Chaos 002



The camera goes live on the HOTv network to the inside of the Best Arena here in Chicago, Illinois. The sold out crowd is on their feet and cheering loudly after the Chaos opening video has just finished playing. The camera pans around the audience to see the various signs that are waving around throughout the building. We finally settle on the announcers table where Joe Hoffman sits ready to begin another action packed episode of Chaos.Joe Hoffman: Welcome to the second edition of HOW Chaos! I’m Joe Hoffman and we’re coming to you from The Best Arena here in Chicago. We’re jam packed here tonight and after the epic HOW World Championship HOFC match between Steve Solex and Christopher America. We are one step closer to our next PPV event called Dead or Alive.

Joe takes a pause to breathe and gather his paperwork on the announcers table before he continues.

Joe Hoffman: But tonight we have another packed card that could help shape what the Dead or Alive card will look like. One half of the #1 contender to the Tag Team Championship Darin Zion will go one on one with his mentor Simon Sparrow. Xander Azula gets another one of his contractually obligated HOFC matches as he takes on HOW Hall of Famer Scott Stevens. And in the Main Event HOW Hall of Famer Scottywood gets a shot at the HOTv Championship belt as he faces the current Champion Clay Byrd.

The crowd here in Chicago begins to boo loudly as a graphic of the main event is shown on the HOV screen. Some for Scottywood but a majority of the boo’s are for Highwaymen leader Clay Byrd.

Joe Hoffman: All of that is later on tonight but now we’re set for our opening contest so let’s send it to the ring where Bryan McVay is ready to make our introductions.

The camera shifts over to the middle of the ring where ring announcer Bryan McVay stands with his microphone in hand.

Bryan McVay: Our opening match this evening is scheduled for one fall!

The sound of “PLOWED” by Sponge begins to blast throughout the arena. The crowd stands on their feet as HOW Newcomer “The Northstar Kid” Josh Conway makes his way out on stage for the first time. The crowd cheers wildly for the new man on the roster as he soaks in the ovation with a huge smile on his face.

Bryan McVay: From Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Weighing in at 225lbs. He is “The Northstar Kid” JOSHHHHH CONWAYYYYY!!!

Conway nods his head approvingly then makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Conway slaps hands with the fans as he makes his journey to ringside. He makes his way up the steel ring steps and walks along the ring apron. Conway wipes his boots on the apron then steps though the ropes and enters the ring. Conway makes his way over to a corner and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Josh looks out at the capacity crowd and begins to pat his hand over his heart showing his appreciation for the support the Chicago crowd is giving him here in his debut match in HOW.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t let the name “The Northstar Kid” fool you ladies and gentleman. Josh Conway is not a kid and while he might be new to High Octane Wrestling, he is no stranger to a wrestling ring. The 48 year old superstar has a career that’s spanned three different decades and tons of experience as a reward for his efforts. He looks to make a mark and cement his legacy here in HOW before he rides off into the sunset and calls it a career.

Conway climbs down off of the turnbuckle and then walks to the center of the ring. Josh goes up to HOW referee Joel Hortega and shakes the man’s hand which is unusual for Hortega given the type of talent that has stepped into the ring here in HOW over the years. Conway ends the handshake with a pat on Hortega’s shoulder before he makes his way over to his corner.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Conway’s music dies down and is replaced with the sound of “STRONGER ON YOU OWN” by Disturbed. The crowd stands on their feet again and begins to boo loudly as Brian Hollywood makes his way out to the center of the stage. Hollywood soaks in the negative reaction crowd before closing his eyes. Brian takes a moment to mentally prepare for the match ahead of him tonight. Hollywood opens his eyes as pyro begins to shoot off from opposite ends of the stage before culminating in the center.

Bryan McVay: From Los Angeles, California. Weighing in at 225lbs. Here is BRIANNN HOLLYWOODDDDD!!!

As the pyro fades away the camera picks up the determination in Hollywood’s eyes. Brian begins his journey down the ramp towards the ring. Hollywood takes off his vest and throws it down with intensity as he makes his final charge towards ringside. Brian slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring. Hollywood gets up to his feet then looks out at the entire arena glaring at the fans. Brian goes to his corner as Bryan McVay exits the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Brian Hollywood is a former two time HOW World Champion that feels disrespected by the fact he was left off of the War Games PPV and that no one considers him a threat anymore. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hollywood put one in the win column but tonight could be just the turn in momentum that the HOW veteran needs.

Joel Hortega goes and checks with Conway and then goes over and checks with Hollywood. Both men seem ready to go with no complaints. Hortega walks to the center of the ring and calls for the bell to officially start this match.


Hollywood and Conway come out of their corners and walk to the center of the ring. Conway still has a smile on his face as he extends his hand wanting to start the match off with a handshake to Hollywood in a show of good sportsmanship. Hollywood mean mugs Conway, looking him up and down before slapping his hand away from him. The crowd boos loudly at Hollywood as Conway just shrugs his shoulders. Both men step forward then lock up collar and elbow. They struggle for position but ultimately its Hollywood that takes the advantage with a side headlock. Brian cranks on the neck of the newcomer but Conway stays calm and begins hitting Hollywood with shots to the rib cage. Conway manages to free himself from the headlock by shooting Hollywood off into the ropes. Hollywood bounces off the ropes then hits Conway with a shoulder block that sends him down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: First Hollywood rejected the handshake and now he just hit Conway with a shoulder block that knocks him to the canvas. Both men weigh 225lbs but it’s Hollywood that has the slight height advantage in this match.

Hollywood glares down at Conway before turning and racing towards the ropes. Conway gets up to his feet as Hollywood bounces off the ropes. Conway rears back and goes for TRUE NORTH but Hollywood puts on the brakes and stumbles back so much that he falls to the canvas onto his ass. The crowd begins laughing at Hollywood as Conway smiles before walking over and extending his hand again to help Hollywood up. Hollywood flips Conway the bird then pulls himself back up to his feet by his own power. Hollywood steps closer to Conway then raises his arm into the air challenging the newcomer to a test of strength. The crowd shouts against it but Conway wants to give Hollywood the benefit of the doubt. Conway steps closer then raises his arm into the air but Hollywood just kicks him in the bad knee repeatedly. Conway grabs his knee in pain and tries to balance on one leg. Hollywood takes advantage by grabbing Conway and planting him with a DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Conway almost ended his match in record time but that seemed to just piss off Hollywood. It made him resort to unhanded tactics like kicking Conway in his surgically repaired knee several times before connecting with a DDT.

Hollywood gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Conway and pulls him back up to a vertical base. Hollywood unleashes a series of chops to the chest of Conway before whipping him into the ropes. Conway approaches the ropes but then counters and hits Hollywood with a handspring back elbow that sends him down to the canvas. Conway gets back up to his feet and grabs a hold of Hollywood to pull him back up. But Hollywood hits another kick to the bad knee then hits Conway with a European uppercut that sends him staggering. Conway leans against the ropes to keep himself up as Hollywood charges. Hollywood tries to clothesline Conway but Conway ducks and hits Hollywood with a back body drop that sends over the top rope and sends him down to arena floor. Conway reaches down and slaps his knee repeatedly trying to get feeling back before racing towards the ropes. Hollywood begins to get his feet on the outside as Conway leaps and hits Hollywood with a suicide dive that sends him spine first into the steel barricade.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood has focused his attack on Josh Conway’s knee but Conway has rallied back despite the pain in his knee. Once he got a head of steam Conway dove through the ropes and sent Hollywood spine first into the barricade. It goes without saying that Conway has been around long enough to know he can’t win this match on the outside.

Conway gets up to his feet as the crowd cheers. Hollywood uses the barricade to pull himself back up to his feet. As Hollywood turns around Conway lowers his head and rams Hollywood spine first into the barricade once again. Hollywood arches his back in pain as the crowd continues to cheer. Conway grabs Hollywood then rolls him under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Conway pulls himself back up to the ring apron then begins to climb the turnbuckle. Conway perches himself on the top rope then leaps off and connects with a diving headbutt to a prone Hollywood. Conway hooks the leg and makes the cover on Hollywood as Hortega slides in for the count.




Jace Hoffman: Back to back big time high risk moves but Conway connected with them both. I don’t know how wise it was to go for something like that after suffering some damage to the knee but Conway is letting it all loose in his debut and just about put away Brian Hollywood with that move.

Conway gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Hollywood by the hair and pulls him back up to his feet. Before Conway can capitalize, Hollywood gives him a thumb to the eye that causes him to stagger. Conway holds his hand over his eye trying to regain his vision as Hortega warns Hollywood. Brian pays him no attention as he comes up behind Conway and grabs a hold of him. Hollywood muscles Conway up and over before spiking him with a German suplex down to the canvas. Hollywood gets back up to his feet then hits the fallen Conway with an elbow drop. Hollywood gets back up to his feet once again then races towards the ropes. Hollywood bounces off the ropes and hits Conway with a leg drop across the throat. Hollywood gets back up to his feet then begins to trash talk Conway. Hollywood grabs a hold of Conway’s leg then begins laying in more kicks to Conway’s bad knee. Conway struggles to get away but Hollywood flips him over and locks in a single leg Boston crab.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood is trying to end this man’s HOW career before it even starts. He’s worked on the bad knee the entire match and now he’s got a single leg Boston crab locked in. Conway is going to have to make it to the ropes if he wants to stand a chance here against Hollywood.

