moral compass, especially when it comes to winning a match and getting one step closer to his beloved HOW World Championship belt.

Zion takes a moment from throwing punches to taunt Carey but that’s a mistake. Carey raises up and grabs a hold of Zion by the hips. Carey pulls Zion off the second rope then walks to the center of the ring and plants him with a powerbomb. Carey falls to a knee and shakes the cobwebs loose as Zion holds his back in pain. Carey gets to her feet then goes to her corner and makes the tag into Scottywood. The Hardcore Artist grabs his beer and finishes the rest of it before tossing the empty bottle over the edge of the ship. Scottywood drops his Hockey Stick then enters the ring as Carey goes to the ring apron. Scottywood stalks around Zion as he struggles back up to his feet. Zion turns around but Scottywood reaches out and grabs a hold of him by the throat. Zion pleads with Scottywood but The Hardcore Artist has no sympathy as he lifts Zion high into the air before rocking the ring with a big Scottyslam. Scottywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on Zion as Hortega slides in.





Joe Hoffman: Big time chokeslam from Scottywood after the Bobbinette powerbomb on Zion. That would have been it if not for Joe Bergman coming into the ring and saving the match for his team. It seems like Scottywood and Carey are the most well functioning team in this match and that gives them a major advantage.

Scottywood gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Zion. Scottywood lifts Zion up to his shoulders and goes for Game Misconduct but Zion senses it coming. Zion fires off rapid fire elbow shots to the head of Scottywood until he loses his grip. Zion lands on his feet then grabs a hold of Scottywood and whips him into the ropes. However, Scottywood puts on the breaks and uses his strength to whip Zion into the ropes. Zion bounces off the ropes but Scottywood catches him and hits him with a sidewalk slam down to the canvas. Scottywood gets up to his feet then goes to his corner and tags in Bobbinette Carey. Scottywood exits the ring as Carey steps through the ropes. Bobbinette sees Zion down then races towards the ropes. Carey bounces off the ropes but Jace slaps her on the back tagging himself in. Carey leaps into the air and hits Zion with The Epic Ending. Carey quickly hooks the leg and makes the cover on Zion but Hortega doesn’t slide in. Carey looks up confused at Hortega as Jace climbs the turnbuckle. Hortega tries to explain to Carey she’s not legal in the match anymore but it’s too late. Jace leaps off the top rope and hits a double foot stomp to the back of Bobbinette Carey. She rolls off of Zion holding her back in pain as Jace grabs a hold of her. Jace dumps Carey over the top rope and down to the deck of the ship. Jace turns and waits as Zion begins to pull himself back up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey hit with The Epic Ending and had this match won but she didn’t notice that Jace tagged himself into the match. Hortega tried to warn her but Jace came off the top and hit a double foot stomp to the back of Carey. Now with her team not legally in the match and Carey on the outside, Jace looks to take advantage of Zion who has taken a lot of punishment.

Farthington reaches into the ring asking Jace for the tag but Jace turns and flips Farthington the bird. Jace turns his attention back to Zion who has made it back to his feet. Jace charges as Zion turns around slowly. Jace tries to explode through Zion with a spear but Zion pulls a trick from Jace’s book and steps aside. Jace goes crashing shoulder first into the steel ring post hard giving Zion time to recover. Jace peels his way from the corner but Zion grabs him from behind and plants him with a German Suplex down to the canvas. Jace holds his neck in pain as Zion gets back up to his feet. Zion lays in a couple of stiff kicks to the ribs before racing towards the ropes. Jace pulls himself up to his feet as Zion bounces off the ropes. Zion leaps into the air and hits Jace with a running knee to the side of the head that sends him back down to the canvas. Zion gets up to his feet then stalks around Jace as he struggles back up to his feet. Zion is literally salivating at the thought of revenge against Jace as he regains his vertical base. Zion grabs a hold of Jace then plants him with The Ratings Spike in the center of the ring. Zion gets up to his feet then stands over the fallen JPD while pointing to his Love tattoo. Bergman begins yelling in his corner for Zion to stop wasting time and pin the man.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman is going nuts on the ring apron and with good reason. Zion has Jace down and out so he should at least pin him or lock in the Red Rings of Death. But his own ego won’t let him capitalize because the thought of rubbing it in Jace’s face is more important to him than the win here.

Zion turns around and heads over towards the corner. Bergman continues yelling then requests to be tagged in by Zion. However, 4Z Mobile leader completely ignores Bergman before stepping through the ropes. Zion begins climbing the turnbuckle to the top rope as Jace remains on the canvas. Zion takes his sweet time, savoring the moment on the top rope until Bergman has had enough. Joe reaches up and slaps Zion on the back to tag himself into the match. Joe steps into the ring as Zion looks pissed off as he hops down off the top rope. Bergman makes his way over to the fallen JPD but Zion grabs a hold of him by the arm and spins him around. The two men begin arguing back and forth. Bergman tries talking logic into Zion but Zion just screams about how he’s the leader of this team and has earned this moment. The two men continue to argue until Zion reaches out and shoves Bergman. Not one to take crap from anyone Bergman steps forward and shoves Zion right back even though it’s his partner. This exchange gives Jace much needed time to recover and get back to his feet. Jace charges forward and shoves Bergman in the back. The momentum causes Bergman to collide head first into Zion’s skull. Zion stumbles backwards and out of the ring to the deck of the ship. Bergman holds his head in pain and turns around only to eat a boot from Jace to the midsection. Jace grabs hold of Bergman then plants him…

Joe Hoffman: Unscripted Violence! Jace got all of that move and the argument caused by Zion might just cost his team this match!

Jace gets up to his feet then backs up into the corner measuring Bergman up for Bend The Knee but suddenly Farthington reaches in and tags himself into the match for the first time. Jace loses his mind as the two men begin arguing much like both Zion and Bergman had done earlier. Jace points to his own chest and argues that he doesn’t need Farthington because he can win this match on his own. Farthington argues back that he’s a better wrestler than Jace and held the HOW World Championship belt longer than he did. Jace narrows his eyes and just when it looks like the members of The Board are about to come to blows, all hell breaks loose. Zion slides back into the ring, Bergman gets to his feet. Carey slides back into the ring and Scottywood follows suit and enters the ring. Hortega loses complete control of the match as all six wrestlers begin to battle it out in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Tempers are flaring and this is bound to happen given the members of all three teams. Hortega did a good job for most of this match but even he can’t handle all of these stars at once. This is no longer a wrestling match, it’s a fight to the death between six of HOW’s finest competitors.

