The Week in Review


Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Week in Review
Thursday August 4th, 2022

-TV Results for the Week
-Upcoming House Shows

Special 7/28 Dark Match at the MVW TV Studio
-MEN’S TAG TEAM DIVISION-WINNER IS RANKED #5 The Dark Overlords d. The Buffet Club
-MEN’S DIVISION-WINNER IS RANKED #4: #4 John O’Reilly d. ‘Big Don’ Dickinson

Saturday on MVW’s 6:05
-Ray McAvay announces the participants in this inaugural Carmondy Cup tournament.
-MAIN EVENT: Men’s Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) defeated The Beer Bellied Softball Playin’ Ninja (Tiny and Hank) in a non-title match

Wednesday on Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv
-MVW marks the 3 year anniversary of Ray McAvay becoming the CEO of Missouri Valley Wrestling
-Complete recap of June’s Wrestling Night in America PPV
-MAIN EVENT/#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH-WOMEN’S DIVISION: #2 Lisa Barbosa-Stevens d. #1 ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki

This Week on MVW’s syndicated Lock and Loaded show
-Scott Stevens d. Bo Bevans- Down at the Farm-taped Saturday at the Coffeyville, Kansas House Show.
-Joe Bergman confronts Stevens following the match over Stevens ‘unannounced’ and ‘unwelcome’ visit to Bergman’s Barn last week-taped Saturday at the Coffeyville, Kansas House Show
-NON-TITLE: Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hanson Sisters d. Bethany Stewart and Shelley Briscoe-taped Saturday at the Coffeyville, Kansas House Show
-Highlights from end of Ricky Stevens ©-‘Big Don’ Dickinson Men’s Heartland Title match when R.G. Jenkins, Mark Hendry, and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson brawl late in the match with the Stevens Dynasty and Sunny O’Callahan returns dressed like a background singer from a 70’s Southern rock band and announces the formation of the Alabama Gang-taped Sunday at the Dodge City, Kansas House Show
-Women’s Champion Victoria McGill cuts a promo about her title win and who her next opponent may be-taped Friday at the Atchison, Kansas House Show
-Men’s Champion Adam Ellis cuts a promo on Darin Zion-taped Saturday at the Coffeyville, Kansas House Show
-CEO Jill Berg of Jill Berg Enterprises cuts a promo on bringing all the gold to JBE-taped Sunday at the Dodge City, Kansas House Show
-MAIN EVENT/#1 CONTENDER-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM: #2 Jill Berg Enterprises (Sheline Carrigan/Prisoner #034291) d. #1 The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson)-taped Sunday at the Dodge City, Kansas House Show

MVW Champion: Adam Ellis

#1 Contender: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

2. Captain Jack
3. J.J. Bittinger
4. John O’Reilly (Dark Overlords)

Men’s Champion Adam Ellis will NOT be at this weekend’s house shows as he will be getting ready for his impromptu title defense against Darin Zion at High Octane Wrestling’s Dead or Alive Pay Per View show on August 14th.

J.J. Bittinger takes on John O’Reilly tomorrow night in Lincoln, Nebraska in a #3 vs. #4 match.  The winner there goes on to meet #2 Captain Jack Saturday night in Omaha, Nebraska.   The #2 contender coming out of Omaha will face ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson Tuesday night August 16th in Des Moines, Iowa.

Women’s Champion: Victoria McGill
#1 Contender: 
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens (Jill Berg Enterprises)
2. ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki
3. Debbie the Destroyer
4. Kirsten Canfield

Last weekend, Debbie the Destroyer held serve and her #3 ranking with a win over Kirsten Canfield but would fall to Lisa Barbosa-Stevens the next night in Coffeyville, Kansas.  Lisa then defeated ‘The Shadow Warrior’ Shizuko Yamazaki in an epic match Sunday in Dodge City to regain the #1 contender ranking and earn a title shot against brand new champion Victoria McGill August 16th in Des Moines.

