Refueled 100


The HOTv logo gives and immediately the camera pans over to Bryan McVay, standing in the ring, welcoming us to the last Refueled.


Bryan McVay: The following singles contest is scheduled for ONE FALL….introducing first….

The whistling intro of “Engel” plays over the PA system, setting the crowd off in a chorus of boos as Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle disciples step out onto the stage, surveying the crowd with a gleeful grin.

Bryan McVay: From Long Beach, California, weighing in tonight at 230 pounds….XAAAAAANDER AZUUUUUUULA!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to the 100th edition of Refueled. Tonight’s gonna be a banger with matches such as Carey vs Farthington, Zion vs Tyler Best…and…

The crowd show their disdain for Xander and his crew, who simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they head toward the ring. Before Xander can even finish his entrance, Scottywood charges him with a hockey stick. Azula collapses straight to the floor as the Hardcore Artist blugeons his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood vs. Azula. Let’s face it folks, Scotty’s pissed he was the first one eliminated from this year’s War Games. He’s on a war path to…




Scottywood sends Azula head first into the steel steps. Afterwards, Scotty whips him into a barricade with the fans. For good measure, Scooter smashes the hockey stick straight into Azula’s ribs. The Long Beach native collapses in front of the crowd. While Hortega lectures Scotty to enter the ring. The New Yorker tells Hortega he’s numero uno before grabbing Azula again. He launches Xander into the air, dropping him straight onto the barricade. Hortega motions to ring the bell and slides back into the ring, beginning his count.




Joe Hoffman: Hortega isn’t screwing around here, folks. This match wasn’t ordered an LSD style rules tonight. NO WAY! Play by the rules fellas!

Scotty takes one final measure to smash Azula’s head into the turnbuckle.




Rolling to the ring, the former HOW World Champion taunts Azula. Xander crawls slowly back to the ring. While he hits the apron, Scotty nails a solid drop kick, sending the Long Beach native flying. Xander lies on the outside in pain. Scottywood tries to get on the outside, but Hortega halts him. After resting a moment, Xander slides back into the ring. Adrenaline’s powering him up. Scottywood tries to hit an Ice Kick to put his opponent away fast. But he fails! Azula ducks, comes back around, nailing the chop block. Clothesline after clothesline, Azula’s fired up. The crowd gets to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Azula’s got all the momentum in the world. He’s got Scottywood up…..


Joe Hoffman: And he brings good ole Scooter McGavin down with a German Suplex.

Most of the crowd think that Azula released the suplex. But no! In an amazing feat of strength, Xander follows through with a second one. Azula nails a third one, dropping Scotty straight on his skull. Mr. Woodson tries to scurry towards the ropes. But Azula’s stomping at him with a frenzy. Scottywood grabs the ropes and Hortega starts the count.




Azula throws his arms up and walks back. But Scotty’s got other plans. Before Azula can get far, Scotty grabs a handful of Azula’s beard. He attempts to pull Azula in for a suplex on the outside. But Azula reverses it. He maneuvers Scotty’s body through the ropes, Scooter’s feet dangling. Xander drops Scotty head first into the mat. Azula picks Scottywood up off the mat for a Neckbreaker.

But Scotty thumbs Azula straight in the eyes. Wasting no time, he nails the Scottyslam Chokeslam. The New Yorker wraps Azula’s feet up. He rolls him over and puts him into the New York crab. Azula screams out in pain, crawling over to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty’s not letting Xander get off easily. He’s appling the pressure off that crab to his ankle. I’ve never seen Azula flailing all around like this.

Xander crawls towards the ropes. His fingertips are barely about to touch. Suddenly, Scottywood pulls Xander back into the center of the ring. Scott sits all his weight down onto Xander’s back. The crowd comes alive, clapping, powering up Azula. Xander flings Scotty off him. The Unrelenting Scotty charges straight towards Xander. But Azula ducks.

Before Scotty can rebound, Azula hits a pele kick onto Scotty’s skull. A couple of fists from Azula later, Scotty’s on the ground. Returning the favor, Xander wraps Scotty’s throat up.

Joe Hoffman: DRAGON SLEEPER! New stuff coming from Xander tonight. He’s not screwing around to waste his opportunity. This young kid is taking this match straight to the Hall of Famer.

Right before Scotty can grab the ropes, Xander releases the hold. Xander wastes no time jamming elbows into Scotty’s larynx. Hortega has to rip Xander off Scotty to regain control of this match.

Reaching into his pockets, Scotty removes a line of barbed wire he saved. The crowd’s going nuts. Wrapping it around his fist; the New York Native prepares. Xander leaps past Hortega. He attempts to dive at Scotty….

Joe Hoffman: OOOOOH! Right in the dang face! Scotty hammers him with the barbed wire!

Scotty prepares to nail the barbed line. Hortega extends his hands out and demands Scotty surrender the barbed wire. Scottywood’s not having it and threatens to maim Hortega. Diving out of nowhere, Azula nails Scotty’s skull with a clothesline of his own. Hortega barely slides out of the way.

Xander unleashes a flurry of fists. He finally rips the barbed wire off Scooter’s hands. He strangles Scotty until Hortega intervenes.






Joe Hoffman: Xander releases and surrenders the barbed wire. BUT WAIT…


Joe Hoffman: Azula wastes no time in violating Scotty’s manhood in front of Hortega. These men are both heated. They’re giving our crowd a show!!!

Azula scoops Scottywood up to hit a snap suplex on him. Right before Xander can whip Scottywood into the turnbuckles, Scooter slides under him and stops. Xander charges but is met with a Spinebuster. Scotty attempts to hit the SDT on Xander, but Azula reverses it. Xander hits a Northern Lights Suplex and Hortega makes the count.



Joe Hoffman: NOOOOO! Scotty kicks out. You can see the look on Xander’s face. He’s PIIIIIIISSSED!

Xander’s face is bright red. He’s ready to put his rival away. Azula motions towards the crowd and slits his throat while Scotty’s crawling back to his feet. He cocks his fist back, readying the Fist of Eris for prime time. Xander’s eyes widened. This is his moment! Charging at Scotty with all his force…






Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 9 minutes and 32 seconds….SCOOOOOOOOOTTTTTYWOOOD..

Scottywood wastes no time in flipping off the unconscious Xander Azula. He does even wait around for Hortega to raise his hand in the sky. Scotty rolls towards the outside. He gloats the crowd and celebrates his win as the scene fades to black.


The action cuts backstage for the first time this evening and we see none other than Cecilworth Farthington walking down the hallway.

He stops suddenly in his tracks as a door to his right violently swings open and a body comes flying out of the room, sliding across the hallway, and crumpling up against the wall.

Farthington raises his hands in preparation of whatever is about to come next…..but he slowly begins to lower them as he sees the man in the doorway.

He looks back down to the ground and it all makes sense to him now as he notices that the man that just got tossed to the side as if he was a piece of the trash is none other than his former boss and fancy friend….Michael Oliver Best.

The camera pans in and we see Oliver is caked in blood and is completely knocked unconscious.

Farthington looks back at the doorway and before he can move the person steps towards him and Farthington reactively flinches.

He has no time to react as the GOD of HOW puts his hands on Farthington…..

Cecilworth is all sorts of confused as he just stands there as Lee Best embraces him with a firm hug. An embrace that is more than just your typical bro hug.

Nah this has meaning.

That idea is reinforced as Lee cinches in the hug even tighter for a few seconds before relenting.

Slowly Lee lets go of his grip, takes a step back and just simply nods at Farthington.

With a soft smile Lee pats the Hall of Famer on his shoulder as he exits without saying another word.

Farthington turns and watches as Lee heads down the hallway to whatever business is next.

“Take care bud”, is all that the man can think to say but its too late as Lee is no longer within earshot.

We cut away as Farthington slowly begins to continue his walk towards his locker room in preparation for his return to in ring action later tonight.


We cut somewhere else backstage where we see the hardest working woman in the business ready to clock in.

Blaire Moise: Blaire Moise backstage and waiting for Joe Bergman to come out before his match tonight against Brian Hollywood.  

The camera pulls back to show Blaire standing sentry in front of Bergman’s dressing room.

Blaire Moise: As you know, this match is a call back to the very first HOW World title match of the Refueled era.  Bergman… wrestling as Halitosis… faced Hollywood… the last World Champion before HOW shut down in 2016… for the title at Refueled Four.  Halitosis shocked the wrestling world by defeating Hollywood and becoming the first HOW World Champion of the Refueled era.  Now-  

Suddenly, Bergman’s dressing room door flies open.   

Seconds later, Sunny O’Callahan rushes out. 