Hortega drops down and asks Conway if he wants to submit. Conway screams in pain but shakes his head no. The crowd begins to cheer trying to rally Conway as Hollywood sits back on the submission hold. Conway uses the strength in his arms to pull himself off the canvas and begin the crawl towards the ropes. Hollywood continues to yank back on the leg but that doesn’t stop Conway despite the pain. With one final burst of energy Conway reaches out and grabs a hold of bottom rope. The crowd cheers wildly as Hortega taps Hollywood on the shoulder to release the hold. Hollywood lets go of Conway and then raises his arms into the air in victory but Hortega informs that Conway didn’t tap out. Hollywood argues with Hortega as Conway remains on the canvas holding his knee.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood began to celebrate a little prematurely but Conway is still in this one. Hollywood is wasting time arguing with Hortega when he could be putting this match away and earning a win that is long overdue.

Hollywood finally gets tired of arguing with Hortega and sees that Conway is still on the canvas holding his knee. Hollywood steps through the ropes then begins to climb the turnbuckle. Hollywood perches himself on the top rope as Conway finally pulls himself up to his feet. Conway turns around as Hollywood leaps off the top rope but Conway catches Hollywood and blasts him with TRUE NORTH. The crowd pops as both men fall to the canvas hard. Conway tries to crawl his way over for the cover but smartly Hollywood rolls under the bottom rope and down to the arena floor.

Joe Hoffman: Conway out of nowhere with the finishing blow but he took too much punishment earlier in the match to that knee to make the cover in time. Hollywood with good ring awareness rolls out of the ring to give himself precious time to recover.

Conway pounds his fist on the mat in frustration then slowly but surely pulls himself back up to his feet. Conway exits the ring and goes after the fallen Hollywood. Conway leans down and tries to lift the deadweight of Hollywood off of the arena floor. Hollywood in desperation lifts Conway off of his feet and drops him throat first onto the steel barricade. Hollywood pulls Conway back up to his feet while he holds his throat in pain. Hollywood tosses Conway towards the steel ring steps. Conway collides with the steel ring steps knees first before collapsing on the other side. Hollywood scoops Conway off of the arena floor and rolls him back into the ring. Hollywood holds his chest in pain as he slides back into the ring. Hollywood waits in the corner as Conway struggles his way back up to a vertical base. As Conway turns around Hollywood charges and connects…


Conway goes down hard from the kick. Hollywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on Conway as Hortega slides in for the count.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner via pinfall in 9:39 BRIANNNN HOLLYWOODDDD!!!

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood picks up the win here tonight with the EXECUTIVE DECREE but Josh Conway didn’t make it easy. Outstanding performance in this man’s first match here in HOW. We’ll see if Hollywood can keep the ball rolling as we get closer to Dead or Alive.

Hollywood gets his hand raised in victory then exits the ring and heads to the back to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Josh Conway slowly but surely gets back up to his feet and limps a little bit from the grueling match and the attacks to the knee. The crowd stands in support of the Northstar Kid and the effort he put forth tonight as we cut away.


The High Octane Vision screen above the entrance ramp fires up and…

Replay of the end of Tag Team Title #1 Contender’s Match:
Scottywood and Bobbinette Carey vs. The Board-Cecilworth Farthington and Jace Parker Davidson vs. Joe Bergman and Darin Zion
Farthington grabs a hold of Bergman by the arm and goes to lock in Article 50 but Bergman thinks quickly and spits right into Farthington’s face.

Joe Hoffman: RED MIST! 97RED MIST!! Bergman just turned the tables on The Board and the HOW Commissioner is blinded!

Farthington falls to his knees. Bergman dives in and locks Farthington into his patented Dragon Sleeper. Jace hops back up onto the apron and screams for Farthington to fight it.

Hortega drops down and asks Farthington if he wants to give it up.  Farthington refuses. 

Scottywood sees what is happening and tries to slide back into the ring. However, Zion is back up to his feet and grabs Scottywood by the legs, preventing him from getting back into the ring fully. 

The pain becomes too much and Farthington begins tapping out repeatedly clearly making a business decision.


Joe Hoffman: How will Zion and Bergman co-exist now that they have a title match in their pockets?  With Bergman a part of the stable HOLDING the Tag Team Championship- The Highwaymen– we do not know what Lee Best has in mind for the tag belts now that Bergman is also technically the #1 contender for the tag title with Darin Zion.  Speaking of Darin Zion, we heard from him this week and he’s not happy with how the match ended last week.

The HOV comes to life again.

Darin Zion Vignette
Zion corners a production crew member backstage after the match.

Darin Zion: Do you know what happened to me?

The Production leader tries to respond but Zion places his hand over his mouth. 

Darin Zion: The Bergermeister denied the millions of Zillennials the opportunity to experience TRUE, REAL LOVE.  That bastard lusted over his former Tag Team Partner’s glories.  Typical fuckin’ Joe Bergman, am I right?  Always looking for ways to hoard all the gold for himself. It’s no wonder why Laura Bergman decided to dump his ass on the curb.  It’s clearly because Mr. Bergermeister thinks he’s earned everything he’s got.   The man always does the humble brag.  He’s a former HOW World Champion and former Tag Champion.  The more gold he wins…well the more ‘Gold’ he earns.  And let’s face it, he couldn’t let Laura upstage his career ever.  

Zion slams the man into the wall before he continues pacing around like a frantic maniac.

Darin Zion: He STOOOOOLE my pin attempt.  I told him it’s my night to prove my worth.  If Joe could have waited 15 more seconds and tagged me in….I would have ended the Hall of Fame career of Cecilworth Farthington.  I coulda snapped his arm straight out of the socket.  It would have aligned the 4Z network’s greatly.  But that fucker stormed right in and stole all the money out of my bank account. I know how Laura feels now…

The HOV goes black.

Cut to Section 214 high above the Best Arena where Joe Bergman is with Highwaymen Clay Byrd, Steve Harrison, and Steve Solex along with Sunny O’Callahan- again dressed in the guise of a background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band and swigging from a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Joe Bergman: Good thing I know all about dealing with a dysfunctional tag team partner.  I remember winning the tag belts two years ago with Andy Murray at HOW’s Lethal Lottery 2020 show.

He rolls his eyes revisiting just how much he hated the days of Murr-Berg.

Joe Bergman: Darin, you’ve been doing this long enough to know that it’s a really stupid idea NOT to put Cecilworth Farthington away when you’ve got the chance.  There was no way in hell I was going to give him fifteen extra seconds to recover just so you could tag in to ‘align the 4Z network.’  All I know is this… my goal was to stop The Board from getting a free run at the tag belts and that’s what I did.  That’s all I care about.

Joe pauses as the denizens of Section 214 roar their approval.

Joe Bergman: Why did you have to bring the unpleasant topic of my ex-wife Laura up, Darin?  Why did you need to go there since I seem to remember YOU recently kicked your ex-girlfriend and single mother Meredith Easton to the curb a few weeks back as a… and I’m quoting here… random act of douchebaggery.

Now, Section 214 rains down boos in response to Darin Zion’s random act of douchebaggery towards Meredith.

Joe Bergman: So Darin, get over yourself.  You should probably focus your attention on where it belongs- on Simon Sparrow tonight.

Again, Section 214 comes alive with applause.

Joe Bergman: And as for The Board and Lee? The Highwaymen are on to you.  We know you’re up to something so let us leave you with this thought.

Bergman steps back in line with the other Highwaymen and then continues.

Joe Bergman: Behold a pale horse.  The man who sat on him was Death…

Joe pauses for a beat and then finishes.

Joe Bergman: …and hell followed with him.

All four Highwaymen smile as we move on.


We cut backstage at the Best Arena, Blaire Moise stands next to the one, the only, the HOW Hall of Famer, Simon Sparrow. Simon is sporting a Stetson on head and a black and red checkered suit. In his hand he holds a poster in his hand promoting the ICON Championship between Tyler Best and “Jatt Starr”.

Blaire Moise: Jatt—

Simon Sparrow: Blaire, Blaire, Blaire! Stop right there! This right here….

The HOW Hall of Famer holds up the poster.

Simon Sparrow: …is a petty affront to me perpetrated by the Bests. They know damn well that I no longer utilize the name “Jatt Starr”. It represents that toxic, crooked, perverse side of me, that side of me that I do not wish to revive. The Ruler of Jaaaaaaa….you know what? I’m not giving them the satisfaction. Please refer to me as my preferred name.

Blaire Moise: Simon, last week you assaulted Tyler Best after his match against Steve Harrison. What everyone wants to know is “why”?

Simon Sparrow: I know. Poor, poor Tyler. It must have been a….

The Professor of Sparrowdynamics reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ziploc bag of hair. Presumably, Tyler Best’s hair.

Simon Sparrow: HAIR-rowing experience for him!

Simon lets out a hearty and overdramatic laugh before putting the baggie back inside his pocket.

Simon Sparrow: But, you wanted to know why. Well, let the Rembrandt of Wrestling paint you and everyone a little picture. Twenty years ago, I met Lee Best. He was as charismatic and gregarious as any one man could be. He saw something in me. He didn’t care that I ripped off the “Jatt Starr” name from some out of shape turd. He didn’t care that I was relatively inexperienced. He gave me a chance. And I always felt I owed him for that.

