The HOTv video fades out and we cut to an overhead shot of an almost sold out Old Trafford stadium here in Manchester England.We then head down to the field where we see Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell standing by.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to March to Glory!! I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Benny Newell where tonight we are coming to you live from the home field of one of the biggest sports clubs in the world….Manchester United.

Benny Newell: It’s called a pitch. Jesus Christ Joe. Am I the only one that does their homework around here?

Joe Hoffman: Benny is correct…..and from our understanding that the deal that Lee Best struck with the Glazer family to hold this event here included a stipulation that only the ring itself would be allowed on the….pitch. That means no commentary booth at ringside. No chairs on the pitch…..which ultimately means no fans……but that does not mean that its going to be a quiet night as we have almost 72,000 fans here tonight.

Benny Newell: So close to an EPIC sellout. At least we have National Women’s Month waiting for us when we return home.

Benny winks at the camera as Joe can only roll his eyes at his long time commentating partner.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of women…..the stage is set. These fans are ready. It is time for two High Octane Wrestling Hall of Famers to do battle once again. 13 years ago Bobbinette Carey defeated Aceldama to win the World Championship and now here in the year 2023 we will see these two do battle once again.

Benny Newell: This is a match that Lee wanted and Aceldama needed. He has long kept the receipt and tonight he is ready to cash it in.

Joe nods his head in agreement as we cut away from the two men as the lights go out across the entire stadium as the fans go silent and the giant screen comes to life. The ((::A::)) symbol begins to flash red on the screen as smoke begins to billow on the stage. A voice begins to speak as footage is shown of Aceldama laying in the middle of the ring following defeat to Bobbinette Carey. The voice is familiar to all, Manchester born Sir Ian McKellen .

“They say time heals all wounds

However as time passes, without retribution, those wounds begin to scar

As the years pass, those scars become who you are, a reminder of the failures of the past.

Thirteen years, no retribution, the time has come. Tonight history comes to life, tonight it ends. Tonight we witness..retribution”

The screen goes black again and the stadium in darkness as yet another distinctive voice begins a countdown….in German











The lighting in the stadium hazes a yellow and orange as the guitar riff of “sonne” begins and we witness the band rammstein begin to perform in the stands of the Stretford end. Flames begin to engulf around them as the fans go wild as Till Lindemann, wearing a butchers apron and covered in pigs blood begins to insight the crowd as the begins to perform ‘Sonne’ live for the fans but in a rare occurrence, he begins to perform it in english

‘Everyone is waiting for the light
Be afraid, don’t be afraid
The sun is shining out of my eyes
It will not set tonight
And the world counts loudly to ten’

The performance stops as both guitarists and Till point towards the middle of the stadium where a light begins to shine upwards then stops halfway as Aceldama walks out of one of the stadium entrances. He is wearing his old prison attire, the same attire aceldama used to wear back in 2010. The light begins to shine on him as he looks down and then raises his arms as around the stadium flame pyrotechnics make old Trafford glow

‘One, here comes the sun
Two, here comes the sun
Three, it is the brightest star of them all
Four, here comes the sun’

Aceldama proceeds to walk down the steps of the stadium, fans at either side of him as he makes his way towards the pitch side and as he gets to the bottom he stands on top of the advertising hoarding, then steps down and begins to walk around the ring as rammstein continue to play.

Joe Hoffmann: I don’t know about you but this is putting chills down me. Aceldama has came to the ring to his old music, and is wearing the same attire he wore in his defeat to Carey all the way back in 2010!

Bryan McVay is standing by the commentators table and takes the microphone…..

Bryan McVay: ladies and gentlemen, Aceldama has requested that he be introduced in his native tongue, so to introduce Aceldama this evening, former Manchester United and Chicago fire star…..Bastian Schweinstiger!!

The 80,000 plus crowd goes insane as Schweinstiger comes out through the players tunnel, wearing his Germany World Cup shirt. He takes a microphone as Aceldama walks into the ring and stands as he gets introduced in German.

Bastian Schweinstiger: Ladies and gentleman….I introduce to you….hailing from Berlin, Germany….the weapon of mass destruction……ACEEELLLDAAAMMA!!!

Aceldama standing in the ring takes a microphone, pointing to Till Lindemann in the stands

Aceldama: Bobbinette Carey, last person standing…..and the world will count loudly to ten!!!

Till Lindemann continues their performance as Aceldama turns around towards the players tunnel his eyes fixated awaiting Carey’s arrival.


Joe Hoffman: Can it be!?! Is he alive????

The crowd starts to go crazy as they see a barbed wire hockey stick and New York Rangers jersey emerge….

Benny Newell: No you fucking twat! It’s fucking Carey playing Scottywood cosplay!

We can now tell it is Carey walking out onto the stage as he raises her 16oz can of beer and downs the rest before tossing the empty into the crowd.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Parma Heights, Ohio and weighing in at 235 pounds… BOBBINETTE CAREY!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Carey seemingly channeling all of The Hardcore Artist she can for what is going to be a brutal fight. One where there are no rules other than you must incapacitate your opponent for a count of ten… or diez in the case of referee Joel Hortega here tonight, to win.

Benny Newell: Or Hortega could count to zehn for Aceldama. Eins, zwei, drei, vier…

Joe Hoffman: Did you get a sponsorship from Rosetta Stone or something?

Benny Newell: I literally just heard it counted down a few minutes ago. Idiot.

Carey makes her way down to the ring, a stone cold look on her face as she and Aceldama have not taken their eyes off each other as she walks up the ring steps and enters the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The Bobbinette Carey that is all about wrestling does not seem to be here tonight… which she will need against an Aceldama that has somehow become more of a monster since he was last in HOW.

Benny Newell: Ace wird sie umbringen!

Joe Hoffman: You’re just Google translating this now, aren’t you?

Carey enters the ring and Joel Hortega wastes little time ringing the bell as Ace, despite Carey still holding the barbed wire hockey stick charges at her. Carey swings the hockey stick and drills Ace in the side of the neck, stopping the big man for a moment as Carey drops the hockey stick, kicks Ace in the gut and DDTs him onto the barbed wire hockey stick.

Joe Hoffman: SDT by Scotty… I mean Carey on the hockey stick! Ace is busted open!

Benny Newell: du Schlampe!

Joe Hoffman: Joel Hortega with the first count of the night…

Joel Hortega: Uno, Dos…

Ace shakes his head and pops back up to his feet as you can see the blood starting to run down his face as he charges at Carey who tries to reach for the hockey stick again but Ace spears Carey to the ground as he starts to unleash with rights to the skull of Carey who tries he best to cover up. After a few shots, Ace grabs Carey by the hair and pulls her up to her feet before he throws her from the ring. Carey slams down onto the outside mat as Ace follows and boots her in the side of the head as she tries to get up.

Aceldama: You’re not Scottywood! I am going to beat Bobbinette Carey tonight!

Ace grabs Carey by the New York Rangers jersey and rips it off her body, revealing her trademark magenta leopard skin wrestling attire. Again he pulls her to her feet and drives his shoulder into her gut and puts her through the “crowd” barricade and the two roll across the grass of the field.

Joe Hoffman: Normally these two would be now fighting in the crowd, but we have no fans on the field here tonight. These two have the entire empty soccer field to fight in.

Benny Newell: Fussballplatz Joe! Wir sind in Europa.

Carey goes to get to her feet, but again Ace drives his boot to the side of her head as the Manchester fans boo the German native as he goes to grab Carey by her hair, but she has pulled a portion of the pitch up and throws the grass and dirt in Ace’s face. The crowd roars as Carey climbs back to her feet as Ace stumbles away from the ring, trying to get the dirt out his eyes.

Benny Newell: What kind of dirty play is this by Carey!

Joe Hoffman: Google translate stop working Benny?

Benny Newell: Tell these shit fuck UK drunks to stop posting pics of their shitty beers!

Ace makes his way over to the goal posts as he leans against the padding, but only for a second as he turns right into a shoulder thrust by Carey into the goal post padding. Ace drops to a knee as Carey looks at the padding and quickly rips it off, exposing the cold hard steel.

Benny Newell: This is the closest Carey is ever gonna get to scoring in the UK tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Wow, I’d rather you start speaking German again, it’s better when I can’t understand you.

Ace gets back up to his feet as Carey grabs him by the head and slams it off the ring post once, twice, three times as he is dazed now as he is leaning back first on the goal post. Carey backs up and charges at Ace for a spear but Ace side steps the move and Carey goes shoulder first into the steel goal post.

Joe Hoffman: Carey’s shoulder has to be separated! That post is dug into the ground and didn’t give an inch!

Benny Newell: Sie ist erledigt!

Joel Hortega: Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco….

Carey starts to get up to a knee as Ace has walked back towards her now with a steel chair in hand as he slams it across the back of Carey. He slams the chair across her back again before tossing it to the ground and grabbing Carey by her hair. He leads her away towards where the stage is and finds a table full of electrical wires. With a kick to the gut Ace lifts Carey up for a powerbomb…

Joe Hoffman: Hurracaranna reversal by Carey!

Ace stumbles to his feet as Carey quickly lifts him up onto her shoulders and hits a Game Misconduct through the table as the crowd roars.

HugeJoe Hoffman: Game Misconduct by Scotty Carey… I mean Bobbinette Carey! This could be it here as Hortega starts his count.

Joel Hortega: Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco…

Benny Newell: Steh auf Ace! Steh auf!

Carey walks over to the side of the stage and reaches for something she seemingly has had placed over there…

Joe Hoffman: Carey has a kendo stick!

Benny Newell: Nein! Nein Carey!

Joel Hortega: Seis, Seite…

Ace starts to climb to his feet as Carey winds up and drills Ace in the back with the stick. Ace starts to shake though as he turns to Carey who quickly goes for a second shot, but Ace catches the stick in his hand and rips it away from Carey. The Queen B is in shock as Ace lunges forward and nails her with a hard clothesline, knocking her down to the grass.

I don’t think Ace appreciated that kendo stick shot at all.

Benny Newell: Ya think Joe Hoffman: Joe? It’s time now for Ace to murder Bobbinette Carey… Scottywood… or whoever the fuck she thinks she is.

Grabbing another handful of Carey’s hair, Ace pulls her up and starts dragging her back to the goal post. As they get to the goal post Ace pulls Carey head up so she can see his face as he smiles… but she smiles back and spits in the face of Aceldama.

Benny Newell: That’s a match penalty and a three game suspension!

Aceldama’s head nearly explodes with rage as he bear hugs Carey and delivers a huge belly to belly suplex right into the goal post, nearly breaking Carey’s back. Hortega goes for the count, but Aceldama pushes him away as he grabs Carey and pulls her back up as he drives his knee into her gut and lifts her up and powerbombs her onto the steel chair that was left there earlier.

Joe Hoffman: Powerbomb by Aceldama as he hits the first part of Blitzkrieg!!! But they are way to far from the top rope for the elbow…

Just as Joe is saying that, Ace looks up at the goal post and starts climbing up to the crossbar. The fans start to cheer, for the sheer insanity of Aceldama as he looks down at the fallen Bobbinette Carey and raises his elbow in the air.

Benny Newell: Er ist getroffen!

Joe Hoffman: Ace quickly pops up as he backs up for the sliding tackle!

Benny Newell: Ins Gesicht! In the face! Guten Nacht Carey!

Ace starts to walk back to the ring as Hortega starts his count.

Joel Hortega: Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco…

Joe Hoffman: A steel chair powerbomb and a goal post elbow drop seems to have done Carey in as Aceldama will finally get his long awaited receipt!

Benny Newell: As if there was any question Joe.

Joel Hortega: Seis, Siete, Ocho, Nueve…

Benny Newell: Zehn!

But Hortega doesn’t count to Diez as the crowd roars that Carey has somehow managed to use the goal post to pull herself back to her feet. Aceldama looks back and sees Carey leaning against the goal post, giving him two middle fingers.

Benny Newell: What the serious fuck! You slow counting fuck Hortega! That was Zehn! Zehn!

Ace rages, but before he walks back he spots the barbed wire hockey stick and smiles. He picks it up as he quickly walks back towards Carey and takes a wild swing at her head. Carey ducks as Aceldama snaps the stick across the goal post and Carey nails Aceldama with a hard right. He drops the remains of the stick and steps into the barbed wire from the stick. Ace turns back though and nails Carey with a bloody head butt that stuns Carey.

Joe Hoffman: 
Carey trying to get back in this, but Ace shuts her down quickly.