Tag Team Champions: The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens)
#1 Contender- 
Kentucky Redneck Mafia (Cletus T. Johnson and Enos T. Johnson)
2. The Kardoucheian Empire (Koley and Khourtney)
3. Beer Bellied Softball Playin’ Ninja (Tiny and Hank)
4. Dark Overlords of Wrestling: ‘‘Not Just Unbearable…Not Just Intolerable…He is…’ Justin Sufferable and ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R
5. Main Street USA (Mac Sherrill/Jake Ralston)

The Men’s Tag division gets back to it tomorrow night as #5 Main Street USA challenges The Dark Overlords of Wrestling for their #4 ranking in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The winner there goes on to Omaha Saturday night to face #3 ranked The Beer Bellied Softball Playin’ Ninja.  The survivor of that match gets #2 The Kardoucheian Empire Sunday in Kearney, Nebraska.   The weekend survivor books a #1 contender’s match against the Kentucky Redneck Mafia August 16th in Des Moines, Iowa.

Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Hanson Sisters (Andrea and Melissa)
#1 Contender:
 Jill Berg Enterprises (Sheline Carrigan and Prisoner #034291)
2. Missouri Valley Fight Club: (Carrieanne McDermott and Harley Davisson)
3. The Rose Warriors: (Geena the Warrior Princess and Eliza Rose)
4. The Pinups: (Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe)
5. Bethany Stewart and Shelley Briscoe

The Rose Warriors emerged as the #3 contender following a three-way tag match last Friday with The Pinups and Bethany Stewart and Shelley Briscoe in Atchison, Kansas.  The Pinups landed at #4; Stewart and Briscoe remained at #5.  Saturday night saw Jill Berg Enterprises put an end to the Rose Warriors run in Coffeyville, Kansas and then emerge victorious Sunday night in a wild match with the Missouri Valley Fight Club in a #1 contender’s match to book a shot at the Women’s Tag Team title in Des Moines on August 16th.

Heartland Champion: ‘Big Don’ Dickinson
#1 Contender: 
Ricky Stevens

#2- ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs
#3- Stan (Beer Bellied Softball Playing Ninja)
#4- Ken Kardoucheian (Kardoucheian Empire)
#5- Average Joe

Stan jumped from #5 to #3 after defeating Ken Kardoucheian and Average Joe in a three way match last Friday night in Atchison, Kansas but ‘Big Don’ Dickinson put an end to his title hopes the next night in Coffeyville.  Dickinson then defeated ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs Sunday in Dodge City and then came back later on in the show to knock off Ricky Stevens to become the new Men’s Heartland Champion.

No rest for the Heartland Division though.  Ken Kardoucheian and Average Joe meet tomorrow night in Hastings, Nebraska in a #4 vs. #5 match.  The winner there gets Stan on Saturday night in Columbus, Nebraska and then the victor in that match goes on to face #2 ranked ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs in Kearney, Nebraska on Sunday.

Women’s Heartland Champion: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin
#1 Contender:
  ‘Precious’ Patty McBride

#2- Yosemite Samantha
#3- Libertie Bell
#4- ‘Queen of Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
#5- Ninja Kitty

Libertie Bell was the last woman standing in a three-way match last Friday night to claim the #3 ranking.  Lani Harlot took the #4 ranking and Ninja Kitty found herself back at #5.  Bell went on to face ‘Precious’ Patty McBride the next night in Coffeyville, Kansas. Unfortunately, McBride put an end to her title hopes with a win and followed that up Sunday with an upset win over #1 Yosemite Samantha in the early match to set up a title match against Tessa Martin.  McBride won the match via DQ after Jill Berg Enterprises interfered so she stayed at #1 in the rankings.

This weekend, it’s the ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot taking on Ninja Kitty in a #4 vs. #5 ranked match in Hastings, Nebraska with the winner taking on #3 Libertie Bell later on in the show.  The winner there goes to Columbus, Nebraska to face #2 ranked Yosemite Samantha on Saturday night and then the victor there meets ‘Precious’ Patty McBride Sunday night in Kearney, Nebraska with an opportunity to book themselves into a Women’s Heartland title match August 16th in Des Moines.


