DALLAS – Xander Azula is riding an emotional high tonight, after a tag team victory with Brian Hollywood over STRONK and HOW World Champion Christopher America, and subsequently being added to the HOW Tag Team Championship match at Dead or Alive.

Every rollercoaster has its drop eventually however, and Xander has just received news that has brought his mood way down.

We’ve just received footage from our HOTv partner Sanctioned Violence Organization, where sVo Owner Jon Page responded to last week’s challenge by the man walking the Unsanctioned Path on this week’s edition of sVo Showdown!

Jon Page: I have heard the rumours Katie, and if Xander Azula feels ‘froggy’ enough to jump over here to Vegas than I am sure everyone here in the Sanctioned VIOLENCE Organization will welcome him appropriately!

When asked to clarify the situation with PWA:TV, Page responded:

Jon Page: We have already had the Black Brothers defend the sVo Tag Team Championships against Blood Money on a SHOOT Project event not that long ago, and last week was full of cameos left right and centre. I keep across all of the action, and my number one and only goal here is to make the sVo produce the highest rated shows across all of the networks on PWA:TV. That is why if Xander Azula really wants to come to Vegas, the fight capital of the world, and step foot in an sVo ring…. Then I will be personally hand picking an opponent for him!

Things have now picked up steam for Xander Azula, who notably has NOT signed a contract with PWA at time of publication. This could be a strong indicator of pen coming to paper on such a deal soon, just weeks before HOW’s Dead or Alive and sVo’s Jackpot events!

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