Chaos 011



We cut live to the inside of The Best Arena and a panning shot showing the throng of High Octane faithful readily anticipating another live Chaos. The shot then cuts to Hall of Fame announcer Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to CHAOS!!!! We are back home in The Best Arena in Chicago, Illinois and with only three shows counting tonight before we head to Alcatraz for Rumble at the Rock, things are really starting to heat up! Tonight we have some big matchups in store, culminating in a battle between two HOW Hall of Famers for the biggest prize in the business, as Simon Sparrow tries to get Big Red away from Christopher America. And that’s not our only championship match of the night. Doozer will step in the ring with the reigning, defending HOTv champion, Great Scott…. Or Just Scott? just scott? Whichever it is, it promises to be a classic battle between one of the great veterans of the ring in Doozer and the very unique champion. In other action, we’ll see a match between one of the greatest HOW wrestlers of all time, Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson, and a stalwart of the wrestling business, and representative from PRIME, The Angle Luchador. And later on tonight, Bobinette Carey takes on Hall of Famer John Sektor in another matchup of Hall of Famers, and finally… leading us off here tonight… Brian Hollywood tries to bounce back from his loss to Frank Dylan James last week, as he takes on the suddenly vicious… Scott Stevens! Let’s go up to the ring… to Brian McVay!

Brian McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for ONE FALL!

The lights in the arena go black as a synthesized hymn begins to play as the High Octane Vision comes to life as an angelic voice begins to sing.

“Born from pain, inside my veins.

Bred for war, begging for more.

None shall mourn, I am reborn.

Live in sin. The House always wins.”

The hymn continues as the screen begins to show the Best Arena transformed into a style of a church and the screen slowly flashes the words…..


Lee Best’s infamous blood shot eyes hover above the top. The lights in the arena begin to come on in a shade of 97 Red as smoke and fog begin to fill the stage area as well. The sound of glass breaking is heard as the screen shows a crack over the mural of the Best Arena and Lee Best’s eyes as “O Fortuna Excalibur Remix” by Apotheosis begins. Lights above the ring shine down to create a 97 Red HOB. The stage flashes with alternating red and white lights as Scott Stevens makes his way out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: Introducing! From The Great State of Texas, weighing in at 256 pounds…. he is the “Demi-God of HOW!” SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEENS!

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Scott drinks in his own hype as he lifts his right arm and points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk toward the ring. As he does so he carries the Book of Best front and center of his chest while he sticks as close to the center of the ramp as possible to avoid being touched by the heathens that line the barricade.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens clinging tightly to that Book of Best again. It’s really been startling to see the changes in Scott Stevens lately. The attack on Scottywood’s grandson, Ben Reeves, earlier in the week really was another level of sadism from the formerly mild mannered Stevens.

As Scott climbs up onto the mat, the massive Cross of Best hangs around his neck like jewelry. Scott wipes his feet off on the edge of the ring, his smile never leaving his face. Moving towards the center of the ring, Scott bathes in the red lettering, drops to a knee before looking up with his eyes closed towards the heavens mouthing something as he is bathed in the sinister glow of 97 Red. Once his prayer is done he slowly lowers the hood of his jacket and lifts his arm high into the air as the music dies and the house lights return signaling Scott to take off the Cross of Best and kiss it before making his way to his corner to prepare for his match.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent!

“Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA. Brian Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes.

Brian McVay: From Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 225 pounds…. BRIIIIIIAAAAAAANNNN……. HOLLYWOOOOOODDD!!!!!

He takes in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation. As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage. As the pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity.

Joe Hoffman: Brian Hollywood continues his brutality of his personal wardrobe, but he looks absolutely focused on this match here tonight.

Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes. He gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle before turning his gaze intently in the ring as he awaits for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: And not only is he fired up, but he seems especially focused.

The bell rings and Brian Hollywood stands pat, staring daggers through the head of Scott Stevens. Stevens smirks back at him, then holds up his hands in a sort of “calm down” gesture, and walks toward the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens looks like he’s trying to cool things down a little bit, but I’m not sure Brian Hollywood is gonna go for this.

Hollywood walks out of the corner, eyes still angrily staring down Scott Stevens, and as he approaches, Stevens holds up an index finger, Hollywood pauses, and Stevens holds out a hand.

Joe Hoffman: Oh boy… and now he puts his hand out in what… an offer to join the House of Best??

Hollywood looks at the hand, then back up at Stevens, then at the hand again, then snarls as he shoves Stevens in the chest with everything he has, dropping the shocked Stevens to his backside.

Joe Hoffman: And just as I expected, Brian Hollywood is having absolutely none of it! He knows better than to think this offer is genuine. He knows Scott Stevens all too well.

Stevens scoots backward and scrambles to his feet just as Hollywood rushes in and they lock up. Stevens pushes back, trying to stay out of the corner, but Hollywood has the momentum and forces him back up against the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens I think wanted to try to get in the head of Brian Hollywood a little bit, but Hollywood is all business here tonight…. Getting the upper hand now…

Hollywood breaks the lock up by driving a knee sideways in the gut of Stevens, then delivers an uppercut that lifts Stevens off of his feet for a moment. Hollywood stays on the attack, delivering a boot to the midsection, then another stomp, and finally stomps the proverbial mudhole in the Texan.

Joe Hoffman: A trademark from Scott Stevens, but Brian Hollywood is now treating him like he’s trying to smash a mosquito on his face with his boot.

Turning, Hollywood screams out into the crowd, and gets a loud roar in return. Stevens tries to pull himself up with the ropes, but Hollywood sneers as he walks in and hits him square in the jaw with a right hand, then another, and finally a loud chop across the chest.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens reaching up and grabbing at his jaw after those shots and now the welts start to show up on his chest as Brian Hollywood just unleashes on him in the corner.

Hollywood grabs Stevens by the arm and whips him hard out of the corner. Stevens goes face first into the opposite turnbuckle and goes down like a shot.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens unable to flip around and he hit hard chest first into the turnbuckle. Stevens down again, trying to get his wits about him…

Hollywood scrambles over and stalks Stevens as he slowly starts to get up. Once he gets up to a knee, Hollywood locks in a front face lock, jumps up onto the middle rope, and drives Stevens’ head into the mat with a springboard DDT.

Joe Hoffman: And Stevens goes hard head first into the mat!

Stevens lays on the mat, arms outstretched and Brian Hollywood gets to his feet and drops a big elbow across his chest, bouncing him up off the mat in the process. He holds it there, then hooks the leg as Matt Boettcher drops down for the count.




Joe Hoffman: Close but no cigar. Hollywood has been the proverbial house-a-fire, but he hasn’t done quite enough damage just yet.

Hollywood slowly pulls Stevens up to his feet, and slowly twists him around before dropping him with a neckbreaker. Stevens falls into a seated position, and as Hollywood sees this, he darts into the ropes behind Stevens and comes flying off with a flying forearm that folds Stevens forward like a Christmas card.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens hunches over. That obviously did a lot of damage to his neck…

Stevens grabs at the back of his neck and rolls up against the bottom rope and reaches up to pull himself to his feet. Hollywood sees another opening and charges in, but Stevens hangs onto the top rope and drops down, pulling the top rope down and sending Hollywood flying over the top rope to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Smart thinking by Scott Stevens there if not a little dirty. Seems about par for the course.

Hollywood bounces off of the hard floor and into the barricade. Meanwhile, in the ring, Stevens gets up to a seated position, then smirks as he points to his temple.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens can be proud of his expertise all he wants, but from where I sit, all I’m seeing is a guy learning new ways to take shortcuts…

Catching his breath, Stevens slides out of the ring and grabs Hollywood roughly by the back of his head, pulling him up and shoving him full force into the steel post. Hollywood goes down like a shot, and Stevens looks up at Matt Boettcher in the ring as he warns him to get it back inside.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens pushing the envelope here, but he’s doing an awful lot of damage to Brian Hollywood on the outside here.

Stevens shrugs, then slides into the ring, and then right back out of him, smiling as he does so.

Joe Hoffman: He’s awfully proud of himself…

He reaches down and pulls up Brian Hollywood, then rolls him back into the ring and climbs in after him.

Joe Hoffman: We’re seeing a different side of Scott Stevens, and I never thought I’d see the day, but I actually miss the old one.

Stevens comes up behind Hollywood, locks his arms around his waist, then throws him backward into a German suplex. Not wasting any time, he holds onto Hollywood, brings him back to his feet, then switches grips to a full nelson, then flips him over backward with another suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Suplex village!

Stevens stalks Hollywood now, waits for him to rise, then runs in and bulldogs him toward the corner. Stevens flips him over and screams at Boettcher to count.

Joe Hoffman: Big bulldog! Going for the pin!




Joe Hoffman: And Hollywood is out of there just in the nick of time!

Stevens grumbles to himself, then grabs Hollywood by the hair on top of his head and starts wailing away at him with right hands. Still frustrated about not getting the three count, he takes Hollywood by the head with both hands and slams his head backward on the mat over and over.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens is losing it! I’ve never seen Stevens lose his temper and get this vicious!

Stevens brings Hollywood back up to his feet, then slaps him hard across the face, but it doesn’t get the desired effect. It looks like it wakes him up, and now Hollywood’s eyes are wide in anger.

Joe Hoffman: Big mistake! Stevens may have awoken the sleeping giant!

Stevens is caught off guard, but regains his composure and fires a right hand. Hollywood takes it and fires one of his own. And another, and another backing Stevens up across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Now Brian Hollywood is on fire! Right hand after right hand! Stevens is reeling!!

Hollywood punches him all the way back to the ropes, then Irish whips him out and across the ring. Stevens ducks a hard clothesline from Hollywood, then hits the opposite ropes, and Hollywood drops down, jumping up after Stevens leaps over and hits the ropes again.

Joe Hoffman: Leap frog… back into the ropes!

Hollywood jumps up into a Lou Thesz press and starts hammering away at Scott Stevens’ forehead as he sits across his chest.

Joe Hoffman: Haymakers to the face of the big Texan..

Stevens shifts his weight to move Hollywood off of him, and hooks the leg, rising up and trying to twist him into a Texas Cloverleaf.

Joe Hoffman: But he’s out of it and he’s got the leg hooked! But can he get him turned over?!

Hollywood, however, is able to reach up and roll Stevens up into a pinfall attempt.

Joe Hoffman: Quick rollup!

Boettcher drops to the mat.




Both men are up quickly and Stevens puts a boot straight to Brian Hollywood’s midsection. He roughly grabs Hollywood by the head and swings him around and into the ropes. Stevens rushes forward with a scream and throws a knee at the head of Brian Hollywood, but he ducks.

Joe Hoffman: The knee misses!

Hollywood hits the ropes full speed and hits the Executive Degree right in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Executive Decree!! Brian Hollywood caught Scott Stevens flush in the chin! This might do it!!

Hollywood drops to cover, hooks the leg…




Brian McVay: The winner of the match, in 10 minutes, 13 seconds…. BRIIIIIIAAAAAANNN HOOOOOLLLLLYWOOOOOOD!!!

Joe Hoffman: A big win for Brian Hollywood, looking to move ahead with some momentum as we approach Rumble at the Rock!

We cut away from ringside and head backstage…


The scene cuts to a closeup of the back of a black baseball jersey that reads “TRANSCENDENT” in pink lettering. The camera zooms out as Jatt Starr turns around revealing the HOW Hall of Famer standing next to Brian Bare. The Baron of Boca Jatton smirks smugly as Blaire Moise begins.

Brian Bare: This week, you are making your return as Jatt Starr. Why now?

Jatt Starr: Oh, there are a multitude of reasons for the glorious return of the Ruler of Jattlantis. Maybe the Savior of Starrkham pities the city of Chicago. What do they have to cheer for? The Cubs? The Bears? The Blackhawks? Chicago is the capital of trash sports. They make the garbage water at the bottom of a New York City dumpster after a heavy rain look like Irish Spring.

Brian Bare: There have been some who have found your comments and actions last week as offensive. How do you respond?

Jatt Starr: You know what is offensive, Bri Guy? Bobbinette Carey snaking away the Marquis of MadagaStarr’s pinfall. The Sovereign of Starrgentina should have been the one to put Sektor away, not that vile strumpet! Now the New Starrleans Saint knows how Shane Reynolds felt when she ripped away his HOW Championship after War Games. Yeah, the Earl of GlouStarr made a dated reference and is beating a dead horse….Suck it.

