Ray McAvay Talks: Carmondy Cup, New Signees, Adam Ellis Leaving, and PWA


Missouri Valley Wrestling’s backstage interview Kellie Burkowski caught up with owner Ray McAvay this week and here’s some of what she found out.

Ray McAvay and Stacee Perry

McAvay announced that the finals will be held December 10th, 2022 in Valparaiso, Indiana.  The winners of the Men’s, Womens, Men’s Tag Team, and Women’s Tag Team Carmondy Cup tournaments will earn title shots at MVW’s big show of 2022- The St. Louis Supershow in January.

The Carmondy Cup is set up much like the FA Cup in the English Football League.  The tournament consists of randomly drawn rounds and the entrants are not seeded.  But like the FA Cup, a system of byes based on the level (Bergman’s Barn Students, Non-Division, Heartland, Men’s/Women’s Divisions) ensures higher ranked wrestlers will enter in the later rounds.

The tournament will allow wrestlers a chance to survive and advance in the tournament and again- like the FA Cup- the prize money increases with each round.

The first round matches will take place on September 10th and 11th.  The matches will be drawn tomorrow night on MVW’s Six-O-Five show on the internet.

McAvay is very pleased right now with where Missouri Valley Wrestling is at.  He discussed the much talked about ‘McAvay Makeover’ of MVW and pointed out just about every match at this Tuesday’s Valparaiso, Indiana house show has something riding on it… whether it’s a #2 versus #3 match, a Heartland title match, a #1 contender’s match or two title matches.

Yes, they brought in Xander Azula again from HOW to give Captain Jack an opponent since #1 and #2 are meeting for the Men’s title vacated by Adam Ellis when he signed with PRIME and there’s the usual non-title matches on the card, but the important thing is the fans who come to the shows will see matches the mean something in the rankings and for potential title opportunities.

Ray also announced a few additions to the roster:
-Surf Bro Express- formerly of Classic Wrestling.  New signing.  They will be competing in the Men’s Tag Team Division
-Bracken Krueger and Daryn Thompson aka… No Quarter.  Another new signing.
-Francine Worrell has also signed on with MVW.
-The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1, Svetlana Kovaleski and Kay Daniels are returning to MVW.

According to McAvay, former Men’s Champion Adam Ellis will return for one night to MVW and appear on Wrestling Night in the Heartland this Tuesday to present either Bill Dickinson or John O’Reilly with the Men’s Title belt following their match.

When asked about Ellis’s recent signing to PRIME, McAvay said he couldn’t blame him for making the move.  Did he agree with the move?  Personally, Ray thought Ellis would have benefitted from a little more seasoning at the MVW level.  That all being said, McAvay said he was very happy for Adam’s career moving forward and even happier for Adam personally with his recent wedding to Ginny Van Lear.

So far so good.  McAvay is pleased with the increased exposure being a part of a six company group has brought to MVW.   Will we see guest appearances by wrestlers from the other companies?  McAvay hedged his bet on that.  MVW and HOW have had a long running informal agreement where talent can appear on each other’s shows- hence Xander Azula coming in next Tuesday night.  Will that extend to the others?  Time will tell.

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