Stronk: Well Done

07 has just received an email from Shelley Greene, manager of “KING STALLION” STRONK GODSON, acknowledging the LSD Champion’s pay raise announced earlier today:

Hey everyone, your boy Shelley G. here!  Love what you’re doing with the site, guys—looks sexy as hell!  Ummm, so can you do me a, like, solid or whatever and post this to the HODub site so Papa Best will see it?  Thaaaanks!

We just want to say a sincere thank-you to Mr. Lee Best, or Papa Best as he’s affectionately come to be known in the STRONK-Shelley household.  

His decision to raise STRONK’s pay to the iconic and kingly sum of ninety-seven thousand dollars per annum is extremely generous, wholly unexpected, and truly unprecedented for a competitor so early into their HOW career!  

We are eternally grateful and will work tirelessly to ensure the highest possible ROI on those dollars for that beautiful, gracious, giving man.  

We will not let you down, boss!


Shelley Greene

Manager of the LSD Champion STRONK GODSON

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