Ace then sees the barbed wire stuck to his boot and swings his leg towards Carey’s head and connects with a barbed wire big boot, splitting Carey wide open and sending her into the goal post. The Queen B slides down the post until she is sitting against in, her eyes open, but no one seems to be there.

Benny Newell: Ace just knocked all the voices out of Carey’s head!

Ace though is taking no chances this time as he rips the barbed wire off his boot and starts to wrap it around Carey and the goal post. Around her midsection, arms and even her neck as he finishes and yells at Hortega to start counting.

Joel Hortega: Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco…

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think Carey could even get up if she wanted to. This has to be it!

Joel Hortega: Seis, Siete, Ocho….

Benny Newell: Count faster!

The lights start to come back on for Carey as she tries to move, but the barbed wire digs into her skin as blood starts to flow and she can go anywhere.

Joel Hortega: Nueve….

Benny Newell: Zehn! Zehn! Fucking Zehn!

Joel Hortega: Diez!


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner…. ACELDAMA!!!!

Joe Hoffman: And this one is over… Aceldama gets his payback thirteen years later.

Hortega goes to try and free Carey, but Aceldama shoves him aside and starts reigning punches down on Carey’s face, opening up the cut even more.

Joe Hoffman: Come on Ace! It’s over, you won!

Benny Newell: Fucking murder her!

Ace connects with a couple more shots and blood is pouring down the face of Bobbinette Carey as something suddenly stops him mid punch


The crowd roars as Ace turns his attention to the entrance way, but no one comes out. The security guards finally rush Aceldama and take him back into custody as the HOV lights ups.


Aceldama stares enraged at the screen as security drags him away as Carey is freed from the goal post and helped to her feet, also confused by what has just gone down.

Joe Hoffman: Well ultimately its a big win for Aceldama and a big night overall….and one has to wonder just how much he regrets the deal he made with Lee. Security wasted no time to get him back under wraps.

Benny Newell: Price he paid……but onward and upward. Aceldama is going to be a menace come War Games.

Joe Hoffman: And someone needs to get with Carey as she needs to get this Scottywood factor under control. I mean what was that at the end there?

Benny Newell: Doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the fact that tonight’s show started off on the right foot….a win for The Final Alliance…..and now if you will excuse me……I believe it is time for me to take an extended piss break.

Joe nods as we head to a quick commercial break.


Back live and Rammstein’s whistling intro of “Engel” plays over the PA system, setting the crowd off in a chorus of boos.

Bryan McVay: Our next match will be one fall.  Introducing first…

Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle disciples step out from the player’s tunnel and survey the near sell-out crowd with gleeful grins.

Bryan McVay: …weighing in tonight at 230 pounds.  From Long Beach, California…

The Manchester crowd shows their disdain for Legion and his crew, who simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they walk across the pitch toward the ring.

Once they reach ringside, Legion directs his disciples to circle around the ring.


Azula and his disciples hop onto the apron with wicked smiles on their faces and slide through the ropes into the ring.  Legion directs his crew to leave the ring and awaits his opponent.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The opening chords of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You” hit over the PA system.  On the HOV, a giant heart appears to beat to the song.


 You should have seen by the look in my eyes, baby
There was somethin’ missin’ 

Emerging from the locker room is REAL LOVE Darin Zion, decked out in a pink and purple robe.  The words REAL LOVE are printed on the back in sequins.  The sequins sparkle in the pink spotlight hitting the smug HOW superstar while he strolls down to the ring.  Unphased by the fans heckling him, he swivels his hips, trying to draw the attention of the women.  A cocky sneer is painted on his face as he approaches the entrance ramp’s end.

 And I’m gonna keep on lovin’ you
‘Cause it’s the only thing I want to do
I don’t want to sleep, I just want to keep on lovin’ you

Zion throws his robe on the ground, displaying his 8-pack abs.  REAL LOVE starts counting them, blowing a kiss to the camera.  Sliding into the ring, he poses like a French model, winking to the audience at home.

Joe Hoffman: ‘REAL LOVE’ Darin Zion taking on Xander Azula.  The winner of this match will get a LSD Title shot against the winner of the match that will take place later on tonight between current LSD champion Jace Parker Davidson and challenger Steve Solex.

While the bridge finishes, Zion leaps up to his feet.  He motions back towards the entrance ramp, taunting his opponent for the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula and Darin Zion have had an up-and-down relationship the past couple of years.  First they were friends.  Then Azula turned on Zion, kidnapped his then-girlfriend, and tried to sacrifice her to the goddess Eris.  Zion saved her and the two went their separate ways until January when Zion and Azula faced each other in January in the semi-finals of the LSD contender tournament.

Referee Matt Boettcher does the customary pre-match check of both men.

Joe Hoffman: Zion prevailed there in what was a very competitive, hard-fought match.  Then they were drawn together again at the recent Lethal Lottery show in a tag match against the team of Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr for a chance at a HOTv Tag Team title shot.  Ryan and Starr won the match and again Zion and Azula fell out.

As he checks on Zion, Azula paces back and forth like a caged animal while the crowd is split about 50-50 on who they support in this match.

There’s a faint “Glory, glory A-ZUUUU-LA” chant that can be heard from the Azula supporters.

There’s also some “HONK-ing” going on from those who support Darin Zion and the Love Convoy.

Joe Hoffman: And as you know, Benny Newell is contractually not obligated to call Darin Zion matches so he left the broadcast area and will be back as soon as this match is over.

Boettcher’s ready to go and he calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: This match is underway.

Azula and Zion charge.  Azula tackles Zion and throws right hands.  Zion tries to cover up.  Darin pokes Azula in the eye and that’s enough to stop the onslaught.

Joe Hoffman: Azula looks like he’s ready to settle this once and for all- HE TACKLES ZION AGAIN!  HE IS RAINING DOWN RIGHT HANDS!

Boettcher starts a five count.

Joe Hoffman: Boettcher is trying to get Azula to break off.




FOUR… Azula finally steps away from Zion and gets an earful from Matt Boettcher for not breaking when he was told to.

Joe Hoffman: It took to the count of four but Azula stepped back and Matt Boettcher is letting him know about it.  He’s telling him when he says to break, he means ‘you break.’

Azula half listens to Boettcher and steps forward again.


Joe Hoffman: Chop to Zion.


Joe Hoffman: Another chop by Azula.  He’s been the aggressor in the first couple minutes of this match.  Zion’s been on the defensive and he hasn’t been able to get off an offensive move yet.

Joe pauses instinctively as this would be the place Benny chimes in with a sarcastic and probably objectional retort to Zion not being to ‘get off an offensive move yet.’

But instead…


Joe Hoffman: A third chop by Azula!

Zion’s chest is turning red.  He suddenly drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Zion exiting the ring to regroup…

Azula also rolls out and is hot on Zion’s tail.

Joe Hoffman: …and Azula is right behind him.

Zion turns the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Azula grabs him by the leg!  OH!  He pulls him back down to the turf.

Cue crowd pop.

Joe Hoffman: Oh. that could have been worse.  Zion luckily got his arms in front of his face or else it would have struck the ring apron.


Joe Hoffman: Azula chops again!

Zion staggers back to the barrier.  Azula takes him by the arm and brings him forward – spins Zion around – and slams him into the barrier.  Azula charges in –


The crowd rises to their feet as Azula drops to a seated position and Zion uses the barricade to pull himself up.

Standing by the ropes and looking down at both men outside the ring, Matt Boettcher starts a ten count.



Joe Hoffman: Zion with a chop of his own!



Joe Hoffman: Another chop by Zion.


Azula drops to his knees.  Zion swings his leg back and spikes Azula face-first to the turf.

Joe Hoffman: SNAP DDT BY ZION!


Zion stomps Azula a couple more times for good measure and makes his way back to the ring.


He rolls in and rolls back out to break the count.

Joe Hoffman: Azula’s stirring on the outside but now Darin Zion has seized control of the match!

Zion drags Azula to his feet and flings him back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Both men now back in the ring.

Azula tries to clear the cobwebs.  Zion pulls Xander up and then slams him back down again.

Joe Hoffman: Body slam by Zion.  He shotguns Azula into the corner.   RUNNING KNEE BY ZION!

The knee connects squarely on Azula’s jaw.  He falls to his knees and his head drops down.  Zion sets and swings his right leg around…



Azula falls forward.  Zion rolls him over.

Joe Hoffman: COVER!


TWO… Azula gets a shoulder up.

Joe Hoffman: Azula survives but Zion pulls him up again.

Zion hooks Azula’s left calf.  His right hand cups Azula’s chin – his other arm traps Xander’s left arm. Zion brings Azula down and then with a quick jerk he takes him down on his back.

Joe Hoffman: Russian Leg Sweep.  Zion for the cover.


TWO… Azula kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Azula kicks out.  Zion rolls him over.  He’s going for the Love Handle.

Xander sensing danger throws his head up and catches Zion in the face.

Joe Hoffman: But Azula blocks it and he’s trying to get to the ropes.

Azula rolls to the edge and grabs the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: He does and Matt Boettcher calls for a break.

Zion pauses for a second and then retreats.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula trying to gather himself here.  He started off real strong tonight against Darin Zion… but Zion has taken complete control of this match.

Azula rolls out of the ring to the outside and confers with the Eternal Circle.  Meanwhile…



Joe Hoffman: Azula again bails from the ring and needs to formulate a Plan B because Plan A sure isn’t working tonight for him.

This time, it’s Zion who gives chase to his opponent on the outside.   Azula’s followers scatter amongst the Old Trafford pitch.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s going after him.  Right hand by Azula.  Right hand by Zion.  Another right by Azula. Zion again responds and now they’re brawling at ringside.

Boettcher wastes little time and starts another ten count.


Joe Hoffman: Zion with a boot to the gut.  He takes Azula by the back of the head…





Azula recoils back and his eyes aren’t very focused.

Joe Hoffman: He may have been busted open there!


Zion grabs him by the hair and leads him back to the ring apron.


Joe Hoffman: Zion throws him back into the ring.  He rolls back in… DROP TOEHOLD BY AZULA!

Zion finds himself on the deck.

Joe Hoffman: Now it’s Azula who’s waiting for Zion to get up.

Azula waits – Zion jumps back to his feet.  Azula charges forward and swings his right elbow.


Joe Hoffman: THE SNUB!

Azula’s bullhammer elbow doesn’t catch Zion one hundred percent clean but enough to stun REAL LOVE for a second.

Joe Hoffman: Azula takes the arm now.  He tries to send Zion over the top rope!

Zion holds onto the top rope and skins the cat.  Azula runs through again and clotheslines Zion up and over to the turf below.


Azula grabs the top rope…


…and springboards up and over the ropes towards Zion on the turf.  Zion sees him coming…


…and Xander gets a double knee to his midsection and he rolls off onto the grass.


Joe Hoffman: Both men are down and the Manchester fans are just losing their minds right now.

Boettcher again looks down at both men and starts a ten count.


Zion and Azula start to stir.


Joe Hoffman: Both men trying to get back to their feet now.

Azula’s first back up.  He staggers to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope.


He shakes his head and hops up and down in the ring as Zion also arises and lurches towards the ring apron.


Joe Hoffman: Zion rolls back in and we start again.

Azula acts first.  He whips around and goes for a home run shot.

Joe Hoffman: FIST OF ERIS!

But Zion ducks…

Joe Hoffman: NO!

…and takes the off-balance Azula down with a backslide.

Joe Hoffman: ZION!



T- Azula kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: NO!  TWO COUNT!

Zion looks at Boettcher incredulously.

Joe Hoffman: Azula just kicked out in the nick of time!

Xander fights back to his feet.  Right hand by Zion to the midsection – snapmare takedown – chinlock.   Zion locks it in and pulls back hard.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s trying to wear down Azula now.

Azula thrashes back and forth.  He manages to loosen the hold and get free.  Zion takes a side headlock –  he rocks back slightly – then drives Azula face-first to the mat.


Zion rolls Xander over.




Joe Hoffman: NO!

Boettcher holds up two fingers to a shocked Zion and tells him Azula got the shoulder up.

Joe Hoffman: SO CLOSE!

Zion scissors Azula’s arm with a leg and takes hold of the far arm with both hands – he pulls Azula back and forces him to his side placing stress on both shoulder joints.

Joe Hoffman: LOVE HANDLE!


Azula’s face registers pain and agony.  His Eternal Circle followers rush back to the apron and urge him on.


Boettcher asks him if he submits.  Azula shakes his head no.


Boettcher again asks him if he quits.  Again, Azula violently shakes his head no.


But then the movement slows dramatically.

