Scottywood Viciously Attacked Post Chaos


We here at have gotten video footage of a post Chaos 2 attack featuring an incensed Scott Stevens as he brutally attacks Scott Woodson.

The attack is very graphic and viewer discretion is advised.


The image comes into view hours after Chaos has ended and we see the Hardcore Artist, Scottywood, being attended by the HOW doctor. He’s receiving stitches from the attack Lee Best did after the match were he assaulted him with his barbed wire wrapped hockey stick.

HOW Doctor: You should be good. Just don’t make any sudden movements and those should be healed within a week or two.

Scotty nods at the doctor as he rises from his chair when all of a sudden he’s attack by a hooded individual with a baseball bat. The doctor tries to stop the individual but gets hit with the bat as well. The individual picks up Scotty and rams his head into the concrete wall of the room. Scotty is then picked up and thrown across the table and medical equipment and medicine goes flying everywhere. Scotty tries to crawl away, but gets hit over and over in the back with the bat before it’s thrown off of the ground as it bounces off of it. A familiar voice is heard when the individual lowers the hood and the infamous 97 Red spectacles are underneath it.

Scott Stevens: The Anti-Christ of HOW or you used to be.

Stevens rears back and begins a barrage of punches to Scottywood before stopping.

Scott Stevens: The once great Scottywood. The LSD Legend. The Man who kidnapped my wife and threatened to slice open her throat with barbed wire.

Stevens drills Scotty in the face again.

Scott Stevens: You sicken me. You sicken GOD with your cuckiness.

Stevens grabs Scotty by his head and begins to pound it on the ground.

Scott Stevens: You said you were the messenger of HATE.

Stevens shakes his head as he begins another assault on Scotty before stopping.

Scott Stevens: I’m the Horseman of HATE and GOD has send me here to give you a message my friend.

The Demi-God of HOW informs Scotty as he reaches into his vest and pulls out the pen and jabs into to the left pectoral region of Scotty who screams out in agony.

Scott Stevens: Message sent.

Stevens smiles at his handiwork as he pulls the pen out of Scotty’s skin and exits the room and the last image seen is “F-P” carved over the Anarchy tattoo of Scottywood.

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