Chaos 008





As the #NeverForget video ends we cut live inside Madison Square Garden and to an overhead shot of the arena.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome ladies and gentlemen and all our viewers live on HOTv and PWA TV tonight to Mid-Town Manhattan and Madison Square Garden…. WELCOME TO CHAOS!!!

The camera cuts quickly to another live shot of the sold out crowd before returning to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: There are a lot of American flags in the crowd tonight to commemorate the twenty-first anniversary of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  As always tonight’s show is sponsored by Vet Tix…. check out to Give Something to Those Who Gave.

We cut away from a quick graphic for Vet Tix and immediately we cut to a graphic hyping tonight’s Main Event.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight.  What a show we have for you tonight.  New HOTv Champion Great Scott defends the title against the Hillbilly Jesus Frank Dylan James who will be making his HOW debut.

Pictures of FDJ and Great Scott appear on screen.

Joe Hoffman: We’ve got ‘The Hardcore Artist’ Scottywood in action tonight against ‘The Vintage’ Conor Fuse.

Pictures of Scottywood and Fuse appear on screen.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd will face off against Xander Azula.

Pictures of Byrd and Azula appear on screen.

Joe Hoffman: And…

You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito pumps thru the arena’s PA system and Bobby Dean steps out onto the stage.

Joe Hoffman: …we will have match number two of the best of five series between the Egg Bandits and the HOTv Tag Team Champions The Highwaymen.  Last week, The Egg Bandits- brought back to HOW by Lee Best with the express purpose of winning the tag belts from the Highwaymen- drew first blood in match number one.

(Last Week on Chaos 007- Egg Bandits vs. The Highwaymen ©)
Dean with a boot to the gut.  GUTWRENCH SUPLEX TO SOLEX.  Bergman runs in- Dean chocolate mists him. 

Cut to:

…Bobby hands Doozer ‘something’ as he exits the ring.  Doozer runs in from the corner.  *BOOM*  Solex drops like a rock to the mat. 

Joe Hoffman: Wait.  Was that a foreign object?

Cut to:

…Doozer shakes a pointed index finger down at Solex and hits the ropes… 

Joe Hoffman: YOU CAN’T YOLK ME…

comes back and drops a closed fist on Solex’s face. 







Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean is in the ring now and getting warmed up in his corner.  Let’s go to the ring and Bryan McVay for the introductions.

Cut to McVay in the center of the ring.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen.  Our next match will be one fall and it is match number two in a best of five series.  Introducing first…

Bryan points at Dean.

Bryan McVay: …from Houston, Texas.  Weighing in tonight at 369 pounds.  BEAUTIFUL BOBBY DEAN!

Dean does a quick pose and then retreats to his corner to remove his luxurious baby blue robe.

Bryan McVay: And his tag team partner tonight…

The lights dim.

The arena quiets.

A chill moves through the air…

“I am the COOL” explodes over the speakers.

~I’m the one your mama warned you about
~When you see me, I will leave you no doubt
~I’m the coolest man that ever walked this earth
~I’ve been the coolest since the day of my birth


Out from behind the curtain, after a second or two of suspense, The Crown Prince of COOL, Cancer Jiles emerges. Shades on, hair on point, he pauses at the top of ramp and basks in the glorious affection of his precious OctaBandits.


Bryan McVay: …weighing in at 229 pounds from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  ‘COOL’!  CANCER! JIIIII-LES!

Jiles confidently makes his way down to the ring and slides on in under the bottom rope.

Bryan McVay: They are… THE EGG BANDITS!

Jiles and Dean retreat to their corner and discuss strategy.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents…

Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

As the opening to ‘Freebird’ plays, the lovely Sunny O’Callahan emerges from the back dressed in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band wearing a spaghetti strap top, a pair of jeans, heels. and her hair is all frizzed out and curly.

Sunny takes a swig from a bottle of Southern Comfort and sways on the stage as Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals come on over the sound system.

If I leave here tomorrow… will you still remember me?”

Bryan McVay: Hailing from Plattin, Missouri and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds…

Joe Bergman comes out dressed as normal in a plain black robe over his wrestling trunks.

“Cause I’m a free as a bird now… and this bird you cannot change…”


The crowd roars.  Joe does a half-hearted first in the air as he continually looks behind him as if he’s looking for someone.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

With Sunny leading the way, she and Bergman start down the ramp to the ring and slaps people’s hands along the way to the ring.  He rolls into the ring followed by Sunny.  Looking out over the ropes with Sunny right by his side, Joe raises his arms in the air and a can of PBR in tribute to the ‘ordinary people’ in attendance tonight and, of course, Section 214… way… way at the top of MSG.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

Dad Vibes” – Limp Bizkit

A montage of Steve Solex plays on the HOV, flashing on and off in rhythm with the music.  As the music stalls, the HOV goes black as the lights throughout the arena go dark.

A bomb like explosion blasts at the top of the entry way sending a plume of smoke up and in front of the HOV in the shape of a mushroom cloud, and at that moment the music returns and Steve Solex should be making his way out from behind the curtain…

Bryan McVay: Weighing in tonight at 252 pounds.  From Huntington Beach, California.

…except he doesn’t.

The montage continues to play on the HOV…

Bryan McVay: He is the MERC DAD… STEVE!  SOOOOOOOO-LEX!  

…but there’s no sign of Solex.


Bergman leans over the ropes and looks towards the back.

Then the High Octane Vision fires up and reveals where Steve Solex is.  Bergman faces the HOV and sees Solex lying on the ground face down… blooded… and unresponsive backstage.

Female Voice: HEY!

We see the boots of the EPU men making a hasty exit.  Then someone steps into the frame.  We don’t get a good look at her face until she bends down to check on Solex.


McGill rolls Solex over on his back.


The HOV shuts down.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex attacked backstage before the match.  It looks like The Board doesn’t want to take any chances tonight.  They want to make sure The Egg Bandits have every advantage available to them so they can get the tag belts off The Highwaymen.

Referee Joel Hortega ends up in an animated conversation with Bergman.

Joe Hoffman: I believe Joe Bergman is emphatically telling referee Joel Hortega that he’ll take on the Bandits by himself.

Jiles does the ‘boo-hoo- gesture with his hands towards Bergman.  Sunny flips Jiles off.


Hortega leans over the ropes to the time keeper and calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: He’s going to do it.  Joe Bergman is taking on Bobby Dean and Cancer Jiles all by himself.

Bergman and Jiles to start.  They lock up in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Once again, this is a best of five series for the HOTv Tag Team Title.  The Egg Bandits won the first match and lead 1-0.  If this somehow goes all the way to five, the final match will take place at Rumble at the Rock.

Jiles gets the advantage.  He whips Bergman into the Bandits’ corner right into the waiting arms of Bobby Dean.  Jiles approaches.





Crowd pop. Dean leans over the top rope and tries to clear his eyes.

Joe Hoffman: Cancer Jiles thought he had Joe Bergman all set but Bergman ducked at the last second and Bobby Dean gets an eyeful of Coolympian Yolk instead!

Bergman whips Jiles into the corner- Dean goes tumbling off the apron to the floor.  Now Bergman closes in… right hand… right hand… right hand… right, no left hand.  He climbs up on the turnbuckle and drives down right hands to Jiles and the crowd counts it out…











Bergman steps back.  Jiles steps forward… tips forward… and lands face first on the mat.  Bergman rolls him over for the pinfall.


DOS… Kickout by Jiles.

Joe Hoffman: Close one there.

Standing dropkick by Bergman sends Jiles back to the corner.  He rams Jiles head first into the corner turnbuckle… and another… and another.  Wild right by Jiles misses.  *SMACK* Roundhouse kick by Bergman and Jiles goes down again.  Cover…


DOS… Shoulder up.

Joe Hoffman: Jiles just gets the shoulder up.  Bergman is trying to get the quick pinfall because the longer this match goes, the more his chances to win decrease.

Collar and elbow tie up- JILES WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!


DOS… Bergman kicks out.  

Jiles clips Bergman’s knee.  He sets for Terminal Cancer.  Jiles bends his back knee and…

Joe Hoffman: 97 RED MIST BY BERGMAN!

Bergman spewed the red mist into Jiles’ eyes.  He takes Jiles down…



Joe Hoffman: Joe was too close to the ropes and Bobby Dean tags himself in!

Dean, vision now cleared, rumbles through the ropes into the ring.  Bergman releases the hold and rolls to get back to a standing position.

The crowd rises to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean in the ring and he’s staring down Joe Bergman.

Bergman nods and circles.

Joe Hoffman: Still no sign of Steve Solex.

Lock up… Dean takes the arm and twists.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean has over 150 pounds on Joe Bergman.

Dean keeps the hold and finds different angles to bend Bergman’s arm.  Elbow by Bergman.  Another elbow.  Double wristlock by Dean now.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby’s using his weight strength advantage to try to wear down Joe Bergman because when Bobby tires, he’ll tag Jiles back in.  If Bergman tires, there’s no one to call on.

Bergman with kicks.  Bobby grabs a head of hair and slams Joe back to the mat.  Foot on the chest…

UNO… Bergman rolls out.

Joe tries to get to the ropes but Dean pulls him back- SNAP SUPLEX.  Bobby floats over for the pinfall.


DOS… Bergman kicks out.

Side headlock by Dean and he wrenches Bergman’s neck.  Hip toss by Dean.  Back to the side headlock. Bergman gets loose and shoves Dean to the ropes… back roll up by Bergman on the return.


DO- Dean kicks out.

Bergman roars and fires off haymakers! Kick… KICK… ENZIGURI!  Dean staggers but he does not fall.  Basement dropkick by Bergman to Bobby’s knee and it buckles.  *SMACK* High knee by Bergman and that sends Dean down.  Hook the legs…


DOS… NO!  Dean kicks out again.

Bergman tries to slap on an abdominal stretch- SIT DOWN JAWBREAKER BY DEAN!  Bergman’s legs buckle.  Bobby drags Bergman up and drags him over to the Bandits’ corner so Jiles can get in a couple cheap shots- LOW BLOW BY JILES!  Bergman falls to his hands and knees.  Jiles and Dean stomp away on Joe in the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Joe’s got a big problem now.  He’s wrestling two men and he’s running out of steam.

Dean takes the gutwrench hold on Bergman… lifts… GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!  Dean lays in the boots.  Jiles lays in the boots.  Hortega immediately starts a cinco count on Jiles being in the ring.  While Jiles argues with Hortega, Dean wanders over and sits down on Bergman.

Joe Hoffman: And it gets worse for Bergman.  Bobby Dean is sitting down on him and putting all his 369 pounds on him.

There’s a commotion.

Joe Hoffman: Hold on!

A blonde female races down the ramp towards the ring.


Jiles and Hortega continue their conversation.  Dean continues to sit on Bergman.  Tori climbs up to the top turnbuckle.  She jumps… missile dropkick to Bobby Dean’s face.


It moved him enough to get his attention… *SMACK*


…and Jiles too.  Dean topples off Bergman to the mat.  But before Jiles can address the new person in the ring.


The crowd roars as Solex… battered… bruised… and bleeding staggers down the ramp towards the ring.


Solex climbs up onto the apron.

Jiles confronts McGill.



She takes a gutwrench hold… lift… and slams Jiles face first to the mat.


The crowd pops again.  Bergman crawls to his corner.

Dean gets to all fours.


Joe Hoffman: TAG TO SOLEX!

Solex stumbles into the ring.

Dean back on his feet.

Solex unleashes a right, left, right, left… right… right… right… right… and right.

Dean just smiles.


Bobby grabs Solex at the waist and pulls him up towards him…

Joe Hoffman: BEAR HUG!

…tries to wring out what little energy Solex has left.


Solex flails about.  Bobby’s got him locked in tight.

Bergman pulls himself up in his corner with help from Tori McGill.

Movement slowing down, Solex’s face turns red as Dean squeezes even harder.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is fading…

Hortega takes Solex’s arm and lifts it- it falls back down.