August 5th – Lynn Farrell Arena /Hastings, NE
#4 vs. #5-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND: #4 ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot vs. #5 Ninja Kitty
-#4 vs. #5-MEN’S HEARTLAND: #4 Ken Kardoucheian vs. #5 Average Joe
-#3 vs. #4-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND #3 Libertie Bell vs. #4 TBD
-#3 vs. #4-MEN’S HEARTLAND #3 Stan vs. #4 TBD

August 5th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
-MEN’S TAG TEAM: The Alabama Gang vs. The Bookworms
-MEN’S: Corey Beckett vs. Scott Stevens
-WOMEN’S: Francine Worrell vs. Eva Perrin
-#4 vs. #5 MEN’S TAG TEAM: #4 Dark Overlords of Wrestling vs. #5 Main Street USA
-#3 vs. #4 MEN’S DIVISION: #3 J.J. Bittinger vs #4 John O’Reilly
August 6th – Wilkert Event Center / Columbus, NE
#2 vs. #3-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND: #2 Yosemite Samantha vs. #3 TBD
-#2 vs. #3-MEN’S HEARTLAND: #2 ‘Rock Star’ Robbie Marrs vs. #3 TBD

August 6th – Qwest Center / Omaha, NE
MEN’S TAG TEAM: The Buffet Club vs. TBD
-MEN’S: Buckshot Henderson  vs. TBD
-WOMEN’S: Lauren Wade vs. TBD
-WINNER-#5 WOMEN’S TAG TEAM: #5 Bethany Stewart/Shelley Briscoe vs. vs. The Working Girls vs. LATX
-WINNER-#4 WOMEN’S DIVISION: #4 Kirsten Canfield vs. Yosemite Samantha vs. ‘Precious’ Patty McBride

#3 vs. #4-MEN’S TAG TEAM: #3 The Beer Bellied Softball Playin’ Ninja vs. #4 TBD
-#2 vs. #3-MEN’S DIVISION: #2 Captain Jack vs. #3 TBD

August 7th – 
The Viaero Center / Kearney, NE
-#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND: #1 ‘Precious’ Patty McBride vs. #2 TBD
-#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH-MEN’S HEARTLAND: #1 Ricky Stevens vs. #2 TBD
-#2 vs. #3 MEN’S TAG TEAM: #2 The Kardoucheian Empire vs. #3 TBD

August 13th – MVW’s Six-O-Five / St. Louis, MO
August 16th – Knapp Center / Des Moines, IA
-#2 vs. #3 WOMEN’S TAG TEAM DIVISION: #2 The Missouri Valley Fight Club vs. #3 The Rose Warriors
-#2 vs. #3 WOMEN’S DIVISION: #2 Shizuko Yamazaki vs. #3 Debbie the Destroyer
-WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: Tessa Martin © vs. #1 TBD
-MEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE: ‘Big Don’ Dickinson © vs. #1 TBD
-MEN’S TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: #1 The Kentucky Redneck Mafia vs. #2 TBD
-MEN’S #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: #1 ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson vs. #2 TBD
-NON-TITLE: Men’s Tag Team Champions The Stevens Dynasty vs. TBD
-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Hanson Sisters © vs. #1 Jill Berg Enterprises
-NON-TITLE: Men’s Champion Adam Ellis vs. TBD
-WOMEN’S TITLE: Victoria McGill © vs. #1 Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

August 19th – Show Me Center / Cape Girardeau, MO
August 19th – Five Flags Center / Dubuque, IA
August 20th – Gibson Arena / Rolla, MO
August 20th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
August 21st – Black River Coliseum / Poplar Bluff, MO
August 27th – MVW’s Six-O-Five / St. Louis, MO
August 29th – Athletics-Recreation Center / Valparaiso, IN
**September 25th – Heartland PPV- Indiana Farmers Coliseum / Indianapolis, IN**

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