ReVival 20 News and Notes

    • Running into reporters on his way out of PRIME’s last night at the MGM Grand, Coral Avalon was asked about GREAT SCOTT’s challenge. After several confused seconds where Avalon didn’t know what a “Carl Babylon” was, only to realize that it was referring to him, his response to the challenge was succinct and to the point, “He’s on.”


    • Sid Phillips was fined $3,000 for his actions on ReVival 20. $2,000 came through the “summons” that the Winds of Change sent to Simon Tillier to get him to participate in the “peace summit”. $1,000 came when Sid Phillips powerbombed an Enemigo into the door to the conference room in an attempt to break down the door and save Jared Sykes from the absolute beating he took at the hands of Paxton Ray.

Phillips, who spent the rest of the night hiding specifically from Wade Elliott after the fact, only told reporters after he finally left the building, “Worth it.”


    • Due to physically assaulting multiple staff during ReVival 20, Ria Lockhart has been fined $15,000. She has not responded to request for comment, though we’ve been told the fine was paid almost immediately and in full.


    • Joe Fontaine shouted “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” at the top of his lungs upon realizing the nature of Paxton Ray’s beating of Jared Sykes at ReVival 20, and was said to be inconsolable in the hour after the show . However, most of his despair was not at the broken, bloodied mess that was Jared Sykes, but at the discarded wreckage of El Hijo del Super Cool Guy.

He is already in talks about making arrangements for SCG’s funeral, which is to say that he’s been talking to Simon Tillier about it.

Simon declined to comment. Because oh god why.


    • Immediately following ReVival 20, Alexei Ruslan demanded that Ivan Stanislav’s official PRIME bio be updated to include the “newest, most devastating move in Ivan Stanislav’s arsenal: The HurricanRussia.”

Ruslan was quick to say to anyone and everyone who would listen the following:

“My dear friend Ivan Stanislav will be celebrating his birthday in just a few days. Yet he is never one to rest on his laurels. He is always innovating. He is always mastering his craft. He is a true worker in this industry who must be lauded! His athleticism in wrestling ring is poetry in motion. To all the naysayers out there who thought The Russian Bear lacked the ability to pull off such an athletic move, we all laugh at you. Loudly!!”

Ruslan went on to claim that Tony Gamble lacked the spine to handle such a devastating and tremendous move from The Russian Bear. We could not tell if he was being literal or figurative. We are also unsure if Tony Gamble still has an intact spine.


    • Mega Job escaped containment not long before the end of ReVival 20, after the vast majority of the Enemigos went to handle the Paxton Ray/Jared Sykes situation. They still remain at large.

If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please contact your local Enemigo constabulary.


    • Las Vegas labor leaders and union workers who help produce PRIME’s shows are said to be livid at Ivan Stanislav’s “apology” from ReVival 20. While PRIME’s year-long tour is beginning in approximately two weeks in New York City, word has it that unions in the Big Apple and other cities announced for ReVivals and supershows will refuse to produce Stanislav’s ring entrance or promotional material until a proper apology is given.

Additionally, Lindsay Troy has stated that until that apology happens, Stanislav’s match purses will be donated to organizations helping on the ground in Ukraine. Happy birthday, Ivan!


    • Fresh off his second win over Mike McGee and subsequent sneak attack, Eddie Cross got checked for a concussion backstage. After passing protocol, he was quoted as saying “So, Mike does have some guts after all. I guess we will just have to see what they look like when I rip them out.”

One would think the rivalry is over, but it seems like it might have one last gasp.


    • With only a few days before the tournament, the Belmont Classic bracket is full again. As we reported a month ago, five wrestlers dropped out of the event after Paxton Ray was announced as a participant. Organizers have finally selected the alternates who will replace them.

Congratulations to Jessica Blaylock (Colton Academy), Ignacio el Jaguar, Sam Smart, and Wally Wallace (Gates of Avalon), and the Midnight Kid (Wallenquist School.) We wish them, and all the other participants, good luck in the 2022 Belmont Classic.


    • PRIME has learned that upon being discharged from Sunrise Hospital over the weekend, Jared Sykes has traveled to St. Louis, the site of the Belmont Classic. The tournament, which takes place over the course of a single weekend, is a celebration of young talent.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these live,” Sykes said. “Figured this year would be a good time to get back there.”

The winner of the 2000 Belmont Classic, Sykes has become embroiled in a bitter rivalry with one of this year’s Belmont entrants, Paxton Ray, following the unfortunate events of UltraViolence that saw Jonathan Rhine’s career come to an untimely end.

PRIME has not been able to confirm whether Justine Calvin, herself a former Belmont competitor, is making the trip as well.


    • On the PRIMEporium front, Anna Daniels is once again on top of the merchandise listings after a bombastic announcement for the DANIELS-CEMBER BLOWOUT EVENT. PRIME fans, who are clearly doing their last minute Christmas shopping, are not only rushing to get the best deals but a fortunate group are also bidding for the bloodied NEW ERA shirt. As of press time, the bidding is up to $101,417 despite lack of authenticity from any snooty experts. In response, a representative of the New Era tilted his head a bit, barked, and stole my sandwich. All phone calls aimed towards Ms. Daniels have went to a voice mail message that said that she “(is) currently busy realigning our spine, focusing on other matches, and being the Queen of Christmas, not always in that order. Also Brandon Youngblood is still a wrestling hipster.”