Zion charges Scottywood with a flying leg lariat but Scottywood catches him. Scottywood muscles Zion into a Fireman’s Carry then plants him with Game Misconduct down to the canvas. Zion rolls to the outside of the ring in pain but Scottywood decides to follow after him to inflict more punishment. Carey grabs a hold of Jace from behind and tries to muscle him up but Jace counters with elbow shots to the head of Carey. Bobbinette loses her grip on the man that cost her team a win and stumbles back against the ropes. Jace charges and hits Carey with a clothesline that sends both of them over the top rope and down to the deck of the ship. That leaves just Bergman and Farthington in the middle of the ring. Farthington charges Bergman looking to take advantage while Hortega’s attention is on the four wrestlers on the outside. Farthington grabs a hold of Bergman by the arm and goes to lock in Article 50 but Bergman thinks quickly and spits right into Farthington’s face.

Joe Hoffman: RED MIST! 97RED MIST!! Bergman just turned the tables on The Board and the HOW Commissioner is blinded!

Farthington being the fancy boy that he is, falls to his knees and screams in pain as the green mist burns his eyes. Bergman sees his opportunity then dives in and locks Farthington into his patented Dragon Sleeper. Jace hops back up onto the apron and screams for Farthington to fight it but Bergman has it locked in tight. Hortega drops down and asks Farthington if he wants to give it up but Farthington refuses. Jace, sensing the danger, begins to step into the ring but suddenly stops. Looks down at Farthington then waves his hands dismissively before jumping down off of the ring apron. Jace turns his back on his fellow Board member but on the outside Scottywood sees what is happening and tries to slide back into the ring. However, Zion is back up to his feet and grabs Scottywood by the legs, preventing him from getting back into the ring fully. The pain becomes too much and Farthington begins tapping out repeatedly clearly making a business decision.


Bryan McVay: Your winners and the NEWWWW #1 Contenders to the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts… DARINNNN ZIONNNN & ORDINARYYY JOEEEE BERGMANNNN!!!

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood and Carey are the only team that worked as a unit in this match but once things broke down in the ring. It was cool, level headed Joe Bergman used his years of experience to strike when needed and get the submission win for this team. It should be interesting to see how Zion and Bergman co-exist from here on out now that they have a title match in their pockets….and technically Bergman is part of the stable HOLDING the Tag Team Championships. SOMETHING is up there…I just do not know what the Best Family is up to.

Even though the match is over Carey gets up to her feet and grabs her Kendo Stick. Carey goes after Jace before he can disappear into the bowels of the ship. Carey cracks Jace in the back with a shot from the Kendo Stick. Jace screams in pain before turning around. Carey begins to verbally abuse Davidson blaming him for her and Scottywood not winning the match. Carey raises the Kendo Stick into the air again but Jace shouts back at her.

JPD: You want abortion rights, bitch? Have one free, on the house!

Jace rears back and kicks Carey in the lower stomach/vaginal area. Carey doubles over in pain and drops the Kendo Stick. Jace grabs a hold of Bobbinette then throws her over the edge of the ship into the water. A loud splash is heard as Carey begins screaming and flailing around in the water.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey has been thrown overboard! We haven’t seen this happen since Clay Byrd was thrown overboard last year during an LSD Championship match!

Jace smiles at his handiwork but then hurries off the deck of the ship as he sees Scottywood coming. Scottywood hears Carey screaming that she’s going to die even though she still has her life jacket on. Scottywood quickly grabs a hold of Carey’s other items she came to the ring with and then begins tossing them into the water one by one trying to help his best friend and partner as we cut away as the sounds of Carey struggling to stay afloat can be heard.


We cut to a video package highlighting HOW’s newest signing. The opening chords of “Plowed” by Sponge play and grainy 90’s footage shows a young “North Star” Josh Conway darting around wrestling rings in Mexico, Japan, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States. As the footage progresses through the years, we see Conway competing in a variety of tournaments around the world and collecting several belts and trophies. It’s clear that the man has had a lengthy and storied career in professional wrestling. The video package fades to reveal a tight shot of Blaire Moise standing backstage.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentleman, I’m excited to welcome to High Octane Wrestling… “North Star” Josh Conway!

The camera pans back to reveal Conway. His long blond hair is tied back and stuffed underneath a well-worn Minnesota Twins cap. He wears a simple black t-shirt and jeans. He beams with a genuine smile and shakes Blaire’s hand.

Blaire Moise: Josh, welcome to High Octane Wrestling! Many of our fans are familiar with you from your storied past in professional wrestling, but maybe a little surprised to see you here. What made you decide to sign with HOW?

He speaks with a fairly thick Minnesotan accent, smiling throughout, and giving the impression of a genuinely nice guy.

Josh Conway: Blaire, I’m so thrilled to be here! As you know, I’ve been a part of the professional wrestling world for my entire adult life. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world and compete against the absolute best this industry has to offer.

He takes a moment to gather his thoughts, nodding to himself.

Josh Conway: I’m getting real close to the end of my career–and that’s fine. There are a ton of guys and gals coming up in this industry that are so talented and so hungry to make a name for themselves, and I’m here for all of that. A lot of guys in my position would be content to ride it out, enjoy the last few years of their career living off reputation, and ride off into the sunset. But, Blaire, that’s just not me!

Conway directs his attention toward the camera directly.

Josh Conway: It’s no secret that HOW is the absolute best wrestling company in the world right now and there is simply no better place for me to compete. When I look around the locker room here, I see elite athletes, established stars, and so so many people with unlimited potential. For a guy like me, the opportunity to compete against your veterans and help mentor your up-and-comers is the best way I can think to finish out my career. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this locker room and I can’t wait to show y’all what I can do in the ring!