Boettcher checks Azula again.  He asks a third time if he quits.  This time, the answer ‘no’ comes with a little less defiance than before.

Joe Hoffman: HE’S OUT?

Boettcher jumps up and calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: THAT’S IT! ZION WINS!

Zion rolls to his feet and his arm is raised in victory by Matt Boettcher.


Azula’s Enternal Circle followers help get Azula back to his feet. We hear one last ‘GLORY… GLORY A-ZUUUUU-LA’ chant from his supporters in the stands.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion is your winner here tonight.  He’s earned himself a future shot at the LSD title against the winner of tonight’s title match between LSD champion Jace Parker Davidson and Steve Solex.

Zion climbs up on the turnbuckle and shouts “HONK!” over and over.  Meanwhile back in the States, the tiny hands with pink fingernails of Vickie Hall… Zion’s compatriot in the Love Convoy… are surely typing out an error-filled barrage of congratulatory text messages to all.

With that assumption out of the way we cut to our next commercial break.


Back live and we cut over to our ring announcer is ready for our next match.

Bryan McVay: The following match is a fatal four-way contest and it’s for the HOTv Championship!

The fans that line Old Trafford here in Manchester, England cheer wildly ready for our third match of the evening but the first title match here at March To Glory.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone….including you Benny… it’s time for what will potentially be a three-on-one handicap match for the HOTv Championship belt.

Benny Newell: Again…not my fault that Darin Zion is a walking bathroom break…..but with this match…..there will be nothing potential about it. The Evil Empire will go down here tonight and the HOTv Championship belt will be back around the waist of a Final Alliance member………where it belongs.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…

BACK IN BLACK” by AC/DC begins to blare across the stadium. The crowd stands on their feet as Jatt Starr emerges from the player’s tunnel. The boos continue as the Rembrandt of Wresting begins to smugly saunter his way toward the ring. He only acknowledges the more attractive ladies in the stands (ages twenty-eight to thirty-five because he is no creepy old man), giving the occasional finger gun with a wink.

Bryan McVay: From Havre, Montana, USA. Weighing in tonight at 220 lbs. He is a HOW Hall of Famer, He is THE REMBRANDT OF WRESTLING, JATTTTTTT STARRRRRR!!!

Jatt Starr walks up the ring steps sporting his black and red checkered suit. The Ruler of Jattlantis demands Matt Boettcher open the ropes for him. The Jattlantic City Idol enters the ring and takes a knee and outstretches his arms.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr, the HOW Classic and a member of Lee’s Final Alliance has had issues with Joe Bergman for a while now. Tonight, he looks to add one of the only belts to escape him so far in his career. The HOTv Championship belt. Can Jatt Starr stand tall and put a title around his waist for the first time since August of 2022?

Benny Newell: Jatt Starr will make a great HOTv Champion, Joe. Who better to represent the HOTv Network than a man that is a HOW original? Jatt will prove once and for all that HOW is better than Joe Bergman and his Evil Empire. Did you know everything Jatt’s said about Bergman is true?

The Sultan of SeaJattle removes his checked suit jacket revealing an old-school Best Alliance t-shirt which he removes, and hands to Boettcher. The Thane of Starrkarth prepares for action as the music fades out.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The camera pans over Old Trafford. There’s a buzz in the air as the High Octane faithful wait.

A thundering sound and music begin to play.

DADDY’S HOME” by JT Music.

Somewhere beyond the sea

Something slumbers underneath

When she wakes up from her dreams

We’ll be reborn from the deep

The opening lines of the first verse start to play, and a large figure steps out of the player’s tunnel. His appearance is met with another thundering sound, this time the sound of boos from all over the stadium.

Dan Ryan stands there, soaking it in. He’s been booed most of his career. This time, for a unique reason. But he soaks it all in, then starts to walk toward the ring.

Hold your noses cuz we’re going for another long dive

Some call me Father, others call me Johnny Topside

Long forgotten, I was swept up by the wrong tide

Thought my bed was made but I just woke up on the wrong side

Bryan McVay: From Houston, Texas, USA. Weighing tonight at 305 lbs. He is a member of The Final Alliance. Here is THE HAMMER OF GOD, DANNNNNN RYANNNNN!!!

Halfway toward the ring, someone throws something in his direction, but he sidesteps it, and glances over as EPU rush in to subdue the fan responsible in the stands. Ryan makes it to the ring, then stops and looks out into the stands once again, soaking in the reaction with no expression.

I’m the heavyweight champ, you won’t even last a round

Too long you brutes abused the juice, now you get smacked around

Delta’s held the belt so many years here in Rapture now

Baddest motherfucker in the building, who’s your daddy now?

I’ll ask you nicely, would you kindly put your weapon down?

And cut the cameras cuz I’d rather not be ratted out

I’m on the path to power, I would’ve made Atlas proud

Hit you with the one two punch, zap and whack you out

Joe Hoffman: Dan Ryan has returned to HOW after that incident that remains nameless. He makes no money under his HOW contract. However, under the guidance of Lee Best, Dan Ryan has cut a path of destruction through the roster. How will he and his tag team partner Jatt Starr fare in a match for singles Championship gold?

Benny Newell: Dan Ryan will make a great HOTv Champion, Joe. Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr will make great HOTv Tag Team Champions

Joe Hoffman: Didn’t you just say Jatt would make a great HOTv Champion?

Benny Newell: More than one thing can be true, Hoffhole. Just because Jatt and Dan happen to be the #1 contenders to the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts doesn’t mean that either man wouldn’t make a great singles Champion. Dan Ryan will make sure the job gets done tonight just like Lee has ordered.

Ryan cracks his neck, then climbs up onto the apron and climbs through the ropes. He dashes into the ropes, bounces off, and sprints to a turnbuckle, step-climbing up and then roaring into the stands and settling into a snarling stare out at the masses.

Ryan hops down, then circles the ring for a moment, letting the boos continue to rain down all over him, then finally backs into a corner different from Jatt and waits for the bell.

Bryan McVay: And their opponent…

A synthesized hymn begins to play as an angelic voice begins to sing.

“Born from pain, inside my veins.

Bred for war, begging for more.

None shall mourn, I am reborn.

Live in sin. The House always wins.”

The hymn continues as the sound of words blasts throughout the stadium.


The sound of glass breaking is heard as “O FORTUNA EXCALIBUR REMIX” by Apotheosis begins. Scott Stevens makes his way out of the player’s tunnel.

Bryan McVay: From The House Of Best. Weighing in tonight at 256 lbs. He is a HOW Hall of Famer. He is THE DEMI-GOD OF HOW, SCOTTTTTTTTT STEVENNNNNNNSSSSS!!!

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Scott drinks in his own hype as he lifts his right arm and points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk toward the ring. As he does so he carries the Book of Best front and center of his chest. Scott wipes his feet off on the edge of the ring, his smile never leaving his face. Moving towards the center of the ring, Scott drops to a knee before looking up with his eyes closed towards the heavens mouthing something.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens prides himself on not being a member of the Final Alliance. He actually believes Lee Best employs his services when members of the Final Alliance can’t get the job done. At Chaos 024 Scott Stevens helped Joe Bergman get a big win over the #1 contenders to the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts. But tonight? It’s about walking away with the belt that Bergman holds.

Benny Newell: Scott Stevens will make a… well… he’ll make a HOTv Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on!

Benny Newell: The mission is clear, Joe. By any means necessary the Evil Empire walks out of here tonight with one less Championship belt. Any of these men… and Stevens, I guess. Would make a damn fine HOTv Champion.

Once his prayer is done he slowly lowers the hood of his jacket and lifts his arm high into the air as the music dies Scott takes off the Cross of Best and kisses it before making his way to his corner to prepare for his match.

Bryan McVay: And finally… the Champion…

The opening piano played by Billy Powell followed by the iconic guitar licks from Gary Rossington’s slide guitar at the beginning of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s epic ‘Freebird’ blare out of the speakers.

Seconds later, the lovely Sunny O’Callahan emerges from the player’s tunnel onto the Old Trafford pitch dressed in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band wearing a spaghetti strap top, a pair of jeans, and heels. And her usually straight hair is all frizzed out and curly.

Sunny takes a swig from a bottle of Southern Comfort and sways on the grass as Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals come on over the sound system.

“If I leave here tomorrow… will you still remember me?”

Bryan McVay: From Plattin, Missouri, USA. Weighing in tonight at 215 lbs…

“For I must be traveling on now… ‘Cause there’s too many places I want to see…”

Joe Bergman comes out dressed as normal in a plain black robe over his wrestling trunks and the HOTv Championship belt around his waist.

“But if I stayed here with you girl… Things just couldn’t be the same…”

Joe stops and pats his heart as he looks up into the air

Joe Hoffman: As you may know, the lead guitarist of Lynyrd Skynyrd Gary Rossington passed away last week.

Benny Newell: Such a shame.

Joe Hoffman: I didn’t know you were a fan, Benny.

Benny Newell: It’s a shame that it wasn’t Bergman that died.

“Cause I’m a free as a bird now… and this bird you cannot change…”

Bryan McVay: He is a HOW Hall of Famer, He is the reigning and defending HOTv Champion. ORDINARY, JOEEEE BERGGGGGGMANNNN!!!

The crowd roars. Joe pumps his first in the air.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

With O’Callahan leading the way, she and Bergman start across the pitch towards the ring.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

Bergman raises a defiant fist in the air as he and Sunny approach.

Joe Hoffman: Regardless of my partner’s insensitivity, Joe Bergman walks into here with the odds stacked against him. With the help of Scott Stevens, Bergman managed to pull off a near-impossible win on Chaos. Can lightning strike twice for Joe here tonight? Can The Man of the People overcome members of the Final Alliance and Scott Stevens?

Benny Newell: Joe Bergman has lied, cheated, and stolen his way to the HOTv Championship belt. And even still has the nerve to think he can hold that title and even more. The greedy fuck and the Evil Empire fall tonight. The GOD of HOW backed Bergman into a corner he can’t weasel his way out of in this match.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

Joe climbs up on the ring apron and opens a path for Sunny to climb into the ring. Then he leaps over the top rope and climbs up on the turnbuckle.

“Lord knows, I can’t change”

Looking out over the ropes with Sunny right by his side, Joe raises his arms in the air and a can of PBR in tribute to the ‘ordinary people’ in attendance in Manchester, England tonight. Bryan McVay exits the ring as Boettcher retrieves the HOTv Championship belt from Bergman. Sunny exits the ring as Bergman hands her his robe. Boettcher the HOTv Championship belt high into the air as all three challengers keep their eyes on it. Boettcher hands the belt off to the timekeeper and then signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Here we go… HOTv Championship is up for grabs.

Bergman steps out of his corner a bit but watches as Stevens, Jatt, and Ryan all look at each other. Slowly, each man moves out of their respective corners in sync and begins to surround the HOTv Champion. Bergman takes a half-step backward but readies himself for a fight as the three opponents continue to close in on him.

Joe Hoffman: They aren’t even trying to pretend that this is every man for themselves!

The tension in the stadium builds as Ryan barks orders to the other two men. However, before Jatt can move in, Scott Stevens grabs a hold of him from behind and rolls him into a schoolboy pin attempt as Boettcher drops down.

Benny Newell: WHAT?!

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO

Both Bergman and Dan Ryan race over and brake up the pin attempt before Boettcher can reach three.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens almost won the HOTv Championship belt in record time!

Benny Newell: That idiot! I mean… GREAT! But still… that idiot!!!

Dan begins to hit Bergman with clubbing shots to the back of the neck with Joe distracted. Stevens and Jatt both get back up on their feet quickly but Stevens closes in. However, Jatt gives Stevens a poke to his good eye that staggers him. As Stevens turns around, Jatt throws a boot to the midsection but Stevens catches the boot. Jatt waves his hands frantically and begs Stevens to remember they are on the same side. It causes Stevens to pause long enough for Jatt to connect with an enzigiuri kick to the back of the skull. Dan Ryan uses his strength to muscle Bergman back into a corner. Ryan throws heavy rights and lefts at Bergman’s head but the HOTv Champion had his arms up guarding against a majority of the blows. Ryan switches approach and then begins hitting Bergman with repeated shoulder blocks to the midsection in the corner.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t envy Boettcher’s job here tonight.

Benny Newell: Why is Stevens fighting with Jatt? The objective is to take out Joe Bergman! Does no one follow the game plan?!

