A Noble Hire Made Official


A Noble Hire Made Official


Lee Best here……

Couple hours before we go live for Dead or Alive.

I am making some last minute moves in case that idiot Kostoff cheats me out of the match tonight and I am not around come Monday morning.

I want to make it official that David Noble has signed on to remain part of the staff here in HOWrestling. Noble has done a great job since quitting from in ring work. Ya I said quit. Not retire.

Credit where it is due however……Noble has taken to his new role and is exceling at it. I appreciate the hard work he has shown over the last several weeks and if its under my leadership or that of the Son’s after tonight….he remains a valuable asset to making sure we put out quality shows each week.

Congrats David and appreciate the hard work.

I booked a room at the nearby Holiday Inn for you to celebrate. Obviously it is in your name since I am not a poor.

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