Brian Bare: I was referring to the actions that occurred when you were speaking with my colleague—-

Jatt Starr: The Mayor of ManJattan has transcended labels such as gender identity. The Duke of Jattmandu has transcended the need for the artificial euphoria that drugs and alcohol provide. Those whiny little trolls that say they’re offended? Those comments are being made out of self-loathing and jealousy. People wish they can be as evolved as the El Jattador de Starrcelona! We all know the loudest and whiniest of those bitches are thirtysomethings hiding away in their mothers’ basements typing away, sending their bile via Twitter in between OnlyFan subscriptions. But no one cares about those degenerate cumberworlds, anyway. The contingent of people that the Jattlantic City Idol does care about? The ladies. The hotties, the notties, the nymphos, the sexually repressed housewives, the horny divorcees, straight, lesbian, bi….they only reason they’re offended is because the Starrson City Icon is taken and therefore they are denied a ride on the….chugga chugga, chugga chugga….StarrLite….Choo Choo….Sexpress!

Brian Bare: Okay then. At “Rumble at the Rock”, you take on Sektor but before that, tonight, you take on Christopher America for the HOW Championship. What is going through your mind?

Jatt Starr: Tonight, it’s a foregone conclusion. At “Rumble at the Rock”, the Ruler of Jattlantis will defend the HOW World Championship against Sucktor….er….Sektor. But tonight isn’t about Sektor. All you need to know is he sucks, he’s obsolete, and he should have stayed retired and should be playing mahjong with the Elder Scrolls. But that’s not even something to worry about tonight. In order to defend the championship, one must have the championship first. Christopher America is one crafty fopdoodle, but the Sheriff of Jattingham is craftier! The Jatti Master officially holds a tag team victory over Christopher America. Christopher America was so fearful of the Thane of Starrkarth that he faked an injury last week! You can’t tell the Champion of Jattanooga that America wouldn’t have done that is he wasn’t soiling himself in fear! To answer your question, what’s going through my mind? How is the Sultan of SeaJattle going to celebrate tonight?

Jatt Starr winks at the camera before walking off camera leaving Brian Bare alone in the frame as scene ends.


The camera shifts to another section of the backstage area here in The Best Arena. The Chicago crowd cheers a bit as Blaire Moise is seen standing with her microphone in hand. Blaire smiles towards the camera and raises the microphone up to her lips.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest. The HOW LSD Champion and a member of The Board Jace Parker Davidson.

Blaire’s smile seems less than genuine as the camera pans out a bit. Jace walks into camera range wearing a 97RED colored jumpsuit. Jace has his LSD Championship belt around his waist and the now retired ICON Championship belt placed over his shoulder. There is a grin on Jace’s face as the crowd can be heard cheering out inside of the arena.

Blaire Moise: Last week on Chaos you suffered a loss as you teamed with the HOTv Champion GREAT SCOTT to take on the team of Conor Fuse and #1 contender to the HOW World Championship belt in Steve Harrison.

Blaire points the microphone in Jace’s direction as the LSD Champion doesn’t look too impressed by the way she decided to kick off this interview.

Davidson: A mere speed bump on the road to Rumble at the Rock. No one wins them all here in HOW and last week was more abnormal than it was the norm. But here I am, still standing, and still your LSD Champion. Along with the fact that I still have this beautiful Championship belt on my shoulder too.

Jace raises the ICON Championship belt into the air a bit and places a small kiss on the gold plate of the belt.

Blaire Moise: That’s twice now that you’ve been hit with the Super Splash and pinned. Do you believe that Conor Fuse is just better than you are? Does that mean he’s earned himself a shot at the LSD Championship belt at Rumble at the Rock? He does seem to have your number.

Blaire has a devilish smirk on her face as once again she points the microphone in Jace’s direction. Jace takes a step backwards and shakes his head repeatedly before answering.

Davidson: Conor Fuse is an exceptional wrestler but there are circumstances involved with everything.

Blaire Moise: And those would be?

Jace narrows his eyebrows as Blaire continues to go for the jugular.

Davidson: The fact that I am a busy man both inside and outside of the ring. People are lining up from all around the world to step into the ring with me. That’s because the name Jace Parker Davidson means something in this business. Conor Fuse? Well, he’s good and everything but there are people out there that aren’t exactly cutting the line to get into the ring with ‘The video game kid.’ He got his cheap wins but I’ve got bigger and better things to handle moving forward.

Blaire Moise: So, basically your ducking putting the title on the line against Cono–

Jace uses his hand to cover the microphone which stops Blaire from finishing her statement. Jace and Blaire share a look of hatred between each other before Jace removes his hand from the microphone.

Davidson: Plans are in motion, Blaire. I might not be on the Rumble at the Rock card at this very moment. But I assure you by the end of the night I certainly will be.

Blaire goes to speak into the microphone but Jace cuts her off again before she can speak.

Davidson: And no I’m not going to tell you the details. You’ll have to wait and find out just like everyone else.

Jace’s smirk returns to his face as Blaire shakes her head.

Blaire Moise: Later on tonight you step into the ring in an interesting match. Here live on the HOTv Network we’ll see a PRIME vs. HOW match as you face off against PRIME Intense Champion The Anglo Luchador.

Davidson: Say it with a little more enthusiasm, Blaire. We’re here in Chicago! We’re here inside of The Best Arena!

The crowd cheers wildly.

Davidson: We’re sold out here tonight because the people want to see two Champions from PRIME and HOW go head-to-head. They came to see GREAT SCOTT defend the HOTv Championship belt. They came to see Christopher America defend the HOW World Championship belt and show Steve Harrison what he has in store once we’re in Alcatraz. The Board and Board affiliated superstars are all the rage here in this business. Here in HOW, we give the people what they want!

Blaire Moise: You’ve never stepped into the ring against The Anglo Luchador and in the one encounter you both had weeks ago post match when you lost to Conor Fuse the first time. It was the PRIME superstar that got the better of you. You think you can stop him from doing it again tonight?

Jace taps his boot on the concrete floor in an annoyed manner for a moment before turning towards the camera.

Davidson: Yeah, you mean when he showed up out of nowhere then got the better of me after I wrestled a five star match against a former two-time HOW World Champion? Where was he the week I invited him to show up in Miami? Hell, where was he last week?

Blaire Moise: He showed up in Cleveland and he brought back up with him.

Davidson: Correction, he was hanging out in the parking lot in Cleveland. He didn’t come inside of the building. He didn’t step into the ring. He had help with him and yet he still didn’t feel brave enough to confront me face-to-face. See, over in PRIME they might eat up the bullshit from this guy in the goofy mask. Here in HOW he’s just another guy. He claims to have some kind of moral compass and be all about respect but he flees an arena via an Uber like a thief in the night. He claims he’s better because he ONLY wrestles for PRIME. Yet, wasn’t he the one that challenged me to a match? And wasn’t he the one that demanded that the match happen here in HOW? It was him that chose to come here in Chicago to wrestle me in HOW territory. But he ONLY wrestles in PRIME. Newsflash, Fucko. This ain’t PRIME and Lindsey Troy won’t be able to hold your hand out there tonight.

Blaine Moise: It’s been said that many believe that The Anglo Luchador is an even match or maybe even better than you. Given the simple fact that much like the LSD Championship belt he’s fought in very brutal matches to retain his Intense Championship.

Davidson: An equal to the LSD Championship belt? Don’t make me laugh, Blaire. He’s done some hardcore stuff before, great. Every single match here in HOW is brutal and the competition is on a whole nother level. Nothing that The Anglo Luchador has done over in the land of Forklifts and Popsicles can compare to being the LSD Champion or the things that happen here on the HOTv Network. I’ve been the LSD Champion for more days than anyone else in the history of this company. Go and ask that guy how many days he’s been Intense Champion. Maybe then I’ll care but not likely.

Blaire Moise: Thank you for your time here and–

Jace cuts off Blaire for the third time and waves his index finger.

Davidson: Oh, you thought you could just get away without putting your support behind me?

Blaire Moise: I am paid to be an impartial interviewer.

Blaire states sternly but Jace leans closer towards her.

Davidson: And who exactly do you work for, Blaire? What company puts food on your table?

Blaire remains silent but Jace reaches out and grabs a hold of Blaire’s face with his hand. Jace applies pressure and causes Blaire’s cheeks to squish inwards.

Davidson: Tell me you’re supporting me and HOW out there tonight against PRIME.

Blaire rolls her eyes and slaps Jace’s hand away from her face. Blaire shudders over the fact that her face was touched by Jace but clears her throat and keeps her composure.

Blaire Moise: HOW is my home, so whatever benefits HOW is what I’m rooting for…

Blaire says back handedly as Jace grins ear to ear.

Davidson: I knew you had good taste, Blaire. I’m going to go out there and win it just for you!

Jace walks off down the hallway laughing as Blaire drops the microphone. Blaire heads off in the other direction in search of something to scrub and sanitize her face as we head to our first commercial break.


Back from commercial and the show comes back to life, and when it does the always revered, loved, and we’ll respected

Bandits of the eGG are pumping blood through the backstage area.

Sort of.

Not at all.

The three Bandits are gathered around, sitting on a couch drinking coffee like the Friends they are. Jiles is dapped out in a sweet, funeral black tracksuit. Bob is in his robe. Dooze is wearing a David Ortiz jersey to rekindle a time and place where relevant and his name went hand and hand.

Jiles: So. Great Scott tonight? Is that the same guy from you know where?

Bobby Dean: Yes. Same guy. We tried to recruit him before. Remember?

Jiles: No, but my head has been through quite the trauma so that should come as no surprise. Though, I do remember a bear. Vaguely.

The Maestro of COOL does a quick scroll through his phone to maybe jog his memory. His eyes pop open behind his gaudy T-shades.

Jiles: Say Dooze, did you know this guy can lift a car above his head? Two door sedan, but still. It says here it had a full tank of gas in it.

The Old Boston Bull stands to stretch his bones.

Dooze: I am aware he is strong. I’m no lightweight. I’ve been tearing phone books and eating synthesized protein. I can handle it. I can handle him. I’m tired of looking at you two and not fitting in.

Bob and Jiles are both champions elsewhere.

That is what Dooze meant by that.

Not the age gap.

Jiles: Okidokie.

The COOLympian continues to scroll.

Jiles: Another thing. Is that Saxon from Vegas supposed to be wrestling Jace tonight?

Bobby Dean: I think so.

Jiles: I hope he doesn’t think we’re going to run down to the ring for the rescue.

Bobby Dean: Me either. Jace lit a guy on fire once.

A cricket falls from the ceiling, landing on Jiles’ salty shoe. It disintegrates almost immediately.

Very humane.

Jiles: …

Bobby Dean: Oh. Yeah. Uh, I don’t like running so no way.

Jiles: Speaking of running, what happened in MVW? How does Clay Byrd screw us over like that? And where the fuck was Harrison when I needed him? I thought we were friends. I’m starting to think he may be more crumb than cake.

Doozer is too focused on the behemoth of nature he faces later on tonight to worry about MVW, and about how young he’ll look as the HOTv Champion. Bobby cowers his head into his third chin. More like collapses. The Maestro sighs. A happy sigh.

Jiles: Oh well. After next week I guess it won’t make any difference.

The show feed cuts away, assumingly to more enthralling and engaging proclivities of the night.


As we come back to ringside, we head to ringside where the Hall of Famer and best announcer in the business is ready to call the next match of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen where we have an EPIC Hall of Fame clash.

Joe looks toward the camera.

Joe Hoffman: We have Bobbinette Carey taking on John Sektor!

The camera zooms in.

Joe Hoffman: Word around the locker room was that Sektor was embarrassed by this defeat and he wanted to test his grit against Carey by demanding he face her this week. Bobbinette Carey hasn’t made too many people happy and many have said she stole the victory from her partner, but Carey said it’s wrestling and you seize the opportunities given. Will Carey pull another rabbit out of her hat or will Sektor wipe off the rust and shine golden once more?

The Arena lights go black as “Enemy” by Anna begins to play.

“Tell you you’re the greatest but once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spot light it’s entrance as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp. Wearing a Miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp with her pink and black leopard gear.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Parma Heights, Ohio… The Queen of Epicness! BOBBINETTE! CAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRREEEEEYYYYYYY!!!

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her smashing a photo over Mario Maurako; another clip of her hitting Mario with the defib pads, then the most striking image of Bobbinette standing over Scottywood and slapping him.)

She steps up the ring steps and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the center of the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She stands in the center as magenta pink and mauve pyrotechnics explode from the turnbuckle as she does a ballerina style exaggerated curtsy

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette still hasn’t found out who is trying to murder her, but she’s not going to let that control her life and the victory from last week has given her new life and a new found confidence.

Carey begins to stretch out in her corner when…….

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC

Joe Hoffman: The familiar tune of The Hall of Famer.

The Master of The “Stache” steps out from behind the curtain and the crowd gives him a thundering applause.

