Chaos 007




The HOTv logo fades out as the PWA intro plays before we go live inside the sold out FTX Arena live here in Miami, Florida. We cut to an overhead shot of the arena and we see that the arena is full of SEKTOR and JACE PARKER DAVIDSON signs as we are airing live tonight from both Hall of Famers hometown.

We then cut to our one man Hall of Fame commentating team…..

Joe Hoffman: Welcome in ladies and gentlemen to Miami…..welcome to all our viewers live on HOTv and PWA TV……WELCOME TO CHAOS!!!

The camera cuts quickly to another live shot of the sold out crowd before returning to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: What a show we have for you tonight….and as always tonight’s show is sponsored by Vet Tix…..check out to Give Something to Those Who Gave.

We cut away from a quick graphic for Vet Tix and immediately we cut to a graphic hyping tonight’s Main Event.

Joe Hoffman: In our Main Event of the evening we have a Board faceoff as the LSD and ICON championships are on the line as Tyler Best takes on Jace Parker Davidson. Can Jace win the title that would help propel him to become known as the Conqueror of HOW in the last era? Or will Tyler become the youngest double champion in the history of HOW? We shall see later tonight, this is for sure going to be a classic.

The graphic for the tag match comes up.

Joe Hoffman: We have the PBR combination of the Highwaymen taking on the returning eGG Bandits of Bobby Dean and Doozer. Can Solex and Bergman gain the first victory in this best of five series or will we see a cracking news report about the rejuvenated Bandits being victorious?

The graphic for Simon Sparrow and Steve Harrison is next.

Joe Hoffman: This is an interesting matchup as Simon Sparrow is trying to bounce back from his loss to Tyler Best at Dead or Alive and Harrison looking to continue his build up to facing Christopher America at Rumble at the Rock. Who will prevail?

The graphic for STRONK and Zion appears.

Joe Hoffman: The typical David vs Goliath matchup as STRONK takes on Darin Zion. Will STRONK pick up a much needed win? Or will Love prevail once and for all? We will have to wait and see as our opening contest is about to take place……

The camera cuts to the entrance ramp “Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA. Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes. He reigns in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from the City of Angels and weighing in at 225 lbs….he is BRIAN! HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYWOOOOOOOD!!!

As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage. As the pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood looks fired up and he’s going to need that intensity to be victorious here tonight.

Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes. He gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle before turning his gaze intently in the ring as he waits for his opponent.

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. Clay appears through fog on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Plainview, TX and weighing in at 295 lbs….he is CLAY! BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYRDDDDDDDDDDD

Clay begins his slow walk down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Last week, Clay Byrd suffered a tough loss at the hands of GREAT SCOTT when he lost the HOTv championship, but he also suffered another loss after the end of the bell when he was vicious attacked by a man we haven’t seen in a long time by the name of Frank Dylan James who was brought in specifically by Lee Best to deal with Byrd. Byrd can’t look passed Hollywood or he’ll suffer another loss.

His eyes are fixed on the ring, and he trudges on. Not paying any notice to any of the fans in attendance. Clay walks up the steps, and climbs into the ring as the official signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: And here we go…..

Byrd makes a mad dash towards Hollywood who casually rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Clay trying to take his frustration out on Hollywood, but the former world champion smartly exits the ring.

Byrd yells for Hollywood to get back in the ring and the Executive tells Boettcher to get the Texan back before he hops onto the ring. Hollywood cautiously steps one leg through the ropes and Byrd quickly goes over and Hollywood jumps back down to the floor drawing boos from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: You may not like it, but it is sound strategy from Hollywood.

Hollywood tells Boettcher to get his opponent back and turns to the crowd and points to his head saying his smarter than Byrd. That momentary interaction with the crowd allows Clay to roll out of the ring unnoticed and charge after Hollywood. Byrd looks to tear Hollywood in half with a spear, but Brian leaps over him at the last second.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood barely cleared Byrd on that one!

Byrd quickly gets to his feet and turns around only to see the soles of Hollywood’s boots as he eats a running dropkick and the momentum causes Byrd to hit the ring steps. Hollywood rolls into the ring and rolls back out to break the official’s count before he makes his way over to the down Byrd. Hollywood reaches down to pick up Clay and goes to whip the Texan, but Clay puts on the brakes and he shakes his head no at Hollywood before yanking him towards him…….

Joe Hoffman: HIGH KNEE!

As Brian got closer to Clay he leapt up and drilled the Texan in the face with his knee dropping him to a knee. As Byrd slowly rises to his feet, Hollywood runs towards him and springboards off of the security barrier and spikes Byrd with a DDT.


Hollywood rolls into the ring and yells at the official to count him out as he lays across the ropes and dusts off his hands.

Joe Hoffman: Cocky as ever.






Byrd begins to stir.


Byrd is to all fours.


Byrd pulls himself up against the outside of the ring.



Clay falls to a knee.


Clay rolls in at the last possible millisecond.

Joe Hoffman: That was close!

Hollywood immediately pounces on the Texan as he unleashes a barrage of stomps to Clay. Byrd tries to tough out the attack by pushing himself up, but Hollywood sends him back down to the canvas with a running kick to the gut. Brian continues the assault with a series of elbow drops to the back of Clay’s head and neck. Brian hits the ropes and delivers a running leg drop to the back of Clay’s head before pushing him onto his back.




Clay powers out.

Joe Hoffman: Clay is out before a count of two.

Hollywood immediately mounts the Monster from Plainview and starts raining down right hands and Clay does his best to cover up, but Hollywood rakes the eyes.




Clay powers out again.

As Byrd sits up, Hollywood quickly locks in a reverse chinlock and drives his knee into the Texan’s massive back.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood trying to keep Byrd ground because he knows if Clay gets his meat hooks into him it’s over.

Boettcher asks Clay if he wants to quit and the Texan says no as he grabs Hollywood’s hands and slowly begins to pry them apart.

Joe Hoffman: Look at the strength of Byrd!

Once the hands are apart, Clay slowly rises to his feet and when he turns around he jerks Hollywood towards him, but the former world champion shocks Clay with another dropkick to the chest that sends the big man to the corner. Hollywood looking very confident right now builds up a head of steam as he runs towards Byrd and leaps to cave in his chest with double knees.


Clay catches Hollywood and uses his brute strength to lift him into the air before running towards the middle of the ring and delivering a ring shaking…..


Clay doesn’t look like he’s done as he picks up Hollywood and delivers another powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Clay picks him up again and delivers a third powerbomb.

Joe Hoffman: They say if you’re going to play in Texas you have to have a fiddle in the band but in Clay’s case a symphony of powerbombs.

Byrd backs up into the nearest corner and kneels down and waits for Hollywood to get to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Clay is looking to end it here.

Hollywood slowly pulls himself up to his feet and when he turns around he gets cut in half by a massive….

Joe Hoffman: SPEAR!

Clay jumps to his feet and lets out a primal yell as he looks up and points up towards the upper skybox area of the arena.

Clay Byrd: WATCH THIS!

Clay shouts as he turns back to Hollywood and pulls his half conscious body to his feet before sending him to his final resting place with a massive lariat.


Clay kneels down and presses both hands into the chest of Hollywood as he looks around the ring to make sure no shenanigans take place.




Boettcher signals for the bell.


Clay’s hand is raised high in victory and the Texan surveys the crowd before slowly exiting the ring and heading up the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Hard fought victory tonight for Clay Byrd. Hollywood put on a strong showing here tonight as he had Clay reeled in the early parts of the match but he fizzled near the end.

The feed cuts away as we see Byrd pausing at the top of the ramp and raising his arms one final time before heading to the back.


We cut backstage where we see a locker room with a huge white board. The white board has pictures of HOW wrestlers with arrows and string. There’s a picture of the destroyed apartment of Bobbinette Carey, as well as pictures of the Uber car she got into. It’s clear this white board is being used as a makeshift detective crime board. There’s a few noticeable things like JPD’s face with a red x through it, there’s also devil horns on the image with teeth colored out. Conor Fuse’s photo has a check with a halo over it. Scottywood’s photo has some questions marks next to it with a string attached to Scott Stevens with that photo having lines under it and exclamation points. STRONK’S photo has a halo above it.

We hear feet pacing back and forth. We see the HOW Hall of Famer herself the Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey. Instead of her normal fashion clothing she’s wearing a brown blazer with matching pants and a tan Cami under it. Her hair is pulled back tightly as she holds two photos in her hand. One of Tyler Best and one of Brian Hollywood. She shakes her head turning them over and setting them down.

Bobbinette: No neither of them I’ve offended….

The door opens at two time former world champ and now road trip BFF Conor Fuse walks through the door.

Conor Fuse: Hey, friend. I got your message about the problem you need help with. Where is he?

Conor looks up, sliding his phone into his pocket. He sees the board and stops dead in his tracks with confusion.

Conor Fuse: Um… Bobbie?

He looks at the board taking up space in the locker room.

Bobbinette: I know what you’re thinking.

Bobbinette says with a nod.

Conor Fuse: Are you sure about that?

Bobbinette: I’m going to need a bigger board… I have notes with post it’s for almost everyone.

The gamer continues to scan the board. He nods in approval.

Conor Fuse: You know I’ve done a few of these in my time. Usually had Sutler or Jiles in the Center LOL. Losers…

He pauses with an awkward laugh. She looks over and nods.

Bobbinette: If Max was alive he would definitely be up there. But he was more sadistic and wanted people to know what he did.

She looks nervously biting the side of her mouth as she squints and goes to a pile of papers.

Conor Fuse: Then again, no one has been out to kill me.

Fuse walks over to the board and points to his photo.

Conor Fuse: I appreciate the support. And the power-up halo. My mom always said I was her angel.

Bobbinette scans the board herself, not exactly paying attention to the gamer’s rambling. Her eyes look at the post it’s and random pages scattered about.

Bobbinette: I know it’s not you l, because you came back to help me. But it also means we have to watch out to potential attacks that may happen due to associating with me. Like Watson or even Jason Todd as Robin. But my daughter would be more Robin. You. You’re John Watson.

She says pointing at him as she walks close to the board. She’s rambling as she stands there staring shifting her weight from side to side as her arms wrap around herself.

Bobbinette: The answers are on this board.

Conor Fuse: So glad this isn’t a murder board.

He says, sounding somewhat relieved.

Bobbinette: Of course not. What it does mean is that we need to start interrogations. I’m buying a lie detector machine and next week we start going through the roster to get some answers.

Conor looks nervously at her as he didn’t sign up for this but is more so being voluntold.

Conor Fuse: Sure.

Bobbinette: And if that doesn’t get the answers… waterboarding.

Conor’s uneasiness grows. But he’s trying to remain supportive.

Conor Fuse: Sure.

He glances around the board again and talks some sense into himself.

Conor Fuse: Screw it. Let’s go. Evvvvrrrrybody, fuck ‘em.

She sets her papers down and looks over at him.

Conor Fuse: Just one question…

He stops to awkwardly itch the back of his neck.

Conor Fuse: Can I be good cop?

Bobbinette laughs with a nod.

Bobbinette: Yes, you can totally be good cop. I know this is a lot… and thanks. You’re the good cop I would expect nothing less and appreciate. Your mom’s right you are an angel.

She smiled parting him on the shoulder. She was listening to him even though she seemed she was in her own world. She showed genuine appreciation on her face. The Vintage goes back to appreciate the board.

Conor Fuse: Let’s get to it.

Bobbinette nods with a smile as she hands him a folder and closes the door as we cut away.


We cut back to ringside where the lights in the arena go black as a synthesized hymn begins to play as the High Octane Vision comes to life as an angelic voice begins to sing.

“Born from pain, inside my veins.

Bred for war, begging for more.

None shall mourn, I am reborn.

Live in sin. The House always wins.”

The hymn continues as the screen begins to show the Best Arena transformed into a style of a church and the screen slowly flashes the words…..


Lee Best’s infamous blood shot eyes hover above the top.

The lights in the arena begin to come on in a shade of 97 Red as smoke and fog begin to fill the stage area as well. The sound of glass breaking is heard as the screen shows a crack over the mural of the Best Arena and Lee Best’s eyes as “O Fortuna Excalibur Remix” by Apotheosis begins. Lights above the ring shine down to create a 97 Red HOB. The stage flashes with alternating red and white lights as Scott Stevens makes his way out onto the stage.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens posted on social media that a lot of things will be issued tonight. You have to wonder what that entails.

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Scott drinks in his own hype as he lifts his right arm and points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk toward the ring. As he does so he carries the Book of Best front and center of his chest while sticking as close to the center of the ramp as possible to avoid being touched by the heathens that line the barricade.

Joe Hoffman: What is Stevens got around his neck?

As Scott climbs up onto the mat, that massive cross you used last week is around his neck like jewelry. Stevens wipes his feet off on the edge of the ring, his smile never leaving his face. Moving towards the center of the ring, Scott bathed in the red lettering, drops to a knee before looking up with his eyes closed towards the heavens mouthing something as he is bathed in the sinister glow of 97 Red. The music dies as the house lights return signaling Scott to get to his feet and call for a microphone.

Scott Stevens: Miami, Florida!

Stevens shouts as the crowd cheers.

Scott Stevens: Welcome to the….HOUSE OF BEST!!!

Scott emphatically states as the crowd’s cheers turn to boos and the Demi-God of HOW shakes his head in disgust.

Scott Stevens: Just what I would expect coming from a bunch of heathens who celebrated like they won the national championship beating up on a FCS school yesterday.