Blaire Moise: Um… Sunny?

Coming to a full sudden stop and catching her breath, Sunny points towards the dressing room. 

Sunny O’Callahan: You don’t want to go in there.

Blaire acts confused.

Blaire Moise: Why? 

Sunny O’Callahan: Trust me, you do not want to go in there.

Sunny shakes her head and takes off.  

Watching Sunny race away from the scene, Blaire wonders what’s going on.  She peeks into Joe’s dressing room and her eyes widen.

Blaire Moise: Oh no.

Blaire takes several steps back from the door and faces the camera.

Blaire Moise: We’ll have more of tonight’s show after this commercial message.

She waves her hand in front of her face as if she’s waving away something that… smells.  

With that we cut to our first commercial break of the evening


We come back from commercial and immediately go backstage, where Brian Bare is standing by!

Brian Bare: Hello HOW fans, Brian Bare here with the HOTTEST scoops you can muster! I’m about to get word with Xander Azula after his match against Scottywood and…right, here he comes now!

Sure enough, Xander comes lumbering into view looking like he could be anywhere else in the world right now…a feeling that amplifies when he’s stopped by Bare.

Brian Bare: Xander, buddy! Let’s talk about tonight–

Xander just shakes his head.

Xander Azula: No Brian, let’s not talk about tonight. I set out to make a statement against Scottywood, and…well, you saw what happened.

Brian nods in understanding, but doesn’t get another word in before Xander continues.

Xander Azula: Needless to say, tonight was tonight and I am fully prepared to head to the back, where I can watch the rest of tonight’s proceedings from the relative comfort of the locker room. I’ll watch my coach do what he does best, find out what the hell is happening with the World Championship after War Games, and then start prepping for the future.

Brian Bare: The future?

Xander nods.

Xander Azula: The future, Brian. We’ve talked about this before, have we not? I have a very specific path I walk these days, and with War Games done and dusted I can get right back on that path…which means it’s time to talk turkey about my next HOFC challenge.

Brian Bare: Right, the second of your three for the contracted year. We saw you step into the cage a few weeks ago to take on Brian Hollywood, so I suppose the old question rings true…who’s next?

Xander just smiles at this, looking very eager to make the announcement.

Xander Azula: Well, Brian, it didn’t take me long to think about this one…and it helps that he came stumbling back onto my radar for War Games. I’m talking, of course, about the incoming Hall of Famer who recently spent intimate amounts of time diving through dumpsters…and guess what, Scott Stevens? Garbage day is upon us once again. See you in the cage.

With that, Xander storms off leaving us with a visibly confused Brian Bare before we cut away to ringside!


We cut back to ringside where it is time for our next match of the evening..

Bryan McVay: The following match is one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at two-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds… BRIAN! HOLLYWOOOOOOOOOOD!

“Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA. Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes. He reigns in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match. As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage. As the pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity. Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes. He gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle before turning his gaze intently in the ring as he awaits for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: And we are back to the action after a lot of people, including Cecil Farthington speaking their minds on the one hundredth… and final… episode of Refueled! Brian Hollywood, one of the original stars of this era, will be looking forward to picking up a victory to end this era and springboard into the next era.

The opening of the Hollywood Vampire’s cover of the David Bowie classic ‘Heroes’ plays over the Best Arena’s public address system.  

Section 214 rises up in unison as they know who’s about to come out. 

“I, I will be king…”

As Johnny Depp’s vocals rings throughout the Best Arena, the lovely and somewhat controversial self-proclaimed ‘One True Queen of Professional Wrestling,’ the self-proclaimed ‘best manager ever’ and the ‘greatest wrestling mind in pro wrestling history’… Sunny O’Callahan emerges first from the back.

“And you, you will be queen…”

Sunny has her usual green and red ‘queen’s crown’ on but tonight she wears a t-shirt with ‘Island of Misfit Wrestlers’ on the front.

“Though nothing will drive them away…”

Bryan McVay: Hailing from the Island of Misfit Wrestlers and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds…

Joe Hoffman: Wait… Island of Misfit Wrestlers?

“We can beat them just for one day…” “We can be heroes- just for one day…”

Next, a lucha wrestler walks out on the ramp.  He is dressed in all black with a giant ‘H’ on the front of his shirt.  He also has a strange greenish haze emitting from his mouth.

Joe Hoffman: That’s not Joe Bergman… that’s

“We can be heroes- just for one day…”

Bryan McVay: …he is the ‘Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene.’  HALITOSIS!

The crowd roars.  Halitosis pumps his first in the air. 

“We can be heroes…”

With Sunny keeping as far away from him as possible, she starts down the ramp towards the ring with Halitosis following several feet behind her.  

“We can be heroes…”

Halitosis slaps people’s hands along the way and then says hello to a young fan in the front row- the fan promptly collapses when he get a whiff of his breath.

Halitosis then moves on to the next one.  He says hello.  The fan gets a blast of his breath and falls to the ground.

“We can be heroes- just for one day…”

He continues on to greet the fans along the way- oblivious to the carnage he leaves behind.

“We can be heroes…”

Halitosis finally reaches the ring area and continues to greet people around the front row.  Again, they all pass out once they get downwind of his breath and soon, the scene looks like a set of dominos falling over as she goes around the perimeter.  He climbs up on the ring apron and leaps over the top rope into the ring.

“We can be heroes- just for one day…”

He goes over to shake Bryan McVay’s hand.  The ring announcer immediately bolts for the other side of the ring.  Shrugging his shoulders, Halitosis looks out over the ropes and raises his arms in the air.

“We can be heroes- just for one day…”

Sunny points at Halitosis… from a safe distance… as he raises a can of PBR towards the people in Section 214.

Joe Hoffman: And Brian Hollywood looks like he’s seen a ghost! The man who he wrestled back at Refueled 004, who took his title from him, is BACK!

Halitosis moves to his corner of the ring while Hollywood shakes his head while Boettcher provides his final set of instructions. He then looks at the timekeeper and signals for the beginning of the match. 


Berg— Halitosis comes roaring out of the corner and mows Hollywood down with a clothesline. Hollywood gets back up to his feet, but is met with a stiff forearm across the face from Halitosis and then is whipped across the ring and Halitosis connects with a spinning heel kick. With Hollywood doubled over, Halitosis bounces off the ropes and connects a running knee to the side of his skull. Brian crumples onto the mat, but not for long, as Halitosis yanks him up to his feet and whips him into the corner where he connects with a springboard knee to the jaw, causing Hollywood to slump in the corner. 

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman, I mean, Halitosis is taking the battle right to Brian Hollywood and I’m not certain Hollywood could tell you what day of the week it is right now. Halitosis now yanking Hollywood out of the corner and slams his knee into his midsection. Halitosis then bounces off the ropes and springboards off the middle rope into a leg drop across the back of Hollywood’s neck and skull!

Halitosis makes his way back up to his feet, drags Hollywood into the center of the ring, bounces off the ropes, steps over Hollywood, and springboards off the middle ropes once again into a moonsault before covering Hollywood for the pin as Boettcher slides into position to begin his count.




Joe Hoffman: And somehow, Hollywood manages to get his right shoulder up in the nick of time. Halitosis though is not letting this slow him down as he gets back up to his feet and drags Hollywood up with him. Halitosis whips Hollywood into the ropes and goes for a spinning back elbow, but Hollywood catches it, spins him around, and connects with a German Suplex— or so Hollywood thinks he does as Halitosis manages to land on his feet. Halitosis now wraps his arms around the waist of Hollywood, rushes at the ropes, and rolls Hollywood into a pin.




Hollywood manages to kick out at the last moment once again. Halitosis catches a rising Hollywood with a super kick that rocks him into the ropes. Halitosis then bounces off the ropes and Hollywood manages to dip his shoulder, sending Halitosis over the top rope. However, Halitosis manages to land on the ring apron. Hollywood turns around and Halitosis then breathes in his face and Hollywood falls down backwards, seemingly unconscious.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no! It looks like Hollywood caught a whiff of Halitosis’ bad breathe! I hope no one in the front row had to endure that horror! Halitosis is now climbing to the top rope and… yes! He connects with the High Angle Senton Bomb onto Brian Hollywood! It looks like the end is near for Hollywood here tonight.

Halitosis makes his way up to his feet and watches as Hollywood slowly makes his way up to his feet. Halitosis lies in wait as he stays behind Hollywood. Then, as Hollywood stands up, dazed and confused, Halitosis comes up behind him and locks in the Dragon Sleeper! He then wrenches back and Hollywood’s head is vertical to the mat. Halitosis then slides his body underneath Hollywood’s and bridges, forcing Hollywood to do the same. Brian immediately taps out as Boettcher signals for the bell.


