We here at have been informed that effective today at midnight MST, all archived content and future content broadcasted on High Octane Television has been sold to a new entity. HOTv will still be available as a stand alone streaming product, but all shows aired on the HOTv network will be simulcasted with our new partner:

Phoenix Wrestling Alliance

The PWA has purchased the broadcast rights to play HOTv content in their entirety. The streaming service, known as PWA:TV will be unveiled at a later date. It will air content from multiple different wrestling promotions. They have also recently agreed to a deal with the ACE Network to air all content that is also broadcasted, and archived, on the ACE Network.

Now you will soon be able to find all of your HOW, PRIME, MVW, and sVo content in one place, albeit on different channels, under the umbrella of PWA:TV.

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