Joe Hoffman: …that’s one.

Hortega lifts Solex’s arm again… it falls a second time.

Bergman through the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: That’s two.

One more time, Hortega lifts the arm… it falls just as Bergman arrives and Hortega calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: THAT’S IT!


Joe Hoffman: 2-0 Bandits.

Bryan McVay: Your winners at eleven minutes and fifteen seconds- THE EGG BANDITS!


Bergman bends over… hands on his knees… and checks on Solex.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman did everything he could.  But without Steve Solex until late in the match, Bobby Dean and Cancer Jiles were just too much.

Quick cut to The Egg Bandits are already halfway up the ramp and celebrating their win.

Joe Hoffman: The Egg Bandits go up two wins to nothing in the best of five series and they are one win away from winning the HOTv Tag Team title.  The Highwaymen’s hold on the title is in big, big trouble.

Joe pauses as Bergman helps Solex out of the ring and starts up the ramp with McGill trailing behind.

Joe Hoffman: All right.  We are off and running on Chaos 008.  Let’s send it backstage.


The scene cuts backstage to Brian Bare, looking as he always does – feigning professionalism because he needs the paycheck – with a microphone in hand. Standing next to him, sporting his all too familiar red and black checkered suit over a black t-shirt that reads “My Name is Inigo Montoya….”.

Brian Bare: Simon Sparrow, Sektor returned to the HOW and last week, he made his intentions clear. He challenged you to an Ironman match at “Rumble at the Rock”. How do you respond?

Simon Sparrow: Brian, old bean, the Rembrandt of Wrestling has done a lot of soul searching since “Dead or Alive”. I was questioning myself, did the Professor of Sparrowdynamics have one last run left? I think my devastating loss against Steve Harrison last week answered that.

The HOW Hall of Famer looks down for a moment, takes a deep breath, and continues.

Simon Sparrow: I think it would be fair to say that the Professor of Sparrowdynamics has wrestled his last match in the HOW. At “Rumble at the Rock”, there will be no Simon Sparrow versus John Sektor. There will be no Sir Simon Sparrow against John Sektor. And just to be clear, there will be no Jatt Starr or Sultan of SeaJattle or Ruler of Jattlantis or any other Jatteriffic nickname that I spawned taking on “Rumble at the Rock”.

Brian Bare: What are you saying?

Simon Sparrow: Retirement, sport. Don’t get me wrong, part of me would love to bring back Jatt Starr for one final match….but I’m not going to. Why give Lee that satisfaction? And yeah, part of me would love to see Sektor versus Simon Sparrow on the “Rumble at the Rock” poster. But I can’t. I am mentally and emotionally spent. I do want to take this time, though, to offer my thanks to those that supported the Professor of Sparrowdynamics these past few months. Darin Zion. Conor Fuse. Eh…Joe Hoffman….and….um….

The Rembrandt of Wrestling looks up at the ceiling thinking of anyone else he could possibly thank.

Simon Sparrow: …that’s it. I appreciate the fans who cheered for me while the going was tough. I was unable to hold on to the LSD Championship. I failed to become the ICON Champion. But you know what? I realize the HOW fans deserve more than Simon Sparrow or Jatt Starr or even the cancelled-even-before-he-was-a-possibility-to-return, Francisco Roberto Eduardo Dominguez, also known as F.R.E.D.. So, to Sektor, you will not got what you want at “Rumble at the Rock”. This is Simon Sparrow….bowing out….gracefully….

Simon Sparrow, starting to become a bit emotional, takes a bow and walks off camera. Brian Bare looks stunned for a moment before turning back to the camera.

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have just heard Simon Sparrow retire from the HOW. I….

Brian Bare looks to struggle as to what to say next.

Brian Bare: I am stunned. Back to—-

A hand comes into frame. A single finger is shoved in Brian Bare’s face. Brian Bare looks as confused and aghast as a four year old being taught advanced algebra. The finger belongs to Simon Sparrow who is now back in frame. Gone are the checkered pants, the checkered jacket, the t-shirt, the…..Brian looks down and immediately looks up at the ceiling.

Brian Bare: Shit, you’re naked!

Simon Sparrow: I’ve got socks on!

Brian Bare (looking up to the lights): Simon, why are you—

Simon Sparrow: I told you! I am no longer Simon Sparrow and I no longer respond to Jatt Starr! From heretoforthwith…..I am known as…..Brannigan O’Sexchap, Hero of the Earth!

The man now called “Brannigan O’Sexchap” strikes a heroic pose which Brian Bare does not see as he is now looking off the left.

Brian Bare: Brannigan O’—-

Simon Sparrow: Or maybe it’s Mortimer Cthulu! Or Khan Stitution! What about “The Second Amendment”, the right to bare arms, baby! Or maybe Santonio Holmes! How about M.C. Bad Mammer Jammer? The Noid? Bruton Gaster! Perhaps Bob Smith, Accountant by Day, Insurance Adjuster by Late Afternoon? Jimmy Toronto! Baron Xion? Bruce Banner? No Pacinal? “The Nudist” Newt Neidermyer? Mike Rophone! Light Fixture! See? Now I’m just listing things that are right in front of me.

The HOW Hall of Famer snatches the microphone from Brian Bare and turns towards the camera.

The Wrestler Formerly Known as Simon Sparrow: Or maybe, it’s just “The Guy”. As in “The Guy That Is Going to Kick Sektor’s Ass So Hard at ‘Rumble at the Rock’ That He Will Shit Teeth”! You want a match at “Rumble at the Rock”, Johnny? Fine! But it shant be an Ironman Match! Shove that idea up your ass! Been there, done that! It’s “Rumble at the Rock”! Infirmary Match! Solitary Confinement! Guard Tower Human Sacrifice Match or whatever that atrocity was last year! Clearly, I was the creative genius and strategic mastermind of StarrSek Industries because you are fucking moron if you think I would agree to an Ironman match. Come to think of it….you should face everything you turned your back on….and no, I’m not changing my name to “Chloe”! No, at “Rumble at the Rock”, you will be taking on…..

The Rembrandt of Wrestling walks off camera for about twenty seconds, when he returns he is sporting a gray and electric blue tracksuit with the words….

The Wrestler Formerly Known as Jatt Starr: …..STARRSEK INDUSTRIES!!!!

The man now calling himself “StarrSek Industries” cocks a half-smile and once again walks off camera, flippantly tossing the microphone over his shoulder as he does so, as the scene comes to an end.


Back inside the arena, the lights go down.

The fans sit restlessly, fidgeting in the pitch-dark, for what feels like an uncomfortable length of time. Thirty seconds, maybe. Thirty seconds is a lot when it comes to dead air.

Just as a smattering of impatient boos begins to pick up steam amongst the crowd, with them thinking the arena’s lights have malfunctioned somehow, a familiar beat is heard…

And the boos immediately turn to raucous cheers.

STRONKER” by the vivacious, vexing FLAV RILLE brings the fans to their feet! Sure to be number-one on all the billboards until the eventual heat death of the universe.

STRONK Godson is on his way out to the ring!

Uh, wait, no—not quite.

Rather, Abdullah Choi—formerly known as Shelley Greene—emerges onto the stage, dressed in designer jeans, a way-too-tight STRONKUMMS tee, and a Balenciaga bucket hat; collectively, an overpriced ‘drip’ he gifted himself using the recent performance bonus paid to STRONK by Papa Best. Choi earned it. And you’ve gotta admit, he looks fabulous.

Choi climbs into the ring, motioning for a mic. After stepping through the bottom and middle ropes in a sort of dandy-like fashion, he stands in the middle of the ring, staring down the hard cam like a man with a surplus of unearned, misplaced self-confidence.

Choi’s cockiness is a peculiar thing—it’s like a massive, balance sheet-crushing debt with no tangible asset backing it. It just exists and persists; you service the interest payments while they are tenable, but you know, in the back of your mind, that the business reaper is coming one day soon… and when he does, off go the lights.

Better grab the good stationary on the way out, maybe a couple pens.

Choi erects an authoritative index finger, holding it up for all to see. This means “hush-up, bitches!”

Abdullah Choi: Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you tonight… a proud man.

He lets that opening sentence linger longer than necessary. It’s met with boos from the crowd. What is he on about tonight? And where’s the King Stallion?

Abdullah Choi: Proud to be associated with an individual who knows what he wants and, time and time again, takes it without issue. A man whose—to quote the bitch-made naysayers and crooked-ass bookmakers on Twitter—‘toxic masculinity’ is finally being harnessed to its full potential like a newfound power source. So, piss-off, wind; screw you, hydro; and FUCK solar twice in the bootyhole and make it hurt both times. Fuck all you hoes, get a grip, muh’fucka! This man is that new-new, baby.

He begins to pace around the ring.

Abdullah Choi: This man is nuclear fission personified in wrestling form! This man, this friend of mine… jeez, I’m trying not to tear up here, people, but it’s proving to be harder than anticipated… Anyway, this friend of mine sets a goal and doggedly pursues it like a creep trailing a mall employee through a parking garage at closing time.

He turns his attention to the stage.

Abdullah Choi: It’s honestly inspiring. Are you not inspired? Does it not make you want to clock-in earlier for your shift at Burger King and do that little bit extra to stand out amongst your mediocre peers? I ask because I know personally it makes me want to be better, y’know? And I try to be, but I know I’ll never measure up to him. So tonight, we celebrate him. Tonight we show him just how much he means to us and the business of professional wrestling.

Balloons begin to fall from the rafters, littering the ringside area.

A fan snatches one out of the air—it reads “THE CHAMP-CHAMP CELEBRATION presented by STRONKUMMS LLC”.

Abdullah Choi: This is no ordinary man; this is a man who women want and men want to be! And even though he could very easy bed any chick he wants, and do sex stuff with them that’d make your great grandpa question why he fought and almost died in the pacific theatre, he stays loyal to his woman. Just like he stays loyal to his friends.

Choi takes a moment to allow his words to sink in for the fans. However, all it does is provide an opening for chants of “ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” to ring out.

He pays them no mind. Because this isn’t about him tonight. So selfless.

Abdullah Choi: Last week, this man toppled the wunderkind Tyler Best to capture the ICON Championship! He did the impossible! He became champ-motherfucking-champ! And he ain’t apologizing FOR SHIT! Ladies and gentlemen…

Choi discretely retrieves a small scrap of paper from his pocket. He slyly glances down at it nestled in his palm.

Abdullah Choi: He is the ONLY MAN to walk into the Papa Best Invitational as champ and win the whole damn thing to retain his title! He is the LONGEST REIGNING HOW World Champ from the promotion’s last era! And he is UNDOUBTEDLY the greatest LSD Champion of all-time, having amassed the most combined days with the title!

He points to the entranceway.


His face goes red as he channels every bit of manic energy in his body.


The New York City HOW fans boo wildly as the HOV comes to life with footage of the end of last week’s main event of Chaos 007. The video shows Jace Parker Davidson hitting Tyler Adrian Best with Bend the Knee before falling into the cover. The crowd counts along with Boettcher as his hand slaps the canvas.




Tyler kicks out a split second after the three count is made as Jace rolls to the mat. The footage shows Jace being presented with both the HOW LSD Championship belt and the HOW ICON Championship belt. The final shot of the video is Jace on the turnbuckle holding both Championship belts high into the air. A roarous cheer is heard as suddenly the words “THE KING HAS RETURNED” echo throughout the building. The lights in the arena come back on as the sound of “KINGDOM” by Jaxson Gamble blasts through the building. Abdullah Choi can be seen in the middle of the ring clapping proudly as HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out on stage with the LSD Championship around his waist and the ICON Championship over his shoulder. Madison Carter comes out on stage and stands beside Jace being fresh off of her first professional match as a wrestler for PWA federation Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Joe Hoffman: Well, as over the top as this entire thing is and trust me it is. You can’t deny the accomplishments of Jace Parker Davidson. He stood toe to toe with the best young star in the business. Live in front of his own hometown crowd and ended the undefeated streak in singles matches of Tyler Adrian Best to become the ICON Champion. It’s clearly gone to his head but I’m supposed to be objective here.