The HOW Hall of Famer stay silent for a moment then continues.

Simon Sparrow: And through the years, I did some things that I’m not proud of. Some pretty fucked up things. Hell, I stripped Sektor’s fiancee down to her bra and panties and hammered her skull in with a steel chair in the middle of the ring. And you know what? I don’t even remember her name.

Simon Sparrow crumples up the poster in his hand as he continues, looking disgusted.

Simon Sparrow: I did so much for Lee and he tossed me aside for his degenerate son. He ordered Mike to disfigure my wife. And as…angry…as I was….there was that lingering sense of loyalty to Lee….and I hated that about myself. Whether it’s doing some real sadistic shit or sucking up to him after what he did to my now ex-wife…I would drink until I passed out. Eventually, I woke up one day and didn’t recognize myself. I looked in the mirror and all I saw was every compromise, every rationalization, every lie I told myself….

The Professor of Sparrowdynamics seemingly gets lost in his thoughts. After a second or two, he clears his throat and looks over at Blaire.

Simon Sparrow: You want the “why”? There it is. Simply put, I hate them…Lee and Mike, the doddering old perverted prick and his wormy degenerate demon spawn. But then there’s Tyler….Look, it’s not his fault he has that Best poison running through his DNA….but it is his fucking fault for embracing it instead of succeeding in spite of it. Maybe if he did that, he wouldn’t have tripped over himself and had a big baby temper tantrum last week. And maybe I wouldn’t have a clump of hair in my pocket.

Blaire Moise: Tonight, you square off against your former protege, Darin Zion. What is your mindset going into this match?

Simon Sparrow: Yes, well, first of all, he’s gaining some momentum, he even earned a Tag Team Title shot with Joe Bergman last week and good on him. This match tonight, it’s another little torment the Bests have in store for me. Yeah, he’s a student of Sparrowdynamics but they’re probably also banking on the fact that he got fined because of me. However, while I did teach him everything he knows, I most certainly did not teach him everything I know. Tonight, Darin Zion, a man whom everyone mocks, has the opportunity to defeat his teacher. Sadly for him, he will do what he does best….fail and squander another opportunity.

The Rembrandt of Wrestling adjusts his Stetson and forces a crooked smile and faux Texas accent.

Simon Sparrow: Now, if you excuse me little lady, this old cowpoke’s got a showdown to get to.

Simon Sparrow saunters off as the scene ends and we hit our first commercial break of the evening.


Back from commercial, the sound of “HAPPY SONG” by Bring Me The Horizon begins to play from the PA system.

Joe Hoffman: We are ready for our second match of the night.

A leather jacket clad Darin Zion makes his way out on stage to a thunderous chorus of boos from the Chicago faithful in the building. Zion sneers at the Chicago crowd’s hatred being thrown in his direction.

Bryan McVay: From Crowd Point, Indiana, weighing in at 220lbs. He is the Vi-Zicene… Vi-Ziggy… Vi-gina-ary… uhhh.. Here is DARINNNN ZIONNNNN!!!

Darin marches his way down the ramp. The sheer mention of Zion’s name brings forth a louder chorus of boos from tonight’s sold out crowd. Zion shakes his head and ignores the fans who try to heckle him as he approaches the ringside area.

Joe Hoffman: Last week on Chaos One, Darin Zion teamed up with Joe Bergman to defeat Scottywood and Bobbinette Carey AND The Board’s Jace Parker Davidson and Cecilworth Farthington in a three-way tag team #1 contender’s match that saw Carey get thrown overboard by JPD after the match.  But as we saw this week, Darin’s none too happy with Bergman getting the submission on Farthington.

Zion steps through the ropes and enters the ring. Zion takes to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain.

“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Sir Simon Sparrow, sporting a red and black paid Stetson cowboy hat and a red bandana covering his face to go along with his red and black plaid suit (no dress shirt) and a monocle over his right eye.  He carries a walking cane, not for necessity but for aesthetics.  The Wabid Wabbit follows.  He too wears a Stetson and a bandana over his face.  His ears stick out from under the cowboy hat.

Bryan McVay: From Havre, Montana, weighing in at 220 pounds…SIR! SIIIIIIIMON! SPAAAAROOOOOW!

Once the Professor of Sparrow-dynamics rolls into the ring, he removes his hat, bandana, and suit jacket.  Sparrow carefully folds the jacket before handing it and the cane to the Wabid Wabbit.  The ring becomes illuminated in a teal light.  The HOW Classic walks up the ring steps and middle ropes and enters the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of last week, Simon Sparrow stunned everyone when he came out and attacked Tyler Best after Best’s successful ICON title defense over Steve Harrison.

Sir Simon Sparrow stands in the middle of the ring, all of the other lights go out save for one yellow spotlight in the middle of the ring where he stands, soaking in the cheers of his fans.  The spotlight fades the house lights come up and Sparrow heads towards corner and leans nonchalantly on the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Joe Hoffman: Zion and Sparrow used to be associated with each other.  Tonight, they are in opposite corners.

Referee Matt Boettcher does the obligatory pre-match check of both men.  Then he calls for the bell.


Sparrow and Zion circle.  Sparrow goes to lock up.  Zion dodges and lands a chop.  Sparrow flinches and then he chops Zion back.  Fast and furious, both men go back and forth delivering chop after chop.    Zion spins for another chop.  Sparrow braces himself. Zion jumps up- Sparrow blocks the rana.  Zion fires off right hands.  He hooks the arms- Sparrow slips out.  Body shot by Sparrow.  He sets for a suplex- ZION WITH A CRADLE.


T- Sparrow kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion with a very good counter and gets an early pinfall attempt on Simon Sparrow.

Zion sets.  SUPERKICK! Sparrow down! Zion goes for another cover.  Sparrow bails out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Simon’s going to go for a quick walk at ringside to rethink his strategy- HERE COMES ZION!

Zion runs the ropes and baseball slides through the ropes.  Sparrow alertly steps aside and Zion lands off balance on the floor.  Sparrow takes a waistlock.  Switch by Zion. Sparrow elbows out hard and Zion staggers back.  Sparrow goes to whip Zion into the steps.  Zion blocks.  He elbows Sparrow back.  Then Zion whips him into the steps.

Joe Hoffman: Zion again with the reversal and Simon Sparrow hits the steel ring steps hard.

Zion gets back in the ring.  He runs the ropes again.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Zion again.  Sparrow’s back in the apron!

Sparrow hammers Zion with a forearm shot.  Sunset flip over the top rope and he hooks the leg.


TW- Zion kicks out and rolls over.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion once again wrestling as if he’s trying to prove a point and this time Sparrow took advantage of it.

Sparrow drags Zion up and throws body shots. Sparrow sends Zion corner to corner- he follows and clotheslines Zion in the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Hard clothesline by Sparrow and now Zion’s in a little trouble.

Sparrow whips Zion the other way.  He runs in… SPLASH!  Zion driven into the corner turnbuckle hard and steps forward. Snapmare by Sparrow.  Basement dropkick takes Zion off his feet.  Roll up, high stack cover…


TWO- Zion kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: After weathering the early Zion offensive, Simon Sparrow has grabbed control of this match.

Sparrow drags Zion up. Zion kicks Sparrow to push him back.  Zion runs the ropes.  Sparrow clotheslines- Zion ducks.  *SMACK*

Joe Hoffman: ENZIGURI KICK BY ZION!  Sparrow’s dazed.

Sparrow stumbles back.  *SMACK*


Zion follows… *SMACK*


Sparrow topples to the mat.  Zion covers…


TWO… Sparrow gets a shoulder up to break the count.

Joe Hoffman: NO!  Sparrow breaks the count after taking three consecutive enziguris from Darin Zion.  Zion into the ropes and here he comes again.

Off the ropes, Zion leaps in the air- CROSSBODY.  Zion hooks the legs…



Joe Hoffman: Sparrow gets the shoulder up in time… HE POKES ZION IN THE EYE.

The poke to the eye slows Zion and Sparrow rolls out of the ring again to regroup.

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow looking for a time out on the floor but Zion’s going after him.

Zion also slides out of the ring and gives chase.  Sparrow cuts short what ends up being a very brief consultation with Wabid Wabbit and jumps back into the ring.  Zion climbs up to the top of the corner turnbuckle.  He leaps.  STARRLITE EXPRESS OUT OF NOWHERE!

Joe Hoffman: Simon Sparrow beat Zion to the ring and saw Zion climbing up the corner turnbuckle.  He just waited for Zion to jump into the air and timed his spear perfectly.

Cover by Simon.



Joe Hoffman: Sparrow had him but Zion had the presence of mind to grasp the bottom rope with his hand.

Sparrow questions Boettcher’s call but the referee is firm on what happened.

Joe Hoffman: The replay clearly shows Darin Zion grabbed the rope with his hand before Matt Boettcher completed the three count.

Shaking his head, Sparrow drags Zion back up and takes a chinlock.  Zion gets to the ropes again- Sparrow drags him back from the ropes while keeping the hold on.

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow stopped Zion from getting another ropebreak there and he’s trying to grind Darin down with the chinlock.

Sparrow then drags Darin to the corner and puts him into the Tree of Woe.