Jatt gets up to his feet and then stalks around Stevens as he pulls himself up holding the back of his head in pain. Stevens turns but Jatt grabs a hold of him and hits him with the ManJattan Drop. Starr’s knee connects with Stevens’ little Texans and causes him to double over in pain. Dan Ryan backs away from the corner as Bergman slumps down against the bottom turnbuckle. Ryan gets a running start toward the corner and tries to hit Bergman with a big boot to the face. However, Joe moves out of the way and Ryan misses. Bergman is back up to his feet quickly and then begins to pepper Ryan’s bad leg with stiff kicks. Ryan hops on one leg and tries to swat at Bergman but Joe keeps his distance. Bergman lays in more kicks to the leg before diving in and then hits Ryan with a dragonscrew leg whip that takes the big man off of his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman has managed to chop big Dan Ryan down to the canvas with a vicious dragonscrew.

Benny Newell: Cheating! Bergman is cheating! Someone throw a yellow flag… I mean a yellow card. Something!

Ryan begins to pull himself off of the canvas but Bergman connects with a roll-through roundhouse kick to the face that puts Dan on his back. Jatt grabs a hold of Stevens from behind and then hits him with the Jattlantian Suplex down to the canvas. Stevens lands on the back of his neck and shoulders as Jatt gets back up to his feet. Seeing the opportunity in front of him, Jatt steps through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle. On the other side of the ring, Bergman climbs to the middle rope as Ryan begins to regain a vertical base. Bergman leaps off the middle rope and goes for a hurricanrana but Dan Ryan is way too big and still way too strong to be snapped over. Ryan muscles Bergman up and then spikes him down to the canvas with a powerbomb. Bergman bounces off the canvas as Ryan falls back into the ropes to recover.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman took the sky and tried to hit a hurricanrana on Dan Ryan but that was a bad idea. Dan shook the ring with that powerbomb.

Benny Newell: The damage has been done to that leg though and Ryan using the ropes to keep himself upright. Don’t forget about Jatt on the top rope right now too.

Stevens gets to his feet and turns around looking for Jatt. That gives Starr the opportunity to leap off the top rope dropkick but Stevens moves out of the way. Jatt crashes and burns down to the canvas hard as a grin begins to form on Stevens’ face. However, that is short-lived as Dan Ryan comes barreling through and smashes Stevens into the corner with a big splash. Stevens falls to the canvas hard and rolls out of the ring to take a breather as Ryan turns his attention to his tag team partner. Ryan stalks over to Jatt and then reaches down to grab a hold of him. But instead of attacking Jatt, Ryan helps him to his feet and checks on him.

Joe Hoffman: Dan Ryan had a chance to capitalize on his partner there but instead has chosen to form a partnership with Jatt Starr in this match.

Jatt nods his head confirming that he’s fine as Ryan points over to Bergman on the canvas. Both men get sinister looks on their faces as they stalk over toward the HOTv Champion. Sunny pounds her hands on the ring apron trying to rally Joe back up to his feet. Bergman tries to regain a vertical base but gets absolutely mugged by Jatt and Dan. The Final Alliance members beat Bergman back down to the canvas mercilessly as the audience begins to boo loudly.

Benny Newell: And this is what was supposed to happen all along. It just took getting Stevens out of the match to begin dismantling Joe Bergman.

Sunny moves around the outside of the ring and begins to yell at Scott Stevens to get back into the ring and do something. Stevens stares at Sunny with hatred in his eye but then pushes her away. Stevens reaches under the ring and then pulls out a table. Stevens begins to set up the table on the outside of the ring as the beatdown of Bergman continues. Jatt grabs a hold of Bergman and drags him back up to his feet. Jatt hooks Bergman into position as Dan steps backward. Ryan charges and then hits Bergman with a big boot to the face and a Starrabian leg sweep combo with Jatt that takes the HOTv Champion down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr are using their tag team maneuvers on Joe Bergman here in this fatal four-way.

Benny Newell: A clear message to the Alabama Gang. After the HOTv Championship, those tag team belts are coming home too.

Jatt gets up to his feet then steps through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle. Ryan grabs a hold of Bergman and pulls him off of the canvas. Dan lifts Bergman into the air and hits him with a backbreaker but then holds him in place. Jatt balances himself on the top rope then leaps off and hits Bergman with an elbow drop that sends him off Ryan’s knee and down to the canvas. Ryan hooks the leg and makes the cover on Bergman as Boettcher drops down.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Joe Hoffman: Jatt isn’t trying to break up the count.

Matt Boettcher: TWO

Benny Newell: New Champion!

NO! Stevens dives into the ring and breaks up the count before the three!

Benny Newell: Fucking idiot!!!

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr didn’t try to break up the count on Bergman, but he also didn’t stop Scott Stevens from breaking up the count. Just whose side is he on?!

As Dan begins to pull himself up to his feet, Jatt quickly goes on the attack on Stevens, pretending he just didn’t stand there and let that happen. Jatt grabs a hold of Stevens and then whips him into the ropes. Ryan steps in front of Stevens and swings a big clothesline but Stevens ducks under it. Stevens bounces off the ropes and hits Dan with a bicycle knee to the face. Ryan staggers backward but Stevens charges forward and hits Ryan with The Fist to the face. Ryan staggers back even further as Jatt grabs a hold of Bergman off of the canvas. Jatt chucks Bergman towards Dan Ryan which causes Bergman to hit Dan Ryan with a chop block to the back of the knee that sends him down to the canvas hard.

Joe Hoffman: Did I just see what I thought I saw? Jatt Starr just used Joe Bergman to hit his tag team partner Dan Ryan with a chop block to the back of his bad leg.

Benny Newell: No! What you saw is Jatt trying to toss Bergman out of the ring but that Evil Empire bastard changed direction and decided to take a cheap shot at Dan Ryan. Joe Bergman is even cheating the laws of physics!!!

Dan Ryan rolls around the canvas holding his knee in pain but Stevens grabs a hold of Ryan’s leg and drags him towards the corner. Stevens slides out of the ring and then grabs both of Ryan’s legs and crotches him against the steel ring post. Jatt goes over and grabs a hold of Bergman. Jatt locks Bergman in a sleeper hold but then tries for Jattisfaction but Bergman counters a jawbreaker on Starr. Jatt staggers a bit as Bergman grabs him and hits him with a belly-to-back suplex that drops Jatt down to the canvas. Stevens locks Dan Ryan in a figure four leg lock around the steel ring post that causes Ryan to howl in pain. Ryan tries to pull himself away from the ring post but Bergman runs over and hits Ryan with a double foot stomp to the midsection. Bergman makes the cover on Ryan as Stevens keeps the figure four locked in unaware of the cover being made.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO

Matt Boettcher: THR–


Benny Newell: What the hell is BITCHER doing?! Dan Ryan’s legs are clearly outside of the ring! The Evil Empire has paid off the referee! CHEATERS!!!

Joe Hoffman: You know that Boettcher can not be brought but Bergman almost escaped here with his HOTv Championship belt. However, thanks to Jatt Starr this match will continue!

Jatt Starr puts the boots on Bergman and then grabs a hold of him by the legs. Jatt locks in the Jattaclysm on Bergman in the center of the ring. Boettcher drops back down and asks Bergman if he wants to give it up but Joe screams no. Jatt continues to crank on the hold as Bergman raises his arm into the air. He reaches for the ropes but he’s nowhere near them. Bergman looks like he might tap out but Stevens levels Jatt with Remember The Alamo to the back of the head. Jatt falls to the canvas holding his head in pain. Stevens measures Jatt up and then hits him with a knee drop using his knee brace to the back of his head. Stevens drops down a second and then a third knee drop then pulls himself up to his feet. Stevens signals that it’s over as he grabs a hold of Jatt. But then suddenly…

Joe Hoffman: POISONRANA!

Bergman spikes Stevens down to the canvas with the reverse hurricanrana. Bergman gets up to his feet and then grabs a hold of Jatt who is bleeding from the back of his head. Dan Ryan remains on the canvas holding his knee in pain as Bergman goes to finish off Starr. Jatt hits Bergman with a low blow that causes him to lose his grip on Starr. Jatt grabs a hold of Bergman and then goes to hit him with Falling Starr but Bergman pushes Jatt away. Starr charges but Bergman levels him with a lariat that turns Jatt inside out. Slowly, Bergman and Jatt get back up to their feet as Stevens also regains a vertical base. All three men start to exchange haymakers back and forth as the fans are eating it up. The party is broken up but a hobbling Dan Ryan, who stands in the middle of all three men angrier than a wet hornet’s nest.


Dan Ryan begins shoving all three men while yelling. Ryan points to Bergman and orders both Stevens and Jatt to focus on the HOTv Champion. Stevens argues with Dan but Ryan slaps Stevens across the face hard. Stevens staggers but then begins firing away at Dan Ryan. Bergman joins in on the attack on Ryan that causes the big man to stagger a bit. Jatt shrugs his shoulders and then joins in on the attack of Dan Ryan. The three men manage to stagger Dan back towards the corner.

Joe Hoffman: An unlikely alliance here as Stevens, Bergman, and Jatt are all attacking Dan Ryan at the same time!

Benny Newell: What are you doing, Jatt?!?! This is not the plan!

All three men pummel Dan in the corner but the big man roars loudly and explodes outward knocking all three men down to the canvas. However, Dan goes right back to grabbing at his bad leg. Bergman gets to his feet and then charges toward the corner. Bergman leaps into the air and tries to monkey-flip Dan Ryan out of the corner but that was not a wise idea. Ryan holds his ground and then plants Bergman down to the canvas with a spinebuster. Ryan slowly begins to pull himself back up but Stevens bounces off the ropes and hits Ryan with Don’t Mess With Texas right to the face. Dan falls back down onto the canvas before Stevens grabs a hold of him. Stevens shoves Ryan’s head between his legs and then begins to shout at Jatt and Bergman. Both men get back up to her feet and then help Scott Stevens hoist Dan Ryan up into the air.

Joe Bergman: OH MY GOD…

With Ryan high in the air the three men chuck Dan Ryan over the top rope and down through the table on the outside of the ring. The table explodes into pieces as the crowd erupts with a deafening amount of cheers.




The three men left in the ring look on in amazement at what they just accomplished by putting their differences aside momentarily. Bergman backs away and turns around but right into the clutches of Scott Stevens.


The death valley driver plants Bergman down to the canvas but Jatt comes behind Stevens as he gets back up to his feet. Jatt grabs a hold of Stevens by the neck and then…


Jatt hits Stevens with the inverted falling DDT down to the canvas hard. Jatt gets up to his knees and points to his head with a smile on his face letting the fans know that he’s the smartest man in this match. That was of course… a very dumb moment to do that.


Bergman capitalizes on Jatt’s lapse in focus and locks in his finisher on the man that’s been a thorn in his side for months. Jatt’s arms flail around as Boettcher drops to the canvas asking Starr if he wants to submit. Jatt refuses but Bergman continues to crank back on the hold with everything he’s got.

Joe Hoffman: It’s ICONIC 2022 all over again! Bergman has Jatt Starr caught in the Dragon Sleeper!

Benny Newell: Jatt Starr didn’t tap out then and he’s not going to tap out now!

Bergman screams out as he continues to try and choke out Jatt but dives in and hits Joe with Debbie Does Dallas to the back of the head. Bergman releases the hold on Jatt as he falls to the canvas.

Benny Newell: OH THANK FUCK!

Stevens gets to his feet and stalks around Bergman as he staggers back up to a vertical base. As Bergman turns around, Stevens nearly decapitates him with a discus clothesline that sends him down to the canvas. Stevens hooks the leg and makes the cover on Bergman as Boettcher drops down for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO




























Matt Boettcher: THREE




Stevens sits on the canvas in shock that Bergman got his shoulder up. Stevens argues with Boettcher over the count but Boettcher confirms it was only a two. Stevens gets back up to his feet and then grabs a hold of Bergman. Stevens lifts Bergman into position and then plants him with the Scorpion Driver down to the canvas. Stevens gets up to his feet then steps through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman isn’t moving on the canvas and if Stevens hits from the top rope this one could be over.

Benny Newell: Hurry the fuck up, Stevens! I’ve seen Bobby Dean move faster on a treadmill than this!

Stevens balances himself on the top rope and then looks down at Bergman. Stevens leaps off the top rope going for a diving headbutt but he’s caught in midair.


Jatt runs then leaps into the air and cuts Stevens in half with a spear mid-leap. Stevens crashes and burns down to the canvas hard. Jatt crawls over quickly to hook the leg and make the cover on Stevens as Boettcher drops down for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO

Matt Boettcher: THREE!!!