Jace stands on stage next to Madison and soaks in the approval from the New York City crowd. Slowly Jace makes his way down the entrance ramp cluttered with balloons as Madison follows behind him. Jace kicks at a couple of the balloons and even throws a couple of them into the crowd that is already littered with them. Jace stops at ringside as Madison makes her way up the steel ring steps. Madison walks slowly along the ring apron as Jace makes his own way up the steel ring steps. Madison sits on the middle rope and lifts the top rope allowing Jace to enter the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I really don’t understand what she sees in him…

Jace walks over and shakes hands with Abdullah Choi as Madison enters the ring and secures a microphone. She hands the microphone over to the LSD Champion as his music dies down. Both Madison and Choi take a step back as Jace stands proudly in the center of the ring.

Davidson: NEW YORK CITY!!!!

The crowd cheers loudly at the mention of their town.

Davidson: Now I might be a guy that lives in Miami, Florida but I was born and raised right here in the concrete jungle just like the rest of you. So, I can safely say that it’s good… damn good to be home!

A small section of the crowd begins chanting “WELCOME HOME! WELCOME HOME!” towards the HOW Hall of Famer.

Davidson: You’re too kind. I mean, you guys sure you’re not here to see Thaddeus Duke?!

The smirk on Jace’s face couldn’t be blown away with a metric ton of dynamite as the crowd starts chanting “HOW! HOW! HOW!” repeatedly.

Davidson: I didn’t get to speak inside of the ring last week in front of the people of Miami inside of the ring. I had to share that spotlight with the likes of John Sektor and everyone else who tried to get their piss poor feuds a little spotlight heading into Rumble at the Rock. But tonight? In New York City I’m here and I’ve got a live microphone.

Jace mockingly looks over his shoulder and out into the crowd before laughing. Choi laughs alongside Jace but Madison remains poised and quiet.

Davidson: September 11th… it’s a day of remembrance. It’s a sad day for anyone that lives here in New York and for everyone around the world. Do you know what I remember? I remember when people like Darin Zion, Bobbinette Carey, and Scottywood were mocked and ridiculed for their lack of talent and common sense instead of given major spots on PPV’s. I remember when people like Clay Byrd, Steve Harrison, and Steve Solex were proud members of the Best Alliance. Members that kicked ass, took names, and didn’t give a shit about what people thought. Now they’re “Highwaymen” that want to be cheered as they pretend to be good people while whining about how unfair HOW is to them.

The crowd cheers wildly over that last comment.

Davidson: But most importantly I remember our dear and precious MONGO. He was taken way too soon and he is sorely missed by his owner, the STRONKEST man alive, STRONK Godson. So please, join us in a moment of silence to honor the greatest Bull that has ever lived.

The HOV lights and shows a picture of MONGO with STRONK riding him as Jace, Madison, and Abdullah lower their heads. The crowd goes deadly silent before Jace raises his head once again.

Davidson: What happened to MONGO is a travesty and I look forward to the day when Shell–

Jace is interrupted by Abdullah Choi who steps forward and uncomfortably close into Jace’s personal space as he speaks into the microphone.

Abdullah Choi: That’s Abdullah Choi. That’s my name, totally innocent man in this entire matter. Who will bring justice down upon the likes of Robernette Carey and Conor Fuse for what they’ve done!

Jace pulls the microphone away and pushes Choi away from him. Jace mouths the words “Dude, let me work.” towards him which causes Choi to step backwards once again.

Joe Hoffman: Mighty convenient for him to blame Bobbinette Carey, Conor Fuse, and anyone else he deems fit for the murder when the blood of that poor Bull is on his hands!

Jace clears his throat and starts speaking again.

Davidson: As the man just said, those individuals… named Fuse and Carey… will be brought to justice and face severe consequences. Just like that little pissant from PRIME. I’m talking to you, The Maya Angelou Luchador. You decided to show up in Tampa, Florida to watch my match against Conor Fuse and tried to steal the show by attacking me. But last week? When I actually invited you? You were nowhere to be found. You didn’t want to walk into my hometown and get your ass handed to you because you knew you couldn’t measure up. But had the nerve to air a promo before my main event match. One where you challenged me to a match in Chicago inside of the Best Arena on October 2nd.

The crowd is buzzing as Jace pauses for a moment while his face contorts into pure disgust over the matter.

Davidson: Now, I have no damn idea what the God awful fuck is a Balaam is and nor do I fucking care. I don’t care about your excuses or your fucking respect. You want to come to Chicago? You want to step into High Octane territory and face The Conqueror? THEN YOU FUCKING GOT IT, BITCH!

The crowd goes absolutely nuts at the match being accepted.

Joe Hoffman: This is huge! October 2nd live from the Best Arena in Chicago we’ll get a PRIME vs. HOW match as the two Champions collide!

Davidson: And I’ll be sure to send what is left of you, inside of your mask, in a doggy bag, back to the coward of the ring Lindsey Troy!

Jace throws down the microphone as “KINGDOM” by Jaxson Gamble once again hits. Jace takes the LSD Championship from around his waist then raises both belts high into the air as we head to commercial break.


Back from commercial break, Missouri Valley Wrestling Owner Ray McAvay appears on the High Octane Vision sitting behind his desk at MVW Headquarters in St. Louis.

Ray McAvay: Good evening everybody.  Ray McAvay here and congratulations to The Egg Bandits for picking up their second consecutive win over HOTv Tag Team Champions The Highwaymen in their best three out of five series.

McAvay leans forward and puts his arms on his desk.

Ray McAvay: I am pleased to announce to you right here on HOW Chaos 008 that match number three of the best of five will take place two weeks from tonight at MVW’s upcoming Heartland pay per view show in Kansas City, Missouri at the Hale Arena.

Ray pauses so the crowd can digest what he’s just said.

Ray McAvay: That’s right.  Two weeks from tonight… September 25th… MVW will be simulcasting with HOW from our Heartland pay per view to bring you the third match in the Highwaymen-Egg Bandits best of five series for the HOTv Tag Team Title.  We are looking forward to bringing you this and we’ll see you in two weeks from Kansas City.

It appears Ray is finished.

He’s not.

Ray McAvay: Oh.  One more thing.  Jace Parker Davidson…I stopped listening earlier once you started rambling…  I’m pleased to report that Madison Carter won her first MVW match yesterday.  Thought you might want to know that.

Grinning mischievously, McAvay winks towards the camera.

Ray McAvay: Oh… and Jace?

(REPLAY: War Games 2021- War Games Match)
JPD turns around and a flash of fire appears in his face.

Joe Hoffman: FIREBALL!!!!!! FIREBALL!!!!!!


McAvay nails JPD with an old school MVW type of fireball to the face temporarily blinding Jace.  He puts JPD’s head between his legs and lifts… *BOOM*

Joe Hoffman: McGILL BOMB!!!!

McAvay covers as Teddy Palmer holds off Steve Harrison in the far corner….




 Bryan McAvay: JPD has been eliminated by Ray McAvay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(End video)

Ray McAvay: Yeah, that never gets old.

The HOV goes to black and we are ready for our next match.


We cut back inside the arena as the whistling intro of “Engel,” by Rammstein plays over the PA system, setting the crowd off in a chorus of boos as Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle disciples step out onto the stage, surveying the crowd with a gleeful grin. The crowd show their disdain for Xander and his crew, who simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they head toward the ring. Xander directs his disciples to circle around the ring, and they all hop onto the apron with wicked smiles on their faces. They enter the ring waiting on Clay Byrd to enter. before Xander directs his crew to leave the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula is looking a tad more confident tonight. The win against Carey has given him a push he has needed but tonight is a whole new animal for him to slay and if he can pull this out, I believe a title shot could be in his future.

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of ‘Gunning For You’ by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. Clay appears through fog on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand.

My Gun is loaded it’s getting time

Two shots of whiskey i’m takin’ what’s mine

Ain’t what you’re sayin it’s what you do

Your time has come boy i’m Gunnin for You

When hell is rainin down you’ll see my face won’t heara sound

You’ll feel that bullet burnin through

Take your last breath boy

I’m Gunnin for You

Clay begins his slow walk down the ramp. His eyes are fixed on the ring, and he trudges on. Not paying any notice to any of the fans in attendance.

There’s desperation deep in your eyes

No turnin back now no compromise

Cause only one of us walks out that door

The other bleedin out on the floor

Clay walks up the steps and climbs into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I am obligated to say for my own safety that Clay Byrd is the greatest wrestler ever from Texas. That said I am curious how he will perform tonight coming off a loss to GREAT SCOTT and losing the HOT VEE title. That’s what the youngsters call it, right?

Clay Byrd wastes no time and runs directly at Xander. Xander sees it in time duck’s half his body under the middle ropes and puts his hands up to get Byrd away from him. Clay looks livid and starts barking towards Azula. Matt Boettcher gets between Clay and Azula and attempts to push Byrd back. Azula takes advantage of it and pokes Clay right in his eye. Clay backs off as he holds his right eye and Matt firmly talks to Azula. Azula shrugs and walks around Matt and starts kicking at the bigger man’s legs.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot agree with the eye poke, but it was sound strategy for Azula and now he is trying to cut the big man down.

Xander keeps the pressure on as Clay drops to one knee. Azula starts hitting forearms to The Texans face and wastes no time as he runs off the ropes towards Byrd.

Joe Hoffman: Xander is going for the SNUB!

Xander comes off and goes for the bull hammer elbow but before he can connect The Planview Monster put his large boot up and kicks Xander in the shoulder. Xander turns around full circle and is met with a thunderous roar before Byrd hits a painful looking clothesline that leaves Xander flying into the air and down his back.

Joe Hoffman: This guy is a wild animal, that yell me shake like I was about to be killed. Regardless though Clay Byrd seems to have woken up and Xander might rue the day he decided to poke the Highwayman in the eye.

Byrd rubs his eye and begins stomping at Xander’s prone body. He bends down and rolls him over and puts a chin lock on the smaller brawler. He pulls back and yells at Boettcher to do his job. Matt bends down and Azula yells no.

Joe Hoffman: No way he is going to give up while in a chin lock. Clay is trying to embarrass the man out here now after being embarrassed himself.

Clay drops the chin lock and Xander’s head falls forward and bounces off the mat. Matt checks on Xander again but he rolls over to his back. Byrd moves Boettcher out of the way and looks down at Xander. Azula smirks at him and flips him the double bird. Byrd shakes his head at the fallen Azula and grabs him by the hair and lifts him back up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Xander showing some life right now but giving Clay Byrd the Bird might not have been a good idea. Byrd looks extremely irritated right now and is picking Azula up to no doubt do a lot of damage to him.

Azula is on his feet now but being controlled by the strong hands of Byrd. Byrd lets go of Azula nd Xander takes a step back having trouble staying on his feet but has enough in him to continue smirking at Clay. Clay kicks him in the gut and then bends Xander down. Byrd makes a motion across his throat saying it is time to kill Xander off. He lifts him up and connects with a crucifix powerbomb.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD, He just dropped him on the mat, Xander might be dead. Clay puts his boot on the chest of Xander and points for Matt to start the count.




Joe Hoffman: Xander kicks out, he is showing a lot of grit tonight and it is starting to get under the skin of Clay Byrd.

Azula slaps Byrd’s foot off his chest and rolls towards the ropes. Clay grunts and walks slowly over to Xander. He puts his head through the ropes but this time there is no eye poke as Clay Byrd begins choking Xander Azula by using the ropes. Xander reaches behind him and tries scratching at any part of Clay’s body, but it is no good. Boettcher runs over and pulls on Byrd’s shoulder and starts counting.





Clay lets go of the ropes and turns and stares daggers into Matt’s eye putting his hand up telling him he is five. The senior referee puts his hands up and backs off not wanting to be powerbombed onto the steps.