Blaire Moise: Josh, thanks for your time and I think it’s safe to say we’re all very excited to have a veteran like yourself here!

A Blaire Moise smile sends us to our next commercial break.


As we come back from commercial we see Scott Stevens sitting on a stool in the middle of the HOFC cage.

Scott Stevens: Tonight, we see the HOW World Championship defended in this eight side steel structure.

Stevens slowly raises his head.

Scott Stevens: A structure built to beat, bloody, batter, and even break you if you aren’t careful.

A devilish grin begins to form over the Texan’s face.

Scott Stevens: The only way to win is by submission or knock out.

Stevens slowly rises from the stool and begins to walk around the cage.

Scott Stevens: At Chaos 2, Xander Azula faces me, The Demi-God of HOW.

Stevens reinforces their upcoming match as he stops and pulls on the cage walls getting a feel for the structure.

Scott Stevens: When I first heard the challenge I thought it was an interesting choice since HOFC isn’t my forte, but ever since War Games my eyes have been opened. An epiphany of 97 Red has set me on the path.

Stevens stops walking.

Scott Stevens: It has almost been a decade and it’s taken this long to finally decipher what the GOD of HOW has been trying to preach to me all this time and those words are simple; WHAT. WOULD. LEE. BEST. DO?

Stevens nods as he reaches into his 97 Red vest pocket and produces a McKenna Blue ballpoint pen.

Scott Stevens: Just holding this pen in my hand with the color it is would diminish my Hall of Fame powers, but Lee Best gives me strength to endure the False Fisher Price Gods.

Stevens lets the world gaze at his bottomline pen.

Scott Stevens: What would Lee Best do in this situation is plunge this deep into your eye Xander just like he did Kostoff at War Games, but just like Tyler Best hasn’t earned the knee of Mike Best you have earned this!

Stevens shakes his head no.

Scott Stevens: I am no Lee Best and you are certainly not my Kostoff.

Stevens informs as he puts the pen back into his pocket.

Scott Stevens: Maybe, just maybe Lee will command me to send you back to the land of Fisher Price Land in a Classic bottomline that will make the Primal Gods quiver in fear, but not yet.

Stevens wags his index finger no.

Scott Stevens: At Chaos, I have been commanded to make an example out of you, and an example you shall be when I sacrifice you to the House of Best when you’ve earned my piledriver and I’ve spiked your head in the middle of this cage.

Stevens points to the middle of the cage and slowly raises his head and lowers his 97 Red glasses.

Scott Stevens: And that Xander is what you call a Gamechanger.

Stevens smirks before pushing the glasses back up to cover his eyes as we cut away.


We cut to the trainer’s room where Christopher America’s arm is getting taped up. As the trainer rips the final piece of tape and secures it, America inspect it over and nods.

He then turns to the camera.

Christopher America: I made a pact with myself that if I ever won the World Championship again that I would do everything in my power to fulfill the demands that she has.

If she wants blood, she’ll have it by the bucketful, straight from the tap of Steve Solex’s head. If she wants bone, I’ll find a way to pry the skin from Solex’s body, peel back the muscle and sinew, and rip out his bones with my bare hands.

Whatever she wants, she gets.

Right now, tonight, under the watchful eyes of one of America’s greatest icons, I will go and do battle with you, Steve Solex, for the richest prize in this business. It took me years to get back into peak physical shape and push myself beyond even that. I am not going to let some half-baked, porno-stached, UN-FUCKING-AMERICAN take her from me!

America lifts his title near his face.

Christopher America: Even now, I hear her. She calls to me. Her demands have been made.

America pauses as he places the title near his ear. America smiles gleefully.

Christopher America: She asks for one simple thing.

And I’m going to give it to her.

She wants nothing less than your head on a fucking platter!

It’s just a shame that I’m going to have to deliver it to her cut up, mangled, bruised, broken, and bleeding from every possible orifice. I’m going to cut you against the cage’s metal, choke you, smother you, and knock you the fuck out.

You’re military training will fail you yet again and you’ll be left a broken heap.

I’ve taken this match just as seriously as I have War Games. I’ve honed my skills across multiple fighting styles. All because I want to enjoy the pleasure of seeing you defeated once again, to deny you your opportunity at this championship.

When this night is through, not only will I still be the greatest American on this roster, not only will I still be undefeated since returning, not only will I put down another member of the Highwaymen, but I will also be STILL… your HOW World Champion!!!

We cut away from the World Champion as we America petting 97Red as it sits on his shoulder……smiling from ear to ear.


The scene cuts to an aerial shot of the ring on the USS Octane as it is time for our last match in the standard ring for the evening. The shot then cuts to Brian McVay standing in the middle of said ring.

Brian McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ICON Championship! Introducing first, from Fairfax, Virginia, weighing in at 245 pounds….STEVE HARRISON!!!!!

The Miracle Man starts making his way towards the ring as “Take the Money and Run” blares across the aircraft carrier’s speaker system. Harrison raises his arms in the air and there the slightest of winces as he does so as he smugly smirks and waves at his not-so-adoring crowd.

Joe Hoffman: The man who defeated Bobbinette Carey to retain the LSD Championship only to lose it to Stronk at War Games. He is not to be underestimated! He has defeated Hall of Famers, monsters, masterful in-ring technicians and tonight, he gets the opportunity at the newly unretired ICON Championship!

By the time he enters the ring, the smile has become a scowl and he has taken a position at the turnbuckle, looking down and mumbling to himself. And the music fades. After a brief pause, “War Child” by Hollywood Undead plays across the speakers.

Brian McVay: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 182 pounds, he is the God of Sons, the ICON CHAMPION…..TYLER ADRIAN BEST!!!!

Tyler Adrian Best emerges, the ICON Championship over his shoulder, and slowly saunters towards the ring gazing at the fans as he does.

Joe Hoffman: The ICON Champion. Some have questioned whether or not he deserves the title considering it was basically handed to him after War Games. Whether you like the kid or not, he’s arrogant, cocky, conceited, he has accomplished something very few people have, he survived as one of the last two men standing and that is saying something. And the fact that it was only his second match, makes it all the more impressive.