If you’re having trouble with the high school head
He’s giving you the blues
You wanna graduate, but not in his bed
Here’s what you gotta do:
Pick up the phone, I’m always home
Call me anytime

Sektor pauses on the stage and looks out as the HOW fans inside the Best Arena in Chicago make a lot of noise.

Just ring: 3-6, 2-4, 3-6, hey
I lead a life of crime

Bryan McVay: And her opponent, From Miami, Florida… he stands at 6’1” and weighs in at a formidable 245 pounds… He is… THE GOLD STANDARD! JOHN!…SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOOR!

Joe Hoffman: Sektor looking very focused and not taking his eyes off of Bobbinette. He wants to prove to the world that last week was a fluke.

Joe pauses as the song hits the chorus. The fans throughout the Windy City have sang along to Sektor’s entrance music throughout HOW’s run and the Chicago fans decide they too are going to belt out “DONE DIRT CHEAP” during the chorus.

Dirty deeds and THEY’RE DONE DIRT CHEAP…
Dirty deeds and THEY’RE DONE DIRT CHEAP …”

Sektor hams it up, deviously stroking his ‘stache as he cockily marches down to the ring. No sooner has Sektor stepped into the ring he begins to stretch out on the ropes as his music begins to fade as Hortega signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: And here we go.

Sektor and Bobbinette come out of their respective corners and meet center ring and the two don’t say a thing as the two stare at each other in silence across from one another.

Joe Hoffman: Who is going to make the first move?

Sektor is and goes for a collar and elbow tie up, but Carey has other plans as she goes low and drops Sektor to a knee with dropkick. Before Sektor can gain his bearings, Carey has already rolled to her feet and drills Sektor in the face with a running dropkick.

Joe Hoffman: Pinpoint running dropkick has Sektor lying on his back.





Sektor kicks out and Carey immediately jumps up and hits a seated senton to the chest of Sektor before using her tree trunk like legs to wrap them around Sektor’s neck and begin to squeeze the life out of the Gold Standard.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is a submission specialist, but this isn’t good for him because I hear Carey practices keeping her legs strong by crushing watermelons and pumpkins with them. Sektor needs to make it to the ropes or his throat will be crushed in a matter of minutes.

Hortega checks to see if Sektor wants to submit and Sektor shouts no.

Joe Hoffman: Of course he says no because he doesn’t want to lose to Carey two weeks in a row, but he’s got to escape this hold.

Sektor begins to roll and with each roll Carey tightens her grip around his neck with her legs.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is almost to the ropes.

Carey seeing this turns to her left to tighten the hold, but in doing so left her open to her shoulders being on the canvas.





Carey pops up, but her grip is loosened and Sektor takes advantage as he does a somersault kip up like he’s a Hart from Canada a drives his knee into the face of Bobbinette Carey.

Joe Hoffman: This may be the opening Sektor needs.

Sektor coughs and rubs his throat obviously feeling the effects of Carey’s leg submission. He makes his way over to his fellow Hall of Famer and reaches down to pick her up, but Carey punches him in the throat causing Sektor to stumble backwards.

Joe Hoffman: Nice recovery by Carey.

Carey his slow to her feet and Sektor is on his way back, but her Epicness rocks Sektor again this time with a headbutt. As Sektor hits the ropes, Carey is on her feet and the Gold Standard his charging back out her looking to decapitate her with a massive clothesline.


Sektor quickly turns around to get drilled by a superkick that sends the Gold Standard tumbling out of the ring.


Sektor lies on the outside as Carey catches her bearings in the ring.




Sektor gets to his feet and gets the ring steps.


Joe Hoffman: Sektor easily frustrated and showing signs of ring rust. This is technically his second match back since he announced his return.



Sektor walks around the ring thinking of his next move before rolling into the ring and rolling back out.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor wants more time to think about it.

Hortega urges Sektor to get back into the ring, but he just ignores him.




Sektor walks and stops in front of a belligerent fan that is obviously a Jatt Starr fan waving a sign that reads, PLATINUM STANDARD > GOLD STANDARD as Carey has quietly rolled out of the ring behind Sektor and kneels into a squatted position. Sektor smirks at the fan before snatching the sign and ripping it to pieces.

Joe Hoffman: I guess Sektor had a difference of opinion with that fan’s sign.

As Sektor turns he sees a charging Bobbinette and throws the remnants of the sign into the Queen’s face causing Bobbinette to collide with the ring steps.


Sektor looks at Carey as he turns his neck to the side before he hears it crack and makes his way over to his opponent and grabs her by the face and slams her against the steps. He grabs her again by the face and repeats the process. His face goes emotionless as he grabs her again and repeats this several more times each hit is more vicious and sickening than the other.



Sektor rolls into the ring to break the count and rolls back out to get Carey to put her back in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor wants to beat Carey in the ring.






Carey pops the shoulder up at the last second as Sektor shrugs as he immediately locks in a rear naked choke.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is looking to choke Carey out.

Hortega asks Carey if she quits but Bobbinette shakes her finger no. Carey knows she is in the middle of the ring and reaches back to try and rake Sektor’s eyes but the Gold Standard easily avoids it so she has no choice but to take a steely bite out of Sektor’s forearm.

Joe Hoffman: That’s not very Royal like.

Sektor yells out in pain and immediately releases the hold. Hortega checks on Sektor’s arm as the hold standard holds it in pain. Bobbinette is on her feet and charges at Sektor, the Gold Standard sees it and he tries to counter her momentum with a spinning forearm, but the Queen ducks underneath.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor swung for the fences on that attack and whiffed big time!

As Carey comes to the opposite ropes she does a handspring and uses the ropes as momentum to a back handspring with a twist before launching forward to take Sektor down with a hurricanrana.

Joe Hoffman: The Royalty Check is upcoming……NO!

Sektor using his rarely seen feat of strength as he prevents Carey from flipping him to the ground as he hooks her legs and steps through to drive Carey down with a facebuster.


Sektor hooks the leg before reaching up to secure the dragon sleeper around Carey’s neck.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor Stretch! Carey has nowhere to go!

Hortega asks Carey if she wants to tap and Carey’s struggle is brief as Sektor tightens his grip causing her to tap.


Bryan McVay: And your winner by submission, THE GOLD STANDARD! JOHN!…SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOOR!

Sektor immediately lets go of the hold and Hortega raises his arm in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor doesn’t look happy with his performances but a win is a win and the Gold Standard has to be happy with that as he continues to look to knock off whatever rust he has as he heads towards Rumble at the Rock and Jatt Starr. Folks I am hearing we have Blaire Moise standing by backstage….let’s cut there now.

We cut away as the Chicago faithful give the two Hall of Famers a respectful ovation.


Cut to backstage and HOW’s intrepid backstage interviewer.

Blaire Moise: Thanks, Joe.  Last week we saw match number three in the best of five series for the HOTv Tag Team title take place at Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Heartland Pay-Per-View in Indianapolis and like the first two matches- there was a lot of outside shenanigans that took place.

(LAST WEEK…The Highwaymen: Joe Bergman and Steve Solex vs. The Egg Bandits: Doozer vs. Bobby Dean)
-Twice, Joe Bergman sticks his foot on the ropes to stop a Bobby Dean pinfall… twice, Doozer shoves the foot off.
-While Solex argues with referee Davey Keels, both Doozer and Dean double-team Bergman in the ring.
-With Keels still distracted with Solex, fellow Highwaymen Clay Byrd suddenly appears and takes out both Dean and Doozer with steel chair shots.  Then Byrd rolls Bergman over on Dean… Keels sees it and makes the pinfall… and the Highwaymen win.

Blaire Moise: Last week, the Highwaymen stole one from the Egg Bandits to make it two to one in the best of five.  Suffice to say, the Bandits were NOT happy with what happened.  Here’s what Cancer Jiles had to say…

Cancer Jiles: Of course, they had to cheat. After all, it’s what Cowardmen do. As such, instead of me resting and preparing to steal the show at Rumble at the Rock, now, because things like integrity and sportsmanship mean nothing, I’m going to have to go on down to whatever backwoods, inbred, alligator fuck den slash backyard brothel pit they are having their next show at and finish the JOB all by myself. YES. I even rented a pontoon boat already so I’ll be able to get out there.

Blaire Moise: Later that night, MVW Owner Ray McAvay responded to Jiles.

Ray McAvay: As everyone knows, there’s nothing I hate more than ‘shenanigans’ and outside interference taking place in title matches.  Since Lee Best has assigned match #4 of The Highwaymen vs  The Egg Bandits best of five for the HOTv Tag Team title to take place in MVW, I will conduct the match, in the same way, I would with any of our titles.  Therefore, I will grant Cancer Jiles his wish and ban everyone, and I do mean everyone, from ringside during the match. I will also instruct referee Davey Keels to immediately disqualify any team who violates the above.

Blaire Moise: That means next week there will be no Sunny O’Callahan… no Steve Harrison… no Clay Byrd… no Doozer… and no Bobby Dean at ringside.  Per Ray McAvay’s decree, the only three people who will be allowed at ringside during the match will be Cancer Jiles, Joe Bergman, and Steve Solex.  Can Cancer Jiles find a way to defeat both Joe Bergman and Steve Solex in what will be a handicap match?  Or will Bergman and Solex force the fifth match to take place at the Rumble at the Rock Pay-Per-View in four weeks?  We’ll find out next week when match four takes place next Saturday night at Missouri Valley Wrestling’s house show in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Back to you Joe.

Cut back to Joe at the broadcast desk.

Joe Hoffman: Thanks, Blaire.  We’ve got a big one coming up between PRIME Wrestling’s The Anglo Luchador and HOW’s Jace Parker Davidson… right after these commercial messages.


Back live and the lights in the arena go completely out. A single white spotlight hits the entrance ramp. The organ intro begins, and Santana’s incredible guitar follows. Right as the lyrics begin to start The Anglo Luchador steps out onto the entrance ramp and into the spotlight.

Joe Hoffman: There is literally a swarm of EPU down here at ringside right now.

“Oye Como Va”

Bryan McVay: Coming down the aisle, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is the PRIME Intense Champion… standing 6 feet and weighing in at 211 lbs. THEEEEEEEE ANGLO LUCHAAAAAAADOR!


The Anglo Luchador raises an eyebrow and smirks. To his front is Ria Lockhart, to his left is the GOAT bastard and Five Star Champion himself, Rezin. Standing to the right of The Anglo Luchador is one half of the Tag Team Champions, King Blueberry. All four are wearing PRIME blue jumpsuits, the silver PRIME Intense championship is hung over his shoulder as he and the three others walk slowly to the ring. TAL rolls into the ring, hops onto the turnbuckle and holds the title in the air.


The crowd gives it to him and he smiles. He hands the Intense Championship out through the ropes to Ria Lockhart for safekeeping. He strips out of the jumpsuit revealing a ‘Fighting For Jonathan’ shirt. While Boettcher checks him for weapons the lights go out again.


Appears on the HOV in #97RED font as “Kingdom” by Jaxson Gamble starts with it’s drumpad beats and guitar. The voice of Jaxson Gamble begins to whisper “This Is My Kingdom” and then the start of the song begins.

Look out far and wide, until the ends of time

Don’t you cross a line, what you see is mine

Battle scars to show, it’s written in my bones

The one you can’t control, that’s why I hold the throne

A single spotlight appears at the top of the entrance ramp for the second time tonight. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp.

You’re outta my league, so better than me (get outta my way)

I’m raising the flag, you better retreat (get outta my way)

Call me a god, you call me a king (get outta my way)

You better believe

JPD emerges into the spotlight wearing a #97RED jumpsuit, wearing the LSD and ICON championships, one on each shoulder.


Fireworks explode on the stage as the crowd goes berserk.

J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think I’ve ever heard the crowd explode like this for Jace Parker Davidson.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, hailing from Miami, Florida, Standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 253 lbs. He is the HOW LSD Champion, he is forever the HOW ICON Champion, he is a HOW HALL OF FAMER! JAAAAAAACE PAAAAAAAAAAARKER DAAAAAAAAAVIDSON!


Jace looks down at the ring and immediately starts running his mouth as he walks to the ring without anyone else. He steps through the ropes and heads to the corner, holding both titles above his head. The crowd welcomes him, and Jace basks in it. Finally he steps down, handing both of his titles to McVay before Boettcher comes over and checks Jace as he strips out of his jumpsuit.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like something is going on here at ringside. I’d guess forty EPU agents have surrounded the PRIME delegation.

One of the officers is speaking with Ria Lockhart. The three PRIME stalwarts are all showing their solidarity by having on ‘Fighting for Jonathan’ shirts on. Something is said and Blueberry goes ballistic as does Rezin. Ria starts screaming at the EPU agent before TAL comes over to the ropes. TAL calms the situation down for a moment and is seen nodding his head. Blueberry throws his hands into the air angrily as the three stomp to the back with the PRIME Intense Championship.