Joe Hoffman: Clay is in an even sourer mood then usual tonight, and I would get out of his way if I was Matt right now. Xander is slumped in the ropes now and Byrd is just biding his time right now until he puts the cultist away you would think.

Byrd stares at the slumped Xander and shrugs his broad shoulders at the veteran brawler who won’t stay down. Azula gets to his feet finally and again looks over at Clay and smiles at him with blood dripping from his lip.

Joe Hoffman: Oh, he is playing with fire right now and it looks like the ropes have cut open his lip.

Clay hits the ropes and its time for Texas Lariat, Byrd comes running down at Xander the dangerous clothesline about to connect but in the nick of time Xander ducks low and pulls the ropes with him and Clay Byrd falls over the top rope and flips outside the ring and falls on his back.

Joe Hoffman: Azula was playing possum and used Clays irritation against him and now Xander is following him outside as he has suddenly gotten the advantage over the Planview giant.

Xander rolls outside and yells at his fellow Eris Cult members. Several of them get on the apron and start talking to Matt and another one runs over and hands Azula a chair. Xander looks out at the crowd and smiles and brings the chair crashing down on the knees of Clay Byrd. Byrd yells out in pain and rolls over holding his knees. Azula tosses the chair back to the ground and drops an elbow to the back of Byrd’s neck.

Joe Hoffman: Xander is using anything he can to get a jump on the former HOTV Champion. He keeps on him with some elbows but during this it looks like Matt has gotten fed up with the Cult of Eris and he has kicked them all out from ringside. Azula has topped as he sees this is happening and starts yelling at Boettcher about his decision.

In the little time Xander has taken is eyes off Clay, Byrd has been able to get to his feet, but he is in obvious pain from the chair shots on his knees and he is limping. Azula finally turns to see this and shakes his head at Byrd. Byrd tells him to bring it and Xander comes running back towards Clay but stops mere feet away from Byrd and shakes his finer at Byrd and then straight kicks Clay right into the knee. Byrd falls to one knee and Azula goes in quickly and DDT!

Joe Hoffman: DDT to the floor and Byrd is now the one busted open, this is a sight to behold, and I have no idea what is going to happen.

Clay rolls on the floor and Xander grabs him and tries with all his might to bring the big man back to his feet so he can roll him inside the ring. Blood drips from Clays forehead as he finally instinctually rolls into the ring with Azula’s help. Boettcher comes to check the cut but Byrd yells at him to go away. Xander rolls back in as well and gets between the ref and Byrd as Byrd struggles to shake off the DDT. He gets to one knee and Xander goes off the ropes and hits a sliding clothesline on the chest of Byrd. He goes for the pin.




Joe Hoffman: Byrd angrily moves his right arm up like he is trying to strangle GOD. Azula barks at Matt but he tells him it was only two. Azula shakes his head with a confused look on his face as he attempts to understand how to keep the beast down.

Clay uses the ropes to get back to his feet, but he is limping from the damage done to his knees. He wipes the blood from his face and looks towards Xander who gives him another smile. It is Clays turn now to tell him to bring it and it didn’t take much as Azula comes running at the prone Byrd and goes for the Fist of Eris.

Joe Hoffman: He is trying to finish Byrd off, but his newfound confidence seems to of been a detriment as Clay moves to the left and Xander has hit the ropes and bounced off.

Xander bounces off the ropes and is met with a short run Spear to the side of him.

Joe Hoffman: BYRD WITH THE SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE! He falls onto Xander, and Boettcher is counting.




Joe Hoffman: That was so close, but Xander just barely rolled his shoulder up. Both men look exhausted right now. Byrd has rolled off Azula and is staring at the lights as he tries to catch his breath.

Both men get to their feet at the same time, and both wearily look at each other. Byrd goes in with a crushing forearm and at the same time Azula hits Clay with a kick to his leg. Both move backwards and then go in one more time for a forearm and kick. Both connect again and they tumble backwards and hit the opposite ropes from each other and come back as fast as they both can at each other. Azula spins and Byrd reaches his arm off and they hit each other at the same.

Joe Hoffman: AZULA WITH THE FIST OF ERIS BUT BYRD HITS THE TEXAS LARIAT AT THE SAME TIME. The sheer size of Byrd seems to have won out with the backfist only connecting with the chest of Byrd as his Lariat just took Xander’s head off. Boettcher is down.





Joe Hoffman: Wow, I am not sure how to react to that. It seems the size of Byrd won out in the end, but Xander Azula put on a hell of a show tonight. Both men are beaten, and Clay Byrd is bloodied and limping but he rolls out of the ring as victor tonight but Azula has no reason to feel bad tonight.

We see a final image of Byrd standing tall over Azula as we cut backstage..


We cut to parts unknown as we don’t see a regular locker room, this actually looks like an office with the windows covered. There are black curtains, the desk has a lie detector machine set up on it with a folding chair next to it. There’s a lamp shining directly on the folding chair. The door opens as the HOW Hall of Famer Queen of Epicness along with The Hardcore Artist Scottywood enter the office. Bobbinette is the first one through the door as she motions Scotty in. Scottywood looks around with his barbed wire hockey stick in hand, ready to swing.

Bobbinette: It’s not a trap. It’s a lie detector test.

Scottywood scoffs.

Scottywood: You’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m doing that.

Bobbinette: I know it wasn’t you who tried to kill me.

Scottywood: Damn right you do… cause if I did try to kill you, you’d be dead right now.

Bobbinette: True, but I still need ya to do this, for me Scooter… please?

Scottywood looks her over suspiciously before sitting down in the folding chair. Bobbinette starts putting the straps around his torso as the door opens and Conor Fuse walks in. Scotty’s face immediately switches to anger.

Scottywood: What the fuck Carey!?!

Scottywood goes to stand up as Bobbinette shoves him back down.

Bobbinette: Oh stop it. You two can fight in a bit, but this is serious. Hey there’s something for you ok the table while I get him set up.

She motions over to a manilla envelope on the table. Conor grabs the envelope and pulls out the papers.

Conor Fuse: Stock in GameStop?

Bobbinette: Well… video games and all I figure it was a good gift.

Scottywood looks at her with disbelief.

Scottywood: He gets GameStop stock and you can’t even buy me a beer here before you tie me up in your cosplay kink bullshit? And is that why you cut me off with the credit card?

Bobbinette rolls her eyes as she puts the monitors on his fingers.

Bobbinette: You and I own a business together. Shut up… besides, he’s good cop.

Fuse smiles and waves at one of his previous enemies.

Conor Fuse: Hey, guy. No need to get your hockey stick all tangled. I don’t really have a problem with you.

The gamer pauses to scratch his head.

Conor Fuse: And if you have nothing to hide then why are you nervous… Scotty?

Scottywood: I don’t like wasting valuable drinking time Conor.

Like a child, Fuse mouths the sentence Scotty just said before adding his own thoughts.

Conor Fuse: We have a match in the next hour… [sigh] nevermind. Just sit there for a few minutes and maybe Carey will have a six-pack waiting for you after I win.

Scotty rolls his eyes as Conor just smiles, it’s clear he is having too much fun with this.

Bobbinette Carey: This is important and I have questions. You have answers.

Conor giggles.

Conor Fuse: He’s got no answers…

Then stops himself, remembering he’s supposed to be the good cop.

Scottywood: Good or bad, I’ll lay your ass out before this match even starts if ya keep fucking around with me.

Fuse is deadpan.

Conor Fuse: LOL, fine. Bobbie, he’s got plenty of answers for ya. And he’ll be happy to play along, too.

Scottylook glances at Bobbinette with a “fucking kill me” face as she finishes attaching him to the machine and then flips it on. Carey sits in front of a laptop it’s attached to.

Bobbinette Carey: Is your name Scott Woodson?

Scottywood looks annoyed.

Scottywood: You know what my name is-

Fuse shakes his head in disgust.

Conor Fuse: Yes or no questions only.

The Ultimate Gamer says snapping his fingers at Scottywood who in return flips him the bird. Bobbinette clears her throat looking at both of them in almost a corrective manner.

Scottywood: Yes, my name is Scott Woodson…

Conor looks at the paper as it comes out.

Conor Fuse: Lies!

The Power-Up King points his index at Scottywood.

Bobbinette: No… that’s the truth.

Conor nods as he looks down at the papers.

Conor Fuse: Oh. My bad.

Bobbinette takes a deep breath as Fuse continues to think out loud, quietly.

Conor Fuse: His real name is really Scott Woodson, though? Huh, makes sense. You know, I never understood the Scottywood moniker…

Bobbie and Scotty ignore Conor’s rambling. They go back to business.

Bobbinette Carey: Do you know who tried to kill me?

Scottywood rolls his eyes.

Scottywood: No, if I did they wouldn’t be breathing cause that’s what friends do.

He says glaring at Conor.

Scottywood: Real friends, not second rate knock off friends.

The gamer has a dumbfounded look on his face.

Bobbinette Carey: That’s the truth.

She says looking at the screen while Conor’s jaw drops.

Conor Fuse: Ummm what?

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette Carey: He’s telling the truth. He doesn’t know who tried to kill me. Not that you are a second rate friend.

Scotty turns to Conor with a smug look on his face. Fuse blows him off and Carey continues.

Bobbinette Carey: Now the other thing… Do you know who it was who hired the men to burn down my home?

Scotty’s tired but plays along.

Scottywood: That secret hidden nerd Superman place? No. They’d be dead. Again, a better friend would have already handled that.

Fuse puts his hands up.

Conor Fuse: Whoa guy. First off, apparently you ARE Bobbie’s friend too, so why didn’t you handle it already?

Fuse starts counting on his fingers.

Conor Fuse: I’m just trying to collect evidence right now. Better friend would have been there to support and be ready to play Good Cop. But you’d be Drunk Cop…

Carey interjects.

Bobbinette Carey: He’s telling the truth.

Bobbinette says with a nod.

Scottywood: Fuckin’ eh Carey!

Scotty says offended.

Bobbinette Carey: No, I mean… damn it… next question. Do you think you’re a good friend?

Conor’s eyes light up and a massive grin crosses his face, waiting on the response. Once again, Scottywood scoffs.

Scottywood: Probably not by your standards.

Fuse winks at Carey.

Bobbinette Carey: Do you care that you “checking out” has left me exposed to attacks?

Scottywood’s looks at her seemingly annoyed.

Scottywood: Fuck off.

Conor Fuse: Guilty.

Scotty’s eyes shoot a dagger into Conor.

Scottywood: Isn’t video game dweeb supposed to be Good Cop?

Conor Fuse: Whatever.

Bobbinette sighs as she continues.

Bobbinette Carey: Next question. Are you jealous I replaced you with Conor?

Conor loves it.

Scottywood: Fuck this!

Scottywood undoes the cords around him.

Scottywood: I’m not playing this game anymore, Carey. When you find out who it is, if I’m still around, I’ll murder him.

Bobbinette and Conor watch Scotty untangle the mess around him.

Conor Fuse: Ahaha! How do you know it’s a him, Scott!? Now I get to be Batman. Let me smash this clown’s head off the table. [Heath Ledger Joker impersonation] “Never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy!”

Scottywood: How about a just decapitate your fucking head right now?

The two men start to go at each other but Bobbinette steps between them.

Bobbinette Carey: Nope… we are not doing this.

Conor Fuse: [in Christian Bale’s Batman voice] You wanted me, here I am.

Scottywood: Come one, you’re no Christian Bale… try Robert Patterson or Val Kilmer. Second rate Batmans.

Bobbinette squints with annoyance as she clears her throat.

Scottywood: Uhoh mommy’s not happy.

He says mocking Conor as they all pause.

Bobbinette Carey: Please never do that again, Scotty. There’s already fan-fics of us out there. Calling me “mommy” only makes it worse.

Conor laughs at Scottywood.

Conor Fuse: Now who’s she mad at?

Bobbinette face palms.

Bobbinette Carey: Myself. We need to get help with this next week, Conor. If you two don’t kill each other tonight.

Scottywood: He will be fuckin’ lucky if I don’t.

Scottywood says storming out of the locker room.

