Chaotic Booking


Lee Best here………rumor is that my music hit the earlier tonight on Chaos.


I will fire someone for that…dont you worry folks.

But I did want to take a few minutes here and just WELCOME OCW to HOTv and PWA in general. I appreciate them working OVERTIME and taking time out of their BUSY schedules to make an appearance on Chaos tonight.

Sooooooo with ALL that said.

Couple things.

I see that Jace and STRONK versus Fuse and Carey is finally official. But seeing as we had a little Board on Highwaymen violence to end the show AND there is not a Tag Team Championship match yet at the PPV…….let’s just go ahead and add the Highwaymen into that match and let’s make it for the Tag Titles shall we??

Steve Harrison and Joe Bergmen will represent the Highwaymen….I am sure JOE has NOTHING ELSE going on that night.

Advantage Board? Sure. Why not.

MOAR to come later this week.

–Lee “Motherfucking” Best

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