Joe Hoffman: I think Anglo Luchador just saved his friends from something very bad happening to them.


Joe Hoffman: Here we go! The PRIME roster has been sent to the back. This is one on one. In the middle of an HOW ring. The PRIME Intense Champion, against the HOW LSD Champion. This is incredible.

The Best Arena is electric as the two men stare at each other from across the ring.




Finally they explode into a flurry. Right hands are flying from both sides, both men aren’t holding back as they unload back and forth. Finally Jace Parker Davidson gets the upper hand and is able to slip a knee into The Anglo Luchador’s midsection. TAL doubles over and JPD fires off an axe kick. TAL rolls through and tries for a leg sweep, but Jace manages to jump over the outstretched leg and in one motion delivers a thunderous roundhouse kick.

Joe Hoffman: That work in training is already paying off for Jace.


Jace, feeding off the crowd’s energy, pulls The Anglo Luchador to his feet and whips him across the ring into the far corner. Jace follows TAL into the corner and plants him with a rising knee lift. Jace backs off for a second before unloading a vicious chop to the old luchador right on the name ‘Jonathan.’ Jace fires off a sidekick to TAL’s midsection that connects and forces TAL to guard his ribs. Jace takes a step back and jumps at The Anglo Luchador going for an aerial kick but TAL once again manages to roll under as Jace crashes into the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Those kicks are absolutely brutal from Jace.

TAL rolls to his feet and slams a knee of his own into Jace’s midsection. TAL pulls the doubled-over JPD up by his hair and unloads a thunderous knife edge chop of his own into Jace’s chest. Jace grabs for his chest but TAL pulls his hands apart and fires off another huge chop. He grabs Jace by the head and falls backwards, flipping Jace all the way over and onto his back with a monkey flip.


Joe Hoffman: I think those boo’s are bothering TAL.

TAL pulls Jace up, but Jace slips an elbow into TAL’s midsection. Jace uses the opening to get to his feet, the Philadelphia native comes in for a jab, but the man from Miami stops TAL in his tracks with a sharp kick to his plant leg. TAL wobbles for a second and Jace fires off another, and then another. TAL switches stances to protect the leg but Jace fires off a kick to his midsection that TAL tries to catch but still doubles him over. Jace grabs his head and plants him in the center of the ring with a DDT.


J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

Jace grabs the old Luchador by the back of the mask and throws him into the corner. Once again he follows him in and this time smashes TAL into the corner with a clothesline. Jace grabs TAL, drags him out of the corner, and plants him to the canvas with a snap suplex. JPD smirks as he walks towards the center of the ring. TAL is up and seated, and Jace pulls the shirt up over his head and around his neck.

Joe Hoffman: That Fighting for Jon t-shirt is looking like it might be a hindrance to The Anglo Luchador here. Of course, Jonathan Rhine is still in critical care after the events at PRIME’s show UltraViolence. The wrestling world, HOW and the entire PWA is thinking of you, Jon.

Everyone except JPD, who yanks back on the shirt like a mad man. Jace pulls TAL to his feet and begins throwing punches. TAL can’t see them coming and backs himself up to the ropes. Boettcher gets in between the two and pulls JPD off of TAL. The Anglo Luchador tries to pull the shirt down over his head again but Jace pushes through Boettcher and delivers a roundhouse kick that sends TAL stumbling through the ropes to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: Jace is on a mission this evening. OH HERE HE COMES!

Finally TAL has gotten his shirt situation under control, but just as he does Jace Parker Davidson elevates himself out of the ring and over the top rope, crashing into TAL on the outside with a dive that sends the luchador back and into the barricade. Jace is first to his feet; he grabs ahold of TAL and sends him with an Irish whip at the apron. The Anglo Luchador jumps from the floor to the apron and dives off, turning midair and catching JPD with a cross body. Now it’s Jace’s turn to find the barricade.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

TAL grabs Jace by the face and slams it off of the barricade before marching him back to the ring apron. He slams Jace’s face off the apron.

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Joe Hoffman: The Anglo Luchador looks furious out there.

TAL delivers more marching orders by trying to Irish whip Jace into the ring post, but Jace puts on the brakes and sends TAL careening into the post.

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Jace sneers and grabs the reeling Anglo Luchador by the back of the head and slams his face into the steel steps.

Matt Boettcher: 4!

He does it a second time.

Matt Boettcher: 5!

Joe Hoffman: JPD is RUTHLESS!

And a third time! TAL crumples to the ground after the third time having his face smashed off of the steel steps.

Matt Boettcher: 6!

Jace rolls into the ring leaving TAL in agony on the outside.

Matt Boettcher: 7!

The Anglo Luchador gets to his feet, but drops to a knee holding his face.

Matt Boettcher: 8!

He pulls himself up using the ring apron.

Matt Boettcher: 9!

TAL throws himself through the ropes and into the waiting feet of Jace Parker Davidson who came running right as TAL came through the ropes and took a swing with a punt kick. The Anglo Luchador anticipated the kick and was able to get out of the way, but not before Jace caught his balance and grabbed TAL by the ‘Fighting For Jonathan’ shirt. He throws him into the corner, and for the first time we can see the blood pooling on the inside of TAL’s green and purple mask above the right eyebrow.

J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

Jace also saw it, and immediately delivers a right hand right to the spot. Followed by another, and another. Jace reaches down and pulls at the leather and cloth mask, trying to make a separation and finally succeeding. A tuft of bloodied brown and gray hair appears from under the mask and Jace keeps hammering away with right hands to the now exposed forehead and wound of TAL.

Joe Hoffman: The Anglo Luchador is in pretty bad shape here.

Jace punches away viciously and finally once again Boettcher tries to step between the two men. Jace shrugs him off and unloads two more hard right hands to TAL’s head. Jace finally backs off and The Anglo Luchador situates his mask. There is nothing he can do to fix the rip, but he gets it back to where he can see out of it. He looks across the ring at the smirking JPD and sneers back. The two gladiators take off from their respective corners and meet in the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go again!

JPD goes for a low kick, but TAL checks it and delivers a right jab to JPD’s face. JPD goes for the sweep again, this time TAL hops over the foot, Jace comes back to his feet and catches a second right jab from TAL. Jace tries to throw the midsection kick and this time TAL jumps up and takes Jace down with a standing hurricanrana. Jace gets to his feet quickly but staggering. He turns around swinging a lariat but TAL ducks under, he grabs Jace in a full nelson and throws him over his head.

Joe Hoffman: DRAGON SUPLEX FROM TAL! That can’t be good for Jace and his surgically repaired neck.

TAL goes for a pin and Boettcher slides in.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!


Joe Hoffman: KICKOUT! Jace is still alive!

TAL slams the mat and gets to his feet. He shouts to the crowd that it’s over while slitting his own throat. TAL waits for Jace to get to his feet and comes in trying to lift him into the electric chair position but Jace leaps right as TAL’s head is underneath his midsection and drives TAL’s head to the mat with a knee drop.

Joe Hoffman: What a counter from Jace Parker Davidson!

Jace stumbles to the ropes and starts calling for The Anglo Luchador to get to his feet, but TAL takes the smart way out and rolls to the far ropes before getting to his feet. Jace storms across the ring grabbing TAL by the back of the mask and throws him into the corner. Jace grabs the ‘Fighting for Jonathan’ shirt and rips it open from the neck line. He pulls back and delivers another vicious chop, this time to TAL’s bare chest.

J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

Jace finishes the job on the ‘Fighting For Jonathan’ shirt, tearing it off of The Anglo Luchador and throwing it across the ring. Jace steps back and goes to superkick TAL in the corner. TAL steps underneath the kick and lifts Jace up over his head and throws him into the turnbuckle with a huge exploder suplex. Jace crumples to the mat while TAL drops to his hands and knees. Blood is still pouring from the open wound on his head and puddling in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: This match is taking a lot out of both competitors.

The Anglo Luchador crawls to the center of the ring and starts to get to his feet. Jace finally begins to drag himself up using the ropes for leverage. TAL is first to his feet, but not by much as Jace is clearly still wobbling. The two meet in the center of the ring again, this time TAL’s jab gets weakly parried by Davidson. TAL tries to fire a knife edge but Jace manages to block the move with his forearm. TAL fires off a right cross but Jace is able to step under it letting TAL come around. Out of desperation, he kicks TAL in the midsection doubling him over.


JPD manages to hit a perfect canadian destroyer, planting TAL right on top of the blue ‘Fighting for Jonathan’ shirt. TAL falls from inbetween Jace’s legs, face down onto the canvas into the shirt. Jace takes a moment to collect himself before turning TAL over, the shirt coming with him, stuck to the dried and sticky blood on his forehead.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!





Matt Boettcher: THR–!


Joe Hoffman: Jace Parker Davidson was so close! A matter of inches!

Jace is livid with Boettcher. He holds up the three in his face before looking down at TAL. He lifts him up to a seated position and grabs the shirt, yanking it around TAL’s neck and pulling on it as hard as he can. TAL struggles and grabs for the shirt, kicking his feet. Jace yanks again before moving out from behind TAL and slamming him to the canvas. Jace paces to the ropes and takes a knee waiting on TAL to start to get to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: HERE IT COMES!

J-P-D! J-P-D! J-P-D!

JPD takes off right as TAL gets to his hands and knees.

Joe Hoffman: BEND THE KN—-NO! NO! NO!

JPD leaps into the air, and at the last second TAL pops to his feet directly under Jace, catching him in the electric chair position. He grabs both of Jace’s arms, crossing them, and then bringing him down right on his head and his t-shirt in the center of the ring.


Boettcher slides in.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!





Matt Boettcher: THREE!


Joe Hoffman: The Anglo Luchador did it… he beat Jace Parker Davidson…

Bryan McVay starts announcing the winner in the same shocked tone, while TAL pulls the shirt out from under Jace and pulls it into his arms.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match… The Anglo Luchador.

The three other PRIME roster members come out from the gorilla position and run down the ramp, pulling The Anglo Luchador out of the ring. Ria hands him his Intense Championship and they help him up the ramp as we go backstage as a shocked Chicago crowd looks on.


The action cuts backstage where Brian Bare is inside Christopher America’s locker room. Even more Get Well Soon cards have been hung up after last week. So much so that some are covering the cardboard cut out of Uncle Sam.

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing here with HOW World Champion Christopher America. Chris, tonight you will go one on one with HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr. How do you feel about defending your title so close to Rumble at the Rock? Also what do you think about what we just saw as a fellow member of the Board just lo-..

Bare stops his sentence as America stares daggers into the man’s soul

Christopher America: FIRST off….I’m feeling better, Brian, thanks for asking, you Un-American ball of dick cheese.

How do I feel? Brian, I’m feeling so much better. My recovery was speedy. One might almost say miraculous!

Brian Bare: Some might say impossible!

Bare makes the remark flippantly but America ignores him.

Christopher America: Absolutely! It’s a true testament to my All American training regimen!

As for my title defense being so close to Rumble at the Rock, I am a fighting champion. There’s no fight I haven’t run from. There’s no man I’m not willing to face. And I think I’ve proven that.

Tonight, I relish the chance to face Jatt Starr, one on one, for the HOW World Championship for the first time ever. And tonight, I’m going to use Jatt Starr’s name as a stepping stone to propel my name that much further, to climb the ranks of HOW’s World Title lineage that much higher.

Jatt Starr thinks he’s going to throw me off my game by coming as Jatt and not Simon Sparrow. So you see, while Jatt looks to his past to try to beat me, I look to the past to remind myself that I’m not that naive wrestler anymore. I’m so much better. And tonight, when I win, I’m going to prove just how much better I am.

And then, at Rumble at the Rock, I’m going to use this momentum to beat Steve Harrison and put an end to the mythos of the Highwaymen once and for all.

No more Monsters. No more Ordinary Men. No more Mercdads. And no… more… Miracle Men.

Brian Bare: Speaking of Harrison, he’s been having success in both singles and tag matches in the lead up to Rumble at the Rock. It’s been quite impressive.

Christopher America: Who cares? Harrison wins or loses a tag match and what happens? Nothing! But if I slip up, if I lose a match like the one I have tonight, then it’s game over. Everything rides on my massive Mount Rushmore sized arms. And trust me when I say no one rises to the occasion like me!

Tonight is another step on my quest for a record breaking reign. Tonight, I give the HOW fans what they’ve been begging for: a Hall of Fame role model they can all be proud of. Soon, they’ll be pledging their allegiance to the greatest American, Christopher America!

America smirks before giving Brian a side eye as the camera cuts away.