Joe Hoffman: What’s Simon Sparrow got in mind here?

Sparrow takes off across the ring and…


Joe Hoffman: ART STARR-KNEE!

The knee smash facebreaker hits clean and Zion collapses to the mat.  Cover.




Joe Hoffman: NO!  Somehow, Darin Zion gets his shoulder up in the nick of time!  But Zion’s in a world of hurt right now and Simon Sparrow is in complete control of this match.

Sparrow kicks and stomps away on Zion and drive him to the corner.  Sparrow digs his boots into Zion’s throat.

Joe Hoffman: Boot into Zion’s neck and Matt Boettcher immediately starts a five count.

Sparrow lets off at four.  Boettcher goes to reprimand Sparrow but he pushes past and drags Zion to the ring center.  He throws a heavy body shot and slaps on a chinlock.

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow looking to put Darin Zion away but- Zion escapes and he sends Sparrow to the ropes.


Joe Hoffman: OH!  BIG chop to Sparrow there!

Waistlock by Sparrow… GERMAN SUPLEX.  Zion up.

Joe Hoffman: Zion comes back to life and he’s looking for a- no, Sparrow sweeps his leg.

Sparrow stomps away on his fallen opponent after tripping him up.  Again, Zion’s alert to where he’s positioned and grabs the bottom rope.  Boettcher starts another count.  Sparrow stops at 4.

Joe Hoffman: Again, Simon Sparrow not making friends tonight with Matt Boettcher by waiting til four to break.

Sparrow climbs up to the top turnbuckle and gets set.  He leaps… BOOM.

Joe Hoffman: High risk high reward from Simon Sparrow with an elbow drop off the top rope.

Sparrow hooks a leg…


TWO… Zion kicks out.

Zion rocks Sparrow with a desperation right hand.

Joe Hoffman: Just when you think Zion’s done, he finds a way to come back and OH!

Eye poke by Sparrow.

Joe Hoffman: And that shuts down Zion’s comeback.

Sparrow shoves Darin back.  Fireman’s carry- GUTBUSTER BY SPARROW.  Cover…



TH- NO!  Zion just got the shoulder up late.

Joe Hoffman: High impact move by Simon Sparrow but Zion is somehow still in this match.  Sparrow looks to put an end to it!

Sparrow drags Zion towards a corner.  He goes up to the top of the corner again.  He leaps…





THR- NO!   Zion shoots the shoulder up and survives.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion just won’t give up.

Sparrow whips Zion to the ropes… ANOTHER STARRLITE EXPRESS!

Joe Hoffman: That spear by Sparrow nearly folded Zion in half.  Sparrow’s not wasting any more time and it’s Falling Starr time.

Zion’s then set up for Sparrow’s finisher… FALLING STARR!

Joe Hoffman: And that should do it.

Sparrow hooks a leg and high stacks Zion.





Joe Hoffman: SPARROW WINS!

Bryan McVay: Your winner at eleven minutes and fifty-seven seconds… SIR! SIIIIIIIMON! SPAAAAROOOOOW!

Boettcher raises Sparrow’s arm in victory.

Joe Hoffman: There you have it.  A good win here tonight for Simon Sparrow as he looks to get ready for Tyler Best at HOW’s upcoming pay per view show- Dead or Alive.  Let’s send it to the back.


We cut backstage where we see the QOE, Bobbinette Carey walking through the halls of the Best Arena. She’s in a black blazer with matching pants and a light pink button up blouse. Her hair is freshly done straightened with the bangs parted over her right eye. She has papers clenched in her fist as she makes her way to her destination. Her face seems filled with anger as she power walks like a woman on a mission. She reaches the locker room door of Jace Parker Davidson. The door is already adjar. She kicks the door the rest of the way open before barging in. Inside the locker room is JPD’s manager.

Bobbinette: You’re not him but just as good. This is the receipt for the dry clean of my gear from the salt water. This is the price of the hair blow out because of salt water and black woman hair don’t mix.

Madison, who jumped from the sudden kick of the door, looks Bobbinette up and down like she’s a crazy woman.

Madison: Have you ever heard of knocking?

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette: door was unlocked. You owe me $875.36

She says waving the receipts.

Bobbinette: you handle something of his, I’m sure you can Venmo me.

Madison places her hands on her hips and shakes her head slightly so that her purple hair isn’t in her eyes.

Madison: He has a name, so I suggest you respect that even if he isn’t in here at the moment. Now, as far as your “demands” go. Aren’t you a Hall of Famer? Do you not make a Hall of Fame salary? I am hard pressed to believe that someone that calls herself a Queen is strapped for money.

Bobbinette looks her up and down with a scoff.

Bobbinette: It’s the principal of the matter. principles and morals something he’s devoid of and I was hoping you had some of yourself.

Bobbinette says slapping the receipts in Madison’s hand.

Bobbinette: You better try Jesus not me…

Her cheeks start to turn red as her eyes form a glare.

Madison looks at the receipts in her hand then back up at the Hall of Famer.

Madison: Principles and Morals? So, did you pay for Scottywood’s therapy session when you screwed him out of the HOW World Championship belt? Did you pay for the pain and suffering you caused Shane Reynolds when you screwed him over at War Games? Or is this just some sad attempt by you to get money out of a man that you feel slighted you on live television? Embarrassment isn’t something you can’t just demand financial compensation for here. Or did you forget exactly how this company works?

Madison waves the receipts in her hand as she cocks her head at Carey.

Madison: You know what? I think that was too high of a level of speaking for you to understand. Allow me to show you personally what Jace would do and how I feel about your precious receipts.

Madison raises the receipts up to Bobbinette’s face and begins to tear them into large chunks slowly. Bobbinette starts laughing as she looks at what Madison is doing to her receipts. Her hand turns into a fist as she pops Madison in the face. Madison stumbles back as Bobbinette grabs her by the hair and runs her head first into one of the lockers in the room. Madison stumbles backwards as Bobbinette clubs Madison in the back of the head with a heavy lariat, taking the petite girl off of her feet and down to the cold, hard concrete of the floor.

Bobbinette: This could have gone easier if you would have watched your mouth. JPD isn’t here to help you now, is he?

Bobbinette laughs looking down at her. Madison is on the floor in pain groaning, Bobbinette grabs a steel chair as Madison is prone on her stomach holding the back of her head. Bobbinette slams it down on Madison’s back. Madison rolls over and arches her back as she cries out in pain.

Bobbinette: That’s your receipt for the shit you pulled at ringside a few weeks ago.

Bobbinette looks around the room and grabs a steel chair. She opens the chair and places the chair over top of Madison causing the metal bar that connects the two front legs of the chair against her neck. Bobbinette sits on the chair looking at her. Madison is struggling to breathe as Bobbinette applies pressure to the chair with her body weight which only makes getting oxygen to Madison’s lungs that much more difficult.

Bobbinette: This is a teachable moment, you talked mess to somebody who has no problem hitting you in the face. You’re welcome for this education. So, I’m glad you’re paying attention now because I will not be doing this again with such a delicate touch. Next time I’ll do far worse damage.

Madison passes out from the lack of air causing Bobbinette to get up off the chair. We can see she’s still breathing even though she lost consciousness. Bobbinette picks up what is left of the receipts and tosses them down onto Maddison’s body. Bobbinette smirks at her handiwork then fixes her hair in a mirror inside of the room before walking away from the carnage she just caused without a care.


As the image fades to elsewhere in the arena we see Blaire Moise with Scott Stevens who is prepared for war.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Scott Stevens.

There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Stevens casually lowers the hood on his new 97 Red ring jacket and ominous circular 97 Red Sunglasses appear with a sinister grin plastered to his face.

Scott Stevens: That’s right Blaire; these people are in the House of Best and they are about to bear witness to a great sacrifice in just a short while as I bleed the sacrilege out of that false prophet Xander Azula.

Stevens turns towards the camera and lowers his glasses.

Scott Stevens: GOD doesn’t like blasphemers in his House Xander and that will be rectified tonight.

Stevens slides the glasses back up before turning his attention back to Blaire.

Blaire Moise: Looks like you’ve fully embraced the gimmick, haven’t you?

Blaire looks at Stevens new gear which is adorned in 97 Red but the imagery is of a stained glass window on the jacket with what appears to be the infamous blood shot eyes of Lee Best. His pants have the same image with WWLBD as well.

Scott Stevens: Gimmick?

Stevens lowers his glasses.

Scott Stevens: Speaking that way in the House of Best can be considered heresy.

Stevens reaches into his vest and pulls out his PRIME colored ballpoint pen and Blaire takes a step back.

Scott Stevens: However, you do good work for GOD and you are just doing your job.

Stevens places the pen back into his vest pocket.

Scott Stevens: Ever since I heard the voice of GOD need me at War Games I have embraced the way of 97 Red. It’s taken almost a decade of stubbornness to finally realize that GOD is correct and I have been a lost sheep that he’s been trying to guide but refusing.

Blaire Moise: I see.

Blaire says with a sigh of relief.

Scott Stevens: A lot of people call themselves Gods, Titans, Monsters, Murders, and Anti- Christs, but I don’t need to pay seven bucks to buy a license for a makeshift church or brand my body with art that probably came out of a children’s coloring book. Tonight, I will show Xander what real god like power is when I invoke HIS name and I may finish him off with a knee because my knee is better than a Best.