The crowd boos even louder.

Scott Stevens: Now before I address the elephant in the arena that pertains to Scottywood…..

The crowd cheers and Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: I have a lot to address.

Stevens informs the audience as he looks towards the hard camera.

Scott Stevens: First off, I want to congratulate my son, GREAT SCOTT, on a job well done.

The crowd cheers once more at the sound of new HOTv champion’s name and a small, “SCOTT” chant breaks down and Stevens nods in approval.

Scott Stevens: Next, I want to say thank you to the God of Sons as he showed up in MVW and showed Adam Ellis what happens when you fuck with Fisher Price Blue.

The jeers at the mention of Tyler Best is deafening.

Scott Stevens: Lastly, they say GOD works in mysterious ways and with the recent firing of a highly coveted talent, HE wants you in HOW.

Stevens moves closer to the ropes as the camera zooms in.

Scott Stevens: Ray-Ray, I told you GOD had a plan for you and now it is your time to heed the call and embrace everything that is 97 Red just like my son forsaken the Yahweh God for the Pirate GOD. It’s time to join the House of Best.

Stevens informs the free agent talent as a sly grin comes over his face.

Scott Stevens: Now that the good news is done with it’s time to address the bad news, and the bad news pertains to you……THE BOARD!

Stevens slowly turns his attention to an upper skybox where the Board where seen before Chaos began.

Scott Stevens: I hope each and every one of you is enjoying that bonus GOD put in your pockets recently because you know damn well some of you don’t deserve it. As HIS Senior Advisor I advised him against some of you, but he told me to simmer down and hopefully the new pay raise is a motivational factor. If GOD says it’s for the greater good of the House of Best I do what HE commands. However, it still doesn’t excuse recent events.

Stevens states as he continues to look at the skybox.

Scott Stevens: Jace….Parker……Davidson.

Stevens slowy mutters and the crowd immediately boos.

Scott Stevens: When we were competing away from the Golden Circle in troubled lands you made the comment that I was going to pay for my loss even though the little owlette cheated to win.

A grin forms over the Texan’s face.

Scott Stevens: That’s funny because the last time we both competed in the Golden Circle I won my match while you were looking up at the lights being pinned by Conor Fuse!

The crowd explodes into cheers and begin to chant for the former world champion.

Crowd: iRank! iRank! iRank!

Stevens waits for the crowd to die down.

Scott Stevens: And then you took a PRIME ass beating by The Anglo Luchador.

Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: How embarrassing.

The Texan chuckles to himself.

Scott Stevens: So instead of worrying about me you should focus on your match that you have later tonight because the only belt you might leave here with is the one that holds up your skinny jeans!

Stevens moves closer to the ropes and steps up onto them looking at the press box.

Scott Stevens: Besides, you and STRONK are on thin ice with GOD anyways. If you two did your fucking job at Dead or Alive and became the tag champions, HE wouldn’t have had to bring in the eGG Bandits to do your job for you!

Stevens yells and spit flies from his mouth before he hops back to the mat.

Scott Stevens: Speaking of the eGG Bandits…..

A mixed reaction is heard from the crowd.

Scott Stevens: I didn’t have a problem with your return until Doozer opened his mouth and insulted the GODs of HOW.

The Texan sternly states as the sound of him gripping the microphone tighter with anger is caught by the mic.

Scott Stevens: Let me ask you something Dooze, what have you done in HOW?

Stevens lowers the mic and allows the question to linger before continuing.

Scott Stevens: I want to know because you belittle my HOW career, but want have you actually accomplished here?

Stevens circles the ring with the mic to the crowd.

Scott Stevens: Anyone know?

Stevens asks the audience and everyone mummers to themselves.

Scott Stevens: I know why Bobby is here and that’s because he makes HIM laugh. I know why Jiles is here and that’s because he gets HIM high. I don’t know why you are here though?

Stevens thinks to himself.

Scott Stevens: It can’t be your backwards baseball cap, jean shorts, or Superman shirts.

Stevens continues to think before shrugging.

Scott Stevens: I can’t think of anything because you haven’t done shit besides ride the fucking coattails of Jiles and Bobby Dean. This isn’t DREAM or UTAH where you are protected and pushed to the moon by James Wingate because you actually have to have talent to succeed here in HOW.

Stevens stops pacing and looks directly at the camera.

Scott Stevens: Dooze, you can beat your chest and say GOD chose you when HE could’ve chosen anyone else. HE could’ve but we were busy taking out the other problems that the House of Best was facing. You can spin it however you want, and say it was hard to come back and you can leave any time but the fact remains you left because you couldn’t fucking hack it. You left just like the rest of your buddies because you heard PRIME was opening back up and you thought you would have great success there, but the truth is you’re getting your asses whipped in singles and the tag divisions so when Papa Best made you an offer you couldn’t refuse and you signed your name on that dotted line.

Stevens motions for the camera to zoom in.

Scott Stevens: You’re nothing but a merc plain and simple. And a terrible one at that.

The Demi-God informs as he looks back towards the skybox.

Scott Stevens: Christopher America.

The arena immediately erupts into boos.

Scott Stevens: Yes. You should boo that man. If I had my way he would be wearing a star-spangled banner eye-patch right now.

Scott sternly states.

Scott Stevens: The second greatest mind in all of professional wrestling under our GOD.

Scott pauses briefly.

Scott Stevens: However, it seemed like you had it stuck up your ass last week.

The crowd cheers the comment.

Scott Stevens: Unbeaten. Unsubmitted.

Stevens gives America a light golf clap.

Scott Stevens: Honestly, I can’t remember Christopher America tapping out ever….until Steve Harrison did it to you last week.

The crowd roars with cheers as they mock America for tapping out.

Scott Stevens: America, you want to celebrate yourself that’s fine, but how about after you defeat Harrison and retain 97 Red. Your arrogance left you vulnerable and your cockiness allowed Harrison to get the drop on you. Whatever mystique you had over the Highwaymen was shattered the moment Harrison had you on that mat and you were screaming for him to let go.

Stevens states as he looks down at the mat and then back up at the skybox and points.

Scott Stevens: Don’t embarrass our GOD again.

Stevens turns away from the skybox and back to the camera.

Scott Stevens: Now onto you, Scott Woodson.

The crowd cheers and begin a Scottywood chant.

Scott Stevens: I told you that as long as one of us is breathing that this will never be over. You tried slicing me up with barbed wire and couldn’t get it done. You tried burning me and failed. You tried to blow me up, but you couldn’t rise to the occasion and left everyone disappointed just like you leave your wife everynight!

Stevens spews his hatred as he slowly takes off his glasses and reveals his emerald left eye and the right eye is black and red from damage suffered to the iris and popped blood vessels.

Scott Stevens: The last time we had a “final” Scottywood match, I crucified you on your own fucking island.

A sinister grin plasters the Texan’s face.

Scott Stevens: At Rumble at the Rock the outcome won’t be different. I could crucify you, I could hang you from the guard tower with barbed wire, I could plant you six feet under with Kostoff in the yard. The fact is, I am going to end you once and for all and there is nothing you can do about it because unlike you, I never lost my faith.

Stevens holds up that foot long 97 Red cross for the world to see. The cross and points look like the infamous Bottomline Pen and in the center is GOD when he was in his wheelchair. Stevens kisses it before lowering it back down.

Scott Stevens: See you at The Rock.

Stevens drops the mic and exits the ring and heads up the ramp as we cut to a commercial break.

World Championship Match
Steve Harrison vs. Christopher America©

The Hardcore Artist’s Final Match
Scott Stevens vs. Scottywood

Singles Match
Simon Sparrow vs. John Sektor


Back from commercial break we focus on the backstage area of the FTX Arena here in Miami, Florida. The camera shows Abdullah Choi, the man formerly known as Shelley Greene, walking down the hallway nervously. Choi is sweating and appears very twitchy as he stops in front of a locker room door. The nameplate on the door reads Jace Parker Davidson as the crowd inside of the arena go absolutely nuts. Abdullah knocks on the door before opening it and peeking his head inside. Jace can be seen sitting on a bench lacing up his boots when he notices the man at the door.

Davidson: Hey Shelley, long time no see. Come on in!

Jace waves Choi into the room and goes back to his original task. Choi enters the locker room and closes the door behind him. He walks over to where Jace is seated and looks around in a paranoid manner before speaking.

Abdullah Choi: First of all, maybe you haven’t yet been informed, but my name is Abdullah Choi now. It’s hate speech to call me Shelley Greene when my legal name is Abdullah Choi. Be an ally, Jace.

Choi says in an annoyed manner as Jace smiles and shakes his head a bit without looking up from the floor.

Davidson: Yeah, totally not calling you by that ridiculous name. You’re Shelley Greene until the day you die.

Choi’s eyes widen as he noticeably gulps at the word ‘die’ before composing himself.

Abdullah Choi: I’m going to assume that’s just the deep-seeded bigotry talking and you just need a transitional period. This is a lot to handle, I get it. You may call me Shelley now, but you will call me Abdullah Choi eventually.

Davidson: Okay, whatever you say, SHELLEY. Seems like something is on your mind, I’m here but make it quick though, because I’m a busy man. Tonight is a BIG night.

Choi nods his head up and down a bit and tries to talk in a hushed manner.

Abdullah Choi: You trust me, right? Jace, right? If you had to bury a body, you’d probably call me first, right? And I’d come over to your house and instruct you to dissolve the body in acid instead. That’s friendship, I think. So, that means I can trust you, no?

Davidson: Come on, spit it out already. I don’t have all night but yes, you can trust me.

Choi speaks a little louder this time but still stumbles over his words. He takes a deeeeeeeeeeep breath, preparing to deliver a torrent of incoherent exposition.

Abdullah Choi: Couple days ago, STRONK went to some meeting in the city. Doesn’t tell me where it is or with whom. So, I did what I do when I get stressed—I started drinking and abusing hard drugs early in the day. And then I get this little parasite of an idea that burrows into my brain, and it’s whispering that I should grab the shotty and make a mincemeat pie out of the bull’s cranium. Jace, you gotta believe me, I tried to kill that thought in the womb, I really did. But Roe V. Wade has been abolished—sucks for us players, amirite?—and so I was forced to carry the idea pregnancy! You know? The little parasitic idea baby grew and got bigger inside me, developed a head and two arms, sprouted a cock, and that was just the start of it! I did more drugs to try and defrag my brain, I even did three push-ups and called Better Help to get physically and mentally right like Rogan says, I watched an hour of Judge Judy—she’s the mom, her presence comforts me—but NOTHING I DID was any help! That annoying little parasitic baby idea was now a parasitic man idea and he and I were sitting there drinking Pepsi, playing canasta, trying to figure out what to do about the MONGO situation… when it hit me like a forearm shiver to the jaw! Of course, how could I have been so fucking stupid? The answer was RIGHT THERE in my hands the whole time, and Jacey baby, she’s locked and loaded. Of course! So I went and put a bullet in my tormentor’s head. Just cleaved back the front of his stupid skull, pulled the trigger maybe two feet from the fucking bastard, recoil was intense, I may have shot him again but I think because of the drugs or maybe the adrenaline or maybe both, you know, I have no recollection of any of the events that came after I blew MONGO’s brains out of his head. I am fairly positive I ordered Thai at some point, though. Green curry, I think. Yeah.

Choi breathes heavily—he said all those… words… without taking a single breath in between. Jace had long since tuned Abdullah out as his mind was focused on tonight’s main event. Jace rose to his feet and patted Abdullah on the shoulder.

Davidson: Look man, I didn’t get any of that. I’m too jacked out about tonight but yeah. I don’t know if you’re high or what right now, but if you’re not going to make coherent sentences then you can fuck off. I got to get my head in the game and you’re not helping at all.

Choi growls in frustration and goes to shout the words at the top of his lungs when suddenly The King of Stallions comes barreling through the locker room door unannounced. Choi chokes down his words as his body becomes rigid with fear.


Choi gives his head a bit of shake, switching gears.

Abdullah Choi: Condoms. Favorite types of condoms. Tight. Baggy. Uhh… ribbed? Bro stuff.

STRONK offers no response as Jace just raises his eyebrow.

Abdullah Choi: We were also discussing who might be responsible for MONGO’s untimely demise. He and I both put our money on Robernette and Fuse. Maybe with some executive oversight by the reptilian elite, I don’t know. Anyway, all clues point to them. Darin Zion, we think, may have been indirectly involved, as you know.

Stronk Daddy cracks his knuckles, then cracks his neck. Jace’s eyes widen as the dots begin to connect with him after Abdullah’s earlier tangent. Jace points at Abdullah and begins to shout.

Davidson: Hold on… Shelley… please tell me that you did not–

Abdullah stomps down on Jace’s foot and gives him a look that tells him not to speak the words that would lead to his untimely death. Abdullah turns his head back towards STRONK who doesn’t notice the obvious awkwardness.

Abdullah Choi: Yes, I certainly did jump into action. I have a forensic accountant following the money, but our hypothesis is that Carey and Fuse murdered MONGO, had sex on his corpse, filmed it, then sold the tape through various seedy back channels to noted pervert and all-around strange dude Darin Zion for the kingly sum of one Netflix password and half a can of Pringle’s. You ever see the movie 8mm? It looks a lot like that. It’s a tangled web of lies and perversion, brother. But fear not, we’ll follow this rabbit hole down as deep as she goes! Abdullah Choi is on the case!