Bryan McVay: Your winner… HALITOSIS!

Joe Hoffman: And what a commanding victory there from Halitosis. Not the match that Hollywood was expecting, but when he caught sight of his opponent from Refueled 004, the man who took his HOW World Championship on that fateful night, it all went downhill from there.

Halitosis rises to his feet and looks at Boettcher who hesitantly grabs his arm and raises it in victory. Halitosis then looks down at Hollywood and smiles before exiting the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Alright, let’s head to the back…

We then cut to the backstage area.


A cameraman is making his way backstage. Passing by some of the crew, he stops and looks over across the hallway. Kostoff is standing there leaning against a wall.  The cameraman looks around but Blaire and Brian are nowhere to be found.

With a heavy sigh and a hard swallow, the cameraman makes his way to the Hall Of Famer. Seeing the kid walking towards him, the newly cycloptic monster shakes his head.

Cameraman: Kostoff a few quick words?

A loud sign escapes Kostoff as he nods his head.

Kostoff: Sure, why the fuck not? I don’t do these much because talking to idiots like you is a waste of time, but I also know it gets the dicks hard in the front office when I do. Let me dive right into it…

He clears his throat and spits on the floor. The camera man looks on disgusted.

Kostoff: Lee Best. I know that for 20 fucking years you did anything possible to finally slay the monster. A feat that still has not been done. I’m still standing here. Yes you got me, a eye for a eye. I know you were chubbed up when you drove the pen in my eye. What you didn’t expect was me losing my shit even more and knocking you off that off your feet and out the fucking suite. Seeing you splattered on the floor? Fuck me that was satisfying as a motherfucker.

The Hall of Famer pauses as he relives the moment in his head.

Kostoff: What? You were like that piece of popcorn stuck between your teeth that couldn’t come out. I got tired of picking so I wanted to fucking end you.

The camera man looks on as Kostoff grins. His eye gleaming, his socket…well covered by a patch….you can imagine that is hauntingly excited as well.

Cameraman: So what is next for you?

With a shrug. Kostoff pushes off the wall.

Kostoff: Who knows? But regardless of who it is, the old Wildman is back in business and that means chaos will reign. See you mother fuckers soon….really fucking soon.

Before the cameraman can say anything else, the Monster makes his way down the hallway and leaves the area. The cameraman lets out an almost sigh of relief for surviving the encounter as we cut elsewhere.


We cut back inside the Best Arena here in Chicago as the crowd is absolutely buzzing after hearing Kostoff state he is not done….yet.

The crowd suddenly turns and looks as the HOV lights up and the words “Taped Earlier Today” flash across the screen. Blaire Moise can be seen heading out to the parking lot of the arena. She has her microphone in hand as a cameraman follows behind her. Blaire heads towards a black SUV that has just pulled in and parks in an open space near the arena. Out of the vehicle steps HOW Hall of Famer and Board member Jace Parker Davidson. The man is dressed in a sharp three piece suit. His HOF ring on his finger and a pair of sunglasses on to shield his eyes from the early afternoon sun. Madison exits the passengers side of the vehicle with a suitcase that she rolls along the pavement. The duo begins walking towards the entrance of the arena as Blaire reaches them and raises her microphone.

Blaire Moise: Jace, you’re one of the first ones to arrive here at The Best Arena for Refueled 100 here tonight. Do you mind if I get a few words from you?

JPD: Sure Blaire but you’re going to have to walk and talk. I’m a busy man and there are things that need to be done before the show goes live tonight.

Jace and Madison continue to walk towards the entrance of The Best Arena as Blaire keeps up with them.

Blaire Moise: My first question for you is about War Games in Ukraine. Now that the match is over, what are your thoughts on the event itself?

JPD: We came into the Ukraine to entertain the people and to win. We accomplished both of those things. The Locker Room Team talked a big game but in the end even with one of our biggest names being fired before the event. They just couldn’t measure up to the true talent here in HOW. However, I’m sure you’ll hear them whine and cry tonight about how what happened is unfair. They’ll tell even more lies about how they failed to live up to their promises, that they will still somehow fight the good fight and eventually one day before we’re all collecting Social Security that they’ll finally win.

Blaire Moise: How do you feel about your own personal performance in the War Games match this year?

JPD: Well, I wasn’t one of the sole survivors. I didn’t win any of the titles that were on the line during the match either. I would expect that people think I will complain about that. That I’ll scream from the rooftops about how it should have been me to walk out with a belt. Honestly? That’s not going to happen. I’m perfectly fine with my performance in the War Games match. I took a lot of punishment but I also was responsible for not one but two eliminations from Conor’s team. The most important thing is that I contributed to the winning team and I am happy for Stronk, America, and Tyler for all walking away either winners or Champions.

The trio enter The Best Arena and make their way through the backstage area of the building.

Blaire Moise: Speaking of punishment, how are you feeling after what Steve Solex did to you in that match?

Jace frowns a bit at the question. He raises his hand up and rubs over the long bandage that’s visible over his neck where the barbed wire cut him open.

JPD: It was a bit unexpected but typical for the War Games match. Everyone knows that my neck is my weak spot and Solex did what he could to exploit that. As you already know I’m not booked to compete here tonight but I can assure you my neck is healing just fine and I shouldn’t be out of action for long at all.

Blaire Moise: Are you planning to get revenge on Solex?

JPD: Why would I bother? I mean, it’s Solex. Sure he tried to tear my throat open but he didn’t win the match. He was eliminated and was a member of the losing team. He’s still just some guy that lucked into the Hall of Fame without winning an HOW World Championship belt or even winning a War Games match. I beat the guy pretty easily for the HOTv Championship last year and I am the rightful 2021 HOW Wrestler of the Year. When you’re as talented as I am? You don’t waste your time with small fries like Steve Solex. Now, if Lee sees fit to book me against the man that thinks he’s on the hottest streak of his HOW career, then I will grind him under my boot like the insignificant insect that he is.

Blaire Moise: Can you give us some insight from your perspective on what exactly the 100th and last Refueled means to you?

Jace takes a moment to ponder the question as the three of them continue their journey throughout the arena.

JPD: While I can’t say that I’ve been here for even half of the Refueled era of HOW. I did manage to be Wrestler of the Year for 2021. I show that even after five years away from the business that I’m still a major threat inside of that ring. I think this 100th edition of Refueled just goes to show the longevity that HOW has over every Fisher Price company out there that can barely keep their doors open. No matter how the so-called Wrestling Community tries to ignore us, they can’t deny the power of The Machine. We are who we are because we don’t just accept any little crybaby that decides that they want to come play in our yard. The few snowflakes that do make it through the cracks get weeded out quickly while we watch them try and bad mouth us on Social Media because they couldn’t cut it against top talent.

Blaire Moise: Even though you’re not cleared to compete, what match are you most looking forward to seeing tonight?

JPD: That is without a doubt the match between Tyler Adrian Best and Darin Zion. Remember how I mentioned crybabies? Darin Zion is a full grown toddler who has been wearing a fully loaded diaper for way too many years now. He’s the foul odor that pollutes our Locker Room. I’m curious to see what he does tonight after all of his big talk before War Games. The salty little bitch had no one left to whine to backstage, so he decided to do it live on air. Then of course in Ukraine he made a complete ass of himself in true Zion fashion. It felt damn good to be the one that eliminated him from War Games yet again and prevented him even sniffing 97red. Now he has to swallow his medicine in the form of Tyler Adrian Best. The man that beat down The Behemoth and won War Games alongside Christopher America. He thinks an upset win will put him in contention for a World title shot. The toddler dreams big but tonight you’ll see him choke once again when the lights are at their brightest. Just like he did all those times against Sektor for the LSD title, like he did against me for the HOTv title, and just about every single title match he’s had since HOW reopened its doors.

Blaire Moise: One final question. Just what can we expect to see in the closing segment tonight? Can you give us any sort of clue as to who will become HOW World Champion and what the hell is in that bag?

Jace and Madison stop in front of the office door belonging to The Board. Madison makes her way inside as Jace removes his sunglasses.

JPD: You honestly think I’m going to ruin the best part of the show just because you’re nosey? That’s not happening, if you want an answer you’re going to have to wait and watch just like everyone else that will fill this arena or watch from home. Now if you’ll excuse me Blaire, I have business to attend to.

Jace turns and walks into the office before slamming the door shut behind him. Blaire lowers her microphone and sighs as we head to commercial break.