Tyler Adrian Best rolls under the bottom rope and leisurely gets to his feet before raising the ICON Championship in the air before turning towards Harrison, almost mocking him by showing him the belt above his head. Tyler finally hands the belt over to Joel Hortega who raises it above his head before handing it to Brian McVey who stands on the deck outside the ring. Hortega sounds for the bell.


Tyler Best and Steve Harrison stare each other down. Tyler Best raises his hand signifying he challenges the Miracle Man to a feat of strength. Harrison reluctantly obliges. As he places his hand into Tyler’s, the GOD of HOW’s grandson kicks Harrison in the gut. Tyler takes a moment to taunt Harrison before going for a right hand. Harrison ducks and pokes Tyler in the eye. Harrison proceeds to deliver several forearms to the back of Tyler’s neck, sending him down to one knee. As Harrison hits the ropes,Tyler slowly gets up and Harrison nails the youngest Best in the back of the neck with a clothesline dropping him to the mat.

Hoffman: Harrison taking it to the champ here. One only has to wonder if Tyler made a rookie mistake mocking him in the early going of this match.

Harrison follows up with an elbow drop to the back of Tyler Best’s head. Harrison then proceeds to lock in a very sloppy STF but Tyler manages to reach out and grab the bottom rope, breaking the hold.

Hoffman: Excellent ring awareness shown by the ICON champion there.

Both men are up, Harrison grabs Tyler’s hair but the ICON champion nails Harrison with a right hand causing him to release the hold. Tyler begins to put on a clinic with a series of strikes and kicks to Tyler’s ribs and midsection. Tyler then hits a standing dropkick to the Miracle Man dropping him to the mat. Tyler hits the ropes, Harrison is up, Tyler charges, Harrison grabs Tyler and nails a spinebuster.

Hoffman: Looks like Harrison caught Tyler off guard there. Perhaps Tyler was premature in quitting Ten-X.

Both men are slow to get up. Harrison is on his feet first, grabs Tyler Best from behind and nails a belly-to-back suplex. Harrison is slow to get up, clutching his ribs.

Hoffman: Harrison showing signs of pain, no doubt a lingering injury from War Games.

Harrison pulls up Tyler and whips him into the corner. Harrison charges behind him. Tyler ducks, Harrison hits the turnbuckle chest first. Harrison staggers backwards and the ICON Champion catches him with a wristlock, Harrison counters with an elbow to the side of the head. Tyler releases the hold. Harrison misses with a right hand, Tyler ducks and lunges, and brings the challenger down with a double leg takedown. Tyler proceeds to lock in a side headlock. Harrison yanks on Tyler’s hair for which he receives some admonishing from Hortega.

Hoffman: The ICON Champion is trying to slow the pace of the match down a bit while at the same time wearing down the Miracle Man.

Harrison manages to slowly get to one knee and proceeds to nail Tyler Best in the back with a series of elbows. Tyler maintains the hold with a vice-like grip. Harrison manages to get to his feet. Harrison manages to lift up Tyler Best and nails a side suplex.

Hoffman: Tyler Best taken down! Harrison, knowing what is on the line here, is showing n quit! He wants that ICON Title and it shows!

Tyler is up before Harrison but as soon as Harrison gets his legs under him, Tyler kicks him in the gut and nails a Snap Suplex. Tyler pulls up Harrison and nails him with a series of chops until Harrison is backed into the ropes. Tyler Best whips him, then jumps on the bottom rope and delivers a springboard dropkick to the face of the oncoming Harrison. Tyler smugly struts his stuff, circling Harrison. The ICON Champion takes Harrisons arm and kicks the challenger’s now exposed ribs.

Hoffman: Say what you want about Tyler Adrian Best, but targeting Harrison’s injured ribs is smart.

Tyler proceeds sets up and delivers a standing moonsault. He provides a lackluster cover…..


Kickout by Harrison!

Tyler smirks as he gets to his feet. He stalks Harrison who is on all fours, attempting to get up. Tyler charges and kicks Steve in the ribs as if he were going for a game tying field goal. Tyler pulls Steve Harrison up and nails a release Dragon suplex. Tyler gets up and smirks.

Hoffman: Now, I can’t tell here but it is difficult to tell if Tyler Best is trying to put Steve Harrison away or if he is just showing off.

Tyler Best points to his knee and then points to Harrison.

Hoffman: I can’t believe it! I think Tyler Best is indicating the “I Kneed a Hero”, the same maneuver that helped his father win multiple championships in the HOW!

Steve Harrison is stirring and slowly stirring. Once he is in position Tyler charges to hit the I KNEED A HERO!!!!!…..

……but he trips over his own feet and falls face down on the mat (much to the delight and laughter of the fans)!!!!

Hoffman: I can’t believe it! Tyler had Steve Harrison lined up perfectly and somehow, some way he was the one who ended up face down on the mat!

Tyler Best looks up and around, his face is red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. The ICON Champion is up as Steve Harrison gets to his feet. Tyler Best delivers the Streets Sweeper! Instead of covering, he pulls Harrison up again and delivers a second Streets Sweeper!

Hoffman: Tyler Best has just lost it!!!! What is he doing?!?!

Tyler Best pulls Harrison up again and nails a third Streets Sweeper! The ICON Champion pulls Harrison up yet again and delivers a fourth and final Streets Sweeper! Tyler Best covers…..

Hortega with a count!




Hortega sounds for the bell!



Hortega delivers the ICON Title to Tyler Best who snatches it away when he turns his back a figure hops into the ring. The ghost of the Old West, his face obscured by a bandana, tan suede Western jacket with black leather fringe, matching brown pants with fringe, and spurs on his ostrich leather cowboy boots.

Joe Hoffman: Who is that? Who is this masked man?!

The Mysterious Stranger charges Tyler, grabs him by the hair and attempts to toss him out of the ring. Tyler Best lands on the apron and guillotines the Man with No Name. Tyler grabs the side of his head when he hits the ringside deck. The Cowboy’s hat flies off, his bandana slides down, and staggers backwards, still clutching that small handful of the ICON Champion’s hair.