Conor Fuse: See ya out there! And Bobbie, next week Commissioner Gordon and Batman will get help!

Bobbinette Carey: No… we are not. I am not Commissioner Gordon. How about Batman and Wonder Woman?

Conor rubs his hands together.

Conor Fuse: Sure. And I’m Good Cop again, right?

Bobbinette Carey: [Hanging her head] Go get ready for your match.

Fuse gives a salute and walks out the door, leaving Carey to rub her forehead as a headache begins to form for her and everyone else that just watched this.

We cut to a much needed commercial break.


We come back from a commercial break to the backstage area of the Madison Square Garden arena. Madison Carter can be seen marching down a hallway with purpose followed by the HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson. Madison reaches the door with Jace’s name on it then opens it up and steps inside of the private locker room. Jace casually follows behind but gets the door slammed in his face by Madison. Jace instantly becomes infuriated before pushing open the locker room door and steps inside.

Davidson: What the fuck is your problem?!

Madison stands in the middle of the locker room with her arms folded across her chest.

Madison: Really? You really have to ask that?

Davidson: I’m sorry, allow me to use my psychic powers to figure out why you’re suddenly pissed off randomly on a Sunday night.

Jace raises his hands up to his head sarcastically as Madison rolls her eyes.

Madison: I’m pissed off because I’m tired of the bullshit. I told you last week how I felt and instead of solving the issue you decided to walk away and leave me there in the parking lot in Miami. I told you something that was very important to me and were you there to support me? Of course not. I had my first professional wrestling match last night for Missouri Valley Wrestling. But where were you?

Jace goes to speak up but Madison cuts him off before he can utter a single word.

Madison: Oh, wait, that’s right. You were off in Vegas playing hide the sausage with two pocket pussies. My very first match and you didn’t care enough to be there, to watch, or even send me a text saying good job or congratulations. I won my first ever professional wrestling match in St. Louis and then rushed to New York City to be here for you. But do you care? Obviously not. No “Hey, how are you feeling?” or “Thank you so much for making time in your schedule to be here by my side here in Madison Square Garden.”

Davidson: What makes you think that I didn’t watch your match in MVW?

Madison: Oh really? If you watched it then by all means tell me who I beat.

Jace’s eyes widen a bit but he begins stumbling over his words trying to think on his feet.

Davidson: You know that one girl… who, uh… tried really hard and totally wasn’t prettier than you are…

Madison: Her name is Belinda Tower! Jesus, why did I even think for a single second that you weren’t just talking out of your ass?!

Davidson: Fucks sake, what do you want from me? You said you wanted to start your career and one of the places was Missouri Valley Wrestling. Regardless of how I feel about that place and the people involved, I let you go and do that. I let you remain living in my house, I let you remain to be paid for being my manager. We’re here in the greatest arena on the planet and all I hear from you is ME, ME, ME!!!

Madison: Yes, Lord forbid I do something for myself that isn’t Jace Parker Davidson centered. God forbid that I don’t just brush personal issues under the rug like you seem to do because all of the blood that should be in your brain has taken up permanent residence in your crotch. But at least you’re right about one thing. We are here in the most famous arena in the world that’s called MADISON Square Garden. Oh… my bad. That’s just another example where I made everything about ME!!!

Madison pushes past Jace and exits the locker room in anger. Jace drops the ICON Championship belt off of his shoulder then punches the wall of the locker room in frustration as we head back to ringside.


We cut inside the arena once again and “Beg” by Seether begins to play as the fans turn towards the entrance ramp.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is one fall with a sixty-minute time-limit. Introducing FIRST! Making his way to the ring, hailing from NEW YORK CITY!


Bryan McVay: Weighing in at two-hundred-and-sixty-five pounds and standing at six feet and five inches tall, he is THE HARDCORE ARTIST! SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

From the back emerges the brawler in front of his hometown fans. He marches to the ring, slides underneath the bottom rope, and stalks the opposite side of the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood competing tonight in front of the place he was born and raised and these fans are loving him for it. He is weeks away from his final match, where he will face off against Scott Stevens. This is a match you know Scottywood will want to get under his belt with a victory, even if it is against the best friend of his best friend, Bobinette Carey.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent!

Bloody Tears from Castlevania II begins. A purple mist floods the entrance way as “The Vintage” Conor Fuse emerges from behind the apron 23-seconds into the theme. He stands at the top of the rampway, head down, sporting a dark purple jacket with its high-collar raised. The jacket is open, showing his vintage SNES tights as he slowly raises his head. The fog continues to pump from the stage as Fuse methodically makes his way down the ramp.

Bryan McVay: Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he weighs in at two-hundred-and-ten-pounds and stands at six feet and one inches tall, he is THE VINTAGE! COOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOR! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE!

The crowd starts a “!RANK” chant, pointing in Conor’s direction as he marches towards ringside. Once in front of the squared circle, The Vintage leaps onto the apron and then with ease clears the ropes by jumping over them and somersaulting into the middle of the ring.

Fuse tilts his head back and zen cries into the rafters while the fans in attendance continue to cheer him on.

Conor removes his trench coat, revealing his trademarked light purple arm sleeve on his left arm. Fuse waits in his corner, his eyes glaring across at Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse comes off a HUGE victory against the LSD Champion, Jace Parker Davidson two weeks ago in Tampa. A very disappointing loss for JPD, while a huge victory for Fuse, who has the hometown hero this week. Will he be able to make it two straight on his road to Rumble at the Rock, where he currently doesn’t have a match? That remains to be seen!

Joel Hortega gives his final set of instructions to both men while Bryan McVay exits the ring. Hortega signals for the start of the match.


As the bell sounds, both men move to the center of the ring and shake hands before circling one another.

Joe Hoffman: Nice sign of respect between these two before they enter a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Scottywood with the size advantage is able to apply his strength on Conor Fuse who digs into his heels to fight back against Scottywood, but to no avail. Instead, Scottywood continues to apply pressure until Conor is arching with his shoulders firmly on the mat as Hortega begins his count.



Joe Hoffman: And Fuse manages to push himself back up, amazing core strength, to break that pin attempt from Scottywood. The two now begin to move around one another, still in the collar-and-elbow tie-up, with each of them banging into the ropes until Fuse is pushed into the corner. Hortega orders Scottwood to break the hold and he does so without hesitation as Fuse holds his hands up, ready for an attack just in case it comes.

No attack comes though has Fuse makes his way out of the corner while Scottywood gives him the space to do so. Fuse makes his way out of the corner and both men circle one another again Scottywood going for another collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Fuse slips behind Scottywood and wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist. Scotty connects with a back elbow to the side of Fuse’s face, breaking the hold. Scotty spins around and headbutts Fuse, causing Conor to stumble backwards into the corner. Scotty walks over and drives his shoulder into Conor’s abdomen before whipping him across to the opposite rope.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty starting to get a bit of momentum as Conor is whipped into the opposite corner, but Fuse manages to use his athleticism and runs up the corner, landing behind a trailing Scottywood. Fuse connects with a dropkick that sends Scotty crashing into the turnbuckle. Fuse back up to his feet as Scottywood stumbles backwards and Fuse connects with a Saito Suplex. With Scotty on his back, Fuse bounces off the ropes and springboards off the opposite set before connecting with a moonsault and hooks Scotty’s leg in the process!



Joe Hoffman: And a kickout from Scottywood. Fuse is one of the smoothest wrestlers we have in HOW today and he knows how to use every ounece of his talents to his advantage. Scotty will have to be on his toes throughout this match while Fuse is going to need to stay away from Scotty’s fists if he wants to walk away with not only a victory, but his handsome boyish looks.

Scottywood makes his way back up to his feet and turns to Conor, who connects with a knife-edge chop. The scowl on Scottywood grows more intense as he fires back a quick jab to Fuse’s throat, who stumbles away, clutching at it. Scottywood follows that up with a clubbing forearm in between his shoulder blades. Fuse stops in his tracks, arching his back in pain before Scottywood connects with another one. He then spins Fuse around and connects with a stiff punch that knocks Conor onto his back. Conor begins to make his way up to his feet, but Scottywood slams his boot into Fuse’s chest.

Joe Hoffman: And Fuse now getting a chance to feel the raw strength and brute of Scottywood. He would do well to stay away from that moving forward. Scottywood now drags Fuse up this feet and connects with a knife-edge chop of his own. Fuse felt all of that one as he falls into the ropes, Scottywood moves in quickly, whips him across the ring, and connects with a clothesline that flattens Fuse onto the mat. Scottywood not giving an inch to Fuse as he begins slamming his boot repeatedly across his chest and abdomen!

Fuse fights his way back up to his feet and catches a boot from Scottywood in his hands and uses his leg to sweep out Scotty’s other leg out from under him. Still holding onto Scotty’s leg, he slams his boot into his hamstring, causing Scotty to scream out in pain. Fuse connects with another one, causing the Hardcore Artist to grimace in pain. Fuse then drags him over to the ropes, puts his leg on the bottom rope, and jumps onto Scotty’s leg, causing him to roll away in pain, grabbing his hamstring from the abuse Conor has put it through.

Joe Hoffman: And Conor looking to take away the vertical base of Scottywood right there, to great effect. That should reduce some of the strenght of Scottywood and allow Conor an opportunity to wear down the larger opponent. Fuse now bounces off the rope as Scottywood is grabbing his hamstring and connects with a leaping knee across the throat of Scotty, rolls through it onto this feet, and then connects with a standing moonsault on his opponent! What athleticism from the Vintage!

Conor grabs Scotty by the back of the head, pulls him off of the mat, and goes to whip him into the ropes only for Scotty to reverse it. Conor flies off the ropes and into a big boot of Scotty, causing Conor to flip inside out onto the mat while Scotty drops to one knee, grabbing his hamstring. Conor makes his way back up to his feet, sees Scotty massaging his hamstring, and springboards off the middle rope into a DDT on Scotty. He then rolls Scotty over and goes for the pin as Hortega slides into position.




Joe Hoffman: And Scotty gets his right shoulder up just in the nick of time. I thought Conor might have pulled a fast one there as he was able to take advantage of Scotty’s hamstring. Conor looks at Hortega, confirming it was a two-count and shakes his head as Hortega confirms it. Conor makes his way back to his feet, walks over to Scottywood and begins to peel him off the mat– Scottywood with an inside cradle on Fuse!




Joe Hoffman: And Scotty almost pulled a fast one on Conor there, who was able to kickout, but is now sitting on the mat in shock by that. He claps his hand as he looks over at Scottywood who is pulling himself up to his feet, slowly. Fuse rushes back to his feet and slams the point of his boot into Scotty’s hamstring, Fuse always thinking ahead, causing Scotty to stumble into the corner. Conor then runs at Scotty, leaps into the air onto the second turnbuckle, and monkey flips Scottywood out of the corner! WHOA!

Fuse makes his way up to his feet and goes to slam his knee into Scotty’s face, but Scotty manages to block it, rises up, and carries Fuse up with him before slamming him to the mat. Scotty mounts Fuse and begins to wail away at him while Hortega warns him. Scotty gets off of Fuse, drags him up to his feet, and connects with a stiff uppercut across his jaw. Conor stumbles away, but Scotty yanks Fuse back into him, slamming his forearm across his lower back. Fuse grimaces in pain before Scotty connects with a side suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood not giving an inch to Fuse at all and you have to love seeing it. Scotty dragging Fuse up to his feet and Conor plants his elbow in Scottywood’s midsection! He’s now dragging Scotty over to the nearby corner and Fuse is now climbing up it as Scotty is on one knee, grabbing his ribs. Fuse makes his way up to the second turnbuckle — and Scotty fires forward with a stiff jab to Conor’s ribs! Scotty then connects with an elevated DDT on Fuse from the middle turnbuckle! Scotty flips Conor over and goes for the cover!




Joe Hoffman: ALMOST! SCOTTY ALMOST HAD IT! Fuse JUST got his left shoulder up and Conor looks like he doesn’t know if he’s in Miami or New York right now! Scotty now making his way up to his feet, snaps his boot across Conor’s face. Fuse now making his way up to his feet and Scotty puts him into a side headlock!