Joe Hoffman: Holy Heck I thought we had a new Champion right there!


Jatt gets back up to his feet and then grabs a hold of Stevens off of the canvas. Jatt sets up for the Falling Starr again but Stevens pushes him off. Jatt turns around but Stevens leaps into the air and goes for the Toxic Sting but Jatt pushes Stevens away. The two men continue trading counters as Bergman staggers back up to his feet. Both Stevens and Jatt charge at Bergman but the HOTv Champion sees them coming.

Joe Hoffman: GREEN MIST!


Jatt and Stevens put the brakes on and ducked as Bergman sprays Boettcher with green mist to the face. The referee is blinded much to Bergman’s dismay. Stevens and Jatt go on the attack on Bergman double teaming him. Both men beat down Bergman in the corner before Stevens backs away. Stevens charges in and then hit Bergman with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Stevens begins away as Jatt rushes in but Bergman catches him with a drop toe hold that sends him crashing face-first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Stevens grabs a hold of Bergman and then whips him into the ropes. Bergman springboards off the middle rope and then hits Stevens with a cutter down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Joe Bergman!

The loyal members of Section 214 cheer wildly as Bergman steps through the ropes and then begins to climb the turnbuckle. Bergman perches himself on the top rope as both Stevens and Jatt stagger back up to their feet. Bergman leaps off the top rope and hits both men with a high cross-body block that sends them down to the canvas. Jatt staggers back up to his feet but Bergman gives him a boot to the midsection that doubles him over. Bergman leaps up and hits Jatt with a sunset flip powerbomb down to the canvas. Bergman holds Jatt in place for the pin but there is no count.


The crowd counts along and reaches the count of seven as Bergman continues to hold Jatt in place.


Bergman gets up to his feet frustrated but from behind Stevens hits him with a Texas Hammer that knocks him down to the canvas. Stevens grabs Bergman and then tosses him over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Jatt grabs a hold of Stevens from behind and sets up for the Falling Starr one more time but Stevens drops down and hits Jatt with a low blow. Jatt falls to the canvas in pain as Stevens gets up to his feet. Jatt pulls himself up to his hands and knees but Stevens charges.


Stevens hits Jatt with a punt kick to the side of the head that sends Jatt rolling out of the ring to the outside. Stevens stands in the center of the ring triumphant but is totally unaware of the danger that lurks behind him.



Stevens turns around and nearly wets himself seeing Dan Ryan standing there filled with rage. Dan swings a lariat but Stevens ducks it and hits Ryan with a dropkick to the knee that sends him down to the canvas. Ryan grabs his knee and rolls to the corner as Stevens gets to his feet. Stevens heads to the corner and begins to lie in mudhole stomps to Ryan as Boettcher begins to stir. Stevens backs away from the corner feeling confident then stands in the opposite corner. Dan Ryan grabs the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet in the corner. Stevens charges and goes for a Stinger Splash in the corner but Ryan sees him coming.

Benny Newell: HAMMER OF GOD!!!

Dan Ryan knocks the ever-loving piss out of the Scott Stevens rolling elbow smash even on one leg. Stevens hits the canvas hard but Dan Ryan hobbles over and grabs a hold of him. In a massive display of power, Dan Ryan hoists Stevens up onto his shoulders and then.


Benny Newell: YES!

Dan Ryan drives Stevens down to the canvas with the Burning Hammer hard. Dan Ryan hooks the leg and makes the cover on Stevens as Boettcher staggers over for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE









Benny Newell: YES!!

Matt Boettcher: TWO








Bergman gets to his feet and tries to dive into the ring to break up the count but Jatt grabs a hold of him and stops him even though Sunny is trying to help Joe get free.


Benny Newell: YES!!!








Matt Boettcher: THREE!!!


Benny Newell: FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!


Jatt lets go of Bergman who slams his fist on the canvas in anger. Boettcher gets the HOTv Championship belt and presents it to Dan Ryan whole hobbles up to his feet. Dan Ryan roars loudly over the boos from the crowd while holding the title high in the air.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman give it everything here had out here tonight but in the end, the numbers game prevail. Dan Ryan is the new HOTv Champion and begins another Championship belt to the Final Alliance.

Benny Newell: What you mean to say is that justice has been served! Bergman tried to get himself disqualified by spitting mist in Bitcher’s face but it didn’t work! Murder Daddy is the HOTv Champion and there is going to be a party in Manchester tonight! GLORY GLORY THE FINAL ALLIANCE!!!!

Jatt Starr heads off towards the player’s tunnel with his head down with mixed emotions about keeping Bergman away from breaking up the count. Dan Ryan continues his celebration in the ring as Sunny tries to help the former Champion to the back as we cut away.


We cut somewhere inside Old Trafford.

The hallway is well lit. The footsteps echoing in the hallway catch up as a hand reaches and grabs the doorknob. A hand reaches up and knocks on the door, and then the door swings open. Lee is sitting behind a desk smiling ear to ear after witnessing Dan Ryan secure the HOTv Championship away from the evil grasp of Joe Bergman.

Lee’s smile instantly goes away as he sees the person standing in his doorway.

Lee Best: Who the fuck are you kid?? And why the fuck are you in my office??

The camera pulls back to show this kid standing in his office. He walks over and sits down in a chair across from the boss.

Zach: You forgot me already old man?

Lee looks at the kid, his eyes narrow as a slight evil grin crosses his lips.

Lee Best: You have got to be shitting me?

Getting up from behind the desk, he makes his way in front of it laughing.

Lee Best: His fucking kid??

Zach: I’m my own man, my own person. We can leave it at that. Fuck pleasantries.

Lee nods in agreement.

Lee Best: I can feel that. Tonight is NOT the night for some long drawn out bullshit conversation. You clearly went above and beyond to be standing here in front of me on a PPV Night…..spill it. What the fuck do you want?

Zach: Simple.

The kid pulls his long hair back into a ponytail. The black GrimFrost t-shirt clings to his body and he smiles back.

Zach: Look, I grew up quite a bit since the last time you seen me. I trained the demons away, I stayed away from my old man after ma died. Kept my sister safe as well.

Lee Best: OK, and……I literally got an LSD Championship match about to start that could end up spilling over into this room. Spill it boy.

Zach takes a step forward and gets nose to nose with Lee.

Zach: I want a chance here. My old man helped lay the groundwork here. My old man helped save this place with you. He always said he would die in the ring and although there is no amount of fucking therapy or alcohol in the world to help me forget the scenes from last summer…….I know he died what he loved….as fucked up as that sounds.

Lee steps back and laughs. Zach stands looking on as Lee walks behind the desk and sits back down. He composes himself and nods his head.

Lee Best: Sounds more like a bad after school special. Tell ya what…..we are back in Chicago next week. Show up there…..and we will put pen to paper.

Zach nods his head and reaches out a single hand. Lee looks down at the hand.

Zach: It’s only a handshake.

Lee Best: Sorry…..something in my DNA just will not let me shake that hand of yours. Next Sunday…..Chicago…show up and I will put you to work right away. Clean slate. How is that?

Zach nods and exits the office. Lee smiles and sits back down.

Lee Best: They are like fucking gremlins….another fucking Kostoff….

The name trails off as the scene fades out as we cut back to Joe and Benny.


Joe Hoffman: That….that was Kostoff’s son??!!

Benny Newell: That little shit came all the way to England to beg for a job? Man….Father like Son.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think there was any begging….and Zach is no longer that little. I for one am here for him showing up next week and putting ink on a contract.

Benny Newell: You guys and your feel good stories. Zach is just lucky Lee is DEALING WITH A PPV RIGHT NOW.

Joe Hoffman: Well with that said……up next is the LSD Championship match.

Benny Newell: Yes, Jace Parker Davidson’s  reign up against THE LAST REAL MAN, Steve Solex!

Joe Hoffman: Last we saw Jace…

Benny Newell: Lee did what Lee had to do Joe, business is business.


The midi highs of “Natural Born Killaz,” by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube rings around old Trafford as the arena lights dim. Steve Solex steps out from the back, and two spotlights land on him walking out of the tunnel. He has black tactical jorts on, and an Oakland Raiders jersey with 1776 as the number on the front and back. Solex is intense as he walks out of the players tunnel, he bobs his head on the way to the ring, slides under the ropes, he jumps up on the turnbuckle and flexes, screaming at the fans.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex looks like he means business tonight.

Bryan McVay: And the champion… standing at 6’4” tall, and weighing 252 lbs… He is the King of Everything… He has been LSD Champion for two-hundred and twenty four days… JAAAAAAAAAAAAACE PAAAAAAARKER DAAAAAAAVIDSON!

Jace walks out from the back, his normal ring attire on besides a Denver Dimes shirt. He looks around as “Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold starts up over the PA system. Jace walks slowly to the ring, his cyclops like eye never leaving Steve Solex. Jace hops up on the apron, and pauses as he wipes his feet. He turns back to the crowd and raises his arm.

Joe Hoffman: Who are the Denver Dimes?

Benny Newell: Long story.

Jace snarls as he steps through the ropes. He looks around the full stadium before the bell suddenly rings.


Jace’s singular eye tears a hole through Solex. Steve smiles as he rips the jersey from around his neck and tosses it into the crowd. Solex claps his hands together and immediately starts pacing to his left, and Jace’s right. Jace is put off by the maneuver as Solex comes in quickly from Jace’s blind side. He grabs Jace’s leg, catching a single leg attempt. Solex uses the takedown attempt to get up under Jace and drive him into the corner. Steve has Jace pinned, and smiles. He slaps Jace with a left across the right side of Jace’s face. Jace pushes Solex off of him with a kick to the chest. Solex stumbles backwards, he manages to plant his feet about halfway across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Solex!

Solex explodes forward, and comes flying into the corner. Jace see’s Solex coming and moves out of the corner. Solex crashes his chest into the turnbuckle while attempting to crush Jace with a Stinger Splash. Jace pounces and fires off a right hand that staggers Solex backwards. The MercDad comes back out of the corner with a left jab to the right side of Jace’s face. The blow connects but Jace fires off a left of his own, followed by a second left hand, then a right hand. Jace turns Solex into the corner, and runs in, driving a knee into Solex’s chest.

Joe Hoffman: Jace is very game this evening…

Benny Newell: It’s all adrenaline, Joe. Jace will be out of it in ten minutes or so.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, if Solex makes it that long.

JPD climbs up to the middle rope, and starts raining down shots on Solex.

Joe Hoffman: In a match where you have to FIND a championship, there’s no disqualifications… So Jace can just…

Benny Newell: Hortega needs to get in there and get him off Solex. For competitive purposes.

Hortega stands and watches as jace unloads with right hands into Solex’s face. Finally Solex is able to sneak a hand up and jab at Jace’s eye patch. JPD howls as he steps backwards holding his eye. Solex sneers, his lip already fat and welted up, a trickle of blood teasing it’s way down through his beard. Steve reaches into one of the tactical pockets on his jorts and produces a baton with a flick of his wrist.

Joe Hoffman: They let him just bring that in here…

Benny Newell: It’s England Joe, there’s no guns here. So Solex armed himself with the only thing he likes as much as guns. A fucking big metal rod to beat people to death with.

Solex keeps the baton tucked behind him as he walks towards Jace. Jace turns back towards Solex, Steve flips the baton from his right hand to his left hand. Jace jabs with his hand, but Solex uses the range of the baton to reach up and smack Jace in the mouth with the brass tip. Jace stumbles backwards as Solex runs up and grabs him around the neck, using the baton across Jace’s neck. He tries to put his boot in the middle of Jace’s back, but Jace manages to slip to Solex’s right and out of his grip as his boot comes crashing to the mat.

Benny Newell: Now do what you do best Jace, fucking run. Get out of there. Lee will love you again.

Joe Hoffman: Not a bad idea, getting lost in Old Trafford can’t be that hard.

Jace shoves Solex forward into the corner, and slams his face off of the turnbuckle twice, and then starts stomping him in the midsection over and over again. Solex is stomped down to the ground, and Jace backs up, and comes running in with a low dropkick to Solex’s face. Jace scrambles to his feet, and plants his right boot firmly on Solex’s neck, choking him against the bottom rope. He steps up onto the first turnbuckle, to make sure he has the most leverage on Solex. Solex frantically kicks his legs as his lungs pull at the air that isn’t actually there.

Joe Hoffman: Solex has to get out of this, or he’s going out.

Benny Newell: C’mon Steve! Don’t let Lee down! YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET LEE DOWN!

