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For immediate release:

The Phoenix Wrestling Alliance is signing folks and they want to sign the eGG Bandits!

Of course they would. I mean, you can’t have a tag team division without a few eGGs, now can you? Just look at the History of the HOW Tag Team titles, they always got vacated once the Boys of the Shell went away on vacation.

So it should come as no surprise that a couple of signed contracts have come across the desk of Leonardo Best, the Justin Timberlake of the PWA. What should come as a surprise is the fact that only two contracts have been signed. Which Bandit has been excluded, and why?

It’s actually not that big of a surprise, considering the Old Bull of the Bandits appears to be striking out on his own, with gold in his ambitious cataract inflicted eyes. Had he sent the suggestion up the food chain, he probably would have been told to sleep on it. Luckily for him, he didn’t.

You see, Doozer the Crotchety Old Ghost, apparently, went off the rails and contacted Lee Best directly, behind his current boss’s back.

Some say it was “an act of defiance.”

Some say “Doozer’s out to prove something.”

Others don’t really care.

Fuck them, though. This could be exciting. Or we might get another Kellogg’s commercial with a cartoon tiger and a slogan that just wouldn’t describe anything related to The eGG Bandits and anyone with “Best” as a last name.

More to come, from your future High Octane Television Tag Team Champions.

Editors Note: Lee approved the Timberlake line. Not sure about the images. Please contact me at for employment opportunities.

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