PWA: 02

The Last Dance

From the opening video we cut to the backstage area, where in front of the PWA branded backdrop stands regular sVo interviewer Katie Smith, a microphone as always in hand and a beaming smile on her face. Standing next to Smith is a man looking a lot more serious, a man that knows his very career is on the line as he steps between the ropes and into the squared circle for what might be the final time tonight….

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen! Fans of HOW, PRIME, SHOOT, MVW and the sVo! Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, former sVo Las Vegas Champion & Victory Cup winner – James Von Drake!

There is a mixed reaction from the crowd for the veteran, as JVD nods to Smith in recognition.

Katie Smith: Now James, it was only a few weeks ago that you went out to the middle of the sVo ring, picked up a microphone and announced to the world that the next time you lost a match it would be the last of your career…. Any regrets since making that statement?

JVD: Regrets? God no! My mind is the clearest it has been in years, I go into every match knowing that everything is on the line, one screw up by me and that it is, this is all over for me! I was fed up with losing match after match, it was as low as I have ever felt in all my years in the wrestling business. If I can’t compete with the best and walk out after having my hand raised in victory, then it really is time to hang up the boots….

Katie Smith: Well turning quickly to your opponent tonight, it has been up in the air who you will face but we learned earlier today than it will be a man you know very well, someone that competes across two different promotions here under the PWA umbrella, one half of the current sVo Tag Team Champions Anthony Moretti! Now finding out your opponent so late, that has to be a big disadvantage for you?

JVD: Usually I would agree with you, but this is perfect! Nobody knows Anthony Moretti better than me! My career started to go downhill when I met that little punk! We ran together in Blood Money and we fought all over Las Vegas when that little piece of shit kicked me out of the group. I would say it’s only fitting that we step into that ring one last time together and my new winning run starts by dropping the man that started my losing one on his head!!

JVD stares into the camera, a slight grin on his face.

Katie Smith: Well best of luck tonight JVD, I hope its not the last time we speak like this. Now, let’s take it to ringside!

James Von Drake vs. Anthony Moretti

All Glory to the Motherland

With that thrilling opening contest concluded, we cut backstage where the Masters of the Moscowverse are standing by…well, Kenny Freeman is. Randall Schwartz, who has already been cleared to compete the next night, has chosen to remain seated in his wheelchair. Most notable of all, however, is that the pair are without their Red Army leader Ivan Stanislav. This is likely due to Ivan gearing up for his own match later tonight, but it is still an odd sight to see as Kenny Freeman raises a microphone to speak before an already-jeering crowd in Arena Mexico.

Kenny Freeman: Hola, Mexico! Mi llama es Kenny Freeman, y…

Kenny is cut off by the sound of laughter from the crowd, as Randall motions to speak to Kenny in private. Kenny leans over, allowing the Entertainer to whisper something in his ear that surprises Freeman quite a bit.

Kenny Freeman: What’d you mean, llama means flame? You mean to tell me…

Kenny stops himself when he realizes his microphone is still active, composing himself before continuing.

Kenny Freeman: Let’s try that again. Hola, Mexico! Mi nombre es Kenny Freeman, y…er, that’s as much as I know. Sorry! Folks, we’re gonna keep this brief as we have strict Red Army business to attend to later, ahead of our big tag match against the Kings of the Wild World of Sports…a chance to prove to Ivan Stanislav that we are more than capable of holding our own as part of his Red Army.

Randall motions for Kenny to hand him the mic, and Kenny obliges…much to the delight of the Entertainer, a smirk on his face as he begins to speak.

Randall Schwartz: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the Red Army will prevail across the entirety of this Pee Dubya Eh weekend. Our glorious leader Ivan Stanislav and our new friend Alexei Ruslan will find a way to coexist with Rezin and Peaches Backshot and triumph over the Colton Family later tonight, and we will respond in kind with a victory over two men who may end up needing some extra seasoning back in Bergman’s Barn when we’re through with them! And last but not least, we will cherish the victory of the always-talented Lindsay Troy when she defeats Stephen Soliloquy for the sake of PRIME…and perhaps more importantly, for the Motherland herself!

This slightly long, drawn-out rant from the Entertainer does not get a very warm reception from the crowd, the boos starting to get even louder as Randall hands the mic back to Kenny, who looks nearly perplexed by how verbose his tag partner has been tonight before he finally wraps up with a simple statement.