Stevens turns and walks out of frame as the image fades to commercial.


Back live from commercial and suddenly the arena lights go off. The High Octane Vision flicks on.

White background, black text. The words appear in a randomized order.


Fire shoots from below, slowly burning most of the words away.


Additional letters replace what has been lost.


Once again, fire emerges from the bottom of the screen and burns everything in sight.


The video screen turns off, the lights go back on and Chaos continues on…


As the cryptic video ends we once again cut backstage where we see Bobbinette Carey with a smirk on her face as she walks into the locker room of her best friend fellow hall of famer Scottywood.

Bobbinette: Scooter!! Hey.

She doesn’t go inside the locker room but stands on the edge we don’t actually see anyone inside as she looks from side to side.

Bobbinette: Yeah I had to get my hair done and stuff  thanks for throwing my stuff over. See I’m not crazy I needed my life vest.

She says in a matter of fact tone before walking to the side of door her head looking from side to side .

Bobbinette: I just came to wish you luck against Clay and to let you know I unfortunately won’t be at ringside. Long story short…

She crosses her arms in front of her with a sigh.

Bobbinette: I may have pissed off JPD though.

She says in a matter of fact tone with a smirk.

Bobbinette: Oh I completely mollywhopped her ass. She came at me side was and I told her “try Jesus don’t try me.”  so… we had a “teachable moment.”

She uses air quotes while talking outside his locker room

Bobbinette: I am just checking on my oldest dearest friend and letting you know I am okay and alive and good luck tonight. You have a main event to win.

She says sitting down giving him the thumbs up inside the locker room.

She gets a text and looks down at her phone.

Bobbinette: So I’m going to go.. but good luck tonight Scooter.

Instead of walking back to her locker room she walks the opposite way down the Halls making sure to check all around her before she arrives at an unmarked locker room and knocks on the door before walking in and closing the door behind her as we cut back to ringside.


We cut back live inside the arena and to our Hall of Fame commentator Joe Hoffman who is ready to set the stage for our next match..

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone and it is time for our HOFC Fight of the evening. Xander Azula is a man on a mission. The end game of that mission remains a mystery, but one thing is for certain– Xander is walking the Unsanctioned Path. After failing to go all the way in the tournament for the HOFC Championship in 2021, Xander Azula became lost in the shuffle here in HOW… but let me assure you, the man that you’re about to see is anything but lost.

The whistling intro of “Engel” plays over the PA system, setting the crowd off in a chorus of boos as Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle disciples step out onto the stage, surveying the crowd with a gleeful grin. The crowd show their disdain for Xander and his crew, who simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they head toward the cage, which has been constructed off to one side of the ramp for tonight’s show.

Joe Hoffman: Brian Hollywood is in the rearview mirror of Xander Azula, who tonight looks to cash in the second of his three contracted HOFC fights against a man who is no stranger to the division himself– Scott Stevens.

Xander directs his disciples to circle around the cage, as he steps inside of the steel and takes his corner. Immediately, “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams replaces the music on the sound system, heralding the arrival of HOW Hall of Famer Scott Stevens as he makes his way out from behind the curtain and onto the stage.

Joe Hoffman: Like him or not, Scott Stevens’ return to High Octane Wrestling has been a successful one thus far. Evening out the odds for this year’s War Games event, it’s hardly a stretch to say that his involvement may have helped secure a victory for Team Board. Tonight, he’ll be looking to carry that momentum forward in an HOFC challenge against Xander Azula… but he’s got his work cut out for him.

Stevens steps into the cage, ignoring the many minions of Xander Azula as he takes his corner. HOFC referee Rick Stevens closes and locks the cage, going over the rules of the match. Once both men have nodded their heads and confirmed that they’re ready to fight, Rick calls for the bell– he sets the three minute timer, and this one is underway.


Both men step toward the middle of the ring, staring down in the center of the cage.

Joe Hoffman: A calm before the storm. And the oddest sense of Deja Vu.

Both men begin to circle in the center of the ring, feeling one another out in the opening seconds of the contest. With three total rounds, there’s no reason to rush. Azula feigns a punch, but for some reason, Stevens doesn’t guard– he pops to one side and throws a counter, blasting Xander in the side of the head and staggering him back with a HUGE haymaker!

Stevens looks proud of himself, but Azula is livid. He charges in guns blazing, pinning Stevens to the cage and barraging him with fists against the steel. The crowd is buzzing as Azula tees off on his opponent, ready for war as Rick Stevens watches for a flash knockout in the first round!

Joe Hoffman: The gloves are off, so to speak, and this one is an all out brawl! A lot of history in this match if you do the math, folks.

Jockeying for position, Stevens covers up as Xander tries to pull him down to the floor, the weight of his blows coming down on the shoulders and collar bone of his opponent. The fists become elbows, as he drives them 12-6 style down onto Stevens, who is trying to keep covered up. Xander rains strikes down onto the Hall of Famer, but time is running down on the round– three minutes goes by quickly when both men are fighting for the slightest advantage.

Xander brings down the mightiest elbow of them all, aiming for the top of Stevens’ skull, but Stevens is ready for it! He snaps, grabbing hold of the arm and applying a kimura, hoping to end the onslaught and maybe even the match!

Rick Stevens leans in as Azula screams, fighting against the clock and the knowledge that he could have his arm broken here tonight. Rick asks if he’s going to submit…

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God, Stevens has it! IN THE FIRST ROUND, AZULA CAN’T ESCAPE!


The crowd is on their feet, not believing what they’ve just seen as Stevens aggressively releases the hold, pushing Xander off of him and throwing his arms in the air. He looks exhausted, having used up all of his energy defending himself, and throwing everything he had left into that submission hold.

Immediately, Xander Azula climbs back to his feet, holding his arm and looking enraged. He begins to argue with Rick Stevens that he never submitted, and that the outcome of the match is bullshit. Rick Stevens doesn’t argue, though– he nods his head in agreement, and points to the timer.

Joe Hoffman: …no way. THE MATCH ISN’T OVER! He didn’t tap out, the time expired! THE BELL RANG BECAUSE TIME EXPIRED!

The roar of the crowd is palpable, as everyone has the realization at the same time. Stevens’ eyes grow wide, as he realizes he’s going into the second round with his gas tank nearly empty, but Xander Azula isn’t much better off. He spent the entire first round on offense, and now both men are sucking air as they take their corners and prepare for round two.

And round two comes quickly.


Moving slower now, there isn’t a lot of room to make a mistake in round two of this matchup. The competitors meet in the center of the cage, and this time it’s Azula who throws the first right hand. Stevens throws one back, and Azula answers. And another, and another, the crowd getting more invested in each blow thrown. They’re slow and slow and sloppy, but both men are running on pure adrenaline at this point after trying to rush to seal the match up in one round.

Joe Hoffman: One thing is for sure, no matter who wins this match, these men both gave their absolute all here tonight and we’re only in round two. Both of these men should be proud of their efforts.

Stevens connects hard, reeling Xander backward, but Azula connects just as hard on his way back, staggering the Hall of Famer. Blow after blow, both men are desperate for an advantage, and finally it’s Stevens who finds one. He shoots in on Xander, driving him by the legs back into the cage for a clinch. He smashes Xander’s back into the steel before throwing him sideways with an impromptu takedown, raining down punches onto the unprotected skull of his opponent!

Stevens pulls Xander up by the hair, smashing his skull backward onto the canvas. Azula is seeing stars now, as Rick Stevens steps in to make sure that no one is going to get more injured than necessary in the case of a knockout.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens is running on nothing but heart right now. Burning oxygen. But he needs this victory as badly as Azula does, and this one is all about pride.

With all the force he can muster, Xander Azula reaches up and grabs the back of Scott Stevens’ neck, holding his face in place. He rears back, and and like a man fucking possessed, drives the point of his forehead into the bridge of Stevens’ skull, colliding with a CRUSHING headbutt and sends Stevens’s down like he’s been shot. The crowd explodes for the manuever, not having expected it, and now Rick Stevens leans down to check on the Scorpion, who has his eyes glazed over like he’s in a fucking coma!

But Azula isn’t done.

He shoves the HOFC referee out of the way before he can confirm the kill, picking Stevens up off the mat and setting him up on wobbling legs. Azula steadies his feet, sizing up his odds, and then rails forward with a spinning backfist that sends Stevens to the mat in a lifeless heap! IT CONNECTS!



…too late.


Hoffman isn’t wrong. Just a millisecond before Stevens was about to call for a knockout, Azula’s insistence on putting a stamp on it allowed the round to expire, rendering the knockout inconsequential. Azula is absolutely furious, shoving Rick Stevens backward and arguing that the match should be over. Just like in the previous round, one man has literally been saved by the bell, but this time Azula is paying for hubris.

The HOFC referee forces Azula into his corner, as medical attendants look at the bridge of Stevens’ nose. He’s gushing blood out onto the mat from the gash left by Azula’s headbutt, but it’s only served to piss him off. One round remains in this match, and now it’s time to end it all.


Seemingly having the same idea, both men charge the center of the cage at the same time to begin the round, looking to expend the last of their energy and just end the damned thing. What isn’t expected, though, is that Xander Azula leaps into the air, feigning a right flying knee… but throwing with his left! He connects with the center of Stevens’ head, in a moment that will probably stay with both of them for the remainder of their careers, and Stevens is splayed out on the mat like a fucking murder victim.

