PWA Tag Team Championship Mini Tournament


Good afternoon…

As announced on High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 033 show, there will be a four team tournament to crown the next number one contenders for the new PWA Tag Titles.

At PWA 02 we saw Jatt Starr and Dan Ryan emerge victorious as they walked in as the HOTv Tag Champions and walked out as PWA Tag Champions.

To be clear…the HOTv Tag Championships have been retired and the lineage for the PWA Tag Titles began at PWA02.

Here is the breakdown of the matches for the mini tournament where the new number one contenders will travel to Australia on August 6th to take on the champions at HOW’s 97RED PPV:

  • El Paria and Maddie Senton (SHOOT) vs. The Masters of the Moscowverse (PRIME)
  • The Alabama Gang (MVW vs. Blood Money (sV0)

As you can see we are guaranteed to have one representative from the ACE Network versus a representative from the HOTv Network in the final.

These matches will take place on July 2nd (Chaos 035)with the winners returning on July 16th (Chaos 037).

Good luck to all!

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