A security detail has arrived on the scene and pulls an incensed and screaming Tyler Best back as the man, now unmasked….Simon Sparrow….and stares daggers down at the champion, as the EPU scramble towards the ring and instantly restrain Sparrow and escort him away.

Joe Hoffman: I said it earlier tonight….and I will say it again……what is old is new again as we just see the man formerly known as Jatt Starr attack a member of the Best family. This will NOT sit well with Lee and Michael. We will be right folks.

The action cuts to another commercial break as we see Tyler slowly getting to his feet….ICON Championship securely still in his hands.


The scene fades in from the commercial break, and Steve Solex is shown standing in front of a formation of troops from all the different services. They all stand at the position of attention, perfectly dressed-right-dress with one another. Solex stares intensely into the camera. An American flag, probably 100 feet wide, is hung behind the formation displaying the most patriotic scene you can imagine. Solex pauses momentarily, before performing an about-face, turning and standing face to face with the formation of troops.

Steve Solex: AT EASE!

Solex, using every bit of military inflection he has, orders the formation to stand at ease. The formation snaps to the position, their hands behind their backs and their feet shoulder width apart. Solex executes an about-face, back to facing the camera. He begins to pace back and forth in front of the formation as he begins to speak.

Steve Solex: The time for talking is over, Chris. You’ve talked all that bullshit about how this isn’t the military, that this is wrestling. Well, I got news for you homeboy…this isn’t wrestling. This is a fucking cage fight. This is legalized combat between a MERCDAD and a prima-donna who didn’t have the balls to do what his country needed him to do, when his country needed him to do it.

The servicemen behind Steve begin a chant of, “Commie Chris Sucks!” as Solex points behind him, acknowledging the chant.

Steve Solex: Commie Chris, you might think that you’ve got the upper-hand. You might think that HOFC is your thing. But you and I both know that your HOFC history truth has been extremely exaggerated. We can go back and look at the record books if you really want to.

Steve Solex: Winning the World Championship isn’t just going to be for me. It’s going to be for the hundreds of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Veterans that are here tonight. It’s going to be for Bergman, Byrd and Harrison…The Highwaymen. It’s going to be for every HOW alum that was told he wasn’t good enough.


The servicemen go apeshit as Solex’s bald-eagle, Valor, swoops into view and lands on Solex’s right shoulder. His talons dig in deep into Steve’s skin causing blood to drip down the MERCDAD’s chest. Solex doesn’t flinch, he doesn’t even grimace. He stands perfectly still, like the disciplined Soldier he is.

Steve Solex: In twenty-five minutes or less, when that HOW World Championship is strapped around my waist, it will be officially time to start the Summer of Dad!

The formation begins to chant, “SUMMER OF DAD!” as Solex stops, turns toward the formation and snaps to the position of attention.


He brings the formation to attention, stopping the chant. In unison every troop snaps to the position of attention. Their fingers curled and joined, their heels together and their feet pointed at a forty-five degree angle. Solex executes an about face, facing the camera.


Fireworks begin to go off behind the formation as Solex slowly brings his right hand up for the most crisp salute you’ve ever seen. Fireworks continue to explode as the scene fades out to our FINAL and QUICK commercial break of the evening.



Back from commercial break and we cut to an overhead shot of the HOFC cage as the mobile spotlights have been positioned to highlight the cage in all its glory.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks to the first Chaos of this era. It is time. Christopher America is about to defend the World Championship in the VERY setting that he desired against the man that has NEVER received a World Championship match in all his time here in High Octane Wrestling….Steve Solex.

The feed cuts to a shot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and we see more fireworks going off over the mainland and as the fireworks fall towards the horizon we see that there are still THOUSANDS of fans aligned on the shore.

Joe Hoffman: The Fight for America is here folks. I have to tell you…..I have to side with Steve Solex here in this fight as he is a men that has given his all to this country and a fight…a MOMENT like this is only possible because of the things him and men and women like him have fought for to make this possible. This FIGHT is what we all want to see and I for one cannot wait to see exactly what happens.

The feed now cuts to Bryan McVay inside the HOFC cage as it is time for the entrances for tonight’s Fight.

“Remember The Name” by Fort Minor hits the ships PA system and we cut to a live shot focused at the bridge of the ship.

We see that there are almost a hundred active servicemen lined up along the guardrails high above the ships deck and they all instantly begin booing as Christopher America slowly makes his way out.

Joe Hoffman: This has to be a first….the World Champion coming out FIRST here in High Octane Wrestling. I am being told that this is a Christopher America request as Champion and one has to think that this is just another mind game tactic by the Champion.

The cameras follow America as he makes his way out on the deck and as he pauses we see that there are a few dozen VFW members lined up leading to the HOFC ring. America smiles as he looks at the old vets who now play bingo or some kind of card game to raise money at their local run down halls.

Joe Hoffman: The Champion is looking as confident as ever. The only man to win three War Games matches has every right to be confident…..but he better be careful here. NO ONE wants to win here more than Solex and as cocky as America appears to be… has to believe that he knows what he is doing. He is not called the second greatest wrestling mind in HOW history for nothing.

The cameras follow America as he slowly enters the HOFC cage. He walks slowly to the center of the cage and takes the World Championship off his waist and sets is softly on his right shoulder…caressing it as if it was his own child.

Joe Hoffman: It is clear to me that America knows how important that World Championship is….but the bigger question is does America BELIEVE he can take down America’s Number One Dad? We are about to find out.

Suddenly “Dad Vibes” hits the ships PA system and America snaps to attention as he looks towards the ships bridge.

But there is no sight of Solex.

Dad Vibes quickly fades out and the Star Spangled Banner begins to play.

The cameras focus on where the VFW men where just at and they have been replaced by ACTIVE service men and women who had made a hole for the Challenger to walk thru.

The active servicemen watching on top of the bridge cheer loudly as Steve Solex slowly makes his way out…..blood still dripping off his shoulder from where Valor perched himself before our last commercial break.

Joe Hoffman: There he is folks…..Steve Solex. A breathing real life American hero. This man has served his country and continues to be a true Patriot. This man believes in loyalty and the American way. Man…what a freaking moment.

Solex slowly walks thru hole made by the active servicemen and as he reaches the end of the line he snaps to attention and salutes the man standing in front of him.