Steve manages to get his hands around the boot of Jace’s plant leg, and push it off of the bottom rope. Jace crashes to the mat as Solex holds his neck and kicks his feet off the mat. Solex reaches out for the baton, but Jace runs over and kicks it out of the ring.

Benny Newell: Pirate Ronaldo, I never knew I needed that in my life.

Joe Hoffman: It was beautiful.

He turns towards Solex and boots him across the mouth. Jace goes for a second stomp, but Solex grabs the leg and whips Jace down to the ground. Jace smashes onto the canvas and Solex keeps rolling with the whip, and falls into Jace’s guard. Solex immediately tucks Jace’s leg under one of his own and slides into a half guard position.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think this is somewhere Jace wants to be.

Benny Newell: Jace would love to be back in Miami, or Denver, or whatever city he’s from now, looking at beautiful women. But you all make him come out here and commit this violence. Just let him stay home and pay him money for it.

Jace smothers Solex’s head, pressing it down as hard as he can. Solex slides his left hand into Jace’s armpit, and pushes himself up as hard as he can, finally breaking free from Jace’s grasp. Solex fires off three quick left hands to Jace’s eye. He changes his swing on the fourth and brings down a hammerfist that smashes Jace across the eye.

Benny Newell: If Solex is throwing darts, and Jace’s eye patch is the bullseye, Solex is a damn good dart player.

Joe Hoffman: That has to be incredibly painful for Jace.

Jace manages to rotate his hips enough to get himself out from under Solex. He scampers his way out of the ring, and Solex slithers his way out behind him. Jace walks along the black padding and Solex stalks behind, Steve reaches under part of the canvas and pulls out a metal garbage can. Steve starts running and Jace turns around at the last second, but gets walloped with a half full garbage can. Trash goes everywhere, and Jace falls down to his hands and knees. Solex drops down onto his back and begins punching Jace in the neck, head, and ribs. His legs constrict around Jace’s torso as he flattens The King of Everything out on the padding.

Joe Hoffman: Jace is in trouble again here.

Benny Newell: That hammerfist to the eye might have changed things Joe, look, Jace is bleeding under that eye patch!

Jace gets his face slammed into the padding by Solex as he tries to scramble away. Solex throws his hips and rolls Jace over, Jace kicks his legs in the air like he’s a turned over turtle, but Solex is deftly at work. He wraps his hands up around Jace’s neck, and yanks back.

Joe Hoffman: A tribute to John Sektor!

Benny Newell: It’s a beautiful fucking thing Joe, watching Solex stretch Jace with Sektor’s move. It’s like the gangs all back together again.

Jace’s arms begin waiving as Solex constricts his midsection and yanks on Jace’s head. JPD clearly begins to fade out. Solex waits a few seconds for Jace to stop squirming, before letting go of the hold and shoving Jace off of him. He rolls over on top of Jace and smiles. He reaches into his left pocket and pulls out a plastic package. He breaks the thin plastic top of the office supply box and dumps out a bunch of thumb tacks. He picks Jace up, and grabs him in a front facelock. Solex lines himself up, lifts Jace into the air, and plants him face first into the thumb tacks.

Benny Newell: OH GOD!

Joe Hoffman: Ouch. That DDT was absolutely brutal.

Solex gets to his feet smiling, JPD is lying motionless on the padding. He holds his arms up and roars to the crowd. Solex looks over at Benny and Joe at ringside and smiles. You can hear and see Solex mouthing to Benny Newell ‘I FUCKING TOLD YOU!’

Benny Newell: You did Steve, you did tell us.

Joe Hoffman: Lots of valuable time being wasted here.

Solex marches back over to Jace, standing over him. He tries to pull Jace to his feet, but he’s unresponsive and falls back down to the padding. Solex nudges Jace with his boot, and Jace just flops over onto his stomach.

Benny Newell: He might have killed him.

Joe Hoffman: I… I don’t think Jace is dead, but he does kind of look like Pinhead now.

The MercDad shrugs his shoulders and grabs JPD by the scruff of his neck. He yanks him over the padding and into the grass. He switches his grip from the neck to the shirt, letting Jace swing down in front of him and fires off two kicks to the right side of Jace’s face, jabbing thumbtacks into Jace’s face. Jace screams out as Solex, angrily smashes Jace’s face into the turf with the heel of his boot, before grabbing Jace again by the neck. He hurls him another few yards, before running up and giving him a goal kick to the stomach.

Joe Hoffman: That’s going to break a few ribs.

Benny Newell: Jace has some guts, he could just lay down and die, but he keeps trying to get up.

The former #1 Dad continues pulverizing Jace across the pitch and down the visitors tunnel. Jace rolls down the slanted concrete walkway. Most of the thumbtacks finally flying off of his face. Solex follows, at a brisk jog. Jace once again tries to get to his feet, but Solex meets him with a knee to the chest, pressing him up against the concrete wall. He fires a right hook, and then a left hook, both to Jace’s midsection. He comes up with a knee to the eye, but Jace manages to get his hands in front to catch the blow. Still his head snaps back and collides with the concrete wall. Solex follows it up with a vicious headbutt right between the eyes. Jace slumps as his head smashes off the concrete for the second time.

Joe Hoffman: Jace’s world is upside down!

Benny Newell: Perfect time for Solex to go off and try to find the LSD Championship!

Solex catches Jace as he slumps, and throws Jace into a maintenance door, smashing him against it. He looks down at Jace and smiles, the blood from Jace’s right hand earlier still glistening in his beard. He opens the door and kicks Jace through it. He slams the door shut, and produces a key from his super tactical combat jorts. Solex locks the door and smiles, walking off down the hallway.


Joe Hoffman: Oh c’mon Benny, we don’t know that for sure.

The camera pans back over, as the door knob jiggles once, twice, and then three times. Frantic pounding and shouting begins to come from the door. Solex looks back, smiling, and begins whistling yankee doodle as he walks past a group of fans. They turn towards Solex and boo, and he shoves one halfway across the hallway, without turning his head.

Joe Hoffman: I hear we have security footage of Jace Parker Davidson, trapped in a maintenance corridor. It’s a corridor Benny, maybe Jace can get out of there.

Benny Newell: HA! FUCKING HA! Good one, Joe. Solex is a fucking mastermind, there’s no way that was done by chance.

Inside the maintenance corridor, Jace is shown in night vision reaching around for a light switch. Finally after a few moments he manages to find one, and with a brilliant epileptic causing flash the camera switches to a normal spectrum of viewing. The hallway is illuminated #97RED, as Jace looks down the long hallway. The dim light is all that illuminates the hallway as he trudges forward. His staggering and the general darkness of the room caused Jace not to see the trip wire he walked by. However, the ping of the trip wire was enough to alert Jace. He slams his body up against the wall as an entire mother fucking spear whips past Jace and slams against the doorway.


Joe Hoffman: Solex was in the arena alone for how long?

Benny Newell: Sweet Lee… he is so fucked.

Jace pushes the sling for the spear out of the way, he animatedly looks down on the ground in the hallway and snarls. He had no choice, he could stand there but there is no guarantee Lee would let anyone come get him. Jace rubs his forehead, and powers forward. He walks more gingerly now, his feet stepping tall and coming down slowly, almost like a cartoon.

Benny Newell: Solex had to have found the belt by now. I could have sworn I saw him stashing a metal detector and a map around here somewhere.

The camera shifts to Solex, his Dad power-walk is on point as he glides through the long corridors of Old Trafford. He stops by a concession stand and shoves his way to the front of the line. He grabs a clear plastic cup and fills it with Coors Light from a tap, before continuing on his march.

Benny Newell: That beer looks pretty good…

Joe Hoffman: Benny…

Benny Newell: I can acknowledge how good something looks, Joe. Stop acting like my ex-wife.

We flash back to Jace, who has resumed a more leisurely pace, he is still moving slowly and carefully. He glides his hands up against the wall as he walks. His fingers dancing along the block work. Suddenly his finger on his right hand feels something different. Something whips out at Jace’s legs, he tries to hop it, but mid hop his back leg gets caught and Jace is sent tumbling forward. Two more crashes, two more log-like objects whip through the hallway at some inhuman speed, and smash into the wall.

Benny Newell: That man Solex, grows a beard, learns carpentry. What a man. Some would even call him a savior. The Savior of the LSD Championship.

Joe Hoffman: He probably had his neighbor make it for twenty bucks.

Benny Newell: Do you know Solex’s neighbors?

Joe Hoffman: I hate you, Benny.

Jace takes a deep breath, rubbing his ankle. He goes to stand up, and another ping fires off. Jace hears a thunderous sound from the end of the hallway that he came from. He looks back down the hallway, and the dim red security lights begin to disappear faster, and faster as the rumbling gets louder and louder. He scrambles to his feet and begins hobbling, and then as the noise gets louder, begins sprinting as fast as he can.

Benny Newell: Who knew Jace had those kind of wheels still. Fucking fascinating what pure terror can do to a man.

Joe Hoffman: You’re not wrong.

Outside, Solex can be seen rounding a corner, he comes to an open door very similar to the last. He reaches into the jorts and pulls out some wire and industrial strength tape. He peaks down the hallway and hurriedly hangs the wire across the door frame, stepping across it briefly. Jace sprints through the doorway as a giant stone slams into the block under the Stretford End. The wire catches him around the neck, and he backflips his way across the concrete. The wire caused Jace to do a shooting star press, land on his face, and skip across smooth concrete like a flat stone on a lake. Jace clutches at his neck.

Steve Solex: You resourceful little bag of shit.

A boot flies from Steve that catches Jace on the right eye again. Blood seeps out under the eye patch as Solex brings Jace to his feet. Solex half drags Jace across the walkway towards another concession stand. He goes to ram Jace’s head into the plastic guard, but Jace plants his foot on the steel railing and brings himself to a stop. He grabs Solex by the back of the head, with his face twisting into a grimace, he smashes Solex’s head into the concession stand glass.

Benny Newell: Jace has some fight in him still!

Joe Hoffman: Amazing effort by Jace, tonight.

Solex’s head bounces off, another dull thud follows as JPD smashes the MercDad into it for a second time. Then a third time. Jace picks Solex up, and dumps him over onto the other side of the counter, finally sending the English workers scattering. Jace shoves a fan on his right side, in a top hat out of the way and follows Solex over, grabbing anything he can find to hit Solex with. First a plate, then a metal tray, then the metal lid that covered the food became his weapon of choice. He drives the handle side down over, and over again into Solex’s face.

JPD: You psychotic mother fucker!

Jace roars as he smashes Solex over and over again. He throws the lid down, and grabs a handful of Sausage rolls and stuffs them into Solex’s open mouth. Jace presses down, choking Steve with the food. Finally he stops, and Jace punches him in the side of the head, over and over again, climbing up onto the counter. Jace tries to mount Solex, but a gloved hand shoots up and grabs Jace by the throat.

Benny Newell: I think the sausage was too bland for Solex, the lack of salt to his superior American palette might have enraged him.

Joe Hoffman: When people from England actually watch us, they are going to come kill us.

Benny Newell: Fucking relax Joe, they don’t have guns here, remember?

Jace’s eye goes wide as Solex flips the two of them off of the counter and back into the belly of the kitchen line. Solex begins throwing blows down at Jace again, but it’s Jace’s turn to roll the two men over.

Benny Newell: Sweet Lee, these two might kill each other.

Joe Hoffman: I think that’s what they are going for.

Jace gets up, and slams Solex’s head into a stainless steel oven door, once, twice, three times. Jace opens the door and puts Solex’s head inside. He grits his teeth and slams the oven door as hard as he can on Solex’s head. He lowers the door back down and puts Solex’s head on the glass of the oven door. He takes a step back, and comes back with his curb stomp, smashing Solex’s head through the glass of the oven door.

Benny Newell: Holy fucking shit.

Joe Hoffman: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Jace leaves the MercDad’s head hanging through the glass, he kicks him in the back of the head one more time for good measure and turns walking out of the concession stand kitchen. He slides back over the counter, and into a freshly gathered crowd of fans. Jace storms his way through, once again shoving a sharply dressed lad away on his right hand side. The man stumbles and walks with Jace, the man grabs Jace by the shoulder and spins him around. Jace turns with his fist cocked, but he comes eye to eye with an absolutely dapper looking gentleman. The crowd separates when Jace spins, parting like the red sea to get out of the way of the King of Everything, and runs into a man with the top hat on. The force of the collision forces the man to spin around. He drops his drink that he was carrying and looks up at Jace just as Jace’s eye lights upon seeing what is on the man’s right shoulder, and the LSD Championship.