We cut back to ringside just as “Engel” begins to play throughout the Best Arena, leading to what almost feels like a chorus of boos for the arrival of Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle followers as they approach the ring, a microphone in Xander’s hand.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula returning to HOW programming after a decisive win over Kyle McRae in Las Vegas, as part of sVo’s Showdown 137. It’s my understanding that Jon Page was reportedly furious about how things went, but as we can see Xander is riding an emotional high after a big win like that!

Xander enters the ring as the crowd continues to boo him…but the smile on his face suggests that he’s just soaking it all in, waiting for the crowd to settle down before raising the mic to his face to speak.

Xander Azula: Hello, Chicago, your conquering hero has returned from the depths of–

The crowd inside the Best Arena don’t give the Fighter a chance to finish that sentence, the boos returning almost purely just to spite him at this point. This finally shows us a crack in the facade of Xander’s demeanor, his smile fading as he stares the crowd down before chiming in.

Xander Azula: Alright, that’s enough! I will not let this disrespect continue, not after what I’ve seen and heard the past couple weeks.

The crowd continues trying to get under Xander’s skin, but the Fighter presses on as best he can, showing some semblance of a smirk again as he continues.

Xander Azula: Apparently, while I was out on…excursion…things have gotten weird here in the land of High Octane. Hall of Famers putting each other in lie detector tests, a beast of a man destroying everything in sight, Brian Hollywood once again trying to find his next steps…but it’s all gonna be fine, because jerboi has returned to finish what he started!

The crowd, not thrilled about any of this, continue to show Azula just that…but this only draws a chuckle from the Fighter before he continues.

Xander Azula: Before I got wrapped up in my business with an organization of sanctioned violence, I promised that I would make good on my final HOFC fight to beat the living hell out of someone at Rumble at the Rock…and now that my business with Jon Page and the sVo has concluded, I turn my eyes to Alcatraz, where the final milestone on my unsanctioned path awaits. Now, since no one has accepted my challenge up to this point, I’m left with no choice but to call someone out…so, before this crowd inside the Best Arena, I think it’s time we talk about Mi–

Xander is once again interrupted, this time by “Scotland the Brave” playing over the sound system! Xander’s face drops to a look of shock and horror as a face familiar to him appears on the stage…

Joe Hoffman: That’s the sVo’s Kyle McRae! The man who was defeated by Azula last week on Showdown, it was reported that he was turned away from the Goodfellas Casino earlier today by sVo security by order of Jon Page…and apparently, he took the first flight from Vegas to Chicago here and now!

The crowd are surprised to see the sVo up and comer standing here in their presence, and unsure whether they want to cheer a man willing to stand up to Xander Azula or jeer a man stepping in from an outside promotion as Kyle walks down the ramp, a microphone in one hand…and a clipboard in the other!

Joe Hoffman: Hey, that looks familiar! Does this mean Kyle’s signed…?

Joe doesn’t get to finish his question before Kyle raises the mic to his face to speak, staring down the Fighter from outside the ring.

Kyle McRae: ‘Ello Xander, did you really think you were finished with me after Showdown last week? Jon Page has essentially put me in exile after losing to you, which forced me to do something drastic…so I hopped on a plane, and got to Chicago with the express purpose of doing whatever I needed to get my revenge!

With that, Kyle raises the clipboard in his hand, as we notice a very familiar logo at the top of the paper being held on it!

Kyle McRae: It’s my understanding that signing a PWA contract like this gives me the right to take on any match or fight within the jurisdiction of a PWA promotion…and that includes your little HOFC challenge at Rumble at the Rock!

The crowd starts to cheer, if not for McRae directly then certainly for the idea of someone stepping up to the challenge!

Kyle McRae: You may walk an unsanctioned path, Xander, but the violence that awaits you in Alcatraz IS sanctioned!

The crowd continue to enjoy the idea of HOFC competition coming soon, much to the anger of Xander who shouts profanities off-mic to the young McRae as we cut to commercial!


Back live and we cut outside.

Around the back, you know the deal.

Frank Dylan James, sober as a judge, hunches over the inner-working of a brand new industrialized distilling apparatus. Copper tubes coil out of the thumper keg and back around into God knows where and there are at least two built-in thermometers measuring selective boiling and quick-cooling to improve condensation.

It’s a fucking beautiful set-up.

Frank smiles his broken-toothed smile as he makes a few adjustments. Predictably, Blaire Moise materializes with her HOTv-flagged microphone in hand. Frank nods in her direction. As much as the Big, Bad, Barefoot Brawler might rather do his talking with his fists, he knew better than to assume he’d ever get his point across in High Octane Wrestling without talking in front of a camera.

At length.

Over, and over, and the fuck over again.

Such is life in the high land of octane.

Blaire Moise: Frank.

FDJ: Miss Moise.

A split-second of an awkward pause follows. It doesn’t take long for Blaire to figure out that Frank is much more concerned with his brand new, fresh and clean, state-of-the-art moonshine production apparatus than he is with her continued poking and prodding and investigative journalism. She looks back in the direction of the camera, gets the countdown, and then the HOV goes live inside of the Best Arena and across the globe on HOTv.

Blaire Moise: Blaire Moise here live with Frank Dylan James again!

Frank glares out into the aether, presumably through the television screens and directly into your soul. It’s not creepy at all, seriously. His jagged teeth grind behind thin lips and wiry beard.


Blaire Moise: Now Frank-

The Hillbilly Jesus raises a catcher’s mitt-sized paw to stop her.

FDJ: Lemme guess, you wanna know what I think about Clay Byrd?

Blaire Moise: Well-

He cuts her off again.

FDJ: I done told ya what I think. Twice. He ain’t had a GYATdamn thing to say about a GYATdamn thing. Lee Best hired me up an’ brought me here to get rid of that ig’nant sum’bitch an’ it looks like it’s already a job well done. AMIRITE?

Blaire Moise: But-

Once again Frank holds up an interrupting hand.

FDJ: But nuthin’, Miss Blaire. I showed up, I put his dumbass dick in the dirt, an’ I give that yella-bellied 10-ply piece’a shit ever’ GYATdamn opportunity to grow a set of BAWLS an’ do somethin’ ‘bout it. Now, is you seen that big dumb bitch said or did anything about any-GYATdamn-thing?

Blaire Moise: Well… I mean… that is to say-

FDJ: Naw, ya ain’t. Fuck Clay Byrd. Fuck his dumb fuck friends. An’ fuck three fuckin’ people that looks like that overrated under-performin’ pile of dogshit. Now ask me somethin’ new, or…

Frank dips a sample of his newest batch out into a small mason jar and offers it to the intrepid journalist. Blaire’s nose wrinkles up at the noxious smell of the high octane brew.

FDJ: Have yerself a drink! It’s my ol’ Gran’pappy’s recipe!

For a split second, Blaire seems to consider the offer. She shakes it off.

Blaire Moise: Maybe another time, Frank. How about one last question?

Frank nods.

Blaire Moise: That’s a nice, new set-up you’ve got there.

FDJ: That ain’t no question.

Blaire Moise: It’s just… Your last set-up seemed a lot… older.

Frank nods again.

FDJ: That was my Gran’pappy’s still. I lost it. This’n is mine. Bought’n paid for with the ten pounds of silver I got from Lee Best fer throat-punchin’ Clay Byrd.

The Marvelous Miss Moise turns once again back to the camera.

Blaire Moise: Well fans, there you have it!


Blaire Moise: And Frank, next time you offer a lady a drink, maybe work on the presentation just a bit, mmkay? Maybe a pretty pink tiny umbrella and a nice twist of cucumber…

The look on Frank’s face is priceless, one bushy eyebrow raised in abject horror.

FDJ: Lady, you is outta your rabbit-ass mind.

Blaire Moise: Back to you, Joe!


Joe Hoffman: Thank you Blaire. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Chaos 011 live here from The Best Arena. It’s been quite the show as the machine keeps chugging along the path to Rumble at the Rock. Next up is the first of two title matches here tonight. The HOTv Championship is on the line as GREAT SCOTT defends his belt against The Elder Bandit. Let’s send it to Bryan McVay for the introductions.

The camera shifts away from the announcer’s table to the center of the ring where Bryan McVay stands with his microphone in hand.

Bryan McVay: The next match is scheduled for one fall and it’s for the HOTv Championship!!!

The crowd cheers wildly as McVay begins to speak into the microphone once again.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first the Challenger…

The theme music for Chaos begins to blast from the speakers here in The Best Arena as the crowd stands on their feet. Doozer appears on stage by himself, no Bobby Dean or Cancer Jiles to be found. The crowd gives a mixed reaction but Doozer focuses his line of sight on the various items littered around the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Are those… traps? Just what are the Egg Bandits trying to pull here?

Doozer shakes his head and then marches down the ramp towards the ring. He ignores the fans who reach out towards him, mostly because he assumes that they can’t see him anyway. Doozer towards a lap around the ring then slowly makes his way up the steel ring steps.

Bryan McVay: From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in tonight at 273 lbs. Representing The Egg Bandits… Here is DOOZERRRRRRR!!!

Doozer walks along the ring apron then steps through the ropes and enters the ring. Doozer doesn’t play to the crowd or even acknowledge them. He runs the ropes back and forth a bit while focusing on what he needs to do to get his hand raised in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Until Dead or Alive, Doozer and the rest of The Egg Bandits were PRIME wrestlers but since returning to HOW via PWA contracts Doozer and The Bandits have been on a tear. They helped put an end to the career of Chris Kostoff. And currently in their best of five series The Bandits are up 2-1 on the current HOTv World Tag Team Champions The Highwaymen. Tonight Doozer tries to do what Bobby Dean couldn’t and that’s win the HOTv Championship belt.

Doozer stops running the ropes then stands in his corner with his eyes focused on the stage.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…


Bryan McVay: From The Greater Metro Area of Great Falls, Montana. Weighing in tonight at 276 lbs. He is the reigning and defending HOTv Champion. Here is GREATTTTT! SCOTTTTTT!!!


Joe Hoffman: Despite his troubles over in PRIME, GREAT SCOTT has been on a roll here in HOW. Regardless of last week’s loss in a tag team match, GREAT SCOTT looks to get back to his winning ways and walk out still the HOTv Champion. We’ll see if the STRONKUMMS LLC sponsored athlete is able to put down the much older opponent here tonight.

Bryan McVay exits the ring as Joel Hortega gathers the HOTv Championship belt away from GREAT SCOTT. Hortega walks to the center of the ring then raises the Championship belt high into the air. Doozer however, is distracted by the big, dancing bear on the outside of the ring. Hortega hands off the Championship belt then calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.


The sound of the bell brings Doozer’s focus back onto his opponent. Both GREAT SCOTT and Doozer walk to the center of the ring        and circle each other a bit. GREAT SCOTT raises his arm into the air and challenges Doozer to a test of strength. Doozer looks around a bit then slowly raises his own arm into the air and locks fingers with the HOTv Champion. Both men raise their other arm into the air and lock those fingers also. They struggle for position but GREAT SCOTT overpowers Doozer and begins him down to one knee.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer is no small man by any means and someone his size is more than capable of holding his own strength wise versus GREAT SCOTT. But at this moment GREAT SCOTT has brought Doozer down to one knee. I guess those cans of Liquid STRONKUMMS might be the deciding factor here.

GREAT SCOTT applies more pressure but slowly Doozer begins to fight his way back up to a vertical base. Doozer shows off his own impressive strength and begins to overpower GREAT SCOTT. Before Doozer begins him down to his knees, GREAT SCOTT hits Doozer with a knee to the midsection that ends the test of strength. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer and whips him into the ropes. Doozer bounces off the ropes then hits GREAT SCOTT with a flying shoulder block that takes him down to the canvas. Doozer races to the other side of the ropes as GREAT SCOTT quickly gets back up to his feet. Doozer bounces off the ropes as GREAT SCOTT turns around and hits him with a second flying shoulder block that sends him right back down to the canvas. Once again GREAT SCOTT is quick to get back up to his feet but Doozer runs through the HOTv Champion with a power clothesline that takes him off of his feet. GREAT SCOTT rolls under the bottom rope to the outside to regroup and slow down Doozer’s momentum.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer is on his game tonight and the HOTv Champion has decided to escape to the outside of the ring to stop the locomotive that is Doozer. The Elder Bandit isn’t giving chase to the outside, he knows he has to win the title in the middle of the ring.