With Fuse in the side headlock, Scotty slams his fist repeatedly into the crown of Fuse’s skull before Conor pushes him off of him and into the ropes. Scotty rebounds with a stiff shoulder that sends Fuse crashing to the mat. Conor scrambles back to his feet and Scotty bounces off the ropes again, Fuse leap frogs over him, and connects with a hip toss on Scotty as he rebounds again. Scotty fights his way back up to his feet, catches a kick aimed for his midsection, pulls Fuse into him, and connects with a chokeslam.

Joe Hoffman: SCOTTYSLAM! SCOTTYSLAM! Scotty goes for the cover as Hortega slides into position.




Joe Hoffman: How did Fuse kick out of that?! Where does he get the strength from?!

Scotty looks over at Hortega, shocked by this, and Hortega confirms that Fuse kicked out before his hand hit the mat for a third time. Scotty shakes his head as he grabs Fuse, pulls him up off the mat with him, and slams his knee into his midsection. He then scoops Fuse up into a sidewalk slam position and walks around the ring with him, but Fuse flips backwards behind Scottywood and connects with a dropkick to the injured hamstring of Scotty, sending him crashing to one knee.

Joe Hoffman: And Fuse is NOT done yet. Fuse lines Scotty up and connects with a stiff kick to the back of his opponent. Scotty fights back up to his feet as Fuse bounces off the ropes and connects with a spinning Slingblade! Fuse kips back up as he catches a rising Scottywood with a roundhouse kick that sends Scotty into the nearby corner. Fuse runs at Scottywood, hops onto the second turnbuckle, and begins wailing away with a series of fists as Hortega begins counting!










Fuse looks out at the fans before he connects with his tenth punch on Scottywood before hopping off the middle turnbuckle. Scotty looks dazed as Fuse steps back and then fires off a superkick that sends Scotty into a seated position in the corner. Fuse moves over to the corner, steps onto the bottom rope, leaps into the air, and slams both of his knees into The Hardcore Artist’s face!

Joe Hoffman: Fuse has found a gear to operate at that is working well for him. Fuse grabs Scottywood by the arm and pulls him up out of the corner, goes to whip Scotty into the ropes, and Scotty reverses it at the last second. Fuse comes flying off the ropes and is met with a big boot from Scottywood! Fuse crashes to the mat, rolls over to his knees, and Scotty yanks him up off the mat and onto his shoulders!

With Fuse on his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry, Scottywood stomps around the ring as he looks for the Game Misconduct. He tosses Fuse’s body off his shoulders and into a DDT, but Conor hooks his arm around Scotty’s neck and rolls him into a small package!




Joe Hoffman: Fuse reversed what seemed like the end for him, kept his arm around Scotty’s neck to help shift the weight and give him an angle to pull Scotty into him. Both men back up to their feet and Fuse connects with a spinning heel kick on Scotty, catching him flush across the jaw! Scottywood is on his back as Fuse climbs the nearby turnbuckle — 450 SPLASH! SUPER SPLASH FROM CONOR FUSE!

Fuse then crawls over to Scottywood and hooks the leg as Hortega begins his count.





Bryan McVay: Your winner at the eighteen minute and thirty-three second mark… THE VINTAGE! CONOR! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE!

Joe Hoffman: What a heck of a match between these two and Scotty ALMOST had Fuse there at the end, but Fuse managed to reach down into his bag of tricks and pull something out at the last moment.

Conor Fuse kneels on the canvas in the middle of the ring, and runs a hand through his sweaty blonde hair and slowly rises to his feet.

For some unknown reason, ringside fans all at once stand up from their seats, looking in a direction away from the ring.

A gigantic-but-short man comes through the crowd, jumps the barricade, and climbs into the ring, with Fuse none the wiser.

Joe Hoffman: STRONK Godson just came through the crowd! Fuse is completely oblivious! And what’s that in the King Stallion’s hand?

STRONK clutches a very unusual foreign object, holding it like a baseball bat. He waits for Fuse to turn around, and then—

Joe Hoffman: Is that… a FEMUR BONE!?

Yes. It’s a femur bone. One of MONGO the bull’s femur bones. Cleaned and polished and affixed with some grip tape on one end. A tool used to exact vengeance on animal-murdering scum of the earth.

The crowd pops upon realizing that it’s the fan-favorite STRONK in the ring, but their reaction quickly sours when the STRONKEST Man Alive swings with all his might, catching Fuse in the side of the head with the makeshift bone weapon!


STRONK viciously lays into Fuse’s back and ribs with the MONGO femur, then snatches him up, pulling him to a standing position. He spins Fuse around and starts choking the life out of him with the femur laid across his Adam’s apple. Fuse returns to consciousness momentarily, his feet kicking wildly but lazily, depleted of all strength and coordination.

The fans’ reaction is largely sympathetic to Fuse, but there are a few STRONK diehards in the crowd cheering on the beatdown.

Just when it looks like Fuse has been choked out, Bobbinette Carey sprints down to the ring!

Joe Hoffman: Carey arrives on the scene! She’s trying to reason with STRONK! The look on the big man’s face… I’ve never seen him like this before! It’s like he wants to kill Conor Fuse!

Carey stands in front of STRONK, who’s still brutally choking Fuse with MONGO’s femur, Conor’s face turning a pale shade of blue.

Bobbinette Carey: Stop!!! You’re going to kill him! Please let’s TALK about this!?

She pleads quickly trying to get his attention. STRONK’s eyes don’t meet Carey’s; they look through Carey. He’s unreachable in this moment. There’s no space in his head for conversation, only destruction and revenge.

Carey realizes very quickly that there’s no reasoning with the former LSD and HOTv Champion, and grabs a hold of the femur, trying to pull it away from Fuse’s throat to relieve some pressure.

Bobbinette Carey: Let go! You’re hurting him!! He didn’t do it!

The crowd erupts in boos and chants of “ASSHOLE!” as Carey is absolutely LEVELLED from behind with a shot to the back of the head with the ICON Championship belt. She drops down onto her hands and knees.

Jace Parker Davidson, armed with the retired Championship belt swings and CRACKS Carey one more time, laying her out on her stomach.

STRONK shakes the cobwebs loose, seeing now that his good buddy Jace is putting the loafers to his former love interest, which finally gets him to forget about Fuse, dropping him lifelessly to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: STRONK grabs Jace by the arm to stop the attack on Carey!

JPD looks STRONK dead in the eye.

Davidson: This is the BITCH that killed our beloved MONGO! You know it wasn’t just Fuse! Get some, brother, get some! It’s cathartic!

STRONK looks down at Fuse, who’s now gasping for air and holding his throat on the mat. He then looks at Carey, laid out with a giant welt forming on her back.

STRONK slowly, almost apprehensively, raises the femur bone above his head. The blinding rage returns. But still, he hesitates.

Before a decision can be rendered, and potentially more punishment doled out, a throng of EPU agents and other backstage officials flood the ring all at once, pushing STRONK and Jace Parker Davidson away from Fuse and Carey, as CHAOS heads to commercial.


As we come back from commercial we cut somewhere backstage in a darkened room of Madison Square Garden with a leather chair in the middle of it.

Voice: Scotty. Scotty. Scotty.

A very familiar voice is heard from the shadows as the darkened room begins to illuminate in a shade of 97 Red as Scott Stevens emerges from the abyss and takes a seat in the chair.

Scott Stevens: You think I’m focused on everyone else but you?

Stevens asks but lets out a loud cackle.

Scott Stevens: You still don’t get it do you.

Stevens says with a shake of his head.

Scott Stevens: Our GOD may be wounded, but he isn’t DEAD!

Stevens emphasizes.

Scott Stevens: And because of his inability to articulate things all the time when he makes his decrees he has appointed me to speak on his behalf in certain situations. So you see Scotty, my focus is on you, but when our GOD asks me to do something for him I do it.

Stevens points to himself.

Scott Stevens: And you don’t think the things I said had an impact and people didn’t listen.

Stevens chuckles as he leans back in his chair and the chuckle almost grows into hysterical laughter.

Scott Stevens: If it wasn’t for me, my son wouldn’t be HOTv champion and signed to a PWA contract. If it wasn’t for me, highly coveted free agent, Garry “Ray-Ray” Nelson, wouldn’t be contemplating signing an exclusive deal with HOW. If it wasn’t for me, the eGG Bandits would’ve lost and they would’ve quit like they usually do. If it wasn’t for me, Christopher America wouldn’t have found his nuts that make him the second greatest mind in all of this industry when he skillfully attacked Steve Harrison. More importantly, if it wasn’t for me, Jace Parker Davidson wouldn’t have been reminded of his killer instinct that made him the Conqueror of HOW and gave him the strength to topple the God of Sons.

Stevens presses his hands together like he is almost about to pray and leans in with his devilish grin.

Scott Stevens: You see Scotty, I inspired them to remember what made them great and they all heed my word of 97 Red enlightenment and they all turned out winners.

Stevens’ tone gets serious.

Scott Stevens: But you don’t believe. You think this is a fucking joke, but it’s not. You think I’m just HIS puppet… HIS jester, but you don’t know how powerful HE has made me.

Stevens smirks.

Scott Stevens: Scotty, with a snap of my fingers I could have the EPU ban you from getting into the building. With a single whisper I could have the 4th Wahl choke to death your son Frankie in front of you. With a look I could have you taken out before Alcatraz, but HE wants to give you your final match because you have been a loyal employee for a long time and HE rewards loyalty.

Stevens nods with respect.

Scott Stevens: That’s why I haven’t abused the powers granted to me like you have so long ago. You don’t think I can make anything happen like you use to do when you were an Owner? Or General Manager? Or even the Commissioner of HOW?

Stevens leans back in the chair.

Scott Stevens: But you don’t think I’m taking you serious.

Stevens lets the statement linger as he slowly leans forward and when his face comes into view his signature 97 Red oval spectacles are off and we see the damage done from Dead or Alive.

Scott Stevens: I’m no selling no damage you idiot!

Stevens sternly informs his rival.

Scott Stevens: The Grace of Lee Best is what is helping me power through every week because I believe in HIM and he believes in me.

Stevens turns his face.

Scott Stevens: As you can see the burns to my face have almost healed, but my eye hasn’t!

Stevens shouts before turning slowly sideways looking forward.

Scott Stevens: My scar that I had running down my eye decades ago was sliced open and deepened by the barbed wire you wrapped around me.

The Texan powers for a moment.

Scott Stevens: But has you can see you made some new wounds to it as the barbed wire cut across it when they tried to peel it off of my face.

The camera zooms in and it appears as a crude cross formation across the Demi-God’s right eye.

Scott Stevens: You see Scotty, I have literally been touched by the Grace of Lee Best and my scars and pain that I have suffered are my dedication and loyalty to HIM.

A sly grin forms over the face of Scott.

Scott Stevens: I’m glad your confidence is back Scotty because when I bury you next to Kostoff I don’t want no excuses for you when I retire you for the final time. Don’t worry about your family either Scotty, I’ll take real good care of them for you. I’m sure your wife needs pleasure from a real man and Ben Reeves will be trained by the greatest families in HOW history….the Stevens and the Best. As far as Frankie goes, he’ll be stuffed and mounted on the wall like a prized fish.

Stevens slowly puts his glasses back on.

Scott Stevens: I told you Scotty, only the strong can survive in HOW, but only GODs can sit where I am. See you at The Rock.

As the camera backs away the light hits the glasses of the Demi-God of HOW feeling like Terminator vibes as the single red glow disappears as a door suddenly closes in from with the name Best coming into focus on the door.


Back inside the arena and “Bridgeless,” By Umphrey’s McGee begins to play, the guitar riff becoming louder and faster. The crowd pops with cheers and boos as usual for:

The Miracle Man

 It takes longer than usual, but Steve Harrison suddenly appears, and the crowd goes silent.  Harrison is in a wheelchair being wheeled out by The Doc.  The Miracle Man has an air cast on his foot and a knee brace on the same leg.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Harrison looks to be in terrible shape tonight.