    • A bit of news from the stats department. The Kings of Popsicles stand to make history in their Night 2 Tag Team Championship defense against the team of Jonathan-Christopher Hall and Darin Zion. If the Kings are successful in retaining the championships, they will claim the record of most defenses in the storied history of those titles with four, overtaking the Blue Rogues (Coral Avalon and the Codemaster), The Greatness (Vangellus Oxios and Scott Matthews), and the team of Lindsay Troy and Danny Ferguson, all of which are tied with three successful defenses.

A win will also put the Kings on course to set the new record for duration as Tag Team Champions as PRIME heads into the winter break. The current record stands at 204 days, and is owned by Team V.I.A.G.R.A., splitting their time as champions over three reigns (95, 70, and 39 days respectively).


    • Word among MSG facilities staff is that DEFIANCE Wrestling’s Kraken, the former-Airship-Pirate Henry Keyes, has been contracted for “something” at COLOSSUS. Initial speculation came about that this was related to his Vae Victis teammate and notorious bestie, Lindsay Troy, taking on Dusk in what looks to be a dramatic send-off for the Lost Soul; this was shot down when staff was notified that the contract was for Night One, whereas Dusk vs Troy is set for Night Two.

When contacted about what may be in store for Night One, Keyes responded:

“I can’t and won’t ruin the surprise for you, alright? Relax. I’m not planning on handing out any Coins while I’m in New York…but I guess you never know, eh?”


    • COOLOSSUS is still coming even if the recent video advertisement forgot to say so.


    • After some behind-the-scenes haggling, the “interview ban” placed on Rezin has finally been lifted due to popular demand.

Junior reporter Simon Tillier is reportedly being flown all the way to the Goat Bastard’s native Indiana for an exclusive one-on-one sit down interview with the former Five Star Champion to recap his past year in PRIME and discuss his upcoming four corners match-up for the title at Colossus.

As he was being shuffled unwillingly onto the plane, Tillier is said to have muttered, “God, help me…”


    • A massive bombshell has been confirmed.

As had been previously rumored, former Universal Champion and PRIME Hall of Famer has opted out of his contract and is currently scheduled to be a free agent after Colossus. News broke through the company’s Jabber platform, apparently unveiled by the Tower of Babel himself.

Knowledge of a rift between Youngblood and PRIME management has been evidence since the aftermath of UltraViolence. Brandon’s contract, originally a three year deal that had him as PRIME’s highest earner annually, came with opt out clauses that could be triggered at any point between November and December. While originally rumored as a possibility, it is now known that Youngblood exercised his right at some point in November.

While PRIME management has been mum on any additional details, Youngblood has confirmed that he has had negotiations with DEFIANCE and SHOOT Project, while also fielding a lucrative offer from High Octane Wrestling. Brandon has acknowledged that he might not sign any of these offers and might retire or go on an extended hiatus. This might explain why The Last Diamond was so active on the road to Colossus.

The situation is said to be fluid. Sources that wish not to be named have stated that, while initial conversations with PRIME owner and CEO Lindsay Troy were very heated between both parties, that tensions have seemed to dissipate, with the Queen Of The Ring and The Diamond having held extensive conversations to smooth their relationship. Some have read this as either a play to renegotiate with Youngblood, or perhaps involve him with her dealings in DEFIANCE, where she recently claimed the Fist of DEFIANCE Championship. One thing is clear; losing one of PRIME’s major attractions on the heels of beginning a national touring schedule is far from optimal.

We will be monitoring the situation, as there is apparently a final meeting between Youngblood and Troy to take place in New York City during Colossus week, where it is rumored that Youngblood will make a decision in regards to his wrestling future.


    • Timo Bolamba could be seen leaving the local Kia dealership driving a particular “cherry red” Kia Sorento. Despite the dirty looks he received, once he returned to the PRIME offices he told local reporters, “This is a famous car, it has to be preserved and that is why I am donating it to a well known national automotive museum. From now on, this important part of automotive history will be on display for all time.”

No word as to whether the hood will be censored like Michelangelo’s David, though it’s fair to say that this art will inspire controversy much like the statue.


    • Adam Ellis’s return to High Octane Wrestling did not turn out as he’d liked it to. First, Lee Best barred Lindsay Troy, Head of Security Dametreyus, and Wade Elliott from entering the Best Arena. That left Adam and his wife Ginny Van Lear to go at it alone. Then Adam’s performance against GREAT SCOTT for the HOTv did not go to plan. Ellis’s inexperience combined with the fact he hadn’t wrestled in nearly two months cost him dearly against a HOTv champion who’s now successfully defended the title a record eight times.

After the match, Troy, Dametreyus, and Elliott managed to out-maneuver Lee’s Punishers and get into the Best Arena to collect Ellis and Van Lear before any of shenanigans took place.

Ellis will return to PRIME after the Christmas break.


    • And finally, PRIMEates on online message boards for Tim Tillinghast’s newsletter and other dirt sheets have been speculating like crazy since PRIME revealed the location of their signature event, Culture Shock. Many believe the stadium setting would allow for the old Dual Halo structure to be rebuilt in the center of AT&T Stadium. We reached out to Lindsay Troy to see what she had to say about the speculation.

“No, the Dual Halo will not be making a return. We sold the old structure as scrap metal after we closed our doors in 2012, and after looking at the finances for the Halo to be rebuilt, it’s frankly just not possible. In addition, after surveying our fans, the match is too confusing for many of them. Sadly, that’s a part of PRIME’s past that will need to stay there for now.”

After releasing the statement, PRIME released the promotional material for Culture Shock with something hidden in plain sight.

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