GREAT SCOTT paces around ringside a bit then climbs his way back up to the ring apron. GREAT SCOTT points towards Doozer and yells at Hortega to make him back up. Doozer smirks then backs away slowly as GREAT SCOTT enters the ring once again. GREAT SCOTT confidently walks to the center of the ring then raises his arm into the air one more time. The crowd is stunned that GREAT SCOTT wants to challenge Doozer to another test of strength. Doozer cocks his head to the side but GREAT SCOTT keeps his arm raised into the air. Doozer decides to take GREAT SCOTT up on the challenge and raises his arm into the air. As both men begin to lock fingers, GREAT SCOTT uses his free hand to give Doozer a thumb to the eye.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like GREAT SCOTT isn’t afraid to use Egg Bandit tactics against them. A thumb to the eye of Doozer after pretending to want to have another test of strength. Doozer is stunned and we’ll see if GREAT SCOTT can capitalize.

Doozer staggers from the thumb to the eye and raises his hand up to his face. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer from behind then hits him with a belly to back suplex that sends his opponent crashing down to the canvas. Doozer holds the back of his head in pain as GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet. Doozer climbs back up to his feet but walks right into a waistlock by GREAT SCOTT. The HOTv Champion lifts Doozer into the air and plants him with a belly to belly suplex down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet and flexes his arms as Doozer staggers back up to his feet once again. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer from behind. Doozer tries to fight out of it but GREAT SCOTT lifts Doozer into the air and hits him with a German suplex. GREAT SCOTT keeps his grip and bridges into a pin attempt as Hortega slides in.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DO–

Kickout by Doozer.

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT showing unusual technique by hitting a bridging German suplex but Doozer was able to kick out pretty much after a one count. GREAT SCOTT is going to have to do a lot more damage if he expects to put Doozer away.

GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet as Doozer struggles to get back up to his own feet. GREAT SCOTT plants a boot to the midsection of Doozer that doubles him over. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer by the head and positions him between his legs. GREAT SCOTT signals to the crowd but before he can execute a move Doozer counters with a big back body drop that sends GREAT SCOTT down to the canvas hard.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know what GREAT SCOTT had planned there but Doozer was able to power out of it. He’s brought himself precious time to get back into this match.

Doozer falls to his knees as GREAT SCOTT arches his back in pain. Doozer pulls himself up to his feet as GREAT SCOTT does the same. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer and whips him into the ropes but Doozer reverses the whip and hits GREAT SCOTT with an uppercut that staggers him. Doozer peppers GREAT SCOTT with right hands then whips him off into the ropes. GREAT SCOTT bounces off the ropes but Doozer catches him and hits him with a side slam down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT rolls to the corner as Doozer gets back up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT uses the ropes to pull himself back up but Doozer charges in and plants a heavy shoulder into the midsection of GREAT SCOTT that rams him back into the turnbuckle. Doozer repeats the process of driving his shoulder into GREAT SCOTT’s midsection. Doozer moves away from GREAT SCOTT’s midsection then climbs to the middle rope over his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer is bringing the fight to the HOTv Champion and has GREAT SCOTT trapped into the corner. Experience goes a long time when it comes to being able to rise to the occasion in a big title match.

Doozer begins to rain down right hands to the head of GREAT SCOTT as the crowd counts along with each shot. Doozer reaches ten shots then takes a moment and looks out at GREAT BEAR before deciding to give GREAT SCOTT one last shot to the head. Doozer hops down off of the middle rope as backs away from the corner. GREAT SCOTT staggers out of the corner as Doozer races towards the ropes. Doozer bounces off the ropes then hits GREAT SCOTT with a one-handed bulldog that slams him down to the canvas. Doozer gets up to his feet then stalks around GREAT SCOTT who struggles to get back up to his feet. As GREAT SCOTT turns around Doozer grabs a hold of him and lifts him up to his shoulders. Doozer lets out a yell and then plants GREAT SCOTT with the EGGU in the center of the ring. Doozer hooks the leg and makes the cover on GREAT SCOTT as Hortega slides in for the count.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Kickout by GREAT SCOTT.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer planted GREAT SCOTT with the EGGU but it only got him a two count. It was a big time move but there is still a lot left in the tank of GREAT SCOTT here in this match. Doozer needs to keep pressing the issue if he wants to win gold.

Doozer gets up to his knees with a look of frustration on his face. Doozer holds up three fingers towards Hortega but the referee tells him it was only a two count. Doozer gets up to his feet then races towards the ropes as GREAT SCOTT climbs back up to his feet. Doozer bounces off the ropes and goes for a cross body block but GREAT SCOTT catches Doozer even though he’s down on one knee. GREAT SCOTT powers his way up to both feet while holding Doozer as the crowd looks on in amazement. GREAT SCOTT flips backwards slamming Doozer down to the canvas. The crowd pops as GREAT SCOTT celebrates while on his knees.

Joe Hoffman: Impressive showing of strength and agility there by GREAT SCOTT. I might not agree with the company that he keeps or his methods of maintaining such strength but I’ll give credit where credit is due.

GREAT SCOTT gets up to his feet then yells for Doozer to get up. Doozer returns to his feet as GREAT SCOTT begins unloading right hands to the face of the member of The Egg Bandits. Doozer staggers with each blow but manages to remain on his feet. GREAT SCOTT backs up a bit then charges forward and connects with GREAT SCOTT MUZIK. Doozer takes the kick flush to the chin and crumbles down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT leans down and grabs a hold of Doozer by the hair. GREAT SCOTT positions Doozer between his legs then underhooks both of his arms. GREAT SCOTT leaps into the air and hits Doozer with the SCOTTAGREE down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT hooks the leg and makes the cover on Doozer as Hortega slides in.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TR–

Kickout by Doozer.

Joe Hoffman: Two and a half count by GREAT SCOTT after hitting the SCOTTAGREE on Doozer but the challenger kicks out and keeps this match going. Doozer said he was just going to keep kicking out and so far he’s held true to his word.

GREAT SCOTT gets up to his feet and pulls down the straps on his singlet. The crowd cheers knowing that now the HOTv Champion means business. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer and pulls him back up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT plants a boot to the midsection then whips Doozer into the ropes. As Doozer bounces off the ropes GREAT SCOTT leaps into the air and goes for THE SCOTTACANRANA but Doozer catches him. GREAT SCOTT waves his arms frantically but Doozer plants him with a sit-out powerbomb down to the canvas. Doozer holds his position as Hortega slides in for the count.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TRES

NO! GREAT SCOTT kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: The HOTv Champion looked to end it with THE SCOTTACANRANA but Doozer had it scouted. He used the same counter that Bobby Dean used before and was a split second away from becoming the HOTv Champion!

Doozer gets up to his feet then stalks around GREAT SCOTT who climbs back up to a vertical base. Doozer goes to lift GREAT SCOTT up to his shoulders going for a second EGGU but GREAT SCOTT counters and snaps off THE SCOTTACANRANA sending Doozer down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT makes the cover on Doozer as Hortega slides in for the count.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TRES!!!

NO! Doozer got his foot on the bottom rope!

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT connected with THE SCOTTACANRANA this time but the veteran Doozer with great ring awareness managed to get his foot on the bottom rope. It’s not a kick out but the match continues either way!

GREAT SCOTT gets up to his feet in anger then yanks Doozer to the center of the ring. GREAT SCOTT makes the cover once again and this time hooks both of Doozer’s legs as Hortega slides in again.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TRES

NO!!!!! Doozer kicks out this time!

Joe Hoffman: Doozer kicked out this time! He kicked out after getting hit with THE SCOTTACANRANA! What is it going to take for GREAT SCOTT to put away Doozer?!

GREAT SCOTT sits up on the canvas in utter shock. Twice he’s tried to pin Doozer after THE SCOTTACANRANA and twice he’s been unsuccessful. Panic begins to set in over the former PWA MEGASTAR. He’s not feeling so swole at the moment. He doesn’t feel GREAT at all anymore. He feels like JUST SCOTT. The panic begins to run wild as the realization that JUST SCOTT isn’t a Champion. Not in PRIME and if he isn’t careful not in HOW anymore either. Suddenly, there is a commotion at ringside. A young girl can be seen hopping the barricade armed with what appears to be a BB gun.

Joe Hoffman: Is that Bobby Dean’s daughter?!

The younger and maybe equally beautiful Dean has decided to continue her hunt of GREAT BEAR. I mean… there is money on the line here and well… there is Doozer too but still… MONEY! BB’s are shot towards GREAT BEAR but the vibing best friend of JUST SCOTT grooves his way to avoid each and every shot. Bobby Dean’s daughter begins to lead GREAT BEAR over towards the entrance ramp where all the traps are set. However, much to her dismay GREAT BEAR dances his way around each and every single trap completely unharmed. He’s probably listening to Drake, definitely Drake is playing in those sweet Beats by Dre headphones. GREAT BEAR disappears backstage followed by the younger Dean. JUST SCOTT gets up to his feet and has an anxiety attack now that he’s lost his BEAR and he doesn’t feel like his GLARE is going to be effective. JUST SCOTT complains to Hortega as Doozer begins to return to a vertical base.

Joe Hoffman: The Champion needs to focus on the match and not his bear because here comes Doozer!

Doozer walks up behind JUST SCOTT then spins him around. JUST SCOTT swings a right hand but Doozer easily blocks it. Doozer plants a boot to the midsection of JUST SCOTT that doubles him over before racing towards the ropes. Doozer bounces off the ropes then flips forward and hits JUST SCOTT with the throwback down to the canvas. Both men get back up to their feet virtually at the same time. Doozer rears back and it looks like he’s taken Jiles’ advice. He’s going to spray JUST SCOTT in the face. JUST SCOTT flinches but…

Joe Hoffman: It’s a fake!

There is no spray but the bluff is enough to distract JUST SCOTT. Doozer lifts JUST SCOTT up to his shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: A second EGGU connects!

Doozer plants JUST SCOTT down to the canvas then gets back up to his feet. Doozer leans over the fallen JUST SCOTT and waves his index finger back and forth. The crowd is on their feet as Doozer races towards the ropes. Doozer bounces off the ropes then…


Doozer connects with the devastating closed fist to the head but before he can make the cover JUST SCOTT quickly rolls under the bottom rope and escapes to the arena floor. Doozer pounds his fist down to the canvas in anger but remains determined not to let this opportunity slip between his fingers.

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT did the only thing he possibly could and that was drop to the arena floor. Doozer can’t win the HOTv Championship belt on the outside.

Doozer exits the ring and goes after the lifeless JUST SCOTT. Doozer grabs a hold of his opponent and tries to lift him off of the arena floor but JUST SCOTT is nothing but dead weight. Doozer drops JUST SCOTT then yells at him to move. However, there is no response or life shown coming from the HOTv Champion. Doozer rubs the back of his head as Hortega continues to count from inside of the ring. Doozer leans over and reaches for something underneath the ring. After fishing around for a moment Doozer retrieves the item he was looking for and raises it into the air.

Joe Hoffman: …Is that a bootleg can of Liquid STRONKUMMS?! The LSD Champion is not going to be happy when he sees this!

Doozer pops the top on the bootleg can of Liquid STRONKUMMS then gives it a whiff. The smell is rancid and Doozer turns his head away disgusted. However, the smell of Liquid STRONKUMMS… bootleg or not… is what brings the HOTv Champion back to life. JUST SCOTT shoots up to his feet like lightning and slaps the can of Liquid STRONKUMMS out of Doozer’s hand. JUST SCOTT seemingly has remembered that in HOW that he is truly GREAT as he lifts Doozer into the air. GREAT SCOTT drops Doozer throat first along the steel barricade. Hortega gets closer to counting both men out but GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Doozer and rolls him back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Tide seems to have turned once again in this match. Doozer shouldn’t have messed with the man’s addiction or his sponsorship!

GREAT SCOTT slides back into the ring then stalks around Doozer as he fights his way back up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT steps in front of Doozer then hits him with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle in the corner. Doozer hits the turnbuckle hard then lands awkwardly on the canvas. GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet then waits as Doozer uses the turnbuckles to pull himself back up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT charges towards the corner then leaps into the air. GREAT goes for THE SCOTTACANRANA but Doozer catches him once again.

Joe Hoffman: Can he counter THE SCOTTACANRANA a second time?!

Doozer walks away from the corner with GREAT SCOTT on his shoulders. However, GREAT SCOTT has seen this movie before. GREAT SCOTT twists his position on Doozer’s shoulders then…


GREAT SCOTT spikes Doozer head first down to the canvas with the REVERSE SCOTTACANRANA. GREAT SCOTT hooks the leg and makes the cover as Hortega slides in for the count.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Doozer kicks out! But not before Hortega’s hand hits the canvas.

Joel Hortega: TRES!!!


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 19:57 and STILL HOTv Champion… GREATTTTTT SCOTTTTTTT!!!

Joe Hoffman: What a war we just witnessed here tonight. GREAT SCOTT finds a way to retain the HOTv Championship belt for one more week. However, Doozer almost kicked out of a 2nd SCOTTACANRANA but was a split second too late. No shame in defeat here tonight for The Egg Bandit. He went toe-to-toe with GREAT SCOTT and nearly walked away the new HOTv Champion. That’s pretty impressive for a 49 year old wrestler. I think Doozer proved a lot of people wrong here tonight!