Before STRONK can respond, Choi puts up a finger.

Abdullah Choi: But you’re up next and Jace here needs to prepare to steal the show later tonight. Let’s take care of the easy work and let the man focus on what’s important. Then you go eat another dinner, big man, you’re looking a bit famished. I’ll catch you later!

Choi scurries off like a rat, followed by a stoic-looking (but internally raging) STRONK Godson.

Davidson: He killed MONGO… motherfucker. Wait, nope, he has to fend for himself tonight. I’ll think of a way to save his scrawny neck tomorrow.

Jace shakes his head and closes his locker room door as CHAOS rolls on.


The cameras come back live to the ringside area. The crowd is hot and ready to see more action. The camera focuses on the announcers table where HOW Hall of Famer Joe Hoffman is ready to call the action.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to ringside ladies and gentlemen and it’s time for our second match of the evening. It will feature two men that are looking to rebound from losses at Dead or Alive. The winner of tonight’s match will take their first step to securing a match at Rumble at the Rock. Let’s send it to the ring where Bryan McVay is ready to make tonight’s introductions.

The camera pulls away from Hoffman and focuses on the center of the ring where Hall of Fame ring announcer Bryan McVay stands with his microphone in hand.

Bryan McVay: Our next contest is a singles match and it’s scheduled for one fall!

The opening chords of REO Speedwagon’s “KEEP ON LOVING YOU” hits over the PA system. On the HOV, a giant heart appears to beat to the song.

♫ You should have seen by the look in my eyes, baby

There was somethin’ missin’ ♫


Emerging from the locker room is REAL LOVE Darin Zion, decked out in a pink and purple robe. The words REAL LOVE are printed on the back in sequins. The sequins sparkle in the pink spotlight hitting the smug HOW superstar while he strolls down to the ring. Unphased by the fans heckling him, he swivels his hips, trying to draw the attention of the women. A cocky sneer is painted on his face as he gets down to the end of the entrance ramp.

♫ And I’m gonna keep on lovin’ you

‘Cause it’s the only thing I want to do

I don’t want to sleep, I just want to keep on lovin’ you♫

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion failed to capture the MVW Heavyweight Championship belt at Dead or Alive only for Adam Ellis to forfeit the Championship belt and sign with PRIME over on the ACE Network. However, Zion seems confident tonight but I have a feeling the ladies here in Miami aren’t digging Zion or his Zi-Agra.

Zion throws his robe on the ground, displaying his 8-pack abs. REAL LOVE starts counting them, blowing a kiss to the camera. Sliding into the ring, he poses like a French model, winking to the audience at home. While the bridge finishes, Zion leaps up to his feet. He motions back towards the entrance ramp, taunting his opponent for the evening.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The lights in the arena go down as “STRONKER” by FLAV RILLE begins to play. STRONK GODSON walks out onto the stage, with Abdullah Choi (Shelley Greene) following behind him.Bryan McVay: From Somewhere in Minnesota, weighing in tonight at 307.1lbs. THE KINGGGGG OF STALLIONSSSSS STRONKKKKKK GODSONNNNNN!!!!!

The fans pop for his arrival—promiscuous women and drunk and disorderly men, especially. STRONK walks to the ring, and, just before stomping up the ring steps, grabs ahold of his ‘STRONK AF’ sleeveless tee shirt and rips it from his body with startling ease.

Joe Hoffman: Since losing the LSD Championship belt to Simon Sparrow in a ladder match it seems that STRONK has been in a bit of a funk. STRONK however doesn’t look to be in the best of moods tonight and that could spell bad news for Darin Zion.

STRONK enters the ring, while Choi stands out on the floor, hyping up his man and jawing with the ringside fans. Bryan McVay exits the ring as referee Joel Hortega checks with both competitors. Once everyone is ready Hortega calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.


Before STRONK can even come out of his corner Zion races across the ring and hits STRONK with a clothesline in the corner. However, the move has zero effect on STRONK as he just stands there and glares at Zion. Darin stays on the offensive and unleashes a series of knife edged chops to the massive chest of his opponent. Each chop echoes throughout the arena but once again STRONK shows zero emotion towards the attacks from REAL LOVE. Zion reaches for STRONK’s head but STRONK uses his massive hands to toss Zion clear across the ring with ease. The crowd pops for the feat of strength from STRONK Daddy as Zion looks on in amazement.

Joe Hoffman: Zion was hot out of the gate but a clothesline and some chops to the chest feels like a pillow fight when you’re going against STRONK Godson. Zion is going to have to approach this match from a different angle because going toe to toe with STRONK is a recipe for disaster.

Zion pulls himself up to his feet then races towards the corner once again. Zion leaps into the air and hits STRONK with a big splash in the corner that only has little effect on his opponent. Zion grabs a hold of STRONK by the arm and whips him into the ropes but STRONK reverses the whip and sends Zion into the ropes. Instead of bouncing off the ropes Zion hangs onto the top rope and stops his momentum. STRONK charges towards Zion but Zion sees him coming. Darin pulls down to the top and STRONK goes tumbling to the arena floor. Zion gets to his feet and taunts the crowd while pointing to his head. Zion notices STRONK start to pull himself up to his feet on the outside. Zion grabs a running start then hits STRONK with a baseball slide that sends him crashing into the barricade. Zion exits the ring completely then grabs a hold of STRONK. Zion sends STRONK crashing shoulder first into the steel ring steps. The steps practically explode upon impact from STRONK’s massive body.

Joe Hoffman: Zion has managed to turn the momentum in his favor and is taking it to STRONK on the outside of the ring. Unfortunately for Zion, he cannot win the match on the outside and needs to get the massive STRONK Daddy back into the ring to continue the punishment.

Zion walks over and grabs the top half of the steel ring steps off of the arena floor. Zion lifts the steel steps into the air before smashing him down onto the arm of STRONK repeatedly. Abdullah Choi begins arguing with Hortega to do something but Hortega is busy counting. Zion tosses the steps aside then grabs a hold of STRONK by the hair. Zion uses all of his strength to pull STRONK up to a vertical base and rolls him back into the ring. Zion gets back up to the ring apron then begins to climb the turnbuckle. Zion perches himself on the top rope as STRONK gets to his feet while holding his arm. As STRONK turns around Zion leaps off the rope and hits STRONK with a double axe handle to the head that brings the big man down to one knee. Zion doesn’t waste any time and races towards the ropes. Zion bounces off the ropes and hits STRONK with a running knee to the face that puts the King of Stallions on his back for the first time. Zion quickly hooks the leg and makes the cover on STRONK as Hortega slides in for the count.



Joe Hoffman: Zion got all of that running knee and then smartly made the cover once he got STRONK off of his feet. However, surprisingly STRONK kicked out at one and when I say he kicked out? He launched Zion off of him and he only needed one good arm to do it!

Zion lays on the mat a few feet away from STRONK and is as shocked as Joe Hoffman that the member of The Board is able to throw his entire body using only one hand. Zion quickly scurries to his feet as STRONK begins to try and pull himself off of the canvas. STRONK makes it to all fours but Zion lays in an elbow drop to the bad arm that sends Godson right back down to the mat. Zion doesn’t give STRONK time to breathe and slaps on a reverse chinlock to the man from Minnesota. Zion smiles widely and begins shouting that he told everyone that he was going to hug STRONK. Abdullah Choi begins slapping his hands on the ring apron repeatedly trying to bring his meal ticket to life but Zion continues to try and cut off the oxygen supply of STRONK. Slowly but surely STRONK fights his way back to a vertical base with Zion literally on his back still holding onto the chinlock. STRONK reaches backwards as hard as he possibly can and crushes Zion between his massive body and the turnbuckle pads. Zion releases the chinlock due to all the air being forced out of his body as STRONK staggers away from the corner. STRONK moves his arm around a little bit trying to work out the kinks before getting a running start back towards the corner. STRONK lowers his shoulder looking to bury it into the midsection of Zion but Darin moves out of the way just in time and causes STRONK to collide shoulder first with the steel ring post.

Joe Hoffman: Just when STRONK started to take control of this match it was Zion relying on his speed advantage to get out of the corner just in time. STRONK smacked shoulder first with the steel ring post and I swear the ring itself moved a couple of inches.

Zion stalks around behind STRONK as he pulls himself away from the steel ring post. Zion grabs a hold of STRONK and hits him with a side Russian leg sweep that bounces the back of his head off of the canvas. Zion gets up to his feet then once again targets the bad arm of STRONK by dropping repeated knees down onto it. Zion gets up to his feet and paces around taunting the crowd again. Zion feels completely dominant in the fact that he’s taken the fight to STRONK. Zion turns around and begins shouting at Godson as he struggles his way back up to his feet. Zion plants a boot to the midsection then hits STRONK with a snap DDT down to the canvas. Zion gets up to his feet and signals that he’s going to end this match. Zion stalks STRONK who fights his way up to his feet. Zion grabs a hold of STRONK then connects with TOUGH LOVE down to the canvas. Zion doesn’t make the cover though, instead he grabs a hold of STRONK by the arms and locks in THE LOVE HANDLE submission hold. Zion yanks on the hold as hard as he can as Hortega asks STRONK if he wants to tap out.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Darin Zion has The Love Handle locked in on STRONK and he might make this huge individual tap out for the first time in his HOW career. Personally, I would have made the cover after Tough Love but Zion wants to make a major statement on why he should be on the card at Rumble at the Rock by tapping out STRONK Daddy!

Zion applies all the pressure he possibly can on the hold while Hortega continues to ask STRONK if he wants to submit. Panicked Abdullah Choi paces at ringside until an idea pops into his head. He leans on the ring apron and begins to shout towards STRONK.

Abdullah Choi: Zion is a suspect in the murder of MONGO!!!

Once those words hit the ears of Godson his eyes open wide and his face begins to turn red with anger. STRONK uses his massive power and without the use of his arms he begins to pull himself off the canvas and back to his feet. Zion keeps the submission locked in but STRONK has regained his vertical base. STRONK marches to the center of the ring with Zion on his back and hits him with a Samoan drop down to the canvas. Zion arches his back in pain as STRONK gets back up to his feet with hatred burning in his eyes. Zion gets to his feet then grabs a hold of STRONK’s bad arm. Zion tries to twist and wrench the arm but STRONK simply waves his arm and flings Zion back down to the canvas. Zion quickly gets back up to his feet but STRONK flattens him with a running clothesline. Zion back up to his feet and eats another running clothesline. STRONK grabs a hold of Zion and begins to pull him back up to his feet but Zion gives STRONK a thumb to the eye. STRONK lets go of Zion and staggers around holding his eyes. Zion steps through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle. As STRONK turns around Zion leaps off the top rope with a cross body but STRONK catches Zion in midair. STRONK powers Zion into the air and then hits him with a vertical drop brainbuster down to the canvas. STRONK gets up to his feet and then stalks around Zion who looks worse for wear.

Joe Hoffman: I’m not condoning what Abdullah Choi said to bring STRONK out of that dire situation but now the match has taken a complete 180. STRONK is unstoppable right now and I’m not sure that Darin Zion knows where he is after that brainbuster.

Zion staggers back up to his feet but STRONK grabs a hold of him and hits him with a backdrop driver. STRONK gets up and lifts Zion into the air and hits a second backdrop driver. STRONK to his feet once again and hits Zion with a third backdrop driver down to the canvas. STRONK gets back up his feet and stomps around the ring. STRONK grabs a hold of Zion and pulls him back up to his feet. STRONK lifts Zion up onto his shoulder and then connects with the Squat Rack Breaker. Zion crumples down to the canvas as STRONK gets back up to his feet. STRONK points to the top rope as the crowd here in Miami becomes completely unglued.

Joe Hoffman: Dear God, he can’t possibly be thinking of doing THAT?!

STRONK steps through the ropes and begins to very slowly climb the turnbuckle. Abdullah Choi bounces up and down on the outside and cheers on the monster known as STRONK as he continues to climb. STRONK makes it to the top rope and takes some time to get his balance. Once his footing is sure STRONK leaps off the top rope and hits Zion with the most massive splash in HOW history from high above.

Joe Hoffman: Stallions can fly and Zion might need to be cleaned up with a mop off of the canvas!!!

STRONK rolls off of Zion and immediately applies The Loop Hold onto REAL LOVE. STRONK begins to squeeze with all of his might as Hortega drops down to check on Zion. The pressure of the hold is more than Zion can take after that big splash and he begins to tap out furiously as Hortega calls for the bell.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner via submission in 9 minutes 27 seconds… THE KINGGGG OF STALLIONSSSSS STRONKKKKK GODSONNNN!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Zion was in control for a majority of this match but once STRONK heard that Darin might be responsible for the death of his beloved MONGO it was academic. STRONK completely dominated Zion at the tail end of this match and it wasn’t even close. STRONK gets back into the win column and we’ll see if he can ride this wave all the way to Rumble at the Rock.

STRONK keeps The Loop Hold on Zion as Abdullah Choi slides into the ring. The man formerly known as Shelley Greene tries to calm STRONK by telling him that Zion didn’t kill MONGO. STRONK finally releases the hold and gets up to his feet. Abdullah Choi raises STRONK’s bad arm onto the air high as the crowd in Miami cheers loudly for The STRONKEST Man Alive as we cut away.


Backstage, Simon Sparrow paces nervously in his dressing room…which is actually a maintenance closet, so he is less pacing and more taking one step forward and one step backward. Yes, losing to Tyler Best and being the shit list of doddering pervmaster flash, Lee Best, has taken a toll.