Benny Newell: Well I’ll be a son of a bit…

Joe Hoffman: Some would say that’s a sight for sore eyes.

Michael Oliver Best steadies himself with the LSD Championship over his shoulder. He smirks at Jace…clearly stalling….

MOB: I don’t have a fucking pen in my hand, Jace……Look, Lee literally flew me over here just to be a moving target with the Championship. Kudos to your blind ass for finally seeing me. You know…let me tell you about that flight over here. Did you fly coach with the rest of the poors like I did…..Did you have to..

Jace’s one eye looks crazily around him and sees no apparent trap and snatches the LSD Championship away….effectively ending MOB’s stall. He clutches the championship in his arms and falls to his knees looking into the metal of the belt. He sees the pain he’s gone through, how much things have changed. He peers through his only eye at his reflection and grimaces, pulling the belt tight against his chest.

Benny Newell: What in all of the holiest of fucks is happening right now…

Joe Hoffman: Listen, I’ve been lost since the Indiana Jones hallway. But it looks like Jace Parker Davidson has retained the LSD Championship… folks if you can’t hear it at home, Bryan McVay is announcing Jace Parker Davidson the winner.

MOB: Look I am just happy to have not having to be carrying that thing around anymore. Shit was getting heavy and I hit my FitBit step goal like 15 minutes ago……..But get up, I have someone I want you to meet.

Jace’s eyes flash to MOB, the adrenaline immediately beginning to flow again. MOB begins to walk through the crowd, and turns towards Jace to wave him forward. But as the camera flashes back there is a very medium sized man standing behind Jace Parker Davidson with a steel chair. STRonk godson brings the chair down across the top of Jace Parker Davidson’s skull. Jace slumps, and STRonk bends down and locks Jace in the loop hold. From behind him DOG runs out and bites Jace on the ankle. Jace begins to kick his feet but DOG stays locked on, while Michael Oliver Best stands in front of him watching.

MOB: I guess he came to meet you. Nice catching up with you, Jace. We’ll be seeing you….

As the you hangs in the air STRonk throws a lifeless Jace to the ground and walks over beside Michael Oliver Best followed by DOG. MOB nods and the two men walk off back down the hallway as our scene fades as shocked fans begin taking photos of the LSD Champion and tagging him on twitter.


The majority of Old Trafford goes dark save the spotlights pointed at the ring in the middle of the pitch.

Joe Hoffman: Well, here we go Benny….it is time……

Benny Newell: Like can we get about 30 minutes? I mean fuck…..I am still trying to process everything from that last match.

Joe Hoffman: The machine stops for no one. Let’s head over to McVay for the introductions.

The spotlights on the ring go out and the arena goes completely dark as the crowd begins buzzing.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…….standing 6’1” tall and weighing 210 pounds….hailing from Toronto Canada……CONOR FUUUUUUUUUSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

A purple light and mist then light up the players tunnel and The Vintage Conor Fuse emerges from the tunnel as Bloody Tears rocks Old Trafford.

Benny Newell: So many fucking nerds here in Manchester.  HOW does anyone other than Fuse know this song??

Joe ignores Benny as he bobs his head along with the song as we see the Number One Contender make his way towards the ring. Purple spotlights following him as he makes his way across the pitch.

Fuse slowly climbs into the ring and nods his head at referee Matt Boettcher and then proceeds to climb to the top turnbuckle and looks out into the masses as the lights come on as his music fades.

Joe Hoffman: One June 11th, 2022, Conor Fuse had his 167 day reign as World Champion come to an end as we saw the Best family do anything and everything in a match that finally ended when Cecilworth Farthington cheap shotted Fuse and Christopher America and Tyler Best ended up being sole survivors at War Games. That ultimately began the World Championship reign of America…….that has yet to end.

Benny Newell: And now this Canadian Nerd traveled across the pond just to lose one on one. NO excuses after tonight Fuse. NONE.

Joe Hoffman: …..OR the reign of America comes to an end and Fuse gets a chance to right last years wrong and head into War Games once again as World Champion.

Benny Newell: Do NOT give me the storybook ending version of this story Joe. This isn’t some scripted Hallmark show you watch on the Ace Network……

Joe Hoffman: This is High Octane Wrestling. Literally the one company in the world that lives and dies by Murphy’s Law.

Benny Newell: There is only one sheriff in this town Joe……his name is Lee…..and America is HIS GUY.

Before Benny can continue he stops himself as the stadium lights up fully and all the fans begin pointing to the sky.

Joe Hoffman: What the….

Several large United States of America flags can be seen flying overhead as several Super Hornet jets from the “Flying Eagles” squadron fly overhead.

The crowd boos unmercifully at the show of dominance.

Benny stands and places his right hand over his heart as the flags fly overhead.

A solitary tear rolls down the face of Newell as the feed goes to a split screen to zoom in on Newell’s face and the flags flying overhead.

As the flags disappear into the night sky fireworks begin going off around the top of the stadium.

Red, white and blue pyro lights up the Manchester sky as The Greatest American by Cracked Prism begins playing over the PA system and the World Champion slowly makes his way out from the players tunnel.

Red, white and blue spotlights now follow the World Champion as he makes his way across the hallowed pitch.


The Hall of Famer slowly climbs up the ring steps and climbs into the ring. He slowly makes his way to the middle of the ring and turns towards Fuse.

With a smirk, America places his right hand over his heart while his left hand holds up the World Championship.

Joe Hoffman: Benny you ok??

Benny wipes the tear off his cheek and nods his head.

Joe Hoffman: Well, here we go folks. Both men are finally in the ring. Hall of Fame referee Matt Boettcher is the ref assigned for this match tonight and although it’s been a long night for him you know he is ready.

Benny Newell: He has to count to three. Nothing more. Quit acting like his job his hard.

Joe Hoffman: Well, that remains to be seen. We have heard from Mr. America himself live on a recent High Octane Radio show where he knows how much tonight’s win could mean. Not only the obvious ramifications that it is for the World Championship…….but he has a chance to break the record for Longest World Title Reign in the 21 year history of High Octane Wrestling. He is literally tied with Michael Lee Best at 266 days. A win here tonight……well its an All Time moment and another notch in the Legendary career of America.

Benny Newell: There are NO DOUBTS. Records are meant to be broken and if there was EVER a man to beat a Best record….well it is America. Lee LOVES this man and fought for years for him to return.

Back in the ring America has handed the belt to Boettcher who holds it high in the air for everyone to see and the nearly 72,000 fans erupt in cheers as not one person is sitting in the arena.

Boettcher then hands the Championship to a crewmember and then makes his way back to the middle of the ring. He looks at Fuse who nods that he is ready.

America nods that he is ready.

Boettcher nods in agreement and signals for the bell……

But there is no audible sound of a tiny little hammer hitting a bell……


Joe Hoffman: What the heck?

Everyone is confused as the sound of someone saying DING instead of hearing a ring bell tosses everyone for a loop.

It is then everyone sees the owner of the voice as a single spotlight shines in the stands.

A man can be seen sitting in the very seats that the Manchester United team sits in…..namely the exact seat where the manager sits.

Benny Newell: YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man smirks as the crowd reacts loudly at the sight of one Michael Lee Best…..The SON of GOD.

Back in the ring both Fuse and America do NOT look happy.

Joe Hoffman: Well, the anxiety just went up ten levels for these men. Shenanigans in another Main Event.

Benny Newell: Did you honestly think Michael was going to MISS this show with his record on the line? C’mon.

Boettcher yells at both men that the match has started and slowly both men slowly look away from the SON of GOD. The spotlight that was illuminating Michael is turned off and only the small light from a hard camera can be seen as the 10 Time World Champion sits in the players box smirking as he waits for the action to kick off in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I am half surprised that Michael is not the referee in this match.

Benny Newell: Who is to say that he doesn’t have a referee’s shirt on underneath??

Joe literally has nothing to say about the real possibility of that actually being true.

The same thoughts are probably going thru the head of Champion and Challenger as well as they slowly begin to circle each other in the ring.

Finally, the two men lock up and our Main Event for March to Glory has officially began!!!!

Both wrestlers strain to gain the upper hand. America uses his height and weight advantage to push Fuse back, but the challenger is quick on his feet, slipping out of America’s grip and landing a quick right hand to America’s jaw.

The World Champion staggers back and grabs his jaw and smirks over at Fuse who motions for America to bring the fight to him.

America does just that as he rushes towards Fuse and misses with a big clothesline as the challenger ducks under. America bounces off the far ropes and nails Fuse with a powerful shoulder tackle that sends Fuse backwards.

Joe Hoffman: Maybe a little too much adrenaline for Fuse here. Standing there willing to exchange shoulder tackles with the bigger Champion….maybe not the best idea.

Benny Newell: America has broad shoulders. Always a bad idea. ALWAYS.

Fuse gets back up to his feet and now it is America that is urging Fuse to bring the fight to him.

Conor charges back at America and once again the two men lock up but this time it is short lived as the World Champion quickly lifts his right knee and drives it into the stomach of the challenger doubling him over.

America drives an elbow into back of Fuse’s neck and Conor drops down to one knee from the blow.

A left knee to the forehead later and Fuse is flat on his back in the middle of the ring and America quickly covers.

Boettcher barely gets down to the mat to begin the count when Fuse kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Not even a one count there Benny.

Benny Newell: Clearly America did not think he was going to win the match there. It is called the long game. He is wearing the man down. Simple.

Back in the ring America pulls Fuse up by his hair and promptly lifts him up and executes a flawless stalling vertical suplex.

A quick hook of the leg and once again America goes for the pinfall win…

This time Boettcher is able to get into position and begin a count…




Immediate kick out once again.

Benny Newell: One count that time Joe……math tells me that two more moves and covers and he will win the match. SIMPLE MATH JOE!!

Joe Hoffman: Ya….remember this moment sir.

Again, America pulls Fuse up to his feet and this time he whips the man to into the ropes and goes for an American boot to the face but Fuse ducks under the attempt and bounces off the ropes and comes off and nails the World Champion with a spinning heel kick.

The crowd pops as the World Champion falls to the canvas.

Fuse pops up quickly and rushes up to the near ropes and uses the middle ropes to bounce off and flips himself backwards and lands squarely on the chest of the World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Heck of a lionsault there…..pinfall attempt by the challenger now!!

This time it is America who kicks out before Boettcher’s hand can even hit the mat for a one count.

Fuse smiles as he gets up to his feet and sizes up the World Champion as he gets up to his feet.

He times his rush perfectly as America turns around just in time to eat a spinning slingblade.

America immediately gets up to his feet and eats another one as the crowd cheers on Fuse as the Challenger is using his quickness to his advantage here.

Fuse feigns another one and America ducks but is quickly grabbed and Fuse executes a sit down hip toss.

Joe Hoffman: All Fuse now after the early start by America. Fuse is doing what he does best and right now that is utilizing his quickness and his ability to adapt quickly.

Benny Newell: I do not give two ROYAL fucks if that dude practiced with his Game Boy for two weeks on ALL the moves……it is only going to take one moment for America to leave here with the Championship and the record.

Back in the ring and Fuse once again pulls America up to his feet and whips the bigger man hard into the near corner and follows it up quickly with a quick clothesline.

The crowd, clearly behind Fuse, urges the Challenger on as he climbs up to the second turnbuckle and begins dropping right hands to the temple of America as the crowd counts along with each punch.










Fuse pauses and holds his right fist high in the air as if he is gathering all the energy from the fans and then proceeds to drop punch number ten much to the sheer joy of the crowd.

America slumps in the corner and falls down to the canvas.

Fuse smiles as he looks out in the crowd, and he wastes not time as he begins stomping away at America.


The crowd immediately is back to counting with each kick and again Fuse pauses before blow number ten and just as he is set to deliver the stomp, America grabs Fuse by the waistline of his trucks and pulls him forward quickly and powerfully and ducks just in time to send Fuse thru the middle turnbuckle and he smacks his right shoulder hard into the steel ring post.

Joe Hoffman: What a desperation move there by the Champion. Fuse pausing there on that the final kick proved to be just the opening the Champion needed. He was clearly in some dire circumstances there.

Benny Newell: Straits. Dire. Straits.

Joe Hoffman: Huh?

Benny Newell: Never mind NERD.

The crowd begins to let America hear it as he staggers up to his feet and tries to shake off the cobwebs from the several blows to the head he just went thru.

The Champion tosses Fuse thru the middle rope and the challenger falls awkwardly on the grass of the pitch as he is unable to break his fall.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Fuse might have suffered a stinger there hitting the steel ring post with the his shoulder there.