Hortega hands GREAT SCOTT his HOTv Championship belt as we cut away from ringside.


The camera cuts backstage. We see Clay Byrd in a pair of jeans, no hat, no duster. Just a billy club clutched in his grip. Suspiciously just like one the EPU would carry. Clay breaks into a jog and waives to the camera man behind him to come with him.

Clay Byrd: Keep up.

Clay starts sprinting towards an exit door, the cameraman cant keep up with the former University of Texas defensive lineman’s pace. But he’s able to stay close enough, Byrd explodes through the double doors. Outside Steve Solex and Frank Dylan James have started to shout back and forth, Frank turns around at the last second.


Frank drops like a ton of bricks. Solex steps to the side with a smirk on his face as Clay throws the club away and dives on top of Frank Dylan James while throwing right hands. The camera cuts back to the doorway and Joe Bergman appears walking through them. He slides a metal pipe in between the door handles.

Solex bends down and pulls Frank Dylan James up by his hair.

Clay Byrd: Look at me…

Clay grabs Frank Dylan James by the beard and pulls him up.


FDJ’s eyes flutter for a moment, but Clay stares a hole in him. The big Texan’s face is red, his brows are furrowed, the veins along his neck and shoulders are protruding. FDJ looks at Byrd and spits in his face, Byrd smirks while wiping the spit off of his cheek. He shakes his head back and forth and begins talking.

Clay Byrd: I gave you a fucking month to reconsider your decision. I was gonna let you walk the fuck away Frank. This wasn’t yer fuckin’ fight, this wasn’t yer fuckin’ war. But instead? Ya can’t keep my fuckin’ name out of yer mouth. Comin’ out week after fuckin’ week, talkin’ ‘bout endin’ Clay Byrd. Runnin’ him off fer fuckin’ good.

Solex keeps James looking straight ahead.

Clay Byrd: I told ya back at CHAOS 7 Frank, I fuckin’ told ya. You were gonna get what was fuckin’ comin’ ta ya. I wasn’t playin’ games, I’m not a fuckin’ liar Frank. I’m not some fuckin’ charlatan that doesn’t do what the fuck they say their gonna do.

Clay cocks his head to either side. His smirk turning into a sneer.

Clay Byrd: We’re the Highwaymen Frank. This is what the fuck we do.

Instead of a billy club, this time it’s Clay’s fist that comes roaring in, smashing into the side of the already wobbly Frank Dylan James’ jaw.

Clay Byrd: So you want ta be a part of it Frank? Now ya fuckin’ are……

Clay pulls back and unloads another right hand and Bergman whistles as the doors start to shake violently. Byrd quickly kneels down and whispers into the man’s ear….

Clay Byrd:  How ya like ‘dem bawls?

Byrd smirks as he stands up and looks at his fellow Highwaymen. All three men nod to each other and walk away, leaving Frank Dylan James lying in a heap. As they round the corner the EPU explodes through the doorway as we cut to a commercial break.


As CHAOS returns from break, “STRONKER” by FLAV RILLE hits, and seconds later STRONK Godson walks out from the back, sans his manager Abdullah Choi. He’s met with raucous cheers from the crowd, but he pays them no attention as he lumbers down the ramp and enters the ring.In a (very) rare occurrence, STRONK demands a mic from the timekeeper.

Joe Hoffman: Well, ladies and gentlemen it looks like we’re going to hear from a member of The Board in STRONK Godson. I find it curious that Abdullah Choi is nowhere to be found here by STRONK’s side. After everything that has happened over the last few months, it seems like STRONK is going to speak his own mind here tonight.

The crowd waits in anticipation as STRONK raises the microphone up to his lips.


The fans pop and applaud the big man as he speaks in his typical loud, blunt manner.


He turns, staring toward the stage.


His finger rises and he points at the entranceway.



KINGDOM” by Jaxson Gamble plays as the words “The King has Returned” echo throughout the arena, rousing boos from the crowd after his loss earlier to PRIME. Moments later, Jace Parker Davidson walks out from the back, with Abdullah Choi slinking behind him like the lecherous worm he is.

Joe Hoffman: Tempers have been flaring between The LSD Champion and STRONK ever since Dead or Alive. Both Davidson and Choi have tried to convince STRONK that Bobbinette Carey and Conor Fuse are the ones responsible for MONGO’s murder. Will fences be mended here or will there be a STRONK sized crack in the foundation of The Board?

Jace looks around The Best Arena here in Chicago at the fans who were just cheering for him earlier tonight. Jace turns towards the ring and shrugs his shoulders towards STRONK. Getting no answer whatsoever Jace decides to slowly make his way down the ramp towards the ring followed by Choi. Jace is showing wear and tear from the match earlier tonight but climbs up onto the ring apron as Choi reluctantly climbs the steel ring steps. Jace steps through the ropes and enters the ring followed by Choi, who remains firmly behind Davidson for protection.

Jace walks to the center of the ring and stands chest to chest with his fellow Board member. No words or fist are exchanged but if looks could kill? Both men would be joining Betty White in the afterlife. The air is ripe with toxic masculinity and everyone in the arena knows this could explode at any second.

Suddenly, there is a massive roar from the crowd as Bobbinette Carey appears on stage. Carey looks worse for wear also but has a look of pure determination on her face. Bobbinette marches down the ramp towards the ring with a purpose.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Bobbinette Carey! It looks like she’s coming down to prevent The LSD Champion from outnumbering STRONK here with his own manager! Even after losing to fellow Hall of Famer John Sektor earlier this evening, it appears Carey will stand up for STRONK and help fend off a man that lacks integrity in Jace Parker Davidson!

Carey enters the ring behind STRONK as Choi and Davidson quickly exit to the outside of the ring while pointing and shouting towards Carey and possibly their former friend. Jace Parker Davidson and Abdullah Choi collect themselves outside the ring, STRONK turns around slowly to find Carey standing across the ring from him.

Their eyes lock. The fans in attendance rise to their feet. A palpable tension is in the air. STRONK’s facial expression doesn’t change, even as Carey takes the first cautious step forward, crossing into no man’s land.

The fans cheer as Carey takes another step toward STRONK, only for the big man to hold up his right hand, stopping her continued advancement. His eyes fall to the canvas, not wanting to meet Carey’s any longer.

His head tilts up again, revealing the subtlest hint of a smile.

For too long he’s taken bad advice from even worse people.

For too long he’s eschewed would-be friends—genuine, loving, trustworthy friends—at the behest of individuals who do not and have never had his best interests at heart.

STRONK takes one big, lumbering step toward Carey.

The fans pop loudly as he opens his giant arms up wide, showcasing an impressive wingspan for someone who’s only five foot nine.

Carey walks toward him and they meet in a long overdue embrace in the middle of the ring, their soundtrack the rising roar of a crowd coming unglued in the stands.

Joe Hoffman: You can barely hear yourself think in this arena right now! The will they or won’t they is over. STRONK has chosen Bobbinette Carey! Abdullah Choi, Jace Parker Davidson, The Board, and even Lee Best be damned! STRONK Godson is finally a man that does things his way, not someone else’s!

STRONK hoists Carey up onto his shoulder, so they are both facing the same side of the ring, and parades her around, soaking up the adoration of the crowd.

It is a perfect moment. The kind of moment where time just stops and you have no needling worries or uncertainties hanging over your head. Allowing you to just exist in a state of contentment.

A woman in a blue dress, front row, wipes tears from her eyes.

A woman in a black dress, also front row, opposite side of the ring, blubbers like she’s privy to the marriage of two long-time close friends of hers, and not just two strangers on TV. This is the happiest fucking moment of her miserable life, and she’s going to ravage her hankerchief tonight. This is Days Of Our Lives made flesh and bone.

Whether you’re the one living it, or you’re passively watching it from behind a guardrail, no one ever remembers the occasion exactly as it happened—you can only hope that the memory of it sweetens over time.

Out of the corner of her eye, on the narrow reaches of her peripheral, she sees two figures that she knows should not be in the ring.

Jace Parker Davidson and Abdullah Choi.

Sneaking up from behind.

Like snakes in the grass.

Joe Hoffman: And just when you thought that STRONK and Bobbinette Carey could have their moment. That they could have the spotlight and be happy for once. Here comes the LSD Champion and Abdullah Choi to try and rain on their parade!

Carey warns STRONK of the impending attack via a gentle tap on the top of his head. The big man turns around, Carey still seated on his shoulder.

JPD and Choi stop dead in their tracks, practically skidding on their heels to keep from encroaching on the dangerous and courageous King Stallion. With looks of ‘Oh shit, we just fucked around, and now we’re gonna find out, huh?’

Carey smiles atop her perch, looking down upon the cowering tormentors. Together with STRONK—a caring, loyal, simple, some might say misunderstood man simply yearning for genuine friendship and compassion—she feels invincible in this moment. She wants Godson to put her down so they can both teach Jace and Abdullah a lesson not to fuck with people’s emotions, not to gaslight and abuse them. That’s what they deserve after all they’d put her and STRONK through: to be hurt, to be humiliated, to be punished.

But right here, right now? She’d rather show mercy. She’d rather just go and grab a bite with the big man and try and get to know him a little bit. Did anyone really know him? Maybe not, she thinks. Probably not. He’s an enigma to all. Because no one’s ever listened. But she will.

Then something changes in the air. The cabin’s depressurized. A subcutaneous feeling—makes the hairs on your arms slowly stand on end—one you get when you sense a situation is about to flip, go from good to very, very bad, and what you thought was a safe environment is now dread-inducing, but the why behind it cannot be rationally explained or mentally unpacked.

Jace Parker Davidson looks up, his eyes full of confidence once again, not a drop of fear.

The game’s rigged in his favor. And being the type of person he is—a not very nice one—these moments, he lives for them.

Choi’s sinister smile is less reserved, more blatantly maniacal and self-satisfied and bombastic, but nevertheless shares the same fuel source as Jace’s cold, piercing, predatory eyes.

It’s so nice when a plan comes together.

Carey’s already begun to panic internally, yet she’s not fully registered or accepted what’s about to happen to her. Deep down she knows… but it’s deep, deep down.

Slowly, though, it bubbles to the surface.

Davidson: And this… to you, Carey.

Jace gives her the iconic thumbs-down, which quickly turns to a middle finger.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world? What does he mean?!

Choi fires off dual birds and even gives a crotch chop for some unknown reason.

Carey CRASHES violently to the mat!

STRONK had grabbed her by the ankles and flipped her unceremoniously backwards off his shoulder, sending her careening down onto the back of her head and neck.

The crowd is shocked to silence.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe this! Why?! Was this a setup the entire time?! After everything Bobbinette Carey has been through… why do this?! What did she do to deserve this kind of treatment?! I’m too disgusted for words at this moment!

Then the boos start and they don’t let up.

The hard cam zooms in on STRONK’s face—emotionless, unaffected, like a robot brought to life. Even as he turns his cold gaze upon Carey’s lifeless body, he shows no signs of remorse or regret. Dumping Bobbinette on her head carried with it the same emotional weight as deciding what cut of steak to cook for dinner. And in fact, probably less.

Carey struggles slowly to a vertical base but instantly collapses to her knees. She looks up at STRONK, dazed and confused, holding her neck.

STRONK holds her face between his two massive hands and helps her to her feet. It looks like he’s cradling her head for a passionate kiss, but instead—THUD!—a headbutt to her face.

Blood seeps out of a small cut atop a slowly rising mound of swelling, trickling down past her temples as she lay on her back semi-conscious in the middle of the ring.

STRONK leans over and wipes some of the blood off her face with his hand. He stands up straight, looming over her body, and looks at his hand like a man possessed, before wiping the blood off onto his hulking chest in one long crimson smear.


Godson gazes down at her, bereft of empathy.


Jace and Choi celebrate like two kids in a candy store. The hatred rains down even harder as Davidson is handed the microphone by STRONK. Jace leans over to look down at Carey as he speaks into the microphone.

Davidson: I’ll keep this short and sweet since you’ve probably got a concussion now, among other things. You tried so hard, Carey. You ran around here for weeks trying to find out who did it. Who tried to kill you? Who burnt down your loft here in Chicago?

Jace straightens up and wraps his free arm around Abdullah Choi.

Davidson: The answer was right under your nose the entire time. This beautiful minded bastard right here and yours truly are the one’s behind your misery. I mean anyone with half a brain could have figured that out. Too bad that between Fuse, Scottywood, and you, there isn’t even a quarter of a brain to be found. You were warned, Carey but you didn’t listen. But, it isn’t all bad news. No, I have a surprise for you. I’m here to let you officially know that you’re going to be booked on the Rumble at the Rock card. It’ll be you vs. me one-on-one in Alcatraz and we’ll see if you have what it takes to get revenge.