There are three knocks on the door.

Simon Sparrow: Do you have a geiger counter?

Man on the Other Side of the Door: Cheez Whiz and poppycock?

Simon Sparrow opens the door slightly and peers out of the closet at his visitor.

Simon Sparrow: Are you Morty?

The man nods and the Professor of Sparrowdynamics invites his visitor into the maintenance closet. The man is taller than Simon Sparrow, about four inches taller, sports a gray and teal tracksuit and dons a black and teal mask.

Mortimer Kjedelig: Yeah. I heard from certain mutual acquaintances of ours that maybe you gotta job for me.

Simon Sparrow: Please step inside.

Mortimer Kjedelig: Fuck no.

Simon Sparrow: We can’t very well meet out here. You know it is highly irregular to be meeting here with you being involved with PRIME and all. it might be construed a certain kind of way after the Anglican Luchadore….

Mortimer Kjedelig: It’s Angelo Luchadoray.

Simon Sparrow: Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s Anglican Luchadore.

Mortimer Kjedelig: I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.

Simon Sparrow: Whatever that fopdoodle’s name is, it’s not the point. We need to be inconspicuous.

Mortimer Kjedelig: I ain’t goin’ in there.

Simon Sparrow: Why not?

Mortimer Kjedelig: I got that claustrophobia shit. I don’t need you breathin’ all my air.

Simon Sparrow: Screw it. You know my situation, right?

Mortimer Kjedelig: As long as I’m gettin’ paid, I don’t need to know nothin’.

Simon Sparrow: Yes, well….you probably should know, that it in a little while I have match against Steve Harrison who—-

Mortimer Kjedelig: My cousin, Mikey, he did some business with a Stephen Harrison from up in Boston.

Simon Sparrow: I don’t think we—-

Mortimer Kjedelig: Unfortunately, that prick got the short end of the stick when it came to nicknames. We called him “Stevie Hairy-Sack” after he purportedly failed with an experimentation of thinkin’ he could rock a Speedo during a business excursion. It, as you might have surmised, did not go well.

Simon Sparrow: That’s nasty. I am reasonably certain that it is not the same guy. And I don’t need to see Steve Harrison in his skivvies. May I go on?

Mortimer Kjedelig: By all means….

Simon Sparrow: I have a match with Steve Harrison. I’m kind of on a losing streak and I’ve been weighing my options on whether or not to throw it to him, but what kind of lesson does that send? Anyway, while I’m contending with Steve Harrison, I have that walking scuzzbucket, John Sektor, just looking for another moment to screw me over. The fact that he is coming out of retirement and targeting me….ME….it’s a-a-a travesty of justice! That’s what it is! And no one has my back! Conor Fuse hasn’t returned any of my calls! Who does that leave me with? Bobbinette Carey?! She’s a malignant—-

Mortimer Kjedelig: “Twat”?

Simon Sparrow: I was gonna say “cancer that infects all who interact with her”. The point being, I need someone to temporarily watch my back. I don’t want any surprises out there.

Mortimer Kjedelig: Whaddya need?

Simon Sparrow: Just hide in this closet and if there appears to be any shenanigans happening, you come out and stop it.

Mortimer Kjedelig: I told you, I ain’t gettin’ in that fuckin’ closet and, if I was to get in that fuckin’ closet with all that ammonia and cleanin’ shit, without any form of visual or auditory guidance, how would I be able to tell that you are sufferin’ from such shenanigans that may or may not transpire?

Simon Sparrow: Um…..

Mortimer Kjedlig: This…has been a waste of my time…I do not appreciate having my time wasted….theretofore, I am forced to act with malice….

Mortimer Kjedelig looks down at Simon Sparrow who can only shrug. Mortimer pulls out his phone and presses a few buttons.

Mortimer Kjedelig: There. Your number has been summarily blocked.

Mortimer Kjedelig backs away, staring at Simon Sparrow, who responds by pulling out his phone. He presses a few digits and waits and waits and waits.

Simon Sparrow: Sutler! It’s Simon! You hate Sektor, right? You and Chloe still a thing? Not a “Thing” thing, like are guys still adoptive siblings. So, got a proposition for ya! So, if you could call me back when you get this, that’d be aces! It’s Simon…..Sparrow….not Loveless, not that you would think that….nevermind. Call me back.

Simon Sparrow ends the call and walks back into the maintenance closet to mentally prepare for his match as the scene ends and we cut to a commercial break.

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Back live and we cut to a dimly lit room, likely not at the arena tonight, but via satellite, we see none other than The Hardcore Artist. His head still bandaged up from the attack by Scott Stevens last week with that blasphemous cross. He takes a drink from his beer can, we can’t see the exact beer, but go check his Untappd, and I’m sure you’ll find out from his checkin.

Scottywood: He who follows false idols will fall… He who casts stones, shouldn’t have a glass jaw… He who is Scott Stevens, shall die for HIS sins at Alcatraz.

Scotty slowly unwraps the bandage around his head, over and over until the whole thing is removed. He reaches to the back of his head and rubs his finger on the wound. He sees the blood on his hand and smiles before licking it off and washing it down with a long sip of his beer.

Scottywood: You seem to be concerned with everyone else in HOW. Pressing every fucking button you can, hoping someone will give a fuck about what you have to say. But The Board doesn’t give a fuck, The Bandits don’t give a fuck, Christopher America certainly doesn’t give a fuck. You really think the World Champion of HOW is going to listen to you… when you couldn’t even get the job of beating a “shell of The Hardcore Artist” done?

Taking another drink, Scotty just shakes his head.

Scottywood: Sure Stevens, I didn’t murder you at Dead or Alive… so I “failed” then? I never could understand the fucking backwood logic of these religious motherfuckers. I did though put your fucking body through Hell. So tell me, how many drugs were you on the next night when you wrestled? Dive back into that black tar heroin? I remember how much you loved that shit back in the day.

He snickers as he knows he’s found one of Stevens buttons from the distant past of their eternal feud.

Scottywood: You can try to no sell our match at Dead or Alive all you want, but the way less than great Scott still lost at Dead or Alive to the BEST Scott in HOW history. So before you start shitting on everyone else who couldn’t get the fucking job done at Dead or Alive. Maybe you, the history nerd, should figure out what you need to do so shit doesn’t repeat itself at Alcatraz.

Scotty raises his hand and he keeps switching between two and one fingers with a smile on his face.

Scottywood: Focus on me Stevens, I know you feel super righteous at the moment, being in the so called good graces of Lee Best. Though I still think he’s just amused at the fact he’s got you brainwashed into kissing his ass… that you are nothing more than a jester to him… but hey, if you’re happy being his jester, who am I to judge? Plus with all this drama going on… and you for once being on the right side of someone using a slur. Never thought I’d see that day. But with all of that going on Stevens… you need to focus. Focus on me… focus on the pain I am going to inflict on you at Alcatraz. Think about how maybe… just maybe I kept you alive. Like a Cat playing with a mouse he has maimed. So that I can fully enjoy watching you squirm… and then take you out at just the right moment… at Alcatraz.

With that sick grin on his face, Scotty finishes his beer as he tosses the empty can to the side.

Scottywood: My final fuck you to everyone on the HOW roster on my way out the door. I’ll get to lay claim to something better than holding the World Title ten times… or having a 266 day reign with it. Something no one else will ever get to claim. I’ll get to claim that I killed… Scott Stevens.

Scotty just smiles as the camera feed cuts out to static before returning to the in arena feed.


Cut back to the ring, where it is time for our next match of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Next up we’ve got Simon Sparrow taking on Steve Harrison in a matchup of former friends and partners. We all know the great history of Simon Sparrow, formerly Jatt Starr. It’s been a Hall of Fame career, but most recently he failed to win the ICON title against Tyler Best at Dead or Alive.

Bryan McVay: The following match is ONE FALL!

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Sir Simon Sparrow, sporting his red and black plaid pants with matching waistcoat. He walks down the ramp winking and pointing at the fans, especially of the attractive female variety, that cheer for him. The Wabid Wabbit follows.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Havre, Montana… weighing in at 220 pounds… The Rembrandt of Wrestling! JATTTTT! STARR!!

The Rembrandt of Wrestling walks down the ramp, looking occasionally out into the crowd with a smirking smile. He proceeds to give a high five to the Wabid Wabbit. The ring becomes illuminated in a teal light. The HOW Classic walks up the ring steps and middle ropes and enters the ring.

Simon Sparrow stands in the middle of the ring, all of the other lights go out save for one yellow spotlight in the middle of the ring where he stands, soaking in the cheers of his fans. The spotlight fades, the house lights come up and Sparrow heads towards the corner and leans nonchalantly on the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

“Bridgeless” by Umphrey’s McGee starts to play and the curtain flies open. Steve Harrison walks out with his arms in the air, a smirk across his face.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Fairfax, Virginia… weighing in at 245 pounds… The Miracle Man! STEEEEEEVE! HARRISSSSSON!

Steve Harrison walks out with his arms in the air, a smirk across his face. He begins walking towards the ring and begins waving at the crowd, who return his waves with boos and indifference. The smirk begins to fade after hearing the response so the Miracle Man begins jawing back at some of the audience and pointing to himself yelling over and over “ME, ME, ME!.” Steve walks faster to the ring with his smirk now a scowl, he enters the ring and leans against one of the turnbuckles and begins talking to himself, his face becoming red in anger.

Joe Hoffman: Obviously there’s no love lost between these two, and plenty of history to go around, but we’ve got two men going in opposite directions right now. Simon Sparrow is looking to rebound from his loss at Dead or Alive with a match against John Sektor at Rumble at the Rock, and Steve Harrison is headed for a clash with the HOW World Champion, Christopher America.

The bell rings.

Joe Hoffman: The bell rings and this one is underway…

Harrison leans back against a corner turnbuckle, staring down his former Best Family teammate, and Simon Sparrow slowly approaches the center of the ring, barking at Harrison. Steve Harrison smirks and starts to walk out and gets within six inches of Simon Sparrow.

Joe Hoffman: There’s a lot of bad blood between these two. Both men have something to prove here tonight and a lot of old wounds to tend to.

After jawing back and forth for a few moments, Harrison is the one who finally takes the first swing, connecting with a haymaker to the jaw of Sparrow. Simon Sparrow fires back with one of his own, and the two men trade blows vying for the upper hand. Finally, Harrison gets the advantage and backs Sparrow into the corner with continued right hands. Sparrow throws his arms up to defend, so Harrison delivers a boot to the gut that doubles him over.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison on the attack early, getting the advantage in the corner…

Harrison smirks at the crowd for a moment, a lapse in attention that gives the Hall of Famer enough time to rise up with a hard back elbow to the neck of The Miracle Man.

Joe Hoffman: But Sparrow with the elbow to the throat, and now it’s his turn to gloat to the crowd! That’s usually a Steve Harrison move!

Sparrow hits an uppercut that puts Harrison on his back, then Sparrow turns to the crowd with his arm outstretched, soaking in the cheers and basking in the moment. Turning around he reaches down and pulls Harrison to his feet and backs him up against the ropes, then shoots him across the ring and into the ropes on the opposite side. Sparrow drops to the mat, allowing Harrison to step over him and hit the other ropes, then Sparrow jumps up with a back heel kick that catches Steve Harrison right on the jaw.

Joe Hoffman: Impressive move from Simon Sparrow, turning back the hands of time a little bit with that heel kick. He tends to keep things more grounded these days, but he’s looking quick and agile tonight.

Sparrow steps over to Harrison and takes one leg, then twists him over onto his stomach and locks in a standing leg lock, wrenching back on his opponent’s knee. Harrison winces in pain and reaches out for the ropes, but can’t quite reach them. Sparrow fidgets to secure the leg lock a little better, then falls backward to the mat, tweaking the knee of Steve Harrison and causing him to scream out in pain.

Sparrow holds the lock for a few more moments, then finally lets it go and pushes the leg aside as Harrison surges and gets his hand on the bottom rope. Standing up, he holds his hands up to Matt Boettcher as he gets told to break the hold when the man grabs the ropes.

Hanging onto the ropes, Harrison pulls himself up to one knee as Simon Sparrow moves in, then to his feet as Sparrow reaches him and chops him hard across the chest. Harrison winces, and Sparrow delivers another, and another, as red welts begin to form on the chest of Steve Harrison.

Joe Hoffman: Stinging chops by Steve Harrison!

Sparrow whips him across the ring and this time throws a clothesline that Harrison ducks. Harrison turns, but Sparrow is ready with a knee smash facebreaker. Sparrow goes for the cover and Boettcher drops down for the count.



Joe Hoffman: Not quite a two count there, but Simon Sparrow is firmly in control of this match so far.

Sparrow gets back to his feet and steps over to Harrison, who turns and starts to get to his feet. Sparrow stalks him, ending up behind him, and throws him over with a German suplex. Sparrow stays on the offensive, rolling through the suplex into a standing position, then up onto his shoulders and hits a fireman’s carry gutbuster, knocking the wind out of Steve Harrison.

Sparrow crosses one of Harrison’s legs over the other, looking to turn him over into a modified Texas Cloverleaf, the Sparrow-clysm, but Harrison reaches up and pulls him into a small package. Boettcher drops down to make the count…




Joe Hoffman: Closer call there for Simon Sparrow as Harrison surprises him with that small package.