We come back from commercial break to a live shot of the sold out Best Arena here in Chicago. The fans are rabid in a way that only the people of Chicago can be for professional wrestling. Before we continue with more action on this 100th and final edition of Refueled, we shift to the announcers table where HOW Hall of Fame announcer Joe Hoffman is to keep this machine rolling.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Refueled 100 here from Chicago. It’s been a tremendous show so far as we continue to see the fallout from War Games 2022. There is clearly more to come but up next is a match that has people buzzing. I’m ready and I hope you are too, so let’s go to Bryan McVay for our opening introductions.

The shot shifts to the inside of the ring where referee Joel Hortega is standing off in one of the corners. HOW Hall of Fame ring announcer Bryan McVay in the center of the ring with his microphone in hand.

Bryan McVay: The next match is scheduled for one fall!

The crowd buzzes with anticipation of knowing what match is about to go down inside of the ring. McVay waits a few moments before raising the microphone back up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…

Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon plays throughout the Best Arena. A leather jacket clad Darin Zion makes his way out on stage to a thunderous chorus of boos from the Chicago faithful in the building. Zion sneers at the Chicago crowd’s hatred being thrown in his direction.

Bryan McVay: From Crown Point, Indiana. Weighing in tonight at 220 lbs. He is DAAAAAAAARIN ZIONNNNNNNNN!!!

The sheer mention of Zion’s name brings forth a louder chorus of boos from tonight’s sold out crowd. Zion shakes his head then heads down the ramp towards the ring. Zion ignores the fans who try to heckle him as he approaches the ringside area.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion made a lot of bold accusations heading into War Games 2022 but ultimately came up short in his goal to finally capture the one belt that has eluded him his entire HOW career. 97red. Tonight he looks to bounce back and end his tenure in the Refueled era on a high note.

Zion marches up the steel ring steps before making his way into the ring. Zion takes to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He stretches his arms out wide as the sound of the boos reaches a volume you wouldn’t believe possible. Zion hops down off of the turnbuckle then paces around the ring a bit. He takes off his leather jacket and literally throws it at Joel Hortega. The crowd gets quiet as the large scar from the barbed wire at War Games is seen across his back.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The lights in the arena dim as “T.A.B” flashes across the HOV in bright gold letters. The fans all stand up on their feet as the tension inside the arena continues to grow. The letters start to drip in a classic 97red color as “War Child” by Hollywood Undead blasts throughout the building. The fans began to lose their fucking minds as Bryan McVay tries to speak over all of the crowd noise.

Bryan McVay: From Chicago, Illinois…

The cheers get even louder at the mention of their hometown. The shot cuts briefly over to the announcer table where Joe Hoffman is seen raising his hands into the air to cover over his headset trying to block out enough of the noise to hear himself think. The shot goes back to the entrance ramp where Tyler Adrian Best steps through the black curtain and slowly makes his way onto the stage. It feels like the roof is going to be blown off of the building as Tyler looks out at the sea of fans.

Bryan McVay: Weighing in tonight at 182 lbs. He is the Son of Gods, here is TYLERRRR ADRIANNNNN BESTTTTTTT!!!

Tyler puffs out his chest and gestures to the crowd showing off his new chest tattoo. The crowd continues to show love for their young hometown hero as he saunters his way down the ramp. The fans seated along the ramp reach out and try to slap hands with Tyler but he doesn’t oblige. He uses his hands to push away fans trying to touch his chest tattoo.

Joe Hoffman: The Son of Gods, the youngest War Games winner in the history of the company. In only his second match he achieved a feat that only a select few have been able to accomplish. One of two soul survivors on Team Best and later tonight we find out if he becomes the youngest HOW World Champion ever or do we find out what is in the bag? But for now he faces the challenge of a very hungry and determined Darin Zion.

Tyler rolls under the ropes and gets to his feet as he enters the ring. Tyler takes to a turnbuckle and appeals to his adoring fans in Chicago who just can’t get enough. Zion grinds his teeth in frustration of all the love and respect the young superstar is getting even though he feels he doesn’t deserve it. Tyler comes down in the corner and begins stretching. Bryan McVay exits the ring as Joel Hortega signals for the bell to officially start this match.


Both Zion and Tyler stalk to the center of the ring getting as close as they possibly can to each other. Words are exchanged back and forth between the two men until finally Zion rears back and slaps Tyler across the face as hard as he can. A collective “Ohhhh” echoes throughout the arena as Tyler’s head snaps to the side from the force of the slap. Zion continues to mouth off as Tyler just slowly turns his head back around to stare at his opponent. Tyler nods his head and replies with a simple “Bet.” before the two men lock up collar and elbow. Both men struggle for position but it’s Zion who is the slightly bigger man that gets the advantage with a side headlock. Zion cracks at the neck of the youngest Best as the crowd boos once again. Tyler fires off a few shots to the ribs of Zion before pushing him off into the ropes. Zion rebounds off of the ropes and stream rolls over Tyler with a big shoulder block.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion asserting himself early in this match against the 18 year old Co-War Games winner.

Tyler hits the canvas hard as Zion leans over and continues to mouth off at his opponent. Zion straightens up and races towards the ropes. As Zion rebounds off Tyler rolls over onto his stomach causing Zion to leap over him. Zion hits the other side of the ropes as Tyler pops to his feet. Zion rebounds off but Tyler catches him with an arm drag which sends him down to the canvas. Zion is quickly back up but just as quickly back down with a second arm drag. Then a third and finally a fourth arm drag. Frustrated Zion gets back to his feet but gets hit with a slap to the face from Tyler that echoes throughout the arena. A loud cheer is heard as Zion falls to his ass and backs up against one of the turnbuckles in the corner. Zion holds his cheek in pain as Tyler slowly stalks his way towards the corner. Zion gets up to his feet and sticks the top half of his body through the ropes before Tyler can get his hands on him.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best showing it’s not just privilege that made him a War Games winner. Zion was sent reeling from that slap to the face but wisely has decided to slow things down before the youngest Best can inflict more damage.

Joel Hortega steps between the two men and forces Tyler to step away from Zion since he’s technically outside of the ring. Tyler shakes his head and backs up a few steps as Zion pulls himself back into the ring fully. While Hortega has his back turned, Zion reaches over the referee’s shoulder and thumbs Tyler right in the eye. The crowd boos loudly as Tyler stumbles backward with his hand covering his eye. Hortega turns around and admonishes Zion who raises his hands into the air acting like he’s totally innocent. Zion moves Hortega aside then rushes up to the blinded Best and hits him with a running knee to the face that sends him down to the canvas. Tyler scrambles towards the bottom turnbuckle pad of a corner as he continues to try and regain his vision. Zion makes his way over to the corner then grabs a hold of Tyler and pulls him up to his feet. Zion leans Tyler back against the turnbuckle then unleashes a knife edge chop right to his chest tattoo.

Joe Hoffman: Now that… has got to hurt!

Tyler eats the chop then marches away from the corner unaffected and gets right into Zion’s face. Before Tyler can capitalize Zion buries a knee to his midsection then pushes Tyler right back against the turnbuckle. Zion fires off a rapid succession of knife edged chops to the chest of Tyler that even the crowd shields their eyes from. The pain is etched all over Tyler’s face as he drops to his knees in the corner and covers his chest. Zion once again thumbs Tyler in the eye, the good eye this time. Hortega steps forward seeing the underhanded tactic this time but Zion shoves him away. Tyler raises his hands to his eyes just like Zion wanted him to do. This leaves Tyler’s chest exposed as Zion goes to town with a rapid series of kicks right to the chest tattoo. Tyler screams out in pain before Zion steps back before hitting a buzzsaw kick to the head of Tyler that floors him down to the canvas. Zion hooks the leg and makes the cover on Tyler as Hortega slides in for the count.


Joe Hoffman: Only a one count before Tyler kicks out of the pin attempt by Zion. I’m pretty sure Darin knew that wouldn’t be enough to put Tyler away but I like that he keeps putting pressure on the young superstar.

Zion gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Tyler by the head and pulls him back to a vertical base. Zion fires off another stinging knife edged chop to the chest before whipping Tyler into the ropes. However, Tyler once again eats the chop and reverses the whip. Zion rebounds off the ropes before leaping into the air and hitting Tyler with a spinning wheel kick right to the face that floors him. Zion gets back to his feet then pulls Tyler up by the hair. Zion locks his arms around Tyler and goes for a T-bone suplex but Tyler counters with a vicious headbutt right to the bridge of Zion’s nose. Zion releases his grip and staggers away while holding his face in pain. As Zion turns back around Tyler explodes forward with a double leg takedown that sends Zion to the canvas. Tyler mounts himself on top of Zion then fires away with heavy elbow strikes to the face of Zion. Darin does his best to cover up from the barrage but Tyler keeps swinging away like Barry Bonds on steroids. Hortega finally steps in and pulls Tyler off of Zion hoping to regain some control of this match.