Mark A. Milley, the 20th Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the nations highest ranking military officer, salutes him back.

The two men exchange an icy glare and then nod.

Joe Hoffman: What a freaking moment folks. Solex is THAT guy right now. He is representing everything good about our Military and he is not only fighting for himself here…..but for every person that has and will served. LETS GO!!!!!

The cameras follow Solex into the ring and as the man climbs into the ring he wastes no time and immediately gets into the face of the World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: The referee for tonight’s fight, and longtime Best employee, Rick Stevens has his work cut out for him. There is surely not going to a thing that is pretty. This is going to be a fight. This is going to be a brawl. LETS GO!!!

The camera cuts to Bryan McVay who is standing in the corner of the cage.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…the challenger…..from Huntington Beach California…..standing 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighing 252 pounds……AMERICA’S DAD…..STEEEEEVVVVVEEEEE SOLLLLLLEEEEEXXX!!!

Solex does not move as his eyes remain fixed on America.

Bryan McVay: Now introducing the CHAMPION of High Octane Wrestling……standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 255 pounds…..hailing from the great country of AMERICA…..BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY………CHRISTOPPPPHHHHHHHHEEERRRRRR AMMMMMMMMMMERRRRRIIIICCCCAAAAA!!!!!

America raises the World Championship high above his head as he stares down Solex….unblinking.

Joe Hoffman: The time for talking is over…….it is time folks…..HOFC rules are this……This fight will go five rounds if needed with each round lasting five minutes. IF there is no knockout or submission after five rounds this contest will go to the judges…………which are Lee Best….Michael Lee Best….and another judge who has NOT been revealed….which guarantees that we are going to a judges decision obviously.

Back in the cage we see America hand the Championship to Rick Stevens who in turns hands it to a HOW crewmember.

Turning back towards the men, Stevens asks them if they are ready, and both men nod that they are.

With a slight nod to both men Rick Stevens then motions that this fight is officially underway….




Joe Hoffman: LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!

The two brawlers immediately rush each other and meet in the center of the cage. There is no wasted movement as they begin throwing right hands at each other. There is no blocking or even an attempt to block a blow as both men continue to just rain down with right hands on each other.

Joe Hoffman: Not starting slow here tonight. Both men although they are almost identical in height and weight, wear the weight differently, are bringing the same amount of newtons of force with each punch. Science people…science.

The servicemen watching from the bridge are screaming madly at Solex and America as the two men unleash all their hate and aggression that has been building up for MONTHS towards each other. Neither man is gaining any sort of advantage as they continue to land haymaker after haymaker.

Then it happens.

America does not respond to one of the punches landed by Solex.

Solex doubles down quickly with another right hand.

America staggers back a step as he tries to cover up.

Joe Hoffman: Solex landing the harder of the punches has clearly gained the upper hand here as America finally is unable to counter a right hand and is now eating multiple right hands….


America nails Solex with a low blow and America’s dad goes down to his knees and clutches his testicles as if he has blue balls from going on a two week work trip and his wife gave him the Heisman on his return.

Joe Hoffman: Well look at that. America was suddenly put on the defensive and immediately resorted to a low blow. It is clear that this man will do anything to retain the World Championship.

Solex looks up at America in disappointment but America only smirks as he nails Solex with a knee to the head sending his fellow Hall of Famer back first to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: We are three minutes into this first round and after two full minutes of them just landing HAYMAKERS on each other…..we get this. A low blow and a knee to the head later and America is in full control.

America reaches down and slowly pulls Solex up to his feet and nails him with an AMERICAN uppercut that sends Solex back quickly to the canvas below.

America smiles and looks up at the servicemen on the bridge of the ship and gives them a salute with a good old fashioned smirk to boot.

The men and women boo America loudly as he just laughs to himself.

Joe Hoffman: Total disrespect here by America as he literally mocks our active servicemen aboard a literal aircraft carrier. Unbelievable.

America grabs a fistful of Solex’s hair and pulls the man up again and this time he nails the man with his AMERICAN suplex and Solex goes flying across the cage and bounces off the fence.

America doesn’t even follow up and instead turns and motions towards the servicemen again as we end the near of the first round.

Joe Hoffman: Literally nothing but punches thrown in this first round and one low blow later and its clear America has won this first round as we near the end….

Rick Stevens looks down at his watch and begins counting out loud as America just smirks at Solex who begins using the cage to pull himself up.




Solex stands up fully and as he turns he is greeted with an Amber Waves of Pain clothesline


Solex crumples to the ground as Stevens finishes the count..





Joe Hoffman: FIRST ROUND IS OVER!!!!! Clear as all day that America won this first round. Disgusting no doubt.

America, smirking, walks slowly back to his corner as the camera focuses in on Solex who is in clear pain.

Solex slowly makes his way back to his feet and leans up against the cage fencing as he tries to catch his breath from the onslaught of America’s offense after the low blow.

Joe Hoffman: Well, if you are scoring at home it is no doubt 1-0 America here. Potentially four rounds left to go, and this is going to be a quick 20 minutes potentially. This feud dictates that this fight should go for two hours or more but because America was able to pick HOFC…….well quite frankly the time is going to go quicker than these guys are anticipating and probably faster than what the fans want.

The camera focuses in on Solex’s shoulder, the blood now dried, and then up to his face as it is clear he is NOT happy with what just happened.

We then cut over to America who is smirking as he never takes his eyes off of Solex as we see Stevens slowly makes his way to the center of the cage and signals for the second round to begin.

Joe Hoffman: Second round officially started!!!!!!

America slowly starts towards the center the cage, cocky as ever, as we see Solex leaning still on the cage.

America stands in the center of the cage and motions towards Solex to come at him, but Solex is unable to meet the challenge head on as he staggers fully up to his feet and slowly begins walking towards America.

Joe Hoffman: Solex, ever the fighter, is SLOWLY making his way to meet America back in the middle of the cage and he is clearly not able to—



Solex, playing possum, leaps forward and knocks America down with a running shoulder block, which America pops up immediately for but only to be knocked down again by another running shoulder block.