Sparrow gets to his feet and lunges toward Steve Harrison, but Harrison swings with all his might and hits a low blow right in the sparrow eggs. Harrison takes advantage, grabbing Simon Sparrow and hitting a Saito suplex. He rolls into a cover.




Joe Hoffman: Another near fall for Harrison. Steve Harrison is wrestling a very smart match so far, taking advantage of Simon Sparrow’s mistakes.

Harrison grabs a handful of blonde hair and jerks Simon Sparrow to his feet. Sparrow yells out, “Not the hair!” as Harrison clotheslines him nearly out of his shoes. Harrison turns to the crowd, then mocks Sparrow by pretending to bask in the cheers of the fans. Sparrow slowly gets to his feet, but Harrison drops him again with a bounce off the ropes and a dropkick to his right shin.

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow down to the mat, but Harrison is back on top of him right away.

Harrison wastes no time and lifts Sparrow up. Harrison winds up to hit a big clothesline, leans back, swings and… stops, then eye pokes Simon Sparrow. Sparrow grabs at his eyes as Harrison laughs, then hits the clothesline anyway. Harrison moves in, then kneels next to the head of Simon Sparrow. He grabs him by the back of the head and says something that the microphones don’t pick up, then delivers a forearm smash, and another, and another, and another. A cut forms on the bridge of Sparrow’s nose and his eyes roll back and he slumps back to the mat. Harrison covers again…




Harrison gets back to his feet and pulls Sparrow to his feet once more. He puts Sparrow into a front facelock and lifts him, holding him there for a few moments before dropping Sparrow straight down on his neck with a brainbuster. Sparrow bounces off the mat and flops into the ropes, where he slips through and tumbles out to the floor in a heap.

Joe Hoffman: A wicked brainbuster, but too close to the ropes and Simon Sparrow lets his body hit the floor…

Harrison looks down at him, drops to the mat and rolls out to ringside. Pulling Sparrow up, he slams his head into the ring apron, then whips him around and into the guardrail. Sparrow sits, leaned up against the guardrail, and Harrison delivers a kick right to the face. Sparrow crumbles to the mat, eyes closed and Harrison looks out into the crowd, smirking, very pleased with himself. He takes a short walk toward the corner of the ringside area, catching his breath, then turns back toward Sparrow.

Harrison pulls Sparrow up to his feet with some effort, then grabs his chin and headbutts him right in the forehead. Sparrow goes back against the ring barricade, then fires out with a forearm smash.

Joe Hoffman: Some life in Simon Sparrow! Firing back now! Right hand! Another!

Harrison flailing backward. Sparrow winds up to throw a big clothesline, then stops abruptly, and kicks Steve Harrison in the groin.

Joe Hoffman: Turnabout is fair play, I suppose! Simon Sparrow gave Steve Harrison a taste of his own medicine there.

Sparrow grabs Harrison by the back of the head and rolls him into the ring. Sparrow climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the top rope with both hands. He waits for Harrison to get to his feet, then jumps up, springs off the top rope and hits a picture perfect dropkick right to the jaw.

Sparrow grabs Harrison by both legs and this time is able to flip him over into a Sparrow-clysm. Harrison screams out in pain, banging his fist on the mat and trying with everything he has to wiggle loose somehow, but Sparrow has it locked in tight. Sparrow leans back, putting extra torque on the back of Steve Harrison, who screams out again, but then with a third scream manages to shuffle toward the ropes. Sparrow tries to keep it locked in, but he can’t. He turns, still holding Harrison’s legs and then is rolled up by Harrison, but Harrison doesn’t hold it. He rolls out of the roll-up and Sparrow rolls up into a sitting position. Harrison gets to his feet and delivers a picture perfect knee trigger to the back of Simon Sparrow’s head.

Joe Hoffman: Enlightenment! That could be it for Simon Sparrow!

Joe Boettcher drops to the mat and makes the count.




Harrison slaps the mat in frustration, certain he had Sparrow pinned. Not wanting to give up on the pinfall, he drags Sparrow away from the ropes and covers again.




Covers AGAIN.




Frustrated, Harrison pulls Sparrow to his feet and delivers a straight right. Growling, Sparrow returns with a right of his own. Harrison throws another. Sparrow throws another. Harrison swings but Sparrow blocks. Again, and blocked again. Harrison swings wildly, and Sparrow ducks, spinning Harrison around. Sparrow locks him up, and goes for the Falling Starr, but Harrison gets away, ducks a clothesline and locks in the crossface chicken wing.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison sets him up! It’s a Harricle! It’s a Harricle!

Sparrow crumples unconscious to a prone position. Harrison flips him over, covers and hooks the leg.





Ray McVay: Your winner, at the ten minute, forty-seven second mark… STEVE HARRISON!!

Harrison gets to his feet, but has no time to celebrate as someone slides into the ring behind him and cracks him over the back with a steel chair. Harrison drops to the mat and standing over him… is HOW World Champion, Hall of Famer… Christopher America.

Joe Hoffman: Christopher America!! He’s here! And he’s not waiting for Rumble at the Rock!!

America looks down at Harrison in disgust, cracks his neck, then drops down and puts Steve Harrison into an ankle lock. American twists the ankle as hard as he can, yelling out toward the crowd as he pulls with all his might. Harrison yells out in pain, but can’t get free. American wrenches the ankle back and forth, then finally lets go of the hold and stands over his fallen Rumble at the Rock opponent.

America climbs out of the ring and walks back up the ramp…one eye behind him in case The Highwaymen make their way out. He pauses at the top of the ramp to look back at the ring, where Steve Harrison is lying on his stomach, looking up at the Champion. America smiles as we cut back to Joe Hoffman at the announcers table.


Joe Hoffman: Well now, one has to wonder, and I for one am relieved to be honest, why we did not see the rest of the Highwaymen and Board come out just then. I have a feeling that Harrison and America and their camps are going to allow these two men to battle one on one as we head towards their match at RATR.

We see a quick reply of America attacking the victorious Harrison and slowly making his way up the ramp to the boos of the Miami crowd.

As the replay ends we cut back to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: The show must move on however……Last week after Clay Byrd lost his HOTv Championship to Great Scott he was attacked seemingly for no reason by the big bad Mastodon from the Great Smoky Mountains, Frank Dylan James! Well, the HOTv crew got some footage this afternoon from outside of the building where the mass of High Octane faithful were patiently waiting to be let into tonight’s show and the Barefoot Brawler himself made his presence known!

Right on cue, the scene switches from Hoffman at the commentary desk to the HOV where the footage begins to play.

We see the loading docks out back of the building where load-in at the FTX Arena had long since been completed. The final scramble toward going live for Chaos could be seen in real-time as the home of the Miami Heat transformed into the center of the High Octane Wrestling universe as so many other buildings had before it.

It was a thing of beauty, really, watching the Machine build itself.

The area was walled off on one side by the resting fleet of High Octane branded 18-wheelers and by the main staging area for the production trucks stationed just outside of the dock entrance at the rear of the building. None of these landmarks kept out any of the writhing mass of wrestling fanatics from milling about in every direction imaginable as far as the eye could see.

Bushy brows furrowed and granite grey eyes squinted in the Florida sun as Frank Dylan James surveyed his own handiwork. A rusted-out and Bondo’d Ford Bronco formed one side of a sketchy at best lean-to that houses the traveling whiskey still that ol’ Frank had been lugging around with him on the road since the day he found out that they didn’t sell decent hooch almost anywhere outside of the extremely deep South.

Copper tubes curly-qued above giant vats of bubbling mash and a few different heating elements had been extensively jerry-rigged together to make it all work and the Smokey Mountain Nightmare smiled behind his impossibly bushy and wiry brown and grey beard.

Feeling a mighty thirst rising up in his gut, Frank fished a long-handled scoop out of the back of his truck and was just about to pull himself out a taste of the newest batch of his grandpappy’s ‘shine when HOW’s intrepid interloper extraordinaire, Blaire Moise, exploded onto the scene as only she could.

Blaire Moise: Frank!

The big man snapped his head in Blaire’s direction and barked a greeting.


Blaire Moise: Can I get a few words from you before the show tonight?

The Hillbilly Jesus nods and dials it back several thousand notches.

FDJ: Reckon you might as well, bein’ how I’m new ‘round these parts an’ these here city folks might not be accustomed to the way ol’ Frank does his bid’ness.

Blaire Moise: Last week you made your first appearance here in High Octane Wrestling by attacking the leader of the Highwaymen, Clay Byrd! Now, we can only assume that-

Frank holds up a lunchbox-sized hand and interrupts Blaire mid-ask.

FDJ: Now you just hold on one GYATdamn minute! You can take yer assumptions an’ shove ‘em right up yer wazoo! Matter’a fact you don’t know a GYATdamn thing about-

Unphased, Blaire presses the issue.

Blaire Moise: So you’re saying that Lee Best didn’t bring you in to take out Clay Byrd?

Frank’s eyes narrow, one bristly brow is raised.

FDJ: Well, that is to say… I mean naw, that’s pretty much exac’ly what happened! HA!

Blaire Moise: But… why?

FDJ: That big ol’ sum’bitch done let his big mouth sign some checks that his big ass ain’t got the FUNDS AVAILABLE TO CASH! GET IT! He done got TOO BIG fer his GYATdamn britches! YA UNNARSTANNIT?

Frank has gotten himself good and riled up.

Blaire Moise: You have to know that Clay’s not gonna let last week go answered, right?

FDJ: Hell, woman, I’m COUNTIN’ ON IT! I ain’t come to HIGH OCTANE RASSLIN’ to make friends an’ play paddy-cakes I CAME TO RASSLEFIGHT some’a the meanest, nastiest, most violent summabitches what EVER laced up they boots! And CLAY GYATDAMN BYRD jus’ happens to be the dumb bastard that Lee Best is payin’ me a mighty fine wage to BEAT HIS EYEBALLS OUTTA THAT BIG TATER-ASS LOOKIN’ HEAD OF HIS!

The camera pans and into the picture walks Clay Byrd. The Behemoth has his hat drawn low and looks FDJ up and down. Lee Best’s EPU immediately surrounds the pair of incredibly enormous men. Clay snarls. Frank cackles.

Clay Byrd: Yer a big son of a bitch.

Blaire Moise takes this as the perfect time to strategically make her exit as the two towering grapplers closed in on one another as the EPU swarm begin circling in around the two of them. Frank keeps on talking, looking to get the Highwayman riled up enough to throw a punch.

FDJ: Yer daggum right I am. Bigger an’ badder that you an’ that stupid lookin’ hat’s ever gon’ be! Mebbe you wanna come on over here an’ slang them hands, fuck aroun’ an’ find out?!

Byrd takes a step backward and looks James over once again before stopping to smirk.

Clay Byrd: Don’t worry… Yer gonna get yers.

The Monster from Plainview chooses to live to fight another day as he backs away through the swarming EPU agents, briefly shoulder-checking one as he turns and walks off. This only serves to further enrage the hulking man-mountain that Clay had left behind.


Amidst the burgeoning chaos of Frank Dylan James hooting and hollering and stomping around like a mad man the video ends and the HOV goes black before neatly cutting back to Joe Hoffman at the desk.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, there you have it! Frank confirms that he was brought in by Lee Best to take Byrd out! The two got in each other’s faces there for a moment and you saw Blaire Moise get the heck outta Dodge just before things got hairy, but Clay seemed to take the high road this time in loo of getting into a pier-six brawl with a clearly agitated Frank Dylan James before his match to open the show here tonight! These two behemoths are clearly going to butt heads here in High Octane Wrestling, and if I were the type to bet on wrestling, I’d say it’ll be EARLY and OFTEN and it surely won’t be for the faint of heart and there is no doubt in my mind that it will culminate in Alcatraz.

Joe nods in head in agreement with his own statement as we cut away elsewhere.


Following the video starring a taped Blaire Moise, we head backstage where a live Blaire Moise awaits.

Blaire Moise: All right, with me right now is Joe Bergman- one half of the team who will be taking on the Egg Bandits in a best of five series of matches for the HOTv Tag Team title.

Joe steps into the shot along with his manager Sunny O’Callahan.

Blaire Moise: Well Joe.  Tonight is match one of your best of five with the Bandits.  Any thoughts?

Joe Bergman: Not much other than to say I’m happy that they apparently are in the building tonight.

Blaire Moise: Lots of tough talk this week from Doozer.

Joe rolls his eyes.

Joe Bergman: I’ll start paying attention to Doozer’s new ‘tough talk’ when he and the rest Bandits actually stick around in HOW for more than two seconds.  Bobby Dean is great at eating.  Doozer’s great at talking.  The last time I heard, wrestling was about… wrestling.  Let Dean graze.  Let Doozer talk. I’ll be focused on wrestling.

Blaire Moise: Speaking of tough talk, you had some critical remarks about Lee Best’s handling of the Adam Ellis signing.

Joe Bergman: Blaire, if Lee’s so upset that Adam signed with PRIME, then maybe he should have offered Adam Ellis a HOW contract when he and John Sektor won the tag belts back in March.  My gut feeling is had Lee offered Adam a deal back then, he’d be in HOW right now instead of debuting for PRIME this Friday night.

Blaire Moise: Joe, you’ve just been through a divorce and apparently an attempt at reconciliation did not go well.  Will that affect your focus on tonight’s match?

Joe Bergman: No.  Going through a divorce sucks.  We tried again.  It didn’t work.  I move on.  Blaire, once the bell rings, all that other stuff gets shoved off to the side.  What’s important here is me coming out and doing my job and PBR picking up a win tonight.