Joe Hoffman: Seems like Tyler has had enough of Zion’s antics and decided to try and beat the man half to death.  Thankfully Joel Hortega does his job and separates the two men. This is a wrestling match, not an HOFC bout.

The crowd boos loudly over Hortega breaking up the bludgeoning of Darin Zion. The shot zooms in on Zion’s face to show that he’s bleeding from the nose. Tyler forcefully removes Hortega hands from his body as Zion tries to pull himself back up to a vertical base. Zion stands on unsteady legs as Tyler steps forward and hits a high kick that lands squarely on the side of Zion’s neck. Tyler grabs a hold of Zion and snapmares him down to the canvas. Tyler races towards the ropes then rebounds off and lays in a brutal kick to the barbed wire scar over Zion’s back. Zion arches his back and wails in pain from the kick. Tyler forces Zion down onto his back then makes the cover while grinding his forearm in Zion’s face.



Joe Hoffman: Only a two count before Zion manages to kick out. Zion’s nose might be broken but he hasn’t yet given up in this match.

Tyler moves down towards Zion’s lower half then quickly locks in a kneebar submission hold. Zion’s upper half immediately shoots up off of the canvas in pain as Hortega asks him if he wants to give up. Zion shakes his head no then tries kicking with his free leg to break Tyler’s grip. The effort is futile and leaves Zion no choice than to scramble frantically towards the bottom rope to force a break of the submission. Hortega comes over and starts a five count as Tyler continues to torque at the knee of his opponent. Tyler lets go of the leg before the count of five then gets back up to his feet. Zion uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet using his ropes. Zion hops around on one leg before Tyler grabs him behind. The youngest Best muscles Zion up and over dropping him on his head with a German suplex. Tyler slides over onto his stomach and watches as Zion staggers back to his feet while holding the back of his head. As Zion turns around Tyler leaps up and connects with his finisher Streets Sweeper. The crowd pops loudly but it soon turns into loud booing as Zion rolls under the bottom rope to the arena floor.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler got all of that Streets Sweeper but a heads up Zion escapes to the outside before Tyler could make the pin attempt. I guess experience does count when your opponent hasn’t had the same amount of matches under his belt.

Tyler pounds his fist on the canvas in frustration. Zion takes his sweet time recovering on the outside from that devastating move. Tyler gets to his feet then races towards the ropes as Zion begins to pull himself to his feet on the outside. Tyler leaps through the ropes and crashes into Zion with a suicide dive that sends both men slamming into the barricade. Tyler is the first to his feet then grabs a hold of Zion and rolls him back into the ring. Tyler gets up to the ring apron then goes to step through the ropes. However, in desperation Zion gets to his feet and kicks the middle rope causing it to crotch Tyler right between the legs. Tyler collapses down to the canvas in pain holding his nether region. Hortega stands there in shock as Zion drops to his knees and clutches onto the referee’s legs.

Joe Hoffman: I guess referee Hortega isn’t going to call for a disqualification because technically Zion kicked the middle rope and not Tyler. Still a very underhanded tactic from Darin Zion.

Hortega steps away from Zion’s grip as he pulls himself back up to his feet. Zion begins slapping his bad leg repeatedly trying to get the blood flowing back to the limb. Tyler slowly struggles back up to his feet as Zion measures him up. Zion grabs a hold of Tyler then plants him with The Ratings Spike down to the canvas. Zion hooks the leg and makes the cover on Tyler as Hortega slides in for the count.




Joe Hoffman: 2.999999 on that count but somehow Tyler got his shoulder up. That’s how close we just came from an upset here on the 100th Refueled.

Hortega signals that it was only a two count as the crowd exhales a collective sigh. Zion pulls at his own hair in frustration but quickly gathers his composure. Zion quickly grabs a hold of Tyler while he is still on the canvas. Zion grabs him by the arms and locks in The Red Rings of Death right in the center of the ring. Hortega drops down and asks Tyler if he wants to quit but Tyler shakes his head no. He struggles to fight his way out of the hold but Zion just keeps applying more pressure. You can hear a pin drop inside of the arena as Tyler begins squirming on the canvas towards the ropes. Zion rears back with all he’s got on the submission as it looks like Tyler is about to fade from the pain. Zion screams for Tyler to tap or pass out but with one final lunge Tyler manages to catch his foot on the bottom rope. Once again the collective sigh is heard throughout the crowd as Hortega begins a five count. Zion cranks back on the hold for as long as he can before letting go before the count of five.

Joe Hoffman: As silly as it might sound, it seems like the time away in that cabin really helped Zion reach a whole new level. I don’t think Tyler expected this kind of fight from Darin Zion right after what happened at War Games.

Zion gets to his feet then leans over the top rope. He screams and shouts at the Chicago crowd as he points over to the fallen Tyler Best. The heat Zion is drawing from the crowd is deafening as he continues to taunt the fans inside of the Best Arena. Zion begins to use the ropes to slowly but surely pull himself back up to his feet. Zion turns around and sees Tyler struggling then marches over and cuts a knife edged chop across his chest tattoo. Zion signals that he’s going to end it with his old finisher The Ban Hammer as the booing continues to rain down. Zion grabs a hold of Tyler and whips him into the ropes. As Tyler rebounds off the ropes Zion winds up and…


NO! Tyler ducks under the clothesline and races towards the other side of the ropes. As Zion turns around Tyler springboards off of the middle rope…


Zion is taken down to the canvas hard. Tyler manages to lay an arm weakly over Zion’s chest as Hortega slides in for the count.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 15 minutes and 18 seconds… TYLERRRR ADRIANNNN BESTTTT!!!

Tyler rolls over onto his back and tries to suck in as much oxygen as his lungs will allow. Hortega reaches down and raises Tyler’s limp arm into the air.

Joe Hoffman: Such a close match but Darin Zion comes up just short. I think it’s safe to say Tyler Adrian Best more than proved his ability as a professional wrestler here tonight. This might be the last Refueled but I think T.A.B. is going to be the star of the Chaos era.

Hortega lets go of Tyler’s arm as his music fills the arena. The crowd cheers for the outstanding match they just witnessed. Tyler rolls under the bottom rope and begins to slowly make his way back up to the ramp while holding his chest in pain as we cut away.


The scene cuts from ringside to find Steve Solex in a vacated room in the back of The Best Arena. He paces the room as the camera shows a wide-angle of a room, keeping him in frame the entire time.

Steve Solex: Is it a coincidence that Refueled 100 is on Father’s Day? I think not. This show could have been on a Saturday, as it was in the past, but someone adjusted the schedule and here we are. Whether it was intentional or not, you’ve got the 100th Episode on Father’s Day with the #1 MERCDAD in the fuckin’ building!

Solex stares up at the ceiling as he continues to speak and pace the room.

Steve Solex: What you saw at War Games was just the fuckin’ beginning. I am here now to put the entire fuckin’ roster on notice. This will be the Summer of Dad, whether you like it or not. I went to Ukraine, I fought those commie fucks, and killed every last one of them that got in the way of my objective and then I went to War Games and I was on a fuckin’ war path until that little fuckin’ bitch, that alleged son of Mike Best hit me from behind.

Steve stops dead in his tracks, and marches toward the camera.

Steve Solex: This bitch goes from winning War Games to wrestling Darin fuckin’ Zion in one week, and we’re not supposed to believe that his record is being padded by his old man and decrepit ass granfather? Give me a fuckin’ break.  I mean, it would be pretty difficult to be convinced otherwise, considering how incredibly obvious The Board has made every single move they’ve made since their inception. But I see you kid…..I saw you struggle against Zion……we ALL saw that.

Steve smiles but the smile goes quickly away as he continues to stare into the camera.

Steve Solex: I was on a fuckin’ war path. Commie Chris was this fuckin’ close (shows tiny bit with his thumb and index finger to the camera) to getting exactly what was coming to him, and quite frankly…what the whole world wanted to see, and that was an American sized ass-whoopin’ from a REAL American Hero. THE American Alpha. THE #1 MERCDAD!

Solex looks into the camera, his eyes as intense as we’ve ever seen them.

Steve Solex: Soon enough, Commie Chris’ time will run out. And when it does, I’ll be there. I’ll be there and I’ll be ready to fuckin’ fight.

Solex seethes as beads of sweat form above his brow. His face turns a deep red as he begins to shake.

Steve Solex: I’m done playin’ with you, Chris. Your time…is almost up.