Kenny Freeman: Right, uh…Moscowverse number one, Frontierland phooey?

Randall nods in agreement, giving his young friend a thumbs up before a slightly rotund luchador sporting a blue mask carelessly walks right in front of them, quickly garnering their frustration.

Kenny Freeman: Hey! Don’t walk in front of my camera when I’m talking, my man!

The luchador stops, turns his attention to the pair, and simply responds with one word.

Luchador: ¡Olé!

With that, the luchador runs off, causing the Masters to give (very slow) chase as we cut away from the backstage area!

Timo Bolamba vs. Combat Kabuto

Stevens Dynasty vs. Murder Doves

Ultimo Muerte vs. Pigpen Matsumoto

A Very Southern Preview

The video screen fires up.

Narrator: Almost two months ago, The Southern Boys surprised Missouri Valley Wrestling fans… and The Alabama Gang… by suddenly returning to MVW for the first time in well over a year.  Here’s how this all started…

Wrestling Night in the Heartland-Live from Peoria, Illinois- April 11th, 2023 Non-title match between the Alabama Gang and the Kardoucheian Empire)
‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams and ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller of former MVW Tag Team Champions the Southern Boys shock everyone by attacking the Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins/Mark Hendry w/Sunny O’Callahan) and getting the Kardoucheians disqualified.
-Later in the show, ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas says the Alabama Gang think they are hot *BLEEP* after they replaced us.  Dallas calls The Alabama Gang an inferior version of the Southern Boys.

Sanctioned Violence Organization’s Showdown 149- April 16th, 2023
-Close up of Sunny O’Callahan with a single lightbulb shining.  Despite the lighting, the nicks and stitches from Haley Dallas’s attack on her Tuesday night are visible.
-She extends her arm back and camera pulls R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry… both standing over the unconscious bodies of Dan Williams, Dave Miller, and Haley Dallas… into the shot.
-Sunny takes a drink from a bottle of Southern Comfort and says on behalf of the Alabama Gang… R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry… they accept the Southern Boys’s challenge.
-Sunny tips her head back and takes a healthy guzzle from the bottle of Southern Comfort as we fade to black.

Wrestling Night in the Heartland-Live from Valparaiso, Indiana- May 3rd, 2023
-The Southern Boys roll into the ring while Sunny O’Callahan has Ron Martin’s attention and blast Jenkins and Hendry in the back with steel-folding chairs.
-Miller and Williams make a quick exit from the ring. Abrams is laid out on the mat. Nelson was about to be powerbombed by Hendry and ends up on the mat. Neither Abrams and Nelson have any idea what just happened as does referee Ron Martin when he turns around and sees four wrestlers down on the mat.
-Sunny is up on the apron screaming at Martin.  She doesn’t see Haley Dallas swing around and the Texas Cowgirl pulls O’Callahan off the apron to a hard crash landing on the floor.
-Nelson is the legal man.  He rolls ups Hendry.  Martin makes the count… 1… 2… THREE!  And we have NEW MVW Tag Team Champions!


MVW Spring Fling- May 6th, 2023: The Southern Boys vs. The Alabama Gang rematch
-Haley Dallas gets into it with Sunny O’Callahan and there’s a catfight.
-Williams tags Dave Miller back in. Miller uses a forearm to the face. Miller hits a stump hurricanrana DDT on Hendry.  Now Dickinson and Jenkins are brawling with Williams and Butler at ringside.  Miller gets whipped into the corner. Hendry charges in,  *BOOM* MILLER RAISES HIS BOOTS AND HENDRY RUNS RIGHT INTO THEM. Miller uses a roll up, with feet on the second rope! The referee hasn’t seen it: 1… 2… THREE!

WINNER: The Southern Boys

Narrator: The Alabama Gang got the win back over the Southern Boys at sVo’s Roll The Dice Pay-Per-View show on Sunday May 14th in Las Vegas to set up tonight’s showdown. Who will win tonight? The Southern Boys?  The three-time Men’s Tag Team Champions of Missouri Valley Wrestling? Or The Alabama Gang?  The former MVW Men’s Tag Team Champions and former HOTv Tag Team Champions.  We will see soon… very soon.