Blaire then does a double take when Victoria McGill joins them and puts her arm around Bergman.

Victoria McGill: Hey Blaire.  Nice to see you again.

Tori- all six foot two of her- towers over and smiles at Blaire.

Joe Bergman: Trust me.  I’m doing just fine.

And with that, Bergman and McGill exit hand and hand followed by O’Callahan.

Blaire eyes the camera.

Blaire Moise: Okay.  We’ll have the first match of the best of five between the Highwaymen and the Egg Bandits right after these messages.

We fade to black before heading to our next commercial break.


Back live from commercial break and we hear “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito pumping thru the arena’s PA system.

Bobby Dean is already in the ring as his entrance music plays.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean getting warmed up as we are about ready for the first match of a best of five with the Highwaymen defending the HOTv Tag Team title against the challengers- the returning Egg Bandits.  Let’s go to the ring and Bryan McVay for the introductions.

Cut to McVay in the center of the ring.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen.  Our next match will be one fall and it is match number one in a best of five series.  Introducing first…

Bryan points at Dean.

Bryan McVay: …from Houston, Texas.  Weighing in tonight at a svelte 369 pounds.  BOBBY DEAN!

Dean does a quick pose and then retreats to his corner to remove his luxurious baby blue robe.

Stand Up by Papa Roach”, the official theme song of Chaos, begins to play as Doozer walks down to the ring.

Bryan McVay: And his partner… from Boston, Massachusetts.  Weighing in at 273 pounds tonight.  DOOZER!

He walks straight to the ring and does not care about the fans and assumes they can’t see him anyway.

Bryan McVay: They are… THE EGG BANDITS!

Doozer meets up with Dean in the ring and they prepare for the match.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents…

Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

As the opening to ‘Freebird’ plays, the lovely Sunny O’Callahan emerges from the back dressed in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band wearing a spaghetti strap top, a pair of jeans, heels. and her usually straight hair is all frizzed out and curly.

Sunny takes a swig from a bottle of Southern Comfort and sways on the stage as Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals come on over the sound system.

If I leave here tomorrow… will you still remember me?”

Bryan McVay: Hailing from Plattin, Missouri and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds…

Joe Bergman comes out dressed as normal in a plain black robe over his wrestling trunks.

Bryan McVay: … representing The Highwaymen tonight…

“Cause I’m a free as a bird now… and this bird you cannot change…”


The crowd roars.  Joe pumps his first in the air.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

With Sunny leading the way, she and Bergman start down the ramp to the ring and slaps people’s hands along the way to the ring.  He rolls into the ring followed by Sunny.  Looking out over the ropes with Sunny right by his side, Joe raises his arms in the air and a can of PBR in tribute to the ‘ordinary people’ in attendance tonight and, of course, Section 214.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

Dad Vibes” – Limp Bizkit

A montage of Steve Solex plays on the HOV, flashing on and off in rhythm with the music.  As the music stalls, the HOV goes black as the lights throughout the arena go dark.

A bomb like explosion blasts at the top of the entry way sending a plume of smoke up and in front of the HOV in the shape of a mushroom cloud, and at that moment the music returns and Steve Solex makes his way out from behind the curtain.

Bryan McVay: Weighing in tonight at 252 pounds.  From Huntington Beach, California.

The montage continues to play on the HOV as Solex stops atop the entrance ramp and pounds his chest twice with a white knuckled fist before throwing his hands high up into the air.

Bryan McVay: He is the MERC DAD… STEVE!  SOOOOOOOO-LEX!  

No glitz, no high fives, just a fast paced march and the look of cold blooded killer.

Bryan McVay: They are the HOTv Tag Team Champions… THE HIGHWAYMEN!

Solex slides under the bottom rope and stares down the referee before finding his corner and joining Bergman.

Joe Hoffman: Again.  This will be a best of five series for the HOTv Tag Team Title.  The first team to win three matches will either win or retain the title. If this goes all the way to five, the final match will take place at Rumble at the Rock.

Referee Joel Hortega goes over the rules to both teams and does the customary pre-match check.

Both teams sort out who’ll start the match.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Doozer will be starting off for the Egg Bandits with the Merc Dad, Steve Solex kicking things off for the Highwaymen.


They circle.  Tie up. Doozer and Solex grapple for position. Doozer maneuvers Solex into a corner.  Solex hooks the top rope with his arm.  Doozer grips Solex’s throat with his hands.

Joe Hoffman: Blatant choke there by Doozer!

Hortega immediately starts a 5 count.





CIN-  Doozer lets off at cuatro-point-nueve.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer waited until the last possible second to break the hold and Hortega lets him know he’s not getting away with that.

Doozer dismisses the referee and sneers at Solex.  Solex glares at Doozer.  Tie up.  Doozer steps back- BOOT TO THE GUT!   Doozer fires off punches and stomps Solex into the corner.  He pulls Solex up and whips him corner to corner. Solex bounces off buckles and plows into Doozer.

Joe Hoffman: Solex was able to hit a shoulder block in response but Doozer has been very aggressive at the outset of this match.  Tag to Bergman and he joins Solex inside the ring.

Double whip to Doozer into the ropes- double shoulder block.  Doozer tries to roll to his corner.  Dean swipes at his hand and just misses.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean wanted in but Hortega rules he missed the tag.

Hip toss by Bergman.  Solex back in to intercept an incoming Dean.  Bergman and Solex hit tandem dropkicks and Dean falls back to the corner.  Doozer from behind- LOW BLOW TO BERGMAN!  He then throws Solex through the ropes down to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman down.  Solex on the floor.  The Egg Bandits did not come back just for fun and games it seems.  There’s a little more of an edge to them.

Tag to Dean, Doozer aims for a corner but Bergman blocks the buckle bump to give a buckle bump! Dean runs in.  He pulls Bergman up… SNAP SUPLEX.   Bergman back up… ANOTHER SNAP SUPLEX… into a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!  Dean flexes and Doozer climbs in to deliver a couple of cheap shots to Bergman.  Dean paces around the Man of the People and lays a few stomps on Bergman.  Bobby waves hi to fans, then hits the Sit Down Squash.

Joe Hoffman: Whoa.  That’s a lot of weight that’s just come down on Joe Bergman.

Dean drags Bergman up.  Doozer points to the corner and Dean whips Bergman there.  Joe drops to a seated position in the corner. Dean hits a fist drop.  He unloads haymakers and more hands to Bergman as Doozer eggs him on.  Bergman tries to throw body shots but Dean rakes eyes. Dean drags Bergman up and whips him across the ring- no, Bergman reverses- Dean powers out.  He shoulder blocks Bergman- Solex slingshots up and over, and runs to hit a back elbow to Bobby’s face.  Dean staggers.  Doozer to the top rope… ONE HANDED BULLDOG TO SOLEX.  Doozer tosses Solex out of the ring again.  He ROCKS Bergman with a right hand.  Springboard off the ropes… DOUBLE STOMP TO BERGMAN.  Dean covers…



Shoulder up. 

Joe Hoffman: No!  Joe Bergman got his shoulder up!   The crowds on their feet as the action has been fast and furious in the early going.

Dean drops a knee on Bergman’s back.  Then he wanders back to his corner and tags in Doozer.   Doozer reels Bergman in.  Bergman reverses- SUPLEX TO DOOZER!  Bergman whips Doozer to the ropes… DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES


The fans are fired up.  Both men are down on the mat.  Bergman starts crawling to his corner.

Joe Hoffman: And Bergman’s going to reach his corner before Doozer.

Hot tag to Solex and he goes to town with shoulders and elbows.  Hip toss to Doozer- Solex lays the boots to him and then drops down to make the cover.




Joe Hoffman: Doozer kicked out. Solex is now letting Joel Hortega know how he feels about the count.

After the pointed exchange, Solex sees Doozer charging and steps out of the way.  Doozer hits the turnbuckle.  Solex fireman’s carries- Doozer slips off and ROCKS Solex with a haymaker! And another! Solex pokes Doozer in the eye…

Joe Hoffman: Finger Point of Dad!

…fires back right hands of his own.  Solex off the ropes- Dean reaches in and trips him up.  Doozer drops the leg on Solex.  Bobby Dean in.

Joe Hoffman: Dean pulls Solex up and holds him up. UPPERCUT BY DOOZER!

Solex staggers back.  Waistlock by Doozer… SPINEBUSTER!  Doozer rolls on top…




Crowd pop.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman dived in and just made enough contact to move Dean off.

Bobby drags Bergman up.  He and Doozer mug him and toss him out. Dean and Doozer drag Solex up to whip him into the corner.  Dean charges in- Solex dodges and RUNNING CLOTHESLINE DOOZER!  Fireman’s carry- Doozer slips off.  Solex backs him down.  Bergman back in- CLOTHESLINE TO DOOZER in the corner! He feeds him to Solex… waistlock- SPINEBUSTER!  Cover…



Joe Hoffman: BOBBY DEAN IN AND HE MAKES THE SAVE!  The fans rise to their feet as both men crawl towards their corners. Who will get there first?

Solex.  Hot tag to Bergman.

Then Doozer.  Hot tag to Dean.

Bergman off the ropes- Dean decks him with a shoulder block. Bergman up. CHOP by Dean!  Bergman wobbles and calls out to Solex!  Doozer in and Bergman is fed to him for a fireman’s carry and then a front body slam- Solex blocks.  Doozer tackles Solex and both end up rolling out of the ring.  Dean boots Bergman in the gut and then hits a Gutwrench Suplex.  Dean eschews the cover and pulls Bergman out to the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a minute.  What is Bobby doing?

Bobby nods and pulls his trunks forward.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going for the Deiner Weiner?

He goes to put Bergman’s head inside the trunks- the crowd roars.  Sunny O’Callahan has rolled into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Now what is Sunny O’Callahan doing?

Sunny walks right up to Bobby.  He throws Bergman aside for a moment.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know what Sunny’s doing but she probably shouldn’t be…

With a demure smile and zero hesitation, she pulls her top up and flashes Dean.

Joe Hoffman: …oh.  Got it now.

With Dean’s transfixed on Sunny’s chest, Solex sneaks in from behind.


Sunny flips Bobby off, covers up, and gets the hell out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Sunny’s distraction allowed Solex to get back in and deliver a forearm shot to Bobby Dean’s testicles from behind.

Dean covers himself and pitches over on the mat.  Bergman immediately slides in.

Joe Hoffman: DRAGON SLEEPER- NO!  Dean powers out!

Bobby rolls back to his corner and tags Doozer back in.

Joe Hoffman: Tag to Doozer and Bergman immediately sends him for the ride.

But Doozer reverses- his short arm clotheslines drops Bergman.  Doozer then whips Bergman- Solex slaps Joe on the shoulder to make the tag- BIG BODY DROP TO BERGMAN BY DOOZER.   Doozer mounts and starts throwing right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer going to town on Bergman but he doesn’t realize that Steve Solex is the legal man now.

Solex pulls Doozer right off Bergman and whips Doozer to the ropes- Doozer dodges the shoulder block- Solex follows and LARIATS!  He waits for Doozer to get up… he rises… SOLEXCUTION!  Solex for the win- no- Dean back in and he rocks Solex with a right hand.  Dean with a boot to the gut.  GUTWRENCH SUPLEX TO SOLEX.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Bergman- CHOCOLATE MIST!

Dean’s patently and poisonous Chocolate Mist to the eyes leaves Bergman incapacitated.  Bobby then hands Doozer ‘something’ as he exits the ring.  Doozer runs in from the corner.  *BOOM*  Solex drops like a rock to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Wait.  Was that a foreign object?

Hortega wonders the same thing but Doozer smartly ‘disposes’ of said foreign object and holds up two clean hands to the referee.  Then he drags Solex up into a Fireman’s Carry and slams him to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: EGGU!  Great Fireman’s Carry into a Front Body Slam by Doozer!

Doozer rolls over for the pinfall.

Joe Hoffman: And he may have Steve Solex.





Doozer gets into Hortega’s face and barks at him about the count.  Then he shakes a pointed index finger down at Solex and hits the ropes…

Joe Hoffman: YOU CAN’T YOLK ME…

comes back and drops a closed fist on Solex’s face.







Bryan McVay: Your winner of match number one in the best of five at fourteen minutes and twenty-six seconds… THE EGG BANDITS!

Hortega raises both Doozer’s and Dean’s arms up in victory.

Joe Hoffman: The Egg Bandits draw first blood in this best of five series tonight with an emphatic win her tonight over the HOTv Tag Team Champions.

Jiles, Doozer, and Dean celebrate while Bergman and Solex roll out of the ring as we cut away as the HOV comes to life once again.


The HOV comes to life and we find ourselves immersed in something that would fit right in with espionage films of days gone by. Suddenly, a very familiar guitar riff starts to play, invoking some real nostalgia as a silhouette steps into view.

We start to make out who it is, but are caught off-guard as the shadowy figure turns to us, pointing what appears to be a weapon of some sort as we zoom in on the figure’s face…revealing the smirk of Xander Azula, with words superimposed on the screen to confirm this, “XANDER AZULA, SANCTIONED FIGHTER.”

We are then treated to a less-familiar name appearing on the screen, letting us know this is “A RANDALL SCHWARTZ PRODUCTION” as we fade to footage from sVo’s Jackpot PPV that aired last week on High Octane Television.