Joe Hoffman: BY GOSH! Solex was playing possum!!!

Now it is America who staggers up to his feet and as he does he leans up against the steel mesh of the cage and turns just in time to see Solex’s boot coming at him.

America is unable to react in time and is met with a running side kick to his gut. The sound of air escaping America sounds exactly as that one time at band camp when Scooter McGavin got hit in the kidneys with a kendo stick.

Joe Hoffman: SOLEX IN CONTROL!!!

America’s dad does not relent as he begins dropping repeated boots to the grounded America and as desperately as he tries to cover up, America is unable to block each blow.

The roar of encouragement from the servicemen on the bridge push Solex on as he drops to his knees and begins delivering short right hands to the temple of America.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is in full control now!!!

America begins to bleed from his left temple as Solex pulls Americas head up with his left hand before delivering a right handed punch…….repeatedly.

With one final blow Solex delivers a right hand that causes not only for America’s cut to open up wider, but we also see Solex’s knuckles begin to bleed.

Solex slowly stands up and takes a few deep breaths as he literally forgot to breathe as he was delivering the onslaught.

America’s head slowly comes off the canvas and as it does Solex delivers a right foot to the face of the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: America is busted open, and Steven’s is counting down now folks.



Solex pulls America back up to his feet….


Solex tells America to “FUCK OFF” before delivering a headbutt directly on the bridge of the World Champion’s nose…..


America falls to the canvas bleeding profusely from his nose as Solex turns towards the servicemen on the bridge and gives them a proper salute as the second round ends.





Joe Hoffman: The second round has come to an end and that was CLEARLY won by Steve Solex. I have it tied folks and anyone that does….well you are either blind or reading this on a pro board somewhere and can’t see past all the pic bases. WHAT A ROUND BY SOLEX!!!!

Solex smiles as he slowly backs up towards his corner as we have a short break before the third round is to begin.

The cameras follow as America slowly pulls himself up to his feet with the help of the cage wall.

Joe Hoffman: Well after two rounds I have it tied but if you are looking at the two men right now you would not know it was tied. Solex has the clear advantage right now.

America continues to struggle up to his feet and as he finally makes its to his feet we see that Stevens is already set to signal for the third round.

Joe Hoffman: We only have a couple minutes between rounds and America took ALL that time to get back to his feet. He is in the clear disadvantage here folks.

To back up Joe’s point we see Stevens slowly making his way back to the center of the ring and signals for the third round to begin.

Solex does not hesitate and rushes towards the other side of the cage and nails America with a running clothesline forcing the man back hard against the steel mesh of the cage.

Solex does not allow America to crumple to the canvas this time however as he grabs the back of the man’s head immediately and runs towards the center of the cage and drops the man with a running bulldog.

The servicemen are all cheering loudly as Solex does not waste any movement as he delivers a back elbow to the bridge of the already broken nose of America.

Solex turns and sees the eyes of America tear up from the blow and he follows up with a vicious right elbow to the jaw of America.

Joe Hoffman: I have seen less brutal elbows thrown by Benny in a drunken rage in a Chicago Marriott than what we just saw there. My GOD.

Solex, not letting up, pulls America slowly to his feet and walks the Hall of Famer to the cage wall and slams the man’s head into the steel mesh. He holds the man’s head in place however and begins rubbing it back and forth on the mesh and America’s forehead rips wide open.

Joe Hoffman: There is a shark week joke here that I will leave alone and just say that I miss Benny. That is all.

America slumps to the ground and rolls over and looks up at Solex and slowly flips the man off.

Solex can only smirk as he delivers a right boot to the head of America.

Joe Hoffman: All Solex here in the third round. Not even close really to be honest.

Solex stands up and turns towards the servicemen and once again gives them a firm salute as its clear that Solex is taking this personally.

Suddenly Solex drops down to one knee as America lunged forward and nails him with a chop block.

America wipes the blood and sweat from his eyes and stands up quickly and nails Solex with a quick knee to the side of the head. He catches the man’s head before it hits the ground and pulls the challenger up and nails him with a snap DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Technically our first wrestling move of the night here and you gotta believe instinct has taken over for the bloody America here.

It is now America’s turn to mount Solex as he puts his left knee on the man’s throat and begins delivering heavy right hands as Stevens begins counting…



Blood drips from America’s nose onto the face of Solex as Solex’s own nose begins to spew blood.



America, hearing the count, rears ALL THE WAY BACK TO NEBRASKA……



America delivers a final powerful right hand just as the third round ends.

The World Champion collapses next to the challenger and we get an overhead shot of both men laid out and bleeding in the middle of the cage as the third round comes to a close.

Joe Hoffman: I have no idea there folks. I had Solex early and often there in the third but America brought it on late. No clue on how the judges will score that one.

The cameras follow America as he staggers to his corner as he tries to control the blood flowing from his nose.

We then see Solex SLOWLY crawling towards his corner as he was surprised there at the end of round three and is trying to get his bearings.

The roles are reversed from the end of round two as it is now Solex who slowly makes his way to his feet with the help of the steel cage and as he does we see Stevens make his way back to the center of the HOFC cage.

Joe Hoffman: Solex has barely made it to his feet, and it is time for round four to start!!

Stevens looks at both men and signals for the bell and round four is underway.

America walks briskly across the ring and shakes his arms out as if he is in the next Mission Impossible movie. Solex has no defense as America pulls the man off the wall of the cage and delivers a perfect vertical suplex.

Solex lands hard in the center of the HOFC cage and tries to catch his breath but he has no time as America drops an elbow drop to the sternum of the man.

America pulls Solex back up to his feet and picks the man up and delivers a body slam hard down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Well, here we go. America has decided to go ALL wrestling moves here in the fourth round as if he is trying to prove a point.

America smirks up at the servicemen as he pulls Solex ONCE again back up to his feet and this time he delivers a powerslam to the challenger and then he covers the man.

Stevens looks confused as America hooks the leg and begins counting his own count.






Finally, and smiling, America sits up on his knees and mocks Rick Stevens for not making the count.

Joe Hoffman: America just proving that he could have won this match via pinfall but to be fair if this was an actual match I am POSITIVE that Solex would have kicked out of the powerslam into a pinfall attempt……PRETTY positive anyway.