Southern Boys vs. Alabama Gang

All on the Same Page


Near the locker rooms, we’ve got four people. One of them is Angelica Brooks, here on behalf of PRIME. The other three are all wearing ring gear and satin jackets in the same style, but different colors. The colors are green, purple, and red; the people are Dennis, Jennifer, and Benjamin Colton, respectively.

It feels like something’s missing, though. Something…blue.

Angelica Brooks: Hello, PWA fans! We’re getting ready for tonight’s main event, and I’m here with one of the teams involved–the Coltons!

Dennis Colton: Hi, everyone.

Jennifer Colton: Heyo.

The first two direct their address to the camera; Benjamin, on the other hand, is definitely talking to the reporter.

Benjamin Colton: Sup?

Angelica Brooks: You three, along with your brother Nathan–where is he, by the way?

A trio of shrugs.

Angelica Brooks: Anyway. The four of you will be facing a team consisting of Ivan Stanislav, Alexei Ruslan, Peach Backshots, and Rezin. How do you feel about your chances, especially on such a grand stage?

As he often does, Benjamin steps into the Attention Zone before anyone else can react.

Benjamin Colton: How do I feel? How do I FEEEEEEEEEEL? Baby, I feel ELECTRIC! I feel like I could take on an army! Good news, ‘cause that’s just what Goat Boy put together against us. You got Ivan Stanislav, who’s a hundred feet tall and made of steel. Alexei Ruslan, who I won’t call a snake in the grass ‘cause that’s an insult to snakes, grass, and prepositions.

Jennifer scowls, because she just lost a bet on whether or not Benny knew what a preposition was.

Benjamin Colton: Peach Backshots, who’s the same person inside the ring and out–hot as hell, and makes bad decisions. And last but not least, the Goat Bastard himself, Indiana’s fifth-best wrestler, Rezin. Lotta danger in that lineup, but I’m feelin’ pretty damn dangerous myself! I’m a bus full of nuns with no brakes, baby! I cannot be stopped!

Jennifer Colton: What the shit are you talking about?

Benjamin Colton: I’m talking about the number one wrestling family in the world taking over the spotlight! We are undeniable! Preach it, big man!

Dennis Colton: Just look at what we’ve put together this year. Benny and me? Ripped our way through SHOOT Project and became Masters of the Mat. Last year, Jenny won the Belmont Classic. This year, she’s been putting the boots to anyone and everyone in MVW, and is gonna be the Women’s Champ soon. And cousin Nate? He’s been cleaning house in PRIME and will have gold back around his waist before you know it. We’re all at the top of the heap, and we’re going to stay here for a really, really long time.

Jennifer practically shoves her much larger cousin away from the microphone in order to take her turn.

Jennifer Colton: Ivan’s been talking all kinds of crap in the last few weeks. I don’t know what exactly ‘cause I don’t speak Russian or jackass, but I’m sure it was something stupid like COLTONS WEAK AND PUNY I WILL CRUSH THEM DYAAA HA HA! Like we don’t have a say in the matter. Like we didn’t grow up in the business, or train for it all our lives. Like he thinks all that hot air is gonna scare us for a single damn second! Time for him–for ALL them bitches to learn what happens when you screw with us. Spoiler alert, it’s an ass kicking!

Angelica Brooks: Bold words from the Colton family. Let’s see if they follow it up with bold action.

Jennifer Colton: You know we will. Anyone who wants to know what wrestling is all about? All they gotta do is…

Catchphrase time. They’ve been practicing; let’s see if it paid off.

Benjamin Colton: Say.

Dennis Colton: Our.

Jennifer Colton: Name.

Hey, not bad.

Angelica Brooks: There you have it. Let’s go back to the booth, where the next match is about to start.

Just before the shot fades out, another figure walks into the scene. He’s wearing the same satin ring jacket as the others, but his is blue. Friends, it’s the long-awaited Nate Colton!

Oddly, the other three don’t look terribly thrilled to see him.

Nate Colton: What?

Jennifer Colton: Where the fuck have you been?

Unfortunately, we never get an answer to that question. Instead, we go to…

Ria Lockhart vs. Tony Gamble

The Colton Family vs. Rezin, Peach Backshots and some Russian Fucks