We focus on the tail end of a confrontation between Azula and sVo owner Jon Page, leading to the Fighter signing a PWA contract to secure a bout down the line against one of Page’s chosen warriors, before we finally get the title of this mini-film with one more set of words, this in 97Red because of course:


The scene from Jackpot fades into what appears to be closer to realtime, as we see Xander traveling through the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. We see the Fighter hanging around various tourist traps, including the Strip, as he speaks to us in a voiceover.

Xander Azula: For weeks I’ve been itching for a fight, a final milestone on the path…and my journey to greatness has brought a detour that sent me straight to Sin City, and all of its vices. I cannot be tempted by the spoils of this town, however…I have work to do.

With this, we cut to a shot outside the Goodfellas Casino, home of the Sanctioned VIOLENCE Organization’s main shows. A glimpse of the marquee on the facade reveals that we are here hours ahead of Uprising 29, as Xander once again steps into view…and once more, we hear his voice as he stares at the casino before him.

Xander Azula: And so, I have arrived back at the Goodfellas, my eyes on the prize. I will confront Jon Page tonight, and I will take what is rightfully mine…a fight against one of his chosen warriors. Unlike that sniveling fool Scott Stevens, however, my battle is not for the pride of the 97Red…but to satisfy my craving. Despite all my rage, I am still just a beast in a cage.

With this statement made, Xander steps toward the entrance to the Goodfellas, that familiar guitar riff playing once more as the scene fades to black and the video ends.


After a moment’s pause after the video showing Xander ready to invade sVo ends, the Miami crowd jumps to their feet as the opening riff to “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” begins to rock the FTX arena.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to ringside folks. As you can hear this crowd is going wild as their hometown hero, John Sektor, making his long awaited return to the squared circle. We saw a cameo at Dead or Alive but last week it was confirmed that John Sektor is back and, not only that…will be competing at Rumble at the Rock against long time foe, Simon Sparrow.

The famous red skulls of the EPU are the first to emerge from behind the curtain, dressed all in black as four of them stand either side of the ramp in a 2-2 formation. One of them presses a finger to his ear and takes a look around the arena before giving a nod to the back. It’s then that the crowd goes even louder as the Gold Standard himself comes sauntering out from behind the curtain. He’s dressed in smart pants with a floral shirt half unbuttoned as black sunglasses shield his eyes. He smirks from one half of his face as he soaks in the warm and thunderous reception from the people of his hometown.

Joe Hoffman: We didn’t know if we would ever see him again. We all thought that he was retired. But the greatest always come back folks and here stands one of the greatest of all time.

After taking enough time to soak it all in he begins his ring walk, nodding in appreciation at the fans closest to him trying to take his picture and waving signs of support in his face. The EPU walk along with him, ensuring that every angle is covered from any unwelcome fan attention.

He approaches the ring steps but stops as he notices one woman in the front row with particularly large mammary glands. As he approaches her one of the EPU agents tries to stop him but he just waves him off and calmly orders him to step aside. Then, grabbing a black marker from the woman he proceeds to scrawl his signature all over her chest, dropping his sunglasses onto the tip of his nose so he can see what he is doing. The crowd cheers as he does this before he tosses the marker over his shoulder as he heads into the ring.

After receiving a microphone from ringside he waits for the music to fade. As it does the sound is sharply replaced by the chorus’ of his name being sung in unison. He waits until the noise reaches a level where he can compete to be heard before raising the microphone to his lips.

John Sektor: WHATS UP MIAMI!

The crowd roars as he mentions their towns name.

John Sektor: feels so fucking good to be home. And it has been a long, long, time since I have been back here in my hometown of Miami Florida. So please excuse me if I’m not firing on all cylinders tonight. The sunglasses are there to hide the bags under my eyes because I allowed myself to indulge in a night of my own brand of chaos in my hometown last night and it was a wild fucking night, let me tell you. All on Lee Best’s dime as a thank you for my gift to him last week….so ya…thank you Lee!

Some boo’s at the mention of Lee’s name before Sektor just shrugs it off.

John Sektor: Now I can already feel the cold sweats coming on so I’m going to keep this brief, hermano’s. Why am I here?

He holds his arms aloft, as though inviting the fans to answer that very question.

John Sektor: We all thought I was done with wrestling, right? Hell, I thought I was done. Last time I was here I was saying that I was ready to retire. I was supposed to go out at War Games in a blaze of fucking glory. But then that little piss ant Darin Zion put me on the shelf.

Boo’s from the crowd but Sektor just smiles.

John Sektor: So why am I back? Better yet, why have I demanded a match against Simon Sparrow at Rumble at the Rock? Darin Zion has been going around bragging to the world that he ended my career so why am I not looking to give him a good ass kicking for trying to get kudo’s from my name? Why not Zion?

Sektor looks around but shakes his head slowly.

John Sektor: Because I don’t want to wrestle Darin Zion. It’s a simple as that. I’ve beaten that pathetic little bitch so many times that it wouldn’t be worth my while and I simply wouldn’t enjoy it. Just by me being here, right now, stood in this ring is all I need to do to make him look fucking stupid.

Sektor continues to shake his head, leaning on the ropes and bringing his lips closer to the microphone as he prepares to get real.

John Sektor: I don’t know how many matches I have left. Don’t expect me to be competing every week because I made damn sure that won’t happen.

Some boo’s of contentment from the crowd as he admits this.

John Sektor: I still plan to retire, but the truth is I don’t know when that moment will be. I only know that when that moment arrives? We’ll all know. So I don’t want to waste my time with the likes of Darin Zion. I want to make sure that each and every match I have from now on? Is nothing less than a fucking classic.

The crowd applauds at the sentiment, seeming to understand what Sektor is trying to explain.

John Sektor: Now when I reflect over my long and glorious career? I only have to think back to last years Rumble at the Rock when Jatt Starr and I had one of the greatest matches in the history of this company. A ninety seven minute Iron man match, no less. And I want to do it all again.

The crowd cheer with excitement, clearly wanting the match as much as he does.

John Sektor: Now I’m going to continue to call him Jatt because that’s how I know him. He’ll never be Simon Sparrow to me because I never looked up to a Simon Sparrow, I looked up to Jatt fucking Starr. And that, more than anything, is why I want this match. Because I hold so much fucking respect for Jatt Starr that I just have to do it one last time before I bring down the curtain.

Sektor’s eyes are still concealing most of his emotion, but its telling from his tone that his admiration for Jatt is sincere.

John Sektor: I know Jatt still talks shit about me. I know his heart is still broken from when I broke up our partnership. But I can’t stop respecting that man. He was the man to beat when I arrived here and he is one of the greatest of all time. But you know what? He was the man to beat. And I think when you compare our legacies now there is no denying who the better man really is. There’s no denying who the greater champion was, who the better wrestler is or who is simply pound for pound the greatest of all time. Because it aint Simon Sparrow. It aint Jatt Starr.

Sektor removes his sunglasses which indeed were hiding dark and sunken eyes. However the intensity is still there as he stares hard into the camera.

John Sektor: It’s John fucking SEKTOR…THE GOLD STANDARD!!!!!!

With that he drops the mic and raises his hands in the air as Dirty Deeds resumes playing as we head to our final commercial break of the evening as the Miami crowd gives the HOW Hall of Famer another hometown hero’s ovation.


Back live and we immediately cut back to the announcers table.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone, I’m getting word that we have a message ready on the High Octane Vision screen before we pivot to our Main Event. Seems like the Anglo Luchador has some words, presumably for Jace Parker Davidson who is set to compete here in mere moments.

The High Octane Vision flickers to life to show PRIME’s Intense Champion, The Anglo Luchador, sitting on a steel chair on a soundstage in an undisclosed location. He is wearing his mask, a custom-made t-shirt that says “Melvin Beauregard Owes Me a 20% Raise”, and cargo shorts with his title belt draped across his lap. He hunches forward.

TAL: Good evening, fans of High Octane Wrestling. Those who know me know I need no introduction, but I get the feeling most of you don’t. I am The Anglo Luchador. I am the PRIME Intense Champion. I won a couple of World Championships several years ago. I’ve fought some of the best wrestlers in the world. And now, one of your own, Bart Harley Jarvis…

The crowd boos at the blatant disrespect shown to JPD.

TAL: I’m sorry, I’m told references to shows that are actually good and funny go over people’s heads nowadays. I guess since this is his hometown, I should show the man some respect, huh? Well, anyway, Bart Harley Jarvis has called down the thunder. For those of you who aren’t on Twitter, and god bless you, you’re the smart ones out of all of us, your buddy picked a fight with me. That’s fine. I’m not a stranger to talking the proverbial cow manure on social media. It’s how the business lured me back anyway.

The luchador leans back a little.

TAL: But when you call into question my career and the company I’ve been helping rebuild along with some names that I won’t drop here for fear of coming off tacky like your boy who can’t get enough of letting me know that he knows who John Sektor is, well, then you’ve called down the thunder. Pro tip: you should only do that if you’re prepared to be treated for shock. And if you think I’m being disrespectful to your King of Everything… seriously, who gives themselves that nickname? Christ on a stick. Anyway, you should know something about how much of a prick this guy is.

The luchador holds up his title belt.

TAL: You see this? The Intense Championship. I scarred myself permanently in a sea of barbed wire to get it, and to see the company that provided me the opportunity to do it disparaged? Forget that. You see, a long time ago, there was an organization, you might know it. Primetime Central. Even older than that was a place called F-Wrestling, I’m no stranger to the interfed structure. Neither is PRIME. They were PTC’s flagship. I ran backstage at TEAM, which was basically FW’s interfed arm. Curious though, I looked at the member feds that sent reps to both of those places. Guess whose name I didn’t see?

He stands up.

TAL: That’s right. High Octane Wrestling was nowhere to be seen, and yet, now that PRIME is back, rebuilding the new world from the ashes of the old, now you wanna jump in the pool, jump in with us on the rebound. Why’s that?

He makes a slight mockery of Brian Windhorst’s famous, meme-captured face and arm gesture.

TAL: It’s curious indeed why this place would want to stake a claim only when it could easily and without much perceived pushback claim the top spot. Still though, don’t take these words to say I don’t think of you honorably. Quite to the contrary, I’ve found that respect in this business goes a long way. And I respect the hell out of High Octane Wrestling and the wrestlers who work here, people like the Highwaymen and STRONK and Christopher America and Ms. Carey. I respect the history here and the controversy, the battles fought, the crucible that this place provided for people like, as loathsome as humans as they are, the eGG Bandits. I would’ve loved to have seen what wrestlers in this place could’ve done against the competition back in the day. People say you have to earn respect in this business, but I’m the opposite. I will respect you as default, because if you’re good enough to make it through wrestling school and get on the big stage, you could rise up and beat me. You have to work hard to lose my respect though. Bart Harley Jarvis? I don’t respect you.

The crowd boos lustily at the burn thrown at their hometown hero.

TAL: You could’ve just ignored me when that hayseed Garry Ray-Ray Nelson tagged you replying to me. But you dug in because you don’t have any respect for anyone. McKenna Blue this, Crayola mask that. You really used interfed clout to get a commercial on a show before my main event where I defended this fucking title right here

He holds up the Intense Championship.

TAL: …to spew tired insults like it was 2002 all over again. Fuck that. You think PRIME is beneath you, when for years, PRIME, in its first incarnation, was the measuring stick in all of wrestling. We’re back, as strong as ever, and yet, you’ve got a bug up your ass about it. Why is that, Bart Harley Jarvis? Why are you pimping the fact you wrestle everywhere, but you won’t step foot in my home? You’ll wrestle in kiddie pools and crayon factories, for Xipe Totec’s sake. We got a word for someone who will run from the grind of diving headlong into a challenge just to pummel the entry level of what passes as “decent” in this business.

He stares dead into the camera.

TAL: A coward.

Boos fill the FTX Arena.

TAL: I’m not a coward, Bart Harley Jarvis. The only reason I’m not there tonight is because I’m smart. I don’t want your buddies or the EPU or the fans to get their hands on me and put me at a severe disadvantage. I want the fight to be somewhat fair. And as a sign of good faith, I’ll even give you the second biggest home field advantage you could possibly want, the first being if we had this match here tonight, in a city that isn’t even going to be here in 50 years.

Crowd boos again at the prospect of Miami being lost to climate change.

TAL: October 2. The Best Arena in Chicago, IL. You will have a hostile crowd at your back. I am giving you every advantage you could ever want, doing it there, in your home arena, on your turf, a week after I go to war with Balaam on pay-per-view, because I want to see the look on your smug, stupid face when a guy who wrestles for PRIME, the company you claim isn’t even worth looking at, stomps a mudhole in your ass and walks it dry.

The luchador walks off the set as the High Octane Vision turns to static.

Joe Hoffman: Well, those were some strong words for Jace Parker Davidson. I cannot BELIEVE Lee Best let him have that much time here on High Octane Television. There is no doubt that Lee has confidence in his HOW wrestlers and we will see if Jace will accept the Luchador’s challenge……..but for now…..he HAS to pivot his focus back to the job at hand…defending the LSD Championship against his fellow Board member and Best Family Member…..the ICON Champion…..Tyler Best.

A video begins to play hyping both the history of ICON and the LSD Championships on the HOV before we cut back live to Joe who is set to call tonight’s main event.