America is now laughing as he pulls Solex up to his feet with him and grabs the man by the back of the head and executes his FOR AMERICA 2.0 finisher.

Joe Hoffman: BRUTAL move there by America.

This time America stands up on his feet and places his foot on the chest of Solex and claps his hands together slowly three times to mimic a three count.

The camera zooms in on Solex, still unmoving, as his eyes appear glazed over as the World Champion pats himself on the back.

Joe Hoffman: The World Champion is in complete control and with less than a minute left here in the 4th round one has to wonder if this is the end for Solex.

The cameras focus on America who looks up at the servicemen that Solex has been focused in on all match and instead of saluting the brave men and women that serve our country….he promptly flips them off as Rick Stevens counts down the last five seconds of the round.



America drops down to the canvas and begins doing push ups as Solex rolls over on his stomach to push himself up.


America looks over at Solex as he pivots and does a few one armed push ups as Solex slowly makes his up to his knees.






Joe Hoffman: That is the end of the fourth round, and it was clearly won by Christopher America and we move to the 5th and final round of this HOFC World Championship Fight!!!!

At the sound of the third and final bell signaling the end of the 4th round we see America stand up to his feet and walk confidently to his side of the cage.

This is not the first time that we see Solex slowly make his way up to his feet and stagger to his corner as the time disappears between rounds.

Joe Hoffman: Folks honestly I do not even know how to call this one. Clearly round one went to America. Round Two went to Solex. Round Four went to America. I have NO CLUE how to score round three other than a draw. Which means……from my point of view….Solex NEEDS this fifth round or else America retains. OR….America needs to win this round to avoid this going to the judges where we already know that Lee and Michael have NEVER agreed on HOFC scoring and it will come down to the unnamed third judge. Man oh man…..if I were these gents I would be doing EVERYTHING I could to avoid going to the judges. EVERYTHING.

The cameras cut back to Rick Stevens who has made it back to the center of the ring and he signals for the start of the fifth and final round.


The camera scrambles to capture the origin of that noise and as it does we see that Valor, the bald eagle of Solex, lands on the top of the cage and begins screeching at Solex.

Solex looks up at Valor and smiles and slowly pulls himself all the way up and looks at out at America who is still leaving against his corner even though the round has technically started.

Suddenly there is another loud screech heard and we see George Washington, America’s bald eagle, fly into the frame and he lands on the top of the cage next to America.

We get an overhead shot of both men staring each other down while both eagles do the same.

Stevens yells at both men that the round has started and they both spring to life finally and they charge each other.

The cameras follow the men as they meet in the middle of the ring much like they did in the first round.

This time they are not alone.

The bald eagles meet several feet above the men and they begin brawling as well.


Both men continue to pummel each other with right hands as the eagles do the same high above them.

Blood and feathers begin to fill the HOFC cage as all four combatants are bleeding.

Joe Hoffman: There is no way this ends cleanly. Thank the holy lord there will be no time limit draw here. You hate to see those…..but the judges? They are definitely in play.

Back in the center of the cage we see America finally, and once again, go for another low blow.

This time Solex is ready for it and he grabs the man’s leg and quickly corkscrews and twists America’s knee violently as they both slam to the mat.

Solex, in full rage mode, once again mounts the man and this time begins grinding his forearm across the broken nose of America as bleed smears everywhere.

Joe Hoffman: This is sickening to watch. I cannot tell who’s blood is who’s.

Solex pulls himself and America up to their feet and kicks the man in the gut and promptly nails him with his Solexecution finisher.


This time it is Solex who puts a foot on the chest of America as he claps to not just a three count…but a five count.

Joe Hoffman: Solex proving that he could have won the match as well if this was by pinfall or submission.

Rick Stevens yells at Solex that there is less than a minute to go.

Solex does not want to hear any of it however as he takes his foot off of America and promptly drops and elbow on the man before once again grinding his forearm across the nose of America.

Joe Hoffman: Less than a minute to go here folks…..we are 100% going to the judges here folks…there is no way around it!

Solex looks up above the cage and he sees the two bald eagles continue to go to war. Neither one letting up. The two eagles continue to spiral and dive above the USS Octane and Solex can only smile as he watches it all go down.

Rick Stevens: THIRTY SECONDS!!!!!!!

The sound of the referee screaming snaps Solex back to attention and he stands up to his feet…..pulling America up with him.

Solex grabs America by both ears and begins screaming at the man.

He then grabs the man and whips him hard into the far side of the HOFC cage and the force of the whip causes America to bounce off the cage….

Joe Hoffman: I KNEED A HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????

Solex jumps up in the air and drives his knee towards the head of America………

And misses.

America ducks and turns and grabs Solex by the head and nails Solex with his own finisher.


Solex falls backwards and down to the canvas hard.

Joe Hoffman: Even though America is not as efficient at that move as Solex… this stage of the match it doesn’t matter!!!

Rick Stevens looks down at Solex and then at his watch and begins a simultaneous ten count.

One to end the match.

One to count Solex out.




America slowly stands up to his feet..





Solex…..still unable to move….slowly opens his eyes


Solex….slowly shakes his head and starts to move

Joe Hoffman: CAN HE ANSWER THE TEN COUNT!!!!????


Solex, having no clue where he is at starts to roll over


Rick Stevens signals for the bell and the end of the match.




Rick Stevens points outside of the ring at Bryan McVay and the Hall of Fame Ring Announcer gives us the verdict.


The camera cuts back inside the HOFC cage and we see Solex standing in the middle of the cage now and looking over at America.

Disappointment comes over the face of Solex as we see relief come over the face of America.

Joe Hoffman: Solex literally stood up on the 10.5 count but that was not good enough. Wow. What a match. Run it back. Please. Dead or Alive. Run it the fuck back. Yes I just swore but my GOD. What a fight!!

As the Stevens hands America the HOW World Championship we see Solex collapse in the middle of the cage as he looks up at the servicemen on the bridge.

Their faces of disappointment match his own.

We end Chaos 001 with America standing tall as we get an overhead shot of the cage and as we do we see the eagles are still battling.

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