The Doc continues rolling Harrison down the ramp towards the ring.  He stops at the end of the ramp and grabs a mic for Steve.  The Doc stops at the ring steps and Harrison slowly stands up out of the wheelchair and limps into the ring.  The crowd pops as he limps towards the corner since he can at least walk and is not wheelchair bound.  Harrison laughs at the response and gives the hard cam a little shrug.

Joe Hoffman: That is a good sign but by the looks of it he is grimacing with every limp.

Steve leans against the corner turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd and then taps the mic to see if it is working.  Satisfied with the response he puts the mic to his lips.

Steve Harrison: I wasn’t trying to be a buzzkill, but I figured taking a wheelchair to the ring would be quicker.  You aren’t going to see me dancing around like I just did an Eight Ball like some guys you know, but I can at least limp well enough to not fall on my ass inside this ring.

 The Fans cheer and some laugh at the comment made by Harrison.

Steve Harrison: I am not going to lie, being in front of this size of a crowd at motherfucking Madison Square Garden is insane to me.  It is rather humbling to hear such a response to me especially based on my short history in HOW as well…how do I put this—oh yea being a gigantic asshole.

The crowd starts playfully responding with ‘asshole,’ chants.  Harrison nods along with it with a smirk on his face.

Steve Harrison: I figured you guys hadn’t forgotten how to chant that towards me.  I am not out here to play games though because we all can see the elephant in the room, and it is my responsibility to be as honest as possible with everyone.

Harrisons smile fades and he looks down at the air cast on his foot.

Joe Hoffman: Well, this is taking a new turn.

Steve Harrison: Last weekend Simon Sparrow made it a point to target my leg.  I am not mad at him because everyone in the back will take any advantage to win a match.  It was afterwards when that sniveling fascist man child attacked me that made this whole situation worse.

Steve shakes his foot and frowns.

Steve Harrison: If he just wants to hang out at catering and not compete anymore by injuring his opponents, I am positive Lee Best could just employ him to do gambling spreadsheets.  Regardless, this “champion” who barely even wrestles has done what he wanted to do and that was to injure me.  Look…I know the joke is I cannot stay healthy but it’s hard to when I bleed every match like a Wild Thing.  That isn’t the point though because that was competition. This is just a thin-skinned malcontent who is afraid of losing the only thing that makes him feel warm at night.

Harrison laughs.

Steve Harrison: I see the hypocrisy there, but I am not trying to end people’s careers over it.

Crowd goes silent on the last remark and Harrison frowns, anger seeping out of his pores.

Joe Hoffman: Is Harrison implying he can’t compete or even worse?

Harrison puts the mic back to his lips but before he can continue 

“The Greatest American” by Cracked Prism Studios hits as Christopher America makes his way out, practically giddy at the sight of Harrison being injured.

Joe Hoffman: Oh great. And here he is, folks, our illustrious World Champion. Last week, this man snuck in like a thief in the night, attacking Harrison and stealing the spotlight because he couldn’t stand what Harrison did to him at his championship celebration.

The crowd boos as the World Champion slowly saunters down the ramp and pauses at the bottom.

As he gets to the bottom, America’s face shows concern, and he begins looking at Harrison quizzically.

Christopher America: Steve. Are—are you okay? I’m worried that the doctors may not have been thorough in their examination. From the looks of it, they didn’t check to see if you were concussed or had any memory problems.


Two weeks ago, you ruined my championship celebration by wrapping your moldy sausage like fingers around my body and locking me in a fucking crossface chickenwing! I was injured, you little shit! And these people all cheered you for doing it. HOORAY! Steve Harrison took down an injured man! I wasn’t riding high on fucking painkillers. I still felt every bit of my war with Steve Solex. And you still attacked me!

And now, you come out here, complaining to these same people that having been put into a proper AMERICAN submission like my ankle lock was dirty and lowdown because you just had a hard-fought match against Jatt Starr?

You seriously can’t be this fucking stupid, right?


America sees Harrison limping as he backs away while America ascends the steel steps.

Christopher America: You see, after battling your friend Steve Solex, I learned that I can’t keep playing mind games with you idiots in the Highwaymen, not when I’m so close to finishing you all off. So, consider this a courtesy, consider this a spoiler, whatever you want. Every single chance that I get, I am going to do everything in my Thomas Jefferson mandated power to hurt that leg and ankle of yours.

Week in.

Week out.

And judging by the little cast on you, there isn’t a damn thing you can do to outrun me.

The Miracle Man nods as America steps through the ropes slowly.

Steve Harrison: I wouldn’t expect anything different from a class act like you.

America chuckles and continues to walk towards Harrison who is now a few steps away from the corner now trying to show he isn’t afraid but still a visible limp when he makes any moves.

Christopher America: No, you shouldn’t.

America moves in closer.

Christopher America: Just like I shouldn’t expect anything less from you, right? I mean, after all, the Highwaymen are all about playing dirty as long as it suits them. And then, you whine and bitch about it when others do it back to you.

America is now within a few feet of Harrison.

Christopher America: I have the common American decency to tell you straight to your face that I am going to hurt you. I’m going to hurt you tonight. And I’m going to hurt you… real… bad.

America goes to take a swing and Harrison instinctively raises up an arm. But America stops short and like a coward, immediately kicks hard at Harrison’s cast. Harrison goes down as America casually walks over and stomps on the cast again as the chorus of boos from the fans rain down.

Joe Hoffman: Nothing is off limits for America. It doesn’t matter if it’s the military, a veteran, Ukrainians, or people in a cast. Especially after he just complained about being attacked while he was bandaged up!

Christopher America: You see? I always keep my promises! I’m your American Hero!

America soaks in more boos as Harrison clutches at his cast. America turns his back towards Harrison. The Miracle Man suddenly begins to smile as he looks at the back of the Champion and stands up slowly.  He grabs what appears to be a pair of brass knuckles inside the air cast and then shrugs as he takes off the cast.  The crowd sees this and begins to cheer.  America, thinking he is finally getting the respect he deserves, does not notice Harrison on his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Uh oh…Steve looks to be completely fine all of sudden and slowly moving towards America with what looks like Steve Solex’s personal brass knucks!

Harrison gets about a foot away from him and taps him on the shoulder.  America freezes, his smile fading.  He slowly turns around to be met quickly with a right hand shot to his chin.  He has zero time to react as he crumples the floor.  Harrison tosses the brass knucks to the side and then picks America up and locks in the crossface chickenwing.

Joe Hoffman: He is going to do it again to the champion!

Harrison, has it locked in and then shakes his fingers and instead grabs America’s head and cinches in a Dragon Sleeper and then drops to the mat and leg vines his body and starts yanking back at Christophers head trying to injure his neck and leave him unconscious.  The Miracle Man continues wrenching back and yelling at America.  

Joe Hoffman: Harrison is going nuts right now, if this goes any longer real harm might be done to the Hall of Famer.

Like on cue several EPU Guards coming run towards the ring.  Steve sees them in time and let’s go of America, grabs the mic, and rolls out of the ring.  He puts his hands up as he backs off, the Guards go to see if The Champ is ok.  Harrison puts the mic to his lips.

Steve Harrison: Do some research, Champ because I have no issue doing whatever…and I mean (laughs) whatever to win that title.  You want to wake back up the best cheater in the game?  Heh, you only have yourself to blame.  Ice that neck of yours and at Rumble at the Rock you will be icing that broken heart of yours after I take that belt back to The Highwaymen!

Harrison drops the mic and walks back up the ramp normally as we cut to our final commercial break of the evening.


We come back from the final commercial break to the ringside area. The crowd here in Madison Square Garden is buzzing as they know the title match is up next. The camera shifts to the announcers table where HOW Hall of Famer broadcaster Joe Hoffman is ready to call this Championship contest.

Joe Hoffman: It’s been an interesting night here in New York City live from Madison Square Garden. I hope we here at High Octane Wrestling have been able to brighten a very dark day in the history of our country. But now it’s time for the main event of the evening. The HOTv Championship belt will be on the line. Let’s send it to the ring where Bryan McVay is ready to make our introductions.

The camera shifts from the announcers table to the ring where HOW Hall of Famer Bryan McVay is standing with his microphone in hand alongside referee Matt Boettcher.

Bryan McVay: Our next match is the Main Event of the evening and it’s for the HOTv Championship!!!

The crowd cheers wildly for the beginning of the next match as McVay raises the microphone again.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first the Challenger…

STRANGLEHOLD” by Ted Nugent plays. A few moments pass until Frank erupts somewhere from the crowd. He hoots and hollers and barks at old people and children, he swings around a length of steel chain that he carries with him all over the place terrorizing anyone who stands in his way. This goes on for several minutes until he makes his way to the ring.

Bryan McVay: From The Great Smoky Mountains, weighing in tonight at 295 lbs. Here is FRANKKKK DYLANNNN JAMESSSS!!!

Frank lowers his chain and barks at a few fans in the front row. He steps over the steel barricade then circles the ringside area like a madman. The barefoot brawler marches up the steel ring steps then steps over the top rope to enter the ring. Frank waves his chain into the air wildly again as both Boettcher and McVay duck out of the way.

Joe Hoffman: Frank Dylan James is a man that says he’s not interested in winning Championship belts here in High Octane Wrestling. His goal is to do the job that Lee Best himself has paid him handsomely to do and that’s to make Clay Byrd’s life a living hell. Tonight he wrestles for the first time against a self proclaimed PWA Megastar.

Frank lowers his chain and places it in the corner much to the relief of McVay as he raises the microphone back up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…


Bryan McVay: From The Greater Metro Area of Great Falls, Montana. Weighing in tonight at 276 lbs. He is the HOTv Champion GREATTTT SCOTTTTT!!!

GREAT SCOTT climbs the turnbuckle and shows off his HOT VEE Championship to the crowd here in Madison Square Garden. He hops down off the turnbuckle as McVay exits the ring and Frank Dylan James smiles a not so pretty smile.

Joe Hoffman: It was two weeks ago where GREAT SCOTT pulled off a major upset and defeated Clay Byrd to become the HOTv Champion. Tonight is his first defense of that Championship belt against a man that doesn’t seem like he cares much for his own well-being. This will not be a technical classic by any means.

Boettcher walks over and requests the HOTv Championship belt from GREAT SCOTT but LARGE DADDY SCOTT doesn’t want to hand over the title belt to anyone, let alone the referee. Boettcher tries to explain to GREAT SCOTT that he’s not actually TAKING the belt from him as Frank cackles from his corner. Boettcher places his hands on the belt and tries to pull it away from GREAT SCOTT but a tug of war match against SCOTTZILLA is a futile effort. Frank races across the ring towards Boettcher and his opponent. Boettcher ducks out of the way hearing the big man rumbling across the canvas. Frank hits GREAT SCOTT with a big splash in the corner that makes him drop the HOTv Championship belt and fall to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Frank Dylan James not waiting around to get this fight started and he’s attacking the Champion before the bell can even ring. Boettcher needs to get control of things here!

Boettcher leans down and grabs the title belt before displaying it for the crowd here tonight. Frank begins stomping away at GREAT SCOTT with his bare feet as Boettcher hands the title off to the timekeeper. Boettcher looks at the chaos happening in the corner and decides to just call for the bell to signal the start of the match.


Frank continues to stomp away at GREAT SCOTT before rubbing his dirty, completely bare, foot in the face of the Champion. GREAT SCOTT convulses in disgust over the NOT SO GREAT tactic before Frank begins choking GREAT SCOTT with his foot. Boettcher comes over and begins his five count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!

Matt Boettcher: THREE!

Matt Boettcher: FOUR!