Xander Azula has done it. He has knocked Scott Stevens out.

And he did it with a running knee.

Joe Hoffman: That’s it, folks. It HAS to be over. Oh my GOD!

Rick Stevens calls for the bell, and this one is official.

Xander Azula is 2-0 on his Unsanctioned Path.


Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner in the third round…. XANDER… AAAAAAAZUUUUUUULA!

Rick Stevens raises the arm of the victor, but something in the eyes of Xander doesn’t look satisfied. He pulls away from the referee, snarling as he wordlessly makes his way to the cage, done with this match and ready to get the fuck out of the cage. Whatever is going on in his mind, we haven’t heard the last about it.


The cameras follow Azula as takes his leave from cageside…grabbing a microphone from a crewmember on his way up the entrance ramp. He turns his attention toward the crowd inside the Best Arena, motioning toward the HOFC cage with a smirk on his face.

Xander Azula: Well there ya go, Chicago. Scott Stevens, your HOW Hall of Famer, battered and bruised for the whole world to see.

This gets an oddly mixed reaction from the Best Arena crowd, though largely NOT in favor of the attitude shown by the second-year rookie of High Octane Wrestling. Azula pays little mind to the crowd noise, however, pressing on with what he has to say.

Xander Azula: For months I’ve been trying to earn even a modicum of respect from people in this company, and it is clearly hard to come by. If I can’t earn it with a great performance in the ring or the cage, then you’d best believe I’ll go beating it out of people. Hollywood was the first, Stevens was next, and now…my eyes are on the prize.

Xander turns his attention toward the stage, a symbol of looking to those who can make his next statement possible.

Xander Azula: I am asking…in fact, I’m beggin’ like Keith Sweat…for a spot at Dead or Alive, a chance to earn my respect around here the only way I know how. I’ll even use my final HOFC fight on the contract if I have to, you just say the word.

With that, Xander drops the microphone before heading up the ramp as we cut to commercial.



We come back from a commercial break to the backstage area of The Best Arena here in Chicago. The camera focuses on different HOW stagehands and officials running off in various directions in a panic. They all seem to be running away from something or someone as loud noises and things crashing can be heard echoing throughout the backstage area. The source can be seen as HOW Hall of Famer and Board member Jace Parker Davidson is stalking throughout the backstage area in a fit of rage.

Jace goes and knocks over any and everything in his lining the walls that isn’t nailed down. Even some of the staff members who don’t head for the hills get grabbed by Jace and flung into a nearby wall. Jace continues on throughout the hallways of The Best Arena until he reaches the catering area. The whole space seems to be empty except for one person. Well, correction, it’s empty except for one man that personifies the term #BEEFSELLS. The camera quickly pans over to see the massive back of the muscular LSD Champion STRONK Godson. STRONK Daddy can be seen seated in front of the catering table.

However, he’s not seated at a table with a plate of food. He’s not just seated in front of a particular item in the catering lineup. STRONK is seated in front of the entire selection of the catering display for the evening. The LSD Champion is shoveling massive amounts of meat into his mouth and anything else that isn’t a vegetable. He seems oblivious to the commotion or the fact that Jace has entered the catering area. Jace marches over into STRONK’s line of vision and begins pacing back and forth.

JPD: The nerve of that bitch! Just who does Bobbinette Carey think she is? She wants to be mad at me? ME?! Why? Because last week aboard the U.S.S Octane after the triple threat tag team match she came after me. Oh, is this the classic Carey selective memory?! I was done, I carried that match for The Board and I wasn’t about to drag someone that didn’t want to be here to the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts.

Jace grabs a nearby chair and tosses it off into the distance.

JPD: The match was over but NO! She had to come at me with a goddamn Kendo Stick. Like I’m involved in her and Scottywood’s sick little masochist sex play. SHE hit ME with a shot to the back, so what was I supposed to do? Turn around and say “Please Ma’am, may I have another?” Fuck that noise. I tossed her Shamu looking ass overboard into the water. I mean… let’s not forget she had on a fucking life jacket. And it’s not like Scottywood didn’t toss her all the other unnecessary crap that she wore to the ring. Not my fault she came out for that match looking like a big ass fucking toddler ready for their first day at the beach.

Jace tosses his arms into the air in frustration as STRONK continues devouring everything on the table in front of him.

JPD: Should be a non-issue but nope, Bob gonna Bob. She has the nerve to burst into my locker room and get into an altercation with Madison. She came into my dressing room looking for me but when I wasn’t there she decided to take out her frustrations on Madison. She left her choked out in the middle of the floor but I don’t care about that. Madison will live. What pisses me off is her reason for even being in my dressing room. She brought receipts, literal fucking receipts!

Jace lowers his head and looks down at his own palms as he makes his way around the table and closer to STRONK.

JPD: Receipts for damage to her gear and to her hair. What?! Do I look like her motherfucking Sugar Daddy?! Does she not make a HOW Hall of Famer salary? What kind of SIMP ass son of bitch does she think I am if she expects me to get her hair did? Just because she has Scottywood on a goddamn leash barking at every single person that doesn’t sit down to pee that comes within a 50 mile radius of her. My balls are definitely not inside of her magenta colored purse. She’s up to something. Wanting me to pay for her trivial expenses, buying you that half of a cow.

Jace pauses for a moment as his eyes widen. Realization hits him as he crouches down so that he is eye level with STRONK.

JPD: I bet she’s tired of being weighed down to that anchor known as Scottywood. Maybe she’s finally opened her eyes to see how worthless he is a tag team partner. Ever since you got Shelley to make that tweet about how she could be a kept woman she’s completely changed her tune. She saw STRONKUMMS taking off, she saw that you got your big raise to 97K a year and congrats by the way.

Jace reaches up and pats STRONK on one of his massive shoulders but nothing can stop the LSD Champion from the buffet (or snack if you asked him) in front of him.

JPD: She’s a fucking gold digging bitch. Bobbinette Carey is trying to hitch a ride on our way to the top. She’s trying to put a wedge between you and me so that she can cash in on the STRONKUMMS gravy train.

The mention of gravy makes STRONK’s head perk right up from his meal as he acknowledges the presence of Jace for the first time.

JPD: You can’t let her weasel her way into your life STRONK Daddy. All she ever does is get close to people then turn on them when it’s convenient for her. She doesn’t care about you, she doesn’t even respect you. That half of a cow she sent you was just something for her to use to get on your good side. Remember when you tried to woo her before? She completely rejected you. It’s only now that we have the STRONKUMMS brand, that you’ve become the LSD Champion, which is something she couldn’t accomplish at War Games, that she has suddenly become interested in you. STRONK Daddy, you can’t fall for it, no… WE will not fall for it. I got your back Champ, that bitch is going down… and not in the fun, happy way!

Jace straightens up and marches off with a new found determination. STRONK lowers his head in thought. Conflicted on whether he should see the kindness in Carey or believe his friend. Then again, this is STRONK. He’s probably just disappointed that he was promised gravy and there is none to be found. The LSD Champion shakes his head and goes back to eating as we head off to something else going down.


The action………. It’s back to ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Well, folks, next up we…

Hoffman is immediately cut off as the crowd begins to to pick up. From out of the back, down the entrance ramp with no music is a very pissed off Steve Solex. He stomps up the stairs with each loud footstep serving as a warning shot. Solex isn’t one hundred percent either as the crowd can clearly see the wrap and tape and stitched closing up the cuts and gashes that America opened up on him.

The crowd makes some noise as more and more of the fans realize Solex is out here.

He goes to the side and snatched a microphone from one of the ringside attendants.

Joe Hoffman: This is not going to go well. You have to believe that Steve Solex is not at all happy with how the ending of Chaos went down, with Christopher America retaining the World Championship.


Solex begins pacing in the ring waiting for America but no one comes out.

Steve Solex: Hurry up, I don’t have all fucking day!

Still nothing.

Steve Solex: Would it help if I promise not to fuck you up the moment you show your face?

But after a few more seconds, still no one arrives.

Solex stops pacing and brings the microphone back up.

Steve Solex: It figures. Our World Champion, ladies and gentlemen! A man so fucking cowardly, he doesn’t want to show his face out here. Because he knows, if he does show his face, you’re going to see the damage I inflicted on his hypocritical ass!

You think I look bad? No. You haven’t seen America yet. I bet he looks like a fucking mummy, all wrapped up in bandages, begging for help from anyone that will…

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor hits and the crowd erupt into a chorus of boos. After a few moments of delay, building the tension, America walks out clutching the World Championship tightly to his chest, petting his precious title with a hand also holding a microphone.

America looks like a child’s art project — a mess of glue, stitching and tape. As America smiles at the site of Solex, he moves his jaw left to right, licking his teeth, as if he can still feel the stiffness from Solex’s shots

Joe Hoffman: In my opinion, that title is becoming more and more like water for America. With each match, the tighter he grabs a hold of it, the more it seems to be slipping out of his reach.

As the music dies down, America chuckles to himself.

Christopher America: Hey, Steve! Long time, no see! Someone in the back said you were looking for me.

Cockily, arrogantly America begins walking down the ramp.