Solex covers the camera lens with his hand, forcing the scene to fade to black and a commercial break.


Back live from commercial and this time we are outside The Best Arena as we see a black hummer limo backing up near the wrestlers entrance.

The vehicle comes to a stop and the driver side door opens up.

The cameraman rushes into position and we see that the driver eerily looks like the man that was at War Games and fired four shots off.

Yep. That ex-marine.

But this time he is holding no gun but instead is holding the back door open.

There is no expression on his face.

The sound of a door flying open causes the cameraman to pivot around quickly and we see none other than Lee Best storming out of the Best Arena with Brian Bare chasing after him.

Brian Bare: Why aren’t you sticking around for the main event? What about Farthington’s in ring return?

Lee smacks the microphone out of Bare’s hand and double times it towards the limo.

He pauses as he sees the man holding the door for him.

He quickly steps around the door and embraces the man.

The ex marine does not flinch……barely moves at all.

Lee grabs the man tighter for one more second before releasing the hold and diving into the back of the limo.

“Take me to the airport…..fuck these poors”

The ex marine slams the door shut and hustles back to the drivers seat and a few moments later the hummer limo speeds out of The Best Arena parking lot.

We see a final shot of Bare watching the limo speed away…..

“That……..that felt like a goodbye?”

Bare shakes his head as he motions to the cameraman to cut the feed.


We cut away from the parking lot and back inside The Best Arena as a stunned crowd begins buzzing about the meaning of what they jsut saw.

But the show must go on…

Suddenly guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of “Gunning For You” hits the PA system over the silent crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BEHEMOTH” is spelled out. Clay appears on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, his long black duster on, the HOTv Television title around his waist, and the Tag Team Championship in his hand.

My Gun is loaded it’s getting time

Two shots of whiskey i’m takin’ what’s mine


Clay smirks as he walks up the steps, and climbs into the ring, he holds his hand out over the ropes and waits on a microphone. The crowd begins different chants around the arena for Christopher America and Tyler Best. But they coalesce into one chant.


Clay Byrd: Fuck all of you Chicago shit bags.


Clay Byrd: But you all are right, we fuckin’ lost. Clay Byrd, The Highwaymen, and the entire locker room lost to the Best’s and The Board.

Clay shakes his head, removing his duster and leaving his cowboy hat on.

Clay Byrd: And we all saw it comin’ The Highwaymen and Conor Fuse couldn’t work together when it mattered the most. We expected some bullshit, but clearly not Cecilworth Farthington. And once again, Lee Best, Mike Best, The entire Board. They outsmarted us.

Clay looks up and points to section 214 in The Best Arena, the only place cheering is coming from.

Clay Byrd: We let ya down, I let y’all down. And all I have is this.

Clay unbuckles the HOTv championship from around his waist and holds it up into the air.

Clay Byrd: All we have for the blood we shed in Ukraine, the only thing we won at War Games. We didn’t keep the LSD Championship, we didn’t keep the World Heavyweight Championship. The ONLY thing we walked out with, is this.

Clay pauses as the crowd continues to murmur and boo him, he pulls the microphone to his lips, section 214 tries to chant but the fans in The Best Arena chant louder.


Clay Byrd: And this thing, most would see it as a symbol of their failure and want it gone, they’d want ta be rid of it as quick as possible. Not even wantin’ it in their sight… But not me, I wanna remember our failures in Ukraine, I wanna remember another time I wasn’t fuckin’ good enough to make a fuckin’ difference.

Clay pauses

Clay Byrd: NEED to remember it. And any of you fucks in the back that want to come try ta take this thing away from me? Bring it the fuck on. I don’t care if you’re the CEO, I don’t care if Max Kael is gonna climb out of his grave, I don’t care if you’re Tyler or America, I don’t care if you want to hire another serial killer and have him come try. You want me ta suffer? You want ta leave me empty handed? You think I didn’t do enough for our team at War Games?

Another Pause.

Clay Byrd: This is my cross ta bare, I shed blood for this. You want it? I don’t give a damn what yer reasonin’ is, I don’t give a damn what point yer tryin’ ta make. Come try ta fuckin’ take it from me.

Clay drops the microphone and straps the title back around his waist. He walks away, the crowd booing, and garbage flying as Refueled fades to another commercial break.


As we come back from commercial we see Blaire ready for her next interview.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to this historic night and my guest at this time is Scott Stevens.

As Stevens comes into view he gets a mixed reaction from the Chicago crowd and he is dressed to the nine that causes Blaire to do a double take. He’s wearing black slacks, black shoes, and a black button up with a 97 Red colored vest. His hair is slicked back and his salt and peppered beard is spiffed up for this special occasion. His cold emerald eyes are hidden behind circular 97 Red tinted frames as a devilish smile is tattooed on his face.

Blaire Moise: Wow……I almost didn’t recognize you.

Stevens looks at Blaire.

Scott Stevens: I had to dress for the occasion Blaire because it is a historic night tonight.

Blaire Moise: That is indeed correct at tonight is the one hundredth episode of Refueled as well as the last as Chaos is set to return.

Stevens nods as she relays her statement.

Scott Stevens: Correct, and those two words; chaos and historic, have never been more symbiotic than ever before because just like tonight is history in the making. War Games 2022 among the chaos history was achieved.

A smirk forms over the Texan’s face.

Scott Stevens: That night you saw things you thought you would never see before. You saw a God’s desperation, you saw champions receive promotions and participation trophies being handed out. You saw Godlingss take their place in the spotlight while Americans follow suit. More importantly, you saw words kept and honored.

Blaire seems puzzled by Stevens’ cryptic statement.

Blaire Moise: Care to elaborate on this cryptic rambling?

Blaire asks and Scott sighs.

Scott Stevens: You see Blaire, I am here standing next to you and that is because of one man….no correction, one GOD and his name is Lee Best.

The crowd cheers for the name of Lee Best.

Scott Stevens: Have you ever seen Lee Best so desperate in your life Blaire?

She shakes her head no.

Scott Stevens: You must be pretty desperate when your supposed killer of a first round pick is a thing of fiction like Hannibal Lector. You must be even more desperate when the Gold Standard of HOW turns out to be nothing but fool’s gold. You must be really desperate to contact a man that you fired only to fly him across the world and sign him to a sizeable and significant new contract to ensure that your team has a chance at winning.

Blaire Moise: How significant was the new contract?

Scott Stevens: Let’s just say the signing bonus and the win bonus caused a shortage on coke for Benny and Brian Bare.

Blaire giggles a bit at the comment.

Scott Stevens: I may not be the Son of God, or even the Grandson of God, but Lee Best had enough confidence in me to be his physical representation in the match that you can call me the Demigod of HOW…..

The Chicago crowd gives a mixed reaction to that comment as if not knowing how to respond.

Scott Stevens: And because of my Herculean effort Conor Fuse was dethroned as world champion and Team Best emerged victorious like I promised all the way back when I was the only one worthy of challenging Conor leading up to War Games.

Stevens nods before continuing.

Scott Stevens: Not only did I dethrone Conor Fuse, but I also became a three time War Games winner……

Blaire cuts off Scott.

Blaire Moise: Don’t you mean Christopher America became a three time War Games champion?

Blaire asks and Stevens lowers his glasses.

Scott Stevens: I meant what I said because if it wasn’t for me America would’ve probably been killed by Steve Solex’s pet vulture. Besides, you think Lee Best would’ve spent a fortune on rehiring me and telling me specifically to get the job done if I wasn’t the defacto captain of Team Best?

Stevens asks Blaire who shrugs before Scott turns towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: Don’t worry boys, I’m not Bobbinette Carey and I’m not here to take away your moment. You won the match for the team and you both deserve to be world champion and I support it because that’s what Lee Best would do. Congrats to STRONK daddy on his promotion from the HOTv director to the LSD defense secretary. Props to my boy Jace for moving up the ladder from Midcard to Upper Midcard. David Noble proved the doubters wrong as he was the one who carried Fuse this entire time while Scottywood unleashed his HATE for the world to see.

Blaire Moise: I see… the way I would be remiss if I did not ask you about Xander Azula’s HOFC challenge to you earlier tonight?

Scott Stevens: You think I pay attention to anything to what that frog has to say? If he called me out he sure as hell did not do a good job of it because NO ONE noticed. How about we focus about the fact that because of my history making efforts at War Games it brought Cecilworth Farthington from behind his cushy leather chair to participating in the ring once again. You’re welcome. I am sure EVERYONE noticed that?

Stevens motions with his hand towards the audience before slowly taking off his glasses.