Matt Boettcher: FIV–

Boettcher stops his count as Frank moves his foot away from GREAT SCOTT’s throat and backs away from the corner with his hands in the air. GREAT SCOTT coughs and gags for air before Frank charges as lands a knee to the side of the head of the Champion. GREAT SCOTT is stunned as Frank leans down and grabs a hold of him by the hair. Frank begins to pull him out of the corner but GREAT SCOTT begins to fire off right hands to the breadbox of the 6’9” monster. Frank absorbs the shots like they are nothing before leaning down to bite on the ear of the Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Frank Dylan James has no regard for the rules of a wrestling match and he’s doing his best Mike Tyson impression on GREAT SCOTT!

GREAT SCOTT screams and kicks his feet as once again Matt Boettcher steps in and begins another five count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!

Matt Boettcher: THREE!

Matt Boettcher: FOUR!

Matt Boettcher: FIV–

Once again Frank stops trying to rip GREAT SCOTT’s ear from his head at the last possible split second. Boettcher lectures Frank about the dirty tactics and threatens a disqualification but Frank pays him no mind. He shoves Boettcher away and then begins to stomp away at GREAT SCOTT who is gripping his now bloody ear. Frank yells down at GREAT SCOTT to get up and fight as the Champion begins to pull himself off of the canvas. GREAT SCOTT uses his hands to grab onto Frank’s overalls as he pulls himself to a vertical base. GREAT SCOTT peers into Frank’s overalls as confusion takes off his features.


GREAT SCOTT looks around in the crowd thinking they are hiding trying to ambush him but Frank hits him with an elbow to the side of the head that staggers the man in control of all the HOT VEE. Frank grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT and whips him into the ropes but GREAT SCOTT reverses and sends Frank into the ropes. Frank bounces off of the ropes but the 6’1” GREAT SCOTT catches the 6’9” FDJ and plants him with a spinebuster down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT mounts himself on top of Frank and then opens up with big heavy punches to the face of his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: The HOTv Champion has finally gone on the offensive here and is landing in his best shots on the Challenger but is Frank Dylan James smiling and laughing?!

Hoffman is correct because Frank seems to be enjoying getting punched in the face by GREAT SCOTT. The Champion tries to ignore this disturbing fact and continues to pound away at Lee Best’s hired gun. That is until Frank reaches up with his big hands and gouges the eyes of GREAT SCOTT. This makes GREAT SCOTT roll off of Frank and raises his hands up to his eyes. Frank pulls himself up to his feet as once again Boettcher is on his ass. Frank was too excited about the fight to even listen to the head official as GREAT SCOTT pulled himself up to a vertical base. Frank charges and then hits GREAT SCOTT with a running clothesline that sends both men over the top rope and down to the arena floor below. Frank is the first one to his feet and he grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT. Frank pulls him to his feet and tries tossing him into the steel ring steps but GREAT SCOTT reverses and sends Frank crashing into the steel ring steps. The steps explode upon collision from the big barefooted man as GREAT SCOTT takes a moment to recover.

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT has been dealing with the dirty tactics of Frank Dylan James but thanks to the steel ring steps, he has brought himself some precious time to get a second wind but you can’t win the match on the outside.

Frank begins to pull himself up to a vertical base but GREAT SCOTT clubs him with a double ax handle shot to the spine. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Frank then hits him with a side Russian leg sweep slamming the back of his head into the steel barricade. GREAT SCOTT smiles satisfied with his sustained offense until Frank begins to repeatedly slam the back of his own head into the steel barricade. GREAT SCOTT gets up to his feet a bit wide eyed at the fact that Frank seems impervious to pain. GREAT SCOTT sees the Championship belt out of the corner of his eye and regains his confidence as Frank begins to regain a vertical base. GREAT SCOTT charges but Frank dips his shoulder then flips GREAT SCOTT up and over the barricade into the crowd. GREAT SCOTT hits the cold concrete hard as fans begin to scatter.

Joe Hoffman: Referee Matt Boettcher has given up trying to count and I can’t blame him. No one paid their hard earned money to see the HOTv Championship main event end in a double count out. We just have to hope these two men decide to settle this inside of the ring.

Frank steps over the barricade into the crowd as Boettcher exits the ring. GREAT SCOTT pulls himself off of the concrete but Frank hits him with a heavy right hand that staggers him further into the audience. Boettcher hops the barricade and follows as Frank continues to stalk his opponent. Both fighters meet head on and begin exchanging heavy blows to the face as the fans are eating it up. Frank gets the advantage with a knee to the gut then grabs GREAT SCOTT by the hair. Frank begins to journey throughout the crowd while slamming GREAT SCOTT head first into any solid object that he can find. Frank tosses GREAT SCOTT to the concrete as fans of the younger variety begin to boo and argue with him. Frank begins to holler at the fans and raises his fist into the air but Boettcher steps in front of Frank and pleads with him to focus on the Champion. Frank sees GREAT SCOTT fighting to his feet then charges and hits GREAT SCOTT with a big foot to the face that sends him tumbling back over the barricade. Frank steps back over the barricade followed by Boettcher. Frank grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT and runs his head first into the steel ring post as hard as he can.

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT is being manhandled by Frank Dylan James and after that hitting that ring post not only is the Champion bleeding from his ear but he’s also bleeding from his forehead.

The crowd gasps at the crimson mask that begins to envelope the face of the man who has not only touched real boobs but gets all the HOT VEE that he wants. Frank grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT and rolls him back into the ring. Boettcher slides back into the ring as Frank pulls himself up to the ring apron and steps over the top rope into the ring. GREAT SCOTT has pulled himself up to his hands and knees as Frank stalks over him. Frank begins to unleash big open hand strikes to the ears of GREAT SCOTT as the blood from his head begins to drip down to the canvas. Frank leaps into the air and then brings his near 300 lb frame down across the back of GREAT SCOTT that flattens him down to the mat. Frank begins to shout towards the fans here in Madison Square Garden as GREAT SCOTT struggles to get back up to his feet. Frank turns around and waits with a wild look in his eyes as GREAT SCOTT returns to his feet. GREAT SCOTT turns around but Frank reaches out and grabs a hold of him by the throat. Frank lifts GREAT SCOTT off of his feet and extends his thumb on his free hand.


Frank jams his thumb into GREAT SCOTT’s neck in a horrifying way before dropping him down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT holds his neck and gasps for air as Frank makes the cover while Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!

Matt Boettcher: THREE!


Joe Hoffman: That was as close as close can get. We almost crowned a new HOTv Champion after that devastating move but GREAT SCOTT got his shoulder up before the three. I don’t know if that was because there is still some fight left in the Champion or out of pure instinct.

Frank raises to his feet with his arms in the air thinking he’s won his first HOW match but Boettcher waves him off and tells him it was only a two count. Frank argues with Boettcher as GREAT SCOTT slowly starts to crawl towards the ropes. Frank quickly turns his attention back to the Champion and pounces on him. Frank applies the Stranglehold on GREAT SCOTT as Boettcher kneels down to check on him. Frank cranks away on the hold and tries to pull GREAT SCOTT’s head from his body. GREAT SCOTT raises his hands into the air like he’s moments away from tapping out but he spots GREAT BEAR at ringside. The best friend of the owner of HOT VEE has stopped dancing and vibing to tunes. He’s raised one massive paw and points it towards the HOTv Championship belt. GREAT SCOTT’s eyes widen before he plants his fists onto the canvas and fights his way over toward the bottom rope before finally grabbing a hold of it.

Joe Hoffman: Once again GREAT SCOTT has narrowly escaped sure defeat in his match by reaching the bottom rope. Inspired by the sight of his first ever Championship belt he was able to dig down deep and find that extra something to keep himself alive. But for how much longer can he withstand the brutal offense of Frank Dylan James?

Boettcher gets up to his feet and calls for a break of the hold but Frank doesn’t listen. He continues to try and put GREAT SCOTT to sleep even though his opponent has reached the bottom rope. Boettcher has had enough and begins to try and physically pry Frank off of GREAT SCOTT but of course this is a futile effort. Boettcher does the only thing he can think of doing and that’s grab a hold of Frank’s wiry beard. Boettcher yanks for all he’s worth until he literally comes away with a good sized handful of Frank’s beard. Frank releases the hold then gets to his feet as Boettcher begins to back away in fear. GREAT SCOTT lays face down on the canvas motionless as GREAT BEAR decides to take matters into his own han– paws. GREAT SCOTT’s loyal companion reaches under the ring and pulls out something before sliding into the ring to GREAT SCOTT. Even in a weakened state GREAT SCOTT’s eyes grow big as he grabs a hold of the object in question.


GREAT SCOTT struggles to lift his head before he pops the top and begins to pound the awful smelling energy drink like a hungry infant to a titty. Frank and Boettcher are unaware of what is happening because Boettcher is being stalked like a small woodland creature by Frank. GREAT SCOTT tosses the empty can to the outside then immediately pops up to his feet with a renewed vigor. The crowd pops as Frank turns his head to see what got the fans cheering. GREAT SCOTT charges Frank then hits him with a huge leaping clothesline that takes the big man off of his feet. Frank is quickly back up to his feet but gets run through with another leaping clothesline from the massive bicep of GREAT SCOTT. Frank shakes his head trying to ward off the damage as he uses the ropes to pull himself but up to his feet. Frank turns around ready to go back on the attack but gets clocked with a superkick.


The shot stuns Frank and he stumbles backwards into the ropes. It becomes quite the predicament as Frank gets tangled up in the ropes leaving him trapped and helpless. GREAT SCOTT steps forward and begins to tee off with heavy shots to the head of Frank repeatedly until a small trickle of blood begins to pour from a cut right above his eye. Boettcher manages to step in between the two men and forces GREAT SCOTT to back away before helping Frank get untangled. Once free from the ropes Frank gets to his feet as GREAT SCOTT charges. Frank lifts his leg for a big foot to the face but GREAT SCOTT sidesteps it. GREAT SCOTT stomps down hard on Frank’s bare foot with his boot causing the big man to fall to canvas holding his foot in pain. GREAT SCOTT reaches down and grabs a hold of Frank to pull him back up to his feet but Frank once again claws at the eyes of his opponent. Frank’s bloody hands try to rip GREAT SCOTT’s eyeballs right from their sockets. GREAT SCOTT pulls away and drops to his knees. Frank gets up to his feet then steps over the top rope to the ring apron and begins to slowly climb the turnbuckle. Frank begins to try and steady himself on the top rope but GREAT SCOTT rises his feet and hits the ropes as hard as he possibly can. This causes Frank to get crotched on the top turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Frank Dylan James will be able to hit those high notes after that rough landing!

GREAT SCOTT turns his head towards the corner and gives Frank his angriest glare. The HOT VEE Champion quickly begins to climb to the top rope as Frank remains in pain straddling the top turnbuckle. The crowd stands on their feet as GREAT SCOTT stands on the top rope towering over Frank. GREAT SCOTT leaps into the air and wraps his legs around Frank’s neck.


GREAT SCOTT uses his momentum to snap Frank down to the canvas from the high rent district with GREAT impact. GREAT SCOTT scrambles over to hook the leg and make the cover on Frank as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!

Matt Boettcher: THREE!!!


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 15 minutes and 3 seconds… AND STILL HOTv Champion GREATTTT SCOTTTT!!!

A bloody GREAT SCOTT gets up to his knees and raises his arms into the air triumphantly. Boettcher retrieves the HOTv Championship belt and presents it to GREAT SCOTT who clutches the belt to his chest. GREAT SCOTT gets up to his feet as Boettcher raises his arm in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Impressive showing by Frank Dylan James who simply would not stay down. However, with the help of Liquid STRONKUMMS from GREAT BEAR our Champion was able to hit THE SCOTTACANRANA from the top rope and retain his title. Frank Dylan James might not care about the HOTv title but I think tonight he proved to Lee Best and more importantly Clay Byrd that he’s going to be a major problem here in HOW.

GREAT SCOTT dives through his ropes with his Championship into the paws of GREAT BEAR who catches him with ease. GREAT BEAR carries GREAT SCOTT around the ringside area as he celebrates with the fans here in Madison Square Garden as Chaos 008 goes off of the air.

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