Joe Hoffman: Here we go, it’s time for the main event! The ICON and LSD Championships both have RICH histories here in High Octane Wrestling but it will not be the first time one of them will be retired for a period of time.  The current Champions know what is at stake and you can feel the tension here in the arena as well.  On one hand we have Jace Parker Davidson, HOW Hall of Famer, The King of Everything, War Games Winner, Solitary Confinement winner, LBI winner, three time former World Heavyweight Champion. He’s done it all. On the other hand we have Tyler Best, the youngest War Games winner ever in HOW, the ICON Champion, the Son of the Son, undefeated in High Octane Wrestling, The son of the CEO and Jace’s greatest rival. AND WE’RE GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FREE ON HOTv!

Bryan McVay: Our first competitor… He IS the ICON Champion. He is The GOD of Sons… He stands five-feet eleven inches, and weighs in at one-hundred and eighty-seven pounds… THIS IS TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLER BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST!

The lights in the arena dim, as “T A B” flashes across the HOV in bright gold letters. The letters suddenly begin to drip 97Red, as “War Child” by Hollywood Undead begins to blast over the sound system.

Joe Hoffman: My former co-commentator Benny Newell would hate the fact that this match is even going to happen. It might be the one time in his life he was upset about a decision Lee Best made. Probably not, but he’d have to sort through his feelings.

Tyler Adrian Best steps out from behind the curtain, slowly making his way out onto the stage, ICON Championship wrapped around his waist. He stares out into the sea of fans. He gestures to the crowd as he saunters down the ramp. He hops up onto the apron, wipes both of his boots off and steps into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Trained by champions throughout the industry, Tyler Best is an absolute FORCE here in High Octane Wrestling.

Tyler poses with the ICON Championship in the corner, before hopping down off the top rope and glaring out up the ramp, awaiting Jace Parker Davidson.

The lights in the arena go completely out as the crowd begins buzzing. Light from cell phones all throughout the crowd shine in the arena like stars in the sky. Suddenly the words “THE KING HAS RETURNED” blasts throughout the arena which causes the crowd to erupt. The place is deafening as the sound of “KINGDOM” by Jaxson Gamble plays from the PA system. The fans are on their feet as the lights come back on and smoke begins to fill the stage. The crowd chants JPD repeatedly as McVay raises the microphone up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: From… right here in MIAMI, FLORIDA! Weighing in tonight at 253lbs. He is a HOW Hall of Famer. He is a member of The Board. He is the reigning and defending HOW LSD Champion. He is the KING OF EVERYTHING. He is THE CONQUERORRRRR JACEEEEE PARKERRRRR DAVIDSONNNNNN!!!!

Jace makes his way out on stage wearing a long gold trench coat with the HOW LSD Championship belt around his waist. Madison is by his side and they stand there and soak in the ovation as the fans are going absolutely nuts. Jace turns his back to the crowd and shows off the back of the trench coat that has the word “CONQUEROR” written vertically on it in 97red lettering. Jace raises his arms into the air triumphantly as pyro explodes form either side of the stage and from around the HOV.

Joe Hoffman: You can’t hear yourself think inside of this building right now. These people are firmly behind the HOW LSD Champion. Personally, I think he’s a despicable human being but here in Miami, Florida? These people consider this man the living definition of what dominance in professional wrestling means. You just HAVE to know that the promo from TAL a few minutes ago has him even more fired up.

Jace turns around and pumps his fist before making his way down the ramp followed by Madison. Jace takes his time making his way to the ring to slap hands and greet the fans along the way. The LSD Champion does a lap around the ring making sure to high five every single fan that he possibly can. Jace makes his way up the steel ring steps and walks along the ring apron. Davidson leans back against the ropes and faces the crowd to more roof shaking cheers from the sold out crowd.

Joe Hoffman: This is a night that Jace Parker Davidson won’t soon forget but this is just an entrance. This is just fanfare but the hard part will be stepping into the ring with the youngest War Games winner in HOW history. The hardest part will be defeating that man who has yet to be pinned or submitted and walk away still the HOW LSD Champion.

Jace turns and steps through the ropes to enter the ring. Jace makes his way to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle as Madison takes her place at ringside. Jace poses for the crowd as the flashes from all the different phones in the arena are blinding. Jace hops down off the turnbuckle and begins to take off his trench coat. He hands it to Madison on the outside then begins to stretch in his corner.


Joe Hoffman: AND WE’RE OFF!

Tyler Best and JPD begin to dance. It looks almost like the start to a sparring session at the Ten-X Program. Jace swipes at the smaller man’s leg, but Tyler is too quick and darts to the side and sends a right hand into the side of JPD’s head. Jace backs off and smirks while nodding at Tyler.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best is a quick man, he has to be at that size.

The two quickly go back to the dance, Jace moves to the right, Tyler circles to his left. Finally Jace takes another stab, but Tyler dodges and tries to uncork a knee. Jace is already ahead of Tyler though, and steps into the knee grabbing the smaller Best around the waist and pushing him into the corner. Tyler looks almost shocked and tries to squirm in the corner but JPD drives a shoulder into the youngest Best’s midsection doubling him over.

Joe Hoffman: Jace seems set on overpowering Tyler, and Tyler doesn’t seem to like it.

Jace goes to throw another shot into Tyler’s midsection, but while Jace reared back Tyler managed to push himself up off of the ropes and out of the way of JPD. Jace turns around shocked and walks right into a Tyler Best picture perfect drop kick. Jace falls back into the corner dazed, and Tyler is already back to his feet. He fires off a vicious knife edge chop to Jace’s chest that causes an audible ‘OOOOOH’ from the crowd. He follows it up with a series of side kicks to Jace’s midsection.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best has been trained by the best, shades of Lindzai Troi in a SHOOT Project match out there.

Jace falls to a seated position and Tyler takes a few steps back, coming in at Jace Parker Davidson with a head full of steam. Jace moves out of the way this time and Tyler crashes into the turnbuckles. Tyler is FURIOUS coming out of the corner and as Jace is trying to get himself up he delivers a walk up punt style kick to Jace’s midsection.

Joe Hoffman: Kicks like that break ribs folks.

JPD grabs his ribs and Tyler smashes him across the back with a double axe handle repeatedly, beating Jace back to the ground. Tyler smiles and goes to kick Jace again, but Jace manages to trip Tyler. He yanks Tyler towards him and tries to crawl on top of Tyler, but Tyler is able to keep his legs free and rotate his hips to escape. He jumps on Jace’s back and begins throwing right hands into the back of Jace’s head, causing Jace to grab the bottom rope and pull himself out from under Tyler and slide out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best is absolutely a ruthless competitor.

Jace gets to his feet after his ungrateful exit from the ring holding his ribs while Tyler is in the ring pacing back and forth like an uncaged animal. Jace takes his time though and collects himself, he walks over to the ring steps and walks up them slowly keeping both eyes on The God of Sons.

Joe Hoffman: Jace is smart, he’s not going to give Tyler an opportunity to jump him as he comes into the ring.

Jace points to Boettcher who finally goes and walks Tyler back to the far corner as JPD climbs back into the ring. Jace hardly has time to lift his head before Tyler comes across the ring and delivers a kick to the side of his skull. Jace fights through the kick and shoves Tyler away, trying to give himself some room to work. Tyler comes right back though and slams his forearm into Jace’s face. Jace once again tries to back off, but Tyler grabs him around the waist and plants him to the canvas with a big belly to belly suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best maintains his grip!

Tyler gets back to his feet and deadlifts Jace Parker Davidson back to his feet, he picks him up again and smashes him with a second belly to belly suplex in the center of the ring, coming down hard across JPD’s ribs. He hooks the leg as Boettcher slides over to count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!


Tyler’s face kind of twitches as JPD shoves his arm into the air. He gets to his feet and immediately lays a few more boots across Jace’s midsection and goes for another cover, this time hooking both legs.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!


This time Jace throws the smaller Tyler off of him and gets back to his feet quickly. Tyler is still back up first though and sends another knife edge chop across Jace’s chest. Jace fires back with one of his own that staggers Tyler. Tyler fires back again, but Jace powers through it and fires another chop that causes Tyler to stumble backwards. Jace loads up again and chops Tyler as the crowd in Miami starts to get behind him.

Joe Hoffman: This place is on fire for JPD tonight!

Tyler cuts all the momentum off with a well placed kick to the midsection. He doubles Jace over and knees him straight in the mouth. Jace drops to his knees and Tyler hits the ropes, coming back off of them with a low dropkick that sends Jace sprawling backwards. Tyler pounds the mat and slits his own throat as he gets to his feet. He drags Jace up and throws him on his shoulders in the fireman’s carry position. Jace kicks his legs furiously and manages to slide down Tyler’s back landing behind him. He grabs Tyler and throws him over his head with a german suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler landed on his feet!

Jace gets to his feet just in time to catch another kick to his ribs. Tyler grabs Jace with double underhooks and tries to lift him for a Tiger Suplex. Jace manages to reverse the move into a standing hammerlock. Tyler reverses back. Jace claps his own shoulder and forward rolls out of the hammerlock and in one fluid motion delivers a knee to TAB’s midsection. TAB leans forward and Jace hits him with a quick snap suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Finally Jace has managed to slow down Tyler Best.

Jace gingerly gets to his feet, clutching his ribs. Tyler isn’t down for long and is right back in Jace’s face. Tyler fires off a right forearm that catches Jace in the neck just off his jawline. Jace stumbles and fires off a forearm of his own that absolutely stuns Tyler.

Joe Hoffman: Youth and inexperience is starting to show, you’d think Tyler would have learned Jace is not a guy you want to trade strikes with. He might not be lightning quick, but he hits you with HEAVY hands.

Tyler comes back and goes for a running knee lift to Jace’s stomach, but Jace catches him and uses his own momentum to send him flying over his head with an exploder suplex. The ground literally shudders as Tyler and Jace land. Jace looks at the downed Tyler and drags himself back up holding his midsection. He climbs to the top rope and looks down at TAB.

Joe Hoffman: Jace Parker Davidson is looking desperate here.

Tyler, almost super naturally sensing the impending danger, gets up in an instant and leaps from the ground to the middle turnbuckle. He and Jace start throwing hands, both men perched on their own ropes. Tyler starts to get the better of the exchange after another blow to the ribs and tries to superplex Jace, Jace manages to hook his leg in the ropes and stop the forward momentum. Tyler puts him back down and steps up to the top rope while throwing shots into Jace’s ribs and stomach again.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are now perched on the top rope… This is dangerous.

Joe Hoffman is a fortune teller, and Jace Parker Davidson overwhelmed from the onslaught does the only thing he can do, and shoves Tyler as hard as he can from Tyler’s side where he doesn’t expect it.

Joe Hoffman: OH NO!

Tyler loses his balance and falls from the top rope and crashes down onto the ring apron. Tyler’s chest is heaving, but Jace collects himself and drops from the top rope to the ring apron. He runs and comes off the apron dropping a double axe handle across Tyler Best’s chest. Jace grabs TAB by the hair and drags him across the apron to the ring post and drives Tyler’s skull into the ring post once, twice, three times, Jace is determined and does it for a fourth time just to make his point.

Joe Hoffman: Jace said before the match, BOARD BE DAMNED! HE WAS COMING AWAY A WINNER! And he’s showing it here!

Jace grabs the youngster around the neck with a front face lock with himself positioned on the floor by the steel steps. With complete disregard for himself he plants the now kneeling Tyler Best from the apron to the top steel step with a DDT. Jace lays on the floor clutching at his own ribs for a few seconds before pulling himself up to his feet using the ring apron. Tyler is laying with his body half across the steps and still half across the apron. He rolls Tyler into the ring and climbs into the ring himself.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best is in BIG trouble! Jace Parker Davidson is POSSESSED!

Jace crouches down in the corner while holding his ribs and screams for Tyler to come to his feet while grimacing in agony. Finally Tyler starts to crawl across the ring. He drags himself to his knees and starts crawling to the center of the ring. Jace explodes out of the corner and smashes Tyler’s head off of the mat with a stomp.


Boettcher slides into position as Jace covers, hooking both of Tyler Best’s legs, and sliding a knee across the smaller man’s shoulders.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!




Tyler tries to squirm but Jace keeps him planted.

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Jace falls off of Tyler Best to the mat, as Tyler Best kicks out right after the three count. Jace holds his ribs and midsection with one arm while the other hides his own face, the sheer exhaustion of the moment over taking him. Bryan McVay steps into the ring handing both titles to Matt Boettcher.


Boettcher puts both titles into Jace’s lap and tries to help him to his feet, but Jace pushes him off and gets to his feet on his own accord. He stomps to the corner and holds both titles into the air as the fans in Miami cheer. Jace steps down from the ropes and grabs his midsection in pain

The camera follows Jace as he turns around and sees Tyler staggering up to his feet. The two board members stare each other down and Jace slowly reaches out his hand to the now former ICON Champion.

With a slight pause, Tyler does in fact reaches out his hand and limply shakes the hand of the new dual Champion.

Tyler immediately turns around and rolls out of the ring and walks briskly to the back as the hometown hero Jace Parker Davidson turns his attention to the Miami crowd.

Joe Hoffman: THAT’S ALL WE HAVE FOR YOU FOLKS! WHAT A NIGHT! JACE PARKER DAVIDSON IS THE ICON AND LSD CHAMPION! FOR HOW, HOTv, PWA,  Brian McVay, Blaire Moise, and Brian Bare, I’m Joe Hoffman! Thank you for tuning into CHAOS 007 and GOODNIGHT!

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