Scott Stevens: I’m the catalyst for history making events Blaire and it doesn’t matter if it’s Refueled, Mayhem, Turmoil, or even Chaos because the Genesis started at War Games and the Bottomline Blaire is that I’ll be carefully watching and scheming because that’s what Demigods do. More importantly, that’s what Lee Best would do.

Stevens states as he slowly puts back on his glasses before exiting the frame.


We cut back to ringside where it is time for our last wrestling match of the evening……

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and it is time for our …well the last wrestling match of the evening….Bobbinette Carey and Cecilworth Farthington! We haven’t seen these two in the same ring in months, and here we are on the last episode of Refueled and we have a matchup between two Hall of Famers!

The Best Arena lights go black.

“Tell you you’re the greatest

but once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spot light it’s entrance as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp. Wearing a Miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp with her pink and black leopard gear.

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her smashing a photo over Mario Maurako; another clip of her hitting Mario with the defib pads, then the most striking image of Bobbinette standing over Scottywood and slapping him.) She steps up the ring steps and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the center of the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She stands in the center as magenta pink and mauve pyrotechnics explode from the turnbuckle as she does a ballerina style exaggerated curtsy

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette is recent addition to the Refueled era roster, she made appearances at the start, but her Hall of Fame career spans back a decade plus in HOW history!

Mr Finish Line

The crowd explodes as Cecilworth Farthington steps through the curtain. He walks to the ring with purpose, as the fans continue to cheer the Commissioner and Board member to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Earlier tonight we Lee Best EMBRACE this man…..the man known as ‘The Finish Line’ of High Octane, and our Commissioner Cecilworth Farthington. That almost seemed like a good bye or could have been a THANK YOU as Farthington returned to High Octane Wrestling at War Games and took out Conor Fuse to enable the Best Victory. He’s one of the most dominant competitors of the Refueled era, one of the most dominant World Champions of all time, and we have his first match in six months tonight!

Farthington hops up on the apron and enters. Both wrestlers get instructions from Boettcher and we are off.





Bobbinette rushes at Farthington who side steps the attack. Bobbinette looks frustrated for a moment before turning around, content and now knowing she has to play Lord Farthington’s game. The two slowly circle each other, Bobbinette swipes her arm out at Farthington’s leg, but Farthington steps through and smashes Carey with a forearm across the mouth. Bobbinette fires back with a forearm strike of her own to Farthington.

Joe Hoffman: The two are trading shots here in the center of the ring!

Bobbinette pulls back and fires another forearm that connects with Farthington and staggers him. She fires off another and Farthington is reeling back into the ropes. Bobbinette charges forward taking a big swing with a lariat but Farthington ducks under and dumps Carey to the outside. Carey manages to land on the apron, and grabs Farthington around the head and jumps off slamming his neck across the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Farthington didn’t see that one coming!

Carey jumps back up on the apron, but Farthington is quick to turn around and slam her with another forearm to the face. Carey is staggered and leaning over the ropes, Farthington steps back and runs across the ring smashing her with a high kick to the side of the head. Carey stumbles down to the turnbuckle and Cecilworth smashes her skull off the ring post. Carey falls to a heap on the outside.

Joe Hoffman: No rest for Farthington here, he’s following Carey out to the floor!

Despite the pleading of Matt Boettcher, Cecilworth Farthington follows Carey to the outside. The Queen of Epicness was playing possum and catches Farthington with a drop toe hold, she jumps to her feet and grabs Farthington around the waist.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Carey tries for a german suplex on the concrete floor, but Farthington blocks by locking his leg inside of hers. He transitions behind Carey, and manages to lock her into an Octopus Hold on the outside.

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Matt Boettcher: 4!

Farthington shows no signs of letting go and wrenches back on the hold as hard as he can.

Matt Boettcher: 5!

Matt Boettcher: 6!

Farthington moves to holding Carey’s arm with only one arm and smashes her face off the ring apron before dropping the hold. He climbs up into the ring while Carey is grounded on the outside.

Matt Boettcher: 7!

Farthington runs the apron and swings for a Penalty Kick but Bobbinette manages to duck out of the way and slides into the ring.

Matt Boettcher: 8!

Farthington finds himself on the outside looking in and gets back into the ring.


Carey takes Farthington off his feet with the spear and hooks the leg.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!


Farthington kicks out emphatically at two, Carey gets to her feet with a bruise forming over her right eye while Farthington clutches his ribs.

Joe Hoffman: Cecilworth Farthington claims modern medicine has allowed him to return to the ring, but he is holding those ribs pretty tightly.

Carey comes in again, a swirl of magenta and fury, this time she anticipates the side step and manages to hit Farthington with the forearm anyway. Farthington fires back by kicking her in the stomach, doubling Carey over. He grabs her by the back of the head and slams her face into the middle turnbuckle. He looks for it a second time, but Carey fires off an elbow to Farthington’s ribs.

Joe Hoffman: These two Hall of Famers are operating three moves ahead of each other.

Farthington doubles over and Carey smashes his face into the top turnbuckle. As Farthington turns around she grabs him around the waist, and slams him to the canvas with a classic belly to belly suplex. Carey crashes down on top of Farthington and landing on his already damaged ribs. She tries for another pin.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!



Joe Hoffman: Farthington kicks out again, this time much less emphatically.

Carey pounds her hands on the mat, and looks to Boettcher and clapping her hands together three times. She grabs Farthington by the hair and drags him back to his feet and hooks him around the waist again for another suplex. Farthington manages to slip both of his arms in between hers and breaks the hold. Farthington fires back with a european uppercut that rocks the queen.

Joe Hoffman: Uppercut by Farthington!

Bobbinette fires back with a right hand, Farthington doesn’t continue the contest though and kicks her in the stomach again. Carey doubles over and Farthington tries for a DDT. Carey doesn’t budge though and wraps her arms around Farthington and dumps him over her head with a backdrop.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is up for a fight tonight!

Farthington scrambles to his feet holding his back and ribs again. Carey grabs Farthington’s arm and sends him flying into the corner. Carey sprints in afterwards and connects with a second spear to Farthington’s ribs. She keeps her head low and drives her body into Farthington’s midsection a second time. Carey goes for one too many and Cecilworth manages to get his knee up in front of Carey’s shoulder. Farthington gracefully steps over the smaller woman and smashes her face into the middle turnbuckle again.

Joe Hoffman: What an exchange in the corner!

Carey turns around into Farthington’s grasp, this time there is no doubt, and he plants her to the canvas with a DDT. Both competitors lay on the canvas for a moment, breathing deeply. Farthington is first to his feet, while Carey is dragging herself up in the corner. Farthington slams a boot into the middle of Carey’s back, sending her face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Carey turns around just in time to catch another boot, this time to the mouth courtesy of The Finish Line.

Joe Hoffman: Farthington seems to have taken control of this match!

Carey once again tries to get to her feet, but Farthington drives a knee into her midsection sending her back to the canvas, Farthington comes in with a head of steam and smashes Carey’s chest with a penalty kick in the corner. Farthington pulls Carey out of the corner and drags her to the center of the ring, he picks up her arm and goes to lock in the Article 50 but Carey manages to roll Farthington up.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!


Farthington is seething as he stomps to his feet, Carey slowly comes back to life in the center of the ring. A european uppercut sends her staggering into the ropes, she comes back with a head of steam trying to take Farthington’s head off with her ‘Royal Decree’ lariat but Farthington latches on.

Joe Hoffman: ARTICLE 50! ARTICLE 50! It’s not locked in yet!

Carey tries to spin, and stays on her feet for a moment. Farthington hangs pulling on her arm like a mad man, while Carey grabs her hand and tries to keep hold. She holds Farthington in the air on her arm for what looks like an eternity, but finally The Finish Line manages to break her hands grip and both competitors roll to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: AND THEY GO DOWN!

They finish rolling, and Farthington has the Article 50 absolutely locked in, center of the ring. There’s nowhere for Bobbinette to go, and she taps out.



Bryan McVay: Winner by Submission in 16 minutes and 40 seconds…..CECILWORTH…..FAAARRRTHINGTONNNNN!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT A MATCH! Big win for Farthington on his return to competition here in High Octane Wrestling.

The cameras capture Carey quickly rolling out of the ring holding her arm. She did NOT hesitate to tap once it Farthington’s submission was locked in.

Joe Hoffman: It is well documented that Farthington will BREAK arms. Once Carey was caught in that hold she really made the smart choice and quickly tapped. Live to wrestle another day…

Carey backpeddles her way up the ramp, still holding her arm, as she looks back at the victorious Farthington in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: That look from Carey sure seems to be a “We are not done yet” look.

