So About Last Night…..


So about last night…..


Lee Best here.

Some folks took advantage in having some fun last night without me and I was not about to partake in said shenanigans due to my current desire to get healthy and being bedridden.

With that said….I got words.

  • By OCW no longer being partners with HOTv and PWA we have some freed up money to hand out.
  • Each member of the board, Mike Best, Jace Parker Davidson, Christopher America and STRONK have all been given raises and some spot bonuses. Tyler….please see your Dad for your cut.
  • With that partnership over any wrestler that was competing in both OCW and HOW has had to make a choice between the two companies and I am happy to report that Jace Parker Davidson and Scott Stevens have made the BEST choice and have ended their association with OCW.
  • Speaking of Stevens….a spot bonus is coming your way as well sir.
  • GREAT SCOTT signed a HOTv contract that will allow him to compete in HOW, MVW and sVo. Congrats to the HOTv Champion.

Finally I just want to say what happened was unfortunate but every opportunity was given for OCW to remain with PWA but ultimately they decided to double and even triple down on their bullshit.

Onward and upward.

PS: Gimme a call Ray Ray.

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