St. Louis Supershow


St. Louis Supershow- Part One
-Thunderbolt Smith and Rick Hall preview the matches
-MATCH #1: Jennifer Colton vs. C.J. Lewis

St. Louis Supershow- Part Two
-MATCH #2 Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. The Hanson Sisters for the MVW Women’s Tag Team Title

St. Louis Supershow-Part Three
-JBE vs. The Hanson Sisters continues…

St. Louis Supershow-Part Four
-Conclusion of JBE vs. Hanson Sisters
-MATCH #3: The Stevens Dynasty © vs. The Kardoucheian Empire

St. Louis Supershow-Part Five
-Conclusion of Stevens Dynasty vs. Kardoucheian Empire match
-Replay-the conclusion of the Jace Parker Davidson/Scott Stevens-The Alabama Gang HOTv Tag Team Title match at PWA-01
-Introductions-Women’s Title Match

St. Louis Supershow-Final
-MATCH #4: Victoria McGill © vs. Daryn Thompson for the MVW Women’s Title
-MATCH #5: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. John O’Reilly for the MVW Men’s Title

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