We cut to our final commercial break as Farthington continues to stand tall in the middle of the ring as he takes in the adulation from the Chicago faithful.


The camera cuts to the fans at ringside. They are screaming and holding up their signs, feverish to find out what’s next. After a moment of hesitation and anticipation, as the screaming gets louder, the stage goes dark…

And then…


The music blares as the fans rise up to boo.

The HOV lights up with two simple but dominating words:


Out first, in a #97Red shirt and black jacket is Michael Lee Best, the SON of GOD. He smiles cockily as he stands at the center of the ramp. He then turns and motions towards the entrance way as Cecilworth Farthington, fresh off of his victory with Bobbinette Carey makes his way out, as the jeers grow with intensity. He’s holding items in his hand. The unmistakable HOW World Championship in one hand and a bag in the other. He holds them up as he stands next to Mike. Another wave of boos comes louder as Christopher America and Tyler Adrian Best, the co-winners of War Games, make their way out accompanied by Jace Parker Davidson. Tyler holds his hand up to the fans but his attention is on his phone. America, decked out in his gaudy “America-suit” also holds up a hand while patting himself on the back.

The members of The Board then begin to strut down to the ring, proud of themselves and what they’ve accomplished over the last few shows.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to what will surely be history in the making. Whatever you may think of The Board, there is no denying that Christopher America and Tyler Adrian Best did something that hasn’t been done in almost ten years in HOW and that is be co-winners of War Games.

After each member climbs into the ring, an attendant climbs in and hands Mike a microphone. The crowd’s boos increase as they try to drown out the CEO.

Mike Best: In the capitol of Ukraine, in the middle of a war zone, two men accomplished the unthinkable. Two men, drove a stake through the heart of the Locker Room and the Highwaymen. Two men, with the vision, to see that justice was served. Those two men are….myself and Lee Best!

Mike laughs as the crowd boos even louder. The rest of The Board chuckles.

Mike Best: Tonight, we will decide who is the HOW World Champion. Which of these two men, Christopher America or Tyler Adrian Best, will be the one to hold this beautiful championship. The single most important championship in all of wrestling. A belt that grew to define me, and a belt that… I hope… will define generations of Best to come.

Mike glances over at his son, Tyler, and then motions to the 97 Red championship as Cecilworth Farthington holds up the belt. In Farthington’s other hand… he holds the bag given to America and Tyler Best at the end of War Games. 

Mike Best: For the first time in my entire tenure with High Octane Wrestling, we have been faced with two survivors in the War Games match. It is now the job of my father, Lee Best, and I to determine which survivor will be the HOW World Champion. And in the interest of fairness, and avoiding any controversy… we decided to do it by vote.

Joe Hoffman: What?!?

The crowd seems to echo Hoffman as their noise dies down to listen.

Mike Best: The Board have cast their votes. And I’m sad to say that here tonight, we do not have a unanimous decision.

Mike’s voice goes deep as he turns to America. America looks stoic as Mike addresses him.

Mike Best: In fact, we have a tie.

Mike holds out the microphone. America looks at the rest of The Board and slowly reaches for the microphone.

Christopher America: …

America clears his throat, looks out into the audience, as the fans offer a mixed reaction, hoping for an American change of heart. 

Christopher America: When I accepted your offer to come back to HOW and to be a member of The Board, we put together a vision for what we wanted out of HOW. Our first goal was to get the HOW World Championship off of Conor Fuse. And our first real opportunity to do that was War Games. We drafted some of the absolute best wrestlers that HOW had to offer. And, despite hiccups, like Conor Fuse’s shitty drafting ability, or changes like losing Sektor and JJR, we came out victorious. That is due to you and your father’s leadership skills.

Mike puts a hand on his own chest and smiles.

Christopher America: For me, personally, War Games was about one thing: winning. I wanted to win this event and become the only three time War Games winner in HOW history, surpassing the likes of Shane Reynolds and you, Mike. I know that I cannot catch you in World Championships. But what I can do is be the greatest War Games competitor of all time.

With that said, we need to look towards the future.

At War Games, I didn’t win the event on my own. I won it… with Tyler… not because of Tyler… or in spite of Tyler. I WON IT WITH TYLER!

America turns to look at Tyler who nods at America.

Christopher America: Tyler pinned Steve Solex in the middle of the ring. He lasted until the very end with me.

Tyler Best and I have an equal claim to the HOW World Championship.

The outcome was exactly what I wanted. A co-winner. I could hold the record and the other person could become the HOW World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Did… did America vote for TYLER BEST?!

Christopher America: I have achieved what I set out to achieve in my return to High Octane Wrestling, and I hold no grudge should Tyler Adrian Best be crowned the HOW World Champion here tonight. Because there is only one final vote to cast…

Michael smiles, slowly taking the microphone back from Christopher America. 

Mike Best: And that vote belongs… to Tyler Adrian Best.

The crowd begins to boo, as they realize they’re about to watch a HOW Hall of Famer, and arguably the greatest War Games competitor of all time, lose out to an eighteen year old child who gets to decide his own fate. The members of the Board look around at one another, before slowly, Tyler takes the microphone. 

He clears his throat, through the boos. 

Tyler Best: It took my father four years to win War Games.

America turns as Tyler moves to the front and America moves to the side.

Tyler Best: For four years, they mocked my father for coming in second place. For never getting the job done. The fans, the boys in the back, the wrestling media. My father is the greatest wrestler in HOW history, and he built that empire on the back of second place. Well you know what? I didn’t fucking come in second. America and I? We WON. We fucking WON. I am a War Games winner, tied for first fucking place. America and I each have a claim on that championship, and it’s MY vote. It’s up to ME. And so I’ve decided to cast my vote…

The God of Sons smirks, letting the moment breathe. He steps back, taking the HOW World Championship from Cecilworth Farthington.

Tyler Best: …for Christopher America.

The crowd is seemingly in utter shock, as the arena goes entirely silent. Inside of the ring, Michael Lee Best wears a mask of absolute confusion, his eyes bulging as he leans in and begins furiously whispering to his son. Tyler weakly shoves him off, shaking his head. 

The God of Sons hands the HOW World Championship off to Christopher America, presenting him with the most prestigious championship in all of pro wrestling. 

Tyler Best: I had a choice. And I’m choosing the bag.

Stepping off to the side, Tyler takes the felt lined bag from Cecilworth Farthington, holding the weight of it in his hands. Slowly, he loosens the strings and reaches inside, pulling out the item that is held safely inside. 

The crowd is buzzing, and slowly, the buzz becomes a roar. 

The HOW ICON Championship. 

Tyler Best: choose the ICON Championship. I choose to wear that scarlet letter, because from this day forward, the ICON Title is not a fucking consolation prize. It is not a second place championship– as far as I’m concerned, this is a second HOW World Championship. You mocked my father for four years. For FOUR FUCKING YEARS.  And when Christopher America and I made this decision… together…

He glances over at America, who quickly avoids the furious gaze of Michael Lee Best. Both of these men knew what was going to happen before they ever came down to the ring tonight, but apparently they didn’t bother to smarten up the CEO. 

Tyler Best: We knew that HOW would need another championship to be defended under the traditional rules of professional wrestling. But hey, don’t let me steal Chris’ moment. Ladies and gentlemen, your HOW WORLD FUCKING CHAMPION…. CHRISTOPHER AMERICA!

America holds the 9.7 pound championship in his hands and looks at the title happily. The Board, with the exception of a very annoyed looking Michael Best, celebrates as Tyler and America hoist their championships above their heads as the crowd boos relentlessly.

After a few moments, America takes a microphone.

Christopher America: Now that the whole situation has been settled, let’s talk about some changes around here. You see, for me to compete at War Games, I had to renegotiate my contract. But don’t worry, it wasn’t for money, it was to change how this championship will be handled.

Joe Hoffman: What does he mean ‘how the title is handled?’

Christopher America: Per the stipulations in my renegotiated contract, any time that I now defend the HOW World Championship….IT WILL BE UNDER HOFC RULES!

Joe Hoffman: He can’t be serious!

Christopher America: I also know there are rumors that my wrestling contract is… limited. But let me set the record straight. As of right now, I plan on defending this World Championship every Pay-Per-View through 2022 and beyond. But before I do that, before I defend this at the next PPV, I have a little business to take care of, don’t I?











The Chicago faithful lose their fucking minds with the announcement and as the 100th Refueled comes to a close we see America and Tyler with two arms raised.

One arm each holding up their Championships and one arm each being held up by the man in the middle of it all.

The smirk on his face tells no lies as the ICON and HOFC rules both return to HOW in one deft swoop.

The orchestrator it all….Michael Lee Best.

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