Christopher America: Let me guess, Steve. The Highwaymen kicked you out after another loss? They replaced you with…. Hmmm… let’s see… who’s washed up and stupid enough to take on The Board? Ooohhh! Kostoff, right?

America now walks up the steps and enters the ring.

Christopher America: Or maybe you want to learn the secret to winning and want to sit at my learning tree? That’s it, isn’t it?

Solex smiles briefly before getting serious.

Steve Solex: Interrupt me again and I’ll give you a broken neck to go with your broken nose. Understand that the only reason I don’t beat your ass right now is because I want something from you.

The crowd pops as America’s smile falls. He looks irritated at both Solex and the crowd.


Steve Solex: I’m going to make this real simple. Cut the bullshit. Quit playing games. Give me what I want!

America tilts his head back in surprise and purses his lips.

Christopher America: That’s it? That’s what you called me out here for?

Solex stares a hole into America.

Christopher America: Give you what you want?! You’re in no position to make demands of me or anyone else.

The crowd boos but America ignores them.

Christopher America: You seem to forget that you’ve had your chanceS. Hear the emphasis on the ‘s’? As in plural? You lost at War Games. You lost in the HOFC cage. That means that you… go to the back of the fucking line, dipshit!

You aren’t getting another shot at #97Red. Besides, Steve, don’t you think you’ve embarrassed this country enough?

America laughs tauntingly while the crowd “oooohs”. Solex breaks eye contact with America and looks out into the crowd. He smiles at the jab.

Christopher America: I know what you want to happen but here’s what’s GOING to happen.

I’m going to leave the ring and do what I’ve been doing for most of the day today. I’m going to scout who should be my next worthy opponent. I’ve heard there are some nice trainees down at TEN-X that are looking for their big break and I want to help them. What better way to do that then test them out in the main event at Dead or Alive in the HOFC cage?

So if you’ll excuse me, the reigning Wrestler of the Month is DONE with you.

America begins to leave the ring as Solex turns to look at America. America turns his back and walks back up the ramp. The crowd’s boos grow louder with some tossing cups and used napkins at America.

Steve Solex: That’s it?

America continues walking.

Steve Solex: You’re walking out a failure?

The camera catches America shrugging off the thinly veiled goading.

Steve Solex: After all, you didn’t deliver on your promise to her!

Where’s my head on the platter?

Why haven’t you delivered?

America stops in his tracks and turns towards Solex.

Christopher America: What did you say?

Steve Solex: You heard me! I watched Chaos back and I saw your little promo. You promised her!

Solex points at the HOW World Championship.

Steve Solex: You promised her my head on a platter and you haven’t fucking delivered.

It’s still attached and I’m still standing here ready to beat your ass again!

What did you take from me? Maybe some drops of blood? A little bit of dignity? That’s enough? I thought she wanted more.

America cocks his head as if listening to the championship.

His face is now a full on scowl as America’s grip on the title grows tighter, the leather strap now visibly bending in his hand.

Steve Solex: You gave me an opportunity at the World Championship in the HOFC cage. Well now it is my turn to give you an opportunity. You want to finish me off? Fine. I’ll give you the opportunity to do something you have never done before.

America listens, as if intrigued.

Steve Solex: War Games? HOFC? There’s been no pins, no tap outs. All your draft dodging ass has done is outlast me.


I’m going to give you the chance to BEAT me. To pin me or make me submit. Once and for all. And it should be easy, you did it unofficially in the HOFC cage, right? Simple as that?

America looks out into the crowd who begin cheering at the desire for one more match.


America raises the microphone and speaks with disdain.

Christopher America: We’re listening.

Steve Solex: In Tombstone, Arizona, at Dead or Alive. It’s going to be Steve Solex vs Christopher America for the HOW World Championship.

And here’s the kicker.

If you want to satisfy her, you’re going to need the means to do it, right?

So you want weapons? You got them.

No disqualifications? No problem.

No count outs? I hate them too.

War Games and HOFC cages? Too confining.

The only way to win? Pinfall or Submission.

And those pinfalls or submissions?


The crowd roars with each new stipulation.

America feels the gaze of the crowd as if looking for his response. America continues to pet the championship, thinking, before nodding and smiling.

Christopher America: Good idea. You know, I have it in my contract that my World Championship defenses are supposed to be in HOFC matches. To give that up and give you the match that you want… well… that puts me at a severe disadvantage.

So, we’ve decided that the only way we will agree to all of your terms is if you agree to only ONE of ours.

Steve Solex: Name it, douchebag.

America’s smiling facade drops for a brief moment when provoked before reasserting itself on his face. The crowd pops for Solex’s jab.

Christopher America: If I win, Steve Solex, so long as I am HOW World Champion, you will… NEVER… challenge me for the World Championship… again!

America flips his microphone as Solex instantly responds.

Steve Solex: Done.

“Dad Vibes” by Limp Bizkit plays as Solex incites the crowd while America points and trash talks Solex before hoisting the World Championship above his head.

Joe Hoffman: My God, it’s happening again!







We’ll be right back!


Back live from our final commercial break and “Beg” by Seether begins to play from the P.A. as the Hardcore Artist makes his way out from behind the curtain. He hoists his hockey stick into the air as the fans in the best arena cheer the hall of famer out to the ring. A few Blackhawks chants break out, but nothing catches hold as the music and cheers drown them out.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for the main event for the High Octane Television Championship and here comes the challenger!

Scotty marches down to the ring. He throws his hockey stick under the ring and slides in under the bottom rope.

Brian McVay: Introducing first! He is the challenger!!

The crowd cheers.

Brian McVay: He is from New York City!

Suddenly the crowd turns on him, but Scotty can do nothing but smile as his introduction continues.

Brian McVay: He stands six-feet, five inches tall and weighed in at 265 pounds! He is the Hardcore Artist…..SCOOOOTTTTTYYYYYYYWOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!

The cheers momentarily return as Scotty throws two fists in the air.

Joe Hoffman: Should be quite the match up here tonight. These two competitors went at it only 51 days ago, but this time it’s for the HOTv Championship. Scottywood was unsuccessful against Clay Byrd that night, but something tells me this one might go a bit differently here tonight!

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. Clay appears through fog on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the champion!

My Gun is loaded it’s getting time Two shots of whiskey i’m takin’ what’s mine Ain’t what you’re sayin it’s what you do Your time has come boy i’m Gunnin for You When hell is rainin down you’ll see my face won’t heara sound You’ll feel that bullet burnin through Take your last breath boy I’m Gunnin for You Clay begins his slow walk down the ramp.

Brian McVay: And now, the champion!

His eyes are fixed on Scottywood in the ring, and he trudges on. Not paying any notice to any of the fans in attendance. There’s desperation deep in your eyes No turnin back now no compromise Cause only one of us walks out that door The other bleedin out on the floor Clay walks up the steps, and climbs into the ring.

Brian McVay: He stands six-feet-seven inches, and weighed in at 295 pounds! He is from Plainview, Texas and is one half of the HOW Tag Team Champions! Ladies and gentlemen, the High Octane Televsion Champion…CLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY BYYYYYYYYRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDD!!!!

Joe Hoffman: The tension in this ring could be cut with a knife!

Scottywood snarls as he stares across the ring at the current HOTv champion, chomping at the bit, waiting for the bell to ring. Clay Byrd smirks as he stares right back at the challenger and takes the championship belt off of his shoulder and hands it over to referee Matt Boettcher. Boettcher holds the belt up high, presenting it to the rabid Chicago crowd to a fury of cheers.

Joe Hoffman: That’s what it’s all about tonight folks, the HOTv Championship! Clay Byrd won the Championship at War Games when he pinned the cash cow STRONK.

Boettcher leans over the top rope and hands the championship belt off to a member of the ringside crew and immediately calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Here we go!

Scottywood wastes no time and charges in after the champion. Scotty reaches out to get a handle on Byrd, but The Monster from Plainview ducks underneath which puts Scotty face to face with the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: OH! A clubbing forearm from Clay Byrd to the back of Scottywood! And the Hardcore Artist is down!

Scotty crumbles down to a knee, but Byrd doesn’t follow up and instead he mockingly allows Scotty to recover. Scotty shakes it off and uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. Clay paces the ring, waiting for Scotty to get back in the fight.

Joe Hoffman: A little bit of a mental game here from the champion.

Scotty refocuses and once again stares down the champion. Scotty moves to the center of the ring, as does Byrd. The two men lock up. The size difference between the two men isn’t as drastic as Clay Byrd is used to, but he still has no trouble pushing Scottywood backward into the corner. With a hand under Scotty’s chin, Byrd pushes the challenger’s head back as the referee begins a count of five.




Clay relents and breaks the hold but not before putting a well-placed forearm into the chest of Scottywood. Clay quickly secures a headlock on the challenger and pulls him from the corner. Clay cinches the hold in tight and drags Scotty down to a knee.

Joe Hoffman: While Clay might not have much of a size advantage here, he definitely has the strength to keep Scottywood down!

Scotty throws a few punches up to the head of the champion, but Byrd is able to avoid any damage. The punches, however, throw Byrd off balance enough for Scotty to get to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood pushes Clay off the ropes! Shoulder tackle! Both men stay standing!

Scotty stares at the behemoth with a smirk as Clay becomes visibly frustrated.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty stands tall like a brick wall! That is not something that Byrd is used to!

