We here st are happy to announce that quietly over the past week that several technical improvements have been made not only in High Octane Wrestling but in PWA in general.

Some of the moves made:

High Octane Wrestling, PWA, and PRIME Wrestling websites are all now hosted on the same dedicated server utlizing the same CMS platform. To those visiting the websites you probably saw zero change but maybe some increased speed for PRIME. There has been preliminary talks of potential other PWA member companies following suit regarding using the same CMS platform.

The HOW website has been beefed up in terms of data collection and visitors will soon see new wrestler bio pages complete with videos, promos and stats over their time in the company. All this will be available on a single page.

Finally, there is work being done to redo the HOTv website seeing as it was mainly abandoned and it was so out of date that most of the site does not function anymore.

We here at the website are happy to see some synergy between the PWA member companies as the biggest positive all these companies can gain from working together is shared resources.

MOAR news to come….

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