Benny Newell: Seeing as I am the only one of us to have ever wrestled in the ring let me just say that is EXACTLY what happened. Usually it only takes a few minutes to shake off and America knows that and being the second greatest wrestling mind of all time…..he KNOWS he needs to capitalize on this.

With bad intentions in his eyes, America rolls out of the ring and quickly kicks Fuse in the back of the head.

Fuse slowly lifts his head up and parts of the hallowed ground comes up with it.

Joe Hoffman: Well that is going to cost Lee……destroying the insides of the Stadium is one thing…..but the grass is another. That Aceldama and Carey match alone is going to result in some serious money lost by Lee I would bet.

Benny Newell: Glazers can put it on their tab. Focus on the match Joe.

The sound of Fuse’s shoulder slamming into the steel ring steps snaps everyones attention back to the match as the top half of the steps go flying as Fuse screams out in pain as he grabs at his right shoulder.

Inside the ring Boettcher is counting and America scoffs at the Hall of Fame referee.

Joe Hoffman: Clearly America does not care if he gets counted out here…..nor does he think Boettcher has…

Benny Newell: BALLS. NO way Boettcher is going to count him out.

Boettcher gets up to six as America pulls Fuse up to his feet and promptly rolls the man into the ring breaking up the count.

Boettcher nods as he ends the count but then America grabs Fuse by the hair with both hands and literally yanks the man out of the ring.


Benny Newell: Broke the count up. I don’t see any rules infractions here at all Joe.

America is smiling as he stomps on the right shoulder of Fuse.

Then he does it again.

It is now clear that he is dropping a foot to the shoulder with each count made by Boettcher.

Benny Newell: Where are the fans now to help count? They sure as fuck were counting when Fuse was dropping ILLEGAL right hands to America’s face…..WHERE ARE THEY JOE!!!!????

Boettcher, realizing what America is doing, stops his count and yells at America to get back into the ring.

America does just that……as he rolls under the bottom rope….and then immediately rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: America forcing Boettcher’s hand here…..

Boettcher can only shake his head as he begins counting as America gives him that American smirk as he steps over Fuse and lifts up the top half of the ring steps.

He turns towards the Challenger and just as Fuse gets up to his feet America drives the steel into the already damaged right shoulder of Fuse.

The force of the blow sends Fuse backwards and he begins writhing in pain as he the cameraman nearest to the action zooms in to show that Fuse clearly has a dislocated shoulder as there is an ugly bump protruding from his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: Nasty shot there by the Champion who has found an area to target all his offense on and that shoulder does NOT look good for Fuse. My GOD….

America’s demeanor quickly changes as he sees the dislocation………

Benny Newell: Play time is over!!!!!

America pulls Fuse up by the hair and rolls the man into the ring and breaks up Boettcher’s count at six.

He immediately makes the cover and Boettcher gets into position…





Kickout with his left shoulder by Fuse.

Joe Hoffman: Well the simple math is out the window as America has done more than three moves there Benny.

Benny Newell: He CHOSE to make this match last longer. He COULD have won already but he decided NOT TO JOE.

Boettcher quickly asks Fuse if he wants to give up and the man vehemently says no as he holds his right shoulder in pain even as America pulls him up to his feet and begins dragging him over to the near ropes.

Fuse elbows America in the gut with a couple of left elbows but America is able to power thru them as he drapes the right arm of Fuse over the rope and begins pulling down HARD on the man’s arm.

Joe Hoffman: America using the top rope here to induce more pain in that injured shoulder. He is really pulling down hard.

Boettcher begins a five count and America waits till 4.97 before letting go of the hold and then IMMEDIATELY grabbing the right wrist of Fuse and pulling down hard again.

Joe Hoffman: We are twenty minutes into this match folks and I am starting to wonder just how much longer Fuse is going to hang in there and not just tap out before some real long term damage is done to that arm. I mean look at that torque America is exerting on the arm!!

Again, Boettcher gets to 4.97 before America lets go of the hold.

The crowd is booing loudly as America swings his right leg up and literally punts Fuse right under his right armpit.

Fuse falls down to his knees and screams out in pain as he leans forward while holding his right arm.

Joe Hoffman: My GOD. This is getting hard to watch…and I have seen some things in my day calling action here in High Octane Wrestling.

Benny Newell: A little dislocation really got you messed up like that? C’mon Joe. Nut up Butter Cup.

The World Champion drives another boot into the side of Fuse’s head and then covers the man once again for a pinfall attempt….this time positioning himself so a majority of his body weight is on Fuse’s damaged right shoulder.








KICKOUT by Fuse as he is once again able to lift his left shoulder off the canvas.

Benny Newell: That was closer Joe. A LOT closer.

Joe Hoffman: No lie detected Benny.

America props himself up on his knees and begins punching at the dislocated shoulder of Fuse who immediately rolls away in the opposite direction which causes America to smile.

The Hall of Famer gets up to his feet and catches Fuse just before the man can roll all the way out of the ring.

He pulls the man up to his feet and then picks him up and places him on his right shoulder with Fuse slumped over America falls to the canvas drives the mans head into the canvas and the mans injured shoulder hard into his thigh.


The force of the move causes Fuse to bounce to the side and due to the proximity of the move to the ropes…..Fuse falls limply out of the ring and to the Old Trafford grass much to the horror of America.

Benny Newell: LOVE the new finisher there by America…..but dammit he hit it TOO good.

After a brief pause, America quickly rolls out of the ring and pulls Fuse back up to his feet and rolls the man into the ring.

The World Champion grabs him by the ankle and then drags Fuse to the middle of the ring.

The viewers at home get a quick split screen as we see Michael Lee Best is now standing on his chair watching the action as America drops down and covers Fuse in the middle of the ring.
















Joe Hoffman: HE KICKED OUT!!!! HE KICKED OUT!!!!


America slams his hand down to the canvas as he gets up to his feet and gets into the face of Boettcher.

Benny Newell: Boettcher is clearly making this about him. He did not like America PLAYING BY THE RULES when he was counting and now he does a SLOW COUNT after America debuts his new finisher in front of the WORLD!!??? C’mon. Where the fuck is that VAR bullshit they use over here. Someone check the fucking video.

Suddenly America falls backwards and Boettcher falls down with him as he realizes what is happening….


















The crowd goes absolutely ballistic however as Fuse immediately jumps up to his feet and begins slapping his shoulder.

The hard camera zooms in and it is clear as all 4K………

His shoulder is no longer dislocated.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my GOD……..the force from the Planting the Flag finisher actually popped Fuse’s shoulder back in place!!!!

Fuse looks like a BRAND new man as he begins going OFF on America as if he took ALL the vitamins and SAID all the PRAYERS.

America, back on his feet now, is met with an onslaught of right hands as the crowd literally becomes unglued as Fuse is doing the thing……



Fuse, unrelenting, punches America all the way back to the far ropes and then takes a quick step back and then nails the World Champion with a superkick that sends the man over the top rope and to the grass.

Fuse wastes not time however as he climbs up to the nearest top rope and with his back towards America he jumps backwards……

Joe Hoffman: PHOENIX SPLASH!!!!!!!! PHOENIX SPLASH!!!!!!!!

The crowd is as loud as if Manchester United just won the treble as Fuse stands up and looks out at the masses and screams back at them that his TIME IS NOW…..

Benny Newell: Well shit…..

Fuse DRAGS America up to his feet and rolls the man into the ring before Boettcher gets to ten.

Conor quickly rolls into the ring after him and uses his head and upper body to roll the man over closer to the middle of the ring before he covers.











Benny Newell: FUCK YOUR COMEBACK!!!!

Fuse nods his head at the count and pulls America back up to his feet and as the World Champion stands flat footed in the center of the ring, Fuse slaps the mans chest hard and the crowd all screams WEAPONS GET.

Fuse runs past America and bounces off the far ropes and DIVES at the left knee of America and chop blocks the man.

America screams out in pain as he awkwardly falls down to one knee. Fuse jumps up and grabs the taller man by the head and yanks back and twists violently….


Benny Newell: Welp. It has been an honor America.

The open air stadium is ROCKING as Fuse covers and hooks both legs as Boettcher gets into position…






















Benny Newell: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe is confused by Benny and looks back at his monitor and we see that America NEVER kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: What did you live bet again Benny!!!!???

Benny Newell: Well duh……

Then EVERYONE sees it……

America never kicked out.

This is true.

But Boettcher’s hand never hit the canvas either as the replays show America reach back and he literally grabs and stops the referee’s hand from hitting the canvas.

Conor Fuse……KNOWING America never kicked out… standing on the second turnbuckle screaming out in victory as the deafening crowd is screaming back at him.

But the fans are too far away for him to pick up what they are putting down.

America slowly staggers up to his feet and looks at Boettcher who motions that it was only a two count and America smirks as he realizes he truly still in the match.

Boettcher then goes to tell Fuse, who is still celebrating with the fans who are TRYING TO TELL HIM TO TURN AROUND, but America pushes Boettcher to the side and staggers towards Fuse.

Boettcher almost signals for the DQ but he refrains as he, and the world, watch as America jumps up to the bottom rope and grabs Fuse by the waist and falls backwards….



Fuse hits the canvas hard and rolls thru and as he is sitting up with his back turned towards America the World Champion rushes towards him and nails him HARD with an elbow…


AMERICA covers…..



















KICKOUT BY FUSE…..KICKOUT BY FUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America slowly staggers up to his feet and looks at Boettcher who motions that it was only a two count and America smirks as he realizes he truly still in the match.

Boettcher then goes to tell Fuse, who is still celebrating with the fans who are TRYING TO TELL HIM TO TURN AROUND, but America pushes Boettcher violently to the side and staggers towards Fuse.

Boettcher trips from the push and falls outside.



Fuse hits the canvas hard and rolls thru and as he is sitting up with his back turned towards America the World Champion rushes towards him and nails him HARD with an elbow…


AMERICA covers…..



















KICKOUT BY FUSE…..KICKOUT BY FUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



America doesn’t waste anytime as he grabs the right arm of Fuse and locks his legs around the mans arm and elbow and falls backwards on the canvas and begins yanking back.

Joe Hoffman: Shades of how War Games went off the air last year when Farthington had Fuse in this same hold!!!!!!

The crowd, as hot as they were in a few minutes ago, are deathly quiet. So quiet in fact that you can hear Fuse’s shoulder pop out of its socket once again.

Joe instantly begins throwing up at the audible sound and look of Fuse’s shoulder as America rears back even harder.

The camera zooms in on Fuse’s face as he eyes roll back in his head and his face goes from red while trying to fight the pain to completely white as all the blood drains from his head as shock settles in and the finally blue as America’s leg is also applying pressure to the man’s throat.

Finally Boettcher grabs Fuse’s left arm and holds it up and it drops to the canvas.

Benny Newell: ONE!!!!!!!!

Again he raises the arm and again it drops….

Benny Newell: TWO!!!!!!!!

He lifts it again……….

And it starts to fall to

Benny Newell: THREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boettcher signals for the bell and then jumps on top of America to get him to release the hold.


The crowd is stunned and as America gets up to his feet and screams at Boettcher to give him the title….which he does.

Medics rush into the ring and begin attending to Fuse.

America pushes the medics off of Fuse, who thankfully is breathing, and America mounts the man and begins dropping more right hands down on the man as the medics and Boettcher are helpless to stop the World Champion.

Suddenly a man slides into the ring………….

Joe Hoffman: Wait is that……….oh my GOD.

The crowd ERUPTS as none other than the Hall of Famer from Wales is standing in the ring nose to nose with the World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: EVAN WARD IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joe and Benny go silent as Old Trafford is a madhouse at seeing the long time adversary to the Best Alliance standing across this era’s Alliance’s Champion.

Ward and America stand face to face as EVERYONE is popping for seeing their own UK brethren in the ring across from America.

Slowly, and steadily, Ward slowly takes a few steps back.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot believe Ward is back. War Games just got a little harder to predict. Wow….what a return…….

Suddenly Ward rushes and drives his knee into the face of the man.

The man that was just now got to a seated position thanks to the medics.

Conor Fuse.

Joe Hoffman: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Back in the players seating we see Michael Lee Best clapping and smiling ear to ear as we see Ward get to his feet and walk over and raise the right arm of America as the Manchester crowd begin to lose their minds as the fans begin to jump over the barricades and begin to storm the pitch.

EPU agents rush out and as we fade to black we see Ward and America watching the rushing onslaught of fans.


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