Clay hits the rope again and charges in with another shoulder tackle, but the Hardcore Artist side steps it and sends Clay Byrd over the top rope. The crowd goes wild as the near-three-hundred pounder thuds against the outside floor.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that to Clay Byrd!

Scotty doesn’t waste any time and slides under the bottom rope to the outside. Scotty stands over the champ and begins to stomp on Byrd’s chest repeatedly.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood is definitely trying to win the belt here! He’s relentless with those boots!

The Best Arena crowd goes wild as the challenger jaw jacks and continues his assault by going knee-on-belly with a couple of stiff right hands. Clay covers up, but one gets through and it seemingly knocks Clay for a loop as the champ’s eyes appear to go blank.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd is in real trouble here!

Scotty lifts the champ up and sneaks in one more right hand that knocks Byrd backward against the ring apron.

Joe Hoffman: OH! A running knee into the gut of Byrd, and the champ is doubled-over!


Joe Hoffman: SDT! On the outside floor!

Scotty drives the champ headfirst into the outside floor with the Spiked Evenflow DDT.

Joe Hoffman: What a sickening sound, I think the champ might be out!

Scotty rolls Byrd into the ring and immediately makes the cover. Boettcher slides in for the count just on time…


Joe Hoffman: KICKOUT! HOLY SHIT! The Monster from Plainview kicks out at one after the SDT!!!!

The crowd, once on the side of The Hardcore Artist, pops big time for the kickout at only the count of one…like only a Chicago crowd can.


The chants from the crowd echo throughout the arena as Scottywood sits in the center of the ring in absolute disbelief.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood can’t believe it! He makes another cover, this time he hooks both legs!



Joe Hoffman: The champion kicks out at two!

Scotty argues with the referee, but Boettcher shows two hall of fame fingers at the pierced anarchist.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd kicked out, but the champion is in deep trouble here!

Scotty backs off and perches himself on the second rope. Clay struggles to his feet, deliriously stumbling toward the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Flying clothesline from Scottywood, and the champion is down again!

Scotty rushes over to make another cover.




Joe Hoffman: Scottywood was half a tick away from becoming the new HOTv Champion right there!

Scotty again argues with the referee, but gets the same response as before.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood pulls Clay up to his feet. What else can he do to keep the champion down!?

Scotty sends Byrd into the ropes with an Irish whip and goes for a dropkick, but Clay Byrd is able to side-step what would have been a couple of perfectly targeted boots and the Hardcore Artist slams violently into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: An awkward landing for Scottywood, but Clay Byrd – still on wobbly legs – stumbles into the ropes.

Clay tries to shake the cobwebs off and slowly marches toward his fallen opponent.

Joe Hoffman: OH! Big time elbow drop from the champion right into the back of Scottywood’s neck!

Clay unusually leaves his feet voluntarily but it pays off as he flattens Scotty into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: No cover from the champ and he pulls the challenger to his feet.

Byrd lands a couple of right hands, but he’s seemingly still dazed from the SDT drops down to a knee as Scotty stumbles backward into the corner. Clay shoves a thumb in his own temple, as he continues to try and shake it off.


The crowd erupts as the champion sprints his big body into Scotty and flattens the Hardcore Artist in the corner. Scotty stumbles out from the corner and Clay hits the ropes…

Joe Hoffman: THE TEXAS LARIAT!!!!!!



A sidekick to the head puts Clay Byrd flat on his back in the middle of the ring. Scotty stumbles back and stalks his opponent from the corner, waiting for the big man to get to his feet. And just when he does, Scotty puts a boot right into his midsection, doubling the champion over.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood sets the champion up for GAME MISCONDUCT!!!

But Clay is able to use his weight to wiggle out of the fireman’s carry and down to his feet. Clay then pushes Scotty into the ropes and spikes Scottywood down into the mat with a perfectly executed spinebuster.

Joe Hoffman: What a spinebuster from the champ! This is quite back and forth we have here! There’s no telling how this might end!

Clay gets to his feet, but his eyes still seem to be empty.

Joe Hoffman: The champion might be concussed here, that SDT did some serious damage!

Scotty gets to his feet and Clay charges in once again, but this time he’s stopped about five feet short of the challenger and dizzily falls to a knee.

Joe Hoffman: Oh, no…this is what I was afraid of.

Scotty is able to regain his composure and recover. He notices the champion is down.

Joe Hoffman: OH! A running knee to the head from Scottywood and the champion is down again!

Scotty doesn’t make a cover and instead pulls Byrd up to his feet. Scotty, using every ounce of strength and energy he has left, hoists Byrd onto his shoulders once again looking for Game Misconduct.

Joe Hoffman: If Scottywood hits this we’re going to have a new champion!

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood can’t seem to settle the champion and now Byrd is landing some vicious elbows to Scotty’s face!

Scotty can’t keep a hold of the champion and absorb the elbows at the same time and once again, Clay Byrd escapes the hold.

Joe Hoffman: THE TEXAS LARIAT!!!!!!!!

Clay Byrd crushes Scotty to the mat after hitting the ropes with his trademarked finish.
































Joe Hoffman: NOT IN TIME! Scottywood tried to kick out, but Matt Boettcher’s hand hit the mat for the third time!


Brian McVay: Your winner at 17 minutes and 22 seconds and STILL…HOTv Champion….CLAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BYYYRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!

Clay rolls off of the one time challenger for his championship and holds an arm up in the air as he lies flat on his back in the ring. Boettcher holds the arm up for the champion as he lays the belt across Byrd’s chest.

Joe Hoffman: That was one HELL of an effort from The Hardcore Artist and Hall of Famer! Clay Byrd narrowly escapes with his championship here tonight!

We get a final overhead shot of the HOTv Champion smirking as Chaos comes to a close………



The Chicago faithful turn their attention immediately to the entrance ramp as their hometown hero Lee Best makes his way out from the back.

Lee smiles but immediately holds his hand up to the crowd.

They immediately start to quiet down as the viewers at home see Clay Byrd slowly begin to get to his feet, HOTv Championship, in hand.

Lee Best: Look normally I come out here and would milk every ounce of energy I can from MY Chicago fans……but not tonight. Tonight it is all business.

Lee turns his full attention to Clay Byrd, who in turn has his whole focus on the GOD of HOW.

Lee Best: Congrats on the defense there Clay. I appreciate that PRIME time effort there. I am sure it will bring in the ratings……….BUT that is the past. Let’s talk about the FUTURE.

Lee takes a step forward and quickly takes a glance behind him.

Lee Best: Let one motherfucker from your Cowgirls stable come out here and I will strip you of that title so fucking fast…..

The GOD of HOW looks behind him one more time before he continues down the entrance ramp…….stopping as he reaches the arena floor……mere feet from the ring and the HOTv Champion.

Lee Best: Don’t get it twisted. I am not a fucking idiot…no matter what folks whisper in your ear when I am not around……this is as close as I am going to get…..I just wanted you to be able to look me in the eyes and….

Lee pauses as a crewmember suddenly comes into his line of sight as they are seen helping Scottywood towards the back.

Lee mouths the words “What the fuck” as the men walk past him.

Without hesitation, Lee snatches Scotty’s hockey stick that the crew member was carrying for the Hall of Famer, and immediately smacks Scottywood across the back with the stick.

The hockey stick shatters in half as Scotty falls to his knees and yells out in pain.

Lee tosses the other half still in his hand and turns his attention back to the HOTv Champion.

Lee Best: Oops. Anyway…..back to the reason I am out here………The Future. Your immediate future will be in the Main Event again next week…….but this time you will NOT be defending the HOTv Championship… sir…….nope… instead will be teaming up with Steve Harrison as you will defend the High Octane Tag Team Championships against……Darin FUCKING Zion….and your fellow Cowgirl…..JOE BERGMAN.

Now it is Byrd who mouths “What the fuck?” at Lee.

Lee Best: It is really simple. Bergman and Zion win……the Highwaymen lose the belts and the Freebird rules are no more. Bergman and Zion will move on to Dead or Alive as the Tag Champions……NOW if you and Harrison win…….stay tuned.

The Chicago crowd is buzzing as everyone starts to realize that Bergman is going to have to make a decision between himself and his stablemates.

Lee Best: I CANNOT wait to see how Joe plays this. I mean its not like he is the Best of Friends with EVERYONE in your little group you know what I am saying?

For the first time we get a little smirk from Lee before he continues.

Lee Best: Now let’s talk about your long term future. August 14th. Right now this pertains to you because you are holding that strap……but WHOEVER is the High Octane Television Champion will be defending the Championship at Dead or Alive and it will be against someone that everyone can see on HOTv.

Lee pauses and allows that last line to set in.

Lee Best: ANYONE on HOTv. I mean literally….Any.Fucking.One.

With that Lee tosses Byrd the microphone and the big man catches it.

He immediately goes to speak but the microphone is turned off.

Undead hits the PA system once again and this time Chaos indeed goes off the air as Lee finally turns to his Chicago faithful and raises his arms high in the air to take in all their-


Lee crumples to the Arena floor as the steel chair blasted him in the side of the head.

The cameras and fans all turn in shock as we see the man standing over a knocked out GOD of HOW.

The feed for Chaos immediately goes black but not before we see the first of what surely is many pieces of trash hit the man that just took Lee out.

Chris Kostoff

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