Joe Hoffman: 
Bobbinette Carey vs. Jace Parker Davidson has been made official for Rumble at the Rock. I hope she beats him within an inch of his life and then makes sure he spends the rest of that life behind bars.

Jace pulls his arm away from Choi and then pats STRONK on the back.

Davidson: I won’t hold my breath on that because… well… it’s you we’re talking about. So, lick your wounds and take all the time you need. I’ll be sure to finish the job on October 30th when–

Jace is interrupted by a roar of cheers from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Conor Fuse and he has a steel chair in hand!

Jace drops the microphone as Conor Fuse races down the ramp with the steel chair. Jace convinces both STRONK and Choi to make a timely escape alongside him. Conor slides into the ring with the chair as Jace, STRONK, and Choi all make their way over the steel barricade and begin to exit through the crowd. Conor picks up the microphone that Jace dropped. Conor steps to the second rope then leans over the top rope as he points out at the three men trying to exit the arena through the crowd.

Conor Fuse: STRONK, the second you choked me out without explanation, I figured something was up. Jace, since I am beyond exhausted with you…

The Ultimate Gamer points directly at STRONK.

Conor Fuse: Wreck-It Ralph, you wanna fuck with my friend? Wanna try to kill someone? How about you show that serious side again… the one where you choked me out and left me laying at your feet. Try killing me. Legitimately. Figuratively. I don’t fucking care, guy. Conor Fuse vs. STRONK GODSON, however you wanna go about it. Rumble at the Rock.

Fuse motions to the attack inside the ring.

Conor Fuse: If you think this is a game… I can promise you my previous experiences in Alcatraz have been anything but. If you life and death gets you off, or fucking around until someone gets hurt, I’ll be happy to show you first hand how things REALLY work in the H-O-W when you get to the next level, buddy.

Fuse tosses the chair down in frustration as STRONK nods his head in approval of the challenge and the crowd cheers wildly.

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse vs. STRONK Godson one-on-one at Rumble at the Rock has also just been made official! This is going to be a can’t miss PPV!

Conor drops the microphone then goes to check on the fallen Bobbinette Carey as we head to a much needed commercial break.


Back live and the action cuts to ringside as the restlessness of the crowd can be felt as they are still trying to recover from what they just seen only a few minutes ago………but that was then. Now the moment has arrived…

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is for the HOW World Championship!!!

Already in the ring, the challenger… he is an HOW Hall of Famer… he is the Jattlantic City Idol and the face of the Jattinum Era of HOW… JAAAATTTTTTT STARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

The crowd explodes as Jatt Starr goes up to the second rope and soaks in the adulation.

Joe Hoffman: This is a highly anticipated match up as two Hall of Famers, who were big parts of their respective eras, now clash here! This will be the first meeting between these two for the HOW World Championship in a straight up one on one match!

Jatt asked to come out during the commercial break where he has enjoyed the adulation of the crowd. And this arena has been loud for the last several minutes all in anticipation of seeing Jatt Starr return!

Jatt hops down and turns his attention towards the entrance ramp as “Everybody Wants You” dies down.

The arena goes quiet for a few seconds and then…

“THE COMMAND OF THE CONSTITUION IS PLAIN!”“The Greatest American” by Cracked Prism Studios plays as the crowd erupts into boos. Taking his sweet time, Christopher America makes his way out. He places his hand over his heart as the Pyro explodes around him.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… he… is the HOW World Champion… CHRISSSTOPHERRR AAAAAMERRRRRICAAAA!!!

Joe Hoffman: The doctors checked America out this week and cleared him. There is no hiding anything tonight. No fake outs. No leaving the match early.

This is America/Starr for the HOW World Championship.

America enters the ring and paces around Starr, eyeing him up and down as if to check if that is really Jatt in front of him. To assure him, Jatt poses and the crowd explode.


Joe Hoffman: This crowd is firmly behind Starr as these people want anyone other than America as World Champion. For this match, Starr has everything to gain. A win tonight ensures he’ll defend the title against John Sektor. If America wins, he’ll defend that title against the last Highwaymen he hasn’t beaten, Steve Harrison, the Miracle Man!

America has the height and weight advantage but Jatt Starr makes up for all of that and more in experience.

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell.


America and Starr circle and size each other up before they lock up with a collar and elbow. America uses his size advantage and backs Jatt into the ropes before breaking the hold and smirking. Starr nods and holds his arms out calling for another lockup. America obliges but Starr hits a drop kick to America’s knee. America dips to one leg. Starr rushes in but suddenly stops short. He winds up and smacks America hard across the face.

Spit flies from America’s mouth as the fans “oooh.”

Incensed, America gets up and charges Starr who moves out of the way. America stops himself from hitting the turnbuckle, turns and…


Starr slaps the taste out of America again.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr has got America off his game early. Just two slaps is all it took for Starr to get under America’s skin.

Starr chuckles to himself as America regroups.

America rubs his chin, nods to himself, and charges Starr once more. Starr goes for a punch but America ducks and begins punching away. America backs Starr to the rope and whips him across the ring. Starr grabs the rope and pulls himself under to the outside.

America runs and slides under the bottom rope. He then grabs a hold of Starr by the back of his head. He tries to slam him against the steel post but Starr blocks with his foot. He elbows America in the gut and then rams America’s head into the steel post. America falls backwards as Boettcher is now up to 3 on his ten count.

Starr smacks his hands in a swiping motion, as if dusting them off, showing how easy it is and the crowd eat it up.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr has been able to stay on top of this one.

Starr grabs America and rolls him back into the ring and covers.




America kicks out with some emphasis as Jatt Starr mockingly applauds America to the crowd’s delight.

America rolls on to his stomach and starts to slowly get up when Starr hits an enziguri sending America back down to the mat. Starr repositions himself as America tries again to get back up. Starr goes for another enziguri but America catches his foot and quickly turns it into an ankle lock. Starr turns his body and pushes America off. America backs into the ropes and then dives hitting a forearm right to Starr’s face. America stays on top for the cover.



Joe Hoffman: Barely even a 1 there but America has finally gotten some offense in. Whatever Jatt Starr’s dishing out, America has barely had a counter for.

After the kickout, America grabs a fistful of hair and begins wailing on Starr’s face. With him unable to move, Boettcher begins counting but America stops at three. He pulls Starr up and hits a vertical suplex. Starr falls to the mat but America doesn’t cover, instead he backs off and uses the time to recover. He adjusts his jaw and licks his lower row of teeth, ensuring Starr’s slaps from earlier didn’t dislodge anything.

After a few seconds, America gets up and goes to collect Starr but Starr rolls America up.




America immediately springs back up and swings at Starr but Starr ducks. He kicks America in the gut and plants him with a DDT. Starr points to his head showing his superior intellect and goes to cover.




Starr rolls his eyes as he brings America back up. Starr holds America’s chin in his hand and winds up. America flinches but nothing happens. When America opens his eyes, Starr jabs his fingers into them. America backs away as Jatt runs to the ropes and springboards a drop kick right onto America’s face.

America staggers back towards the turnbuckle, which is now propping him up. Jatt goes in and mounts the ropes. He grabs a tuft of America’s hair, raises his fist and taunts the crowd.

Crowd: JATT STARR! Clap-clap! JATT STARR! Clap-clap!

Matt Boettcher counts at Jatt and tries to remove his fist from America’s hair.


Jatt’s eyes go wide as he falls down. America still squinting, shakes his head as the crowd boos loudly.

Joe Hoffman: LOW BLOW BY AMERICA! Boettcher couldn’t see it because he was concerned about the fist full of hair! Come on, Matt! You have to catch that!

Starr is on the mat holding his Jatticles. With Boettcher backing off, America opens his eyes and sees the results of his handiwork.

Joe Hoffman: This is our champion, folks. Couldn’t beat Jatt Starr. Couldn’t outwrestle Jatt Starr. But he can low blow Jatt Starr to give himself some breathing room!

Boettcher looks at America who holds up his hands and shakes his head no at accusations of a low blow. America goes over and covers.




America scowls and glares at Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman: You aren’t going to beat Jatt Starr like that!

America pulls Jatt up and holds onto his arm. He pulls Jatt in for a short arm clothesline. He continues holding the arm and pulls Jatt up. He hits another short arm clothesline that leaves Jatt laying.

America pulls Starr up and whips him into the ropes. America runs and bounces off the ropes himself and—

Joe Hoffman: Amber Waves of Pain! What a clothesline!

America covers.





America smacks the mat in frustration. He pushes himself away from Jatt and gets to his feet. America looks out into the crowd and smacks his arm calling for another Amber Waves. The crowd boo as Jatt stirs. Jatt staggers upwards as America charges.


Another Amber Waves of Pain hits and Jatt crumples.





Joe Hoffman: HOW?! How did Jatt Starr do that?!

The crowd roars at the kickout!

America smashes his fists into the mat. He shouts obscenities at Boettcher who signals Jatt got the shoulder up.

America tries to calm himself. He rolls his shoulder and calls for another. This time, he pulls off the decorative pads around his arms.

Jatt is even slower now in getting up. He staggers to his feet. He fights himself, slowly turns and…


Joe Hoffman: STARRACANRANA!!!!!!

Instant replay shows that at the last second, Jatt Starr leapt into the air, wrapped his legs around America’s neck and drove him head first into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are down! The crowd desperate for Starr to make the cover!

The crowd roars for Jatt as he crawls to the cover.





Joe Hoffman: My God! America kicked out!

Jatt tries as quickly as he can to get to his feet, wincing through the pain. Jatt backs up, bounces off the ropes, leaps and drives his knee right into America’s face. America rolls always and covers his face, legs flailing against the mat.

Jatt moves in and jumps again, this time driving his knee into America’s back. America looks up and cries out as we see blood beginning to drip from America’s forehead. Starr then quickly drives the heel of his boot into the small of America’s back. He then hooks America’s arms and grabs his chin.

Joe Hoffman: Camel clutch! Camel clutch!

America cries out in pain. Boettcher asks America if he wants to give up but America shakes his head. After a few seconds with America refusing to quit, Starr pulls harder, but doing so frees one of America’s arms. America throws his elbow backwards as hard as he can, connecting with Jatt’s side. America keeps throwing them until Starr’s grip slips. America falls to the mat and begins kicking Jatt away. America then rolls to the outside and falls hard.

Boettcher checks on Starr before looking at America. He begins counting America out.

The fans scream for Jatt who gets to his feet. He backs against the ropes and uses them to hold him up. He nods furiously, drawing from the crowd. Boettcher is at 4 as America begins to stir.

Joe Hoffman: Submissions. Hard hitting clotheslines. Low blows. Smacks to the face. There is no love lost between these two. You have to imagine Sektor and Harrison are eagerly watching this match and taking mental notes.

By 7, America has stood up, holding his lower back. As soon as America pops up, Jatt runs across the ring, dives through the ropes, hooks America’s neck, spins and drops America with a DDT.

America is planted like an exclamation point.


Joe Hoffman: Well, if America didn’t have head damage from last week, Jatt Starr may have just given it to him there. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone just spiked like that.

The fans are ravenous now as Jatt Starr lifts with all his might to shove America back into the ring. Jatt scurries in and covers.





America barely lifts his shoulder up.

Joe Hoffman: That’s got to be all instinct for America! What else could it have been?!?

Jatt Starr pushes America away and gets to his feet. He sees America’s pads from earlier and spits at them, stomps them, and wipes his foot on them. He then kicks them out of the ring as the fans cheer.

Jatt looks out into the crowd as he sees America stir. The crowd get even louder as they rise to their feet.

Jatt yells at America. America gets to his feet and Jatt wraps his arms around America.

Joe Hoffman: German suplex!

Jatt locks his arms for another.

And another.

And another.

On the fifth attempt, Jatt hoists America with all his strength and releases the hold. America goes flying and splats in the ring. Tired from the move, Jatt desperately scrambles toward America who is trying to roll out of the ring. Jatt stops him, pulls him and covers.





Boettcher waves off the count as Jatt Starr looks at him in disbelief. Boettcher points to America’s foot which is barely draped over the bottom rope.

Starr, angered, rolls America away from the ropes and covers again.




Starr covers again.




Joe Hoffman: Smart move by Starr forcing America to keep using more and more energy with each kickout.

Starr gets up and motions that this match is over. Jatt calls for America and shouts insults at him. America struggles to get up. The fans erupt as Starr gets into position behind America.


Jatt goes to spin America around but America shoves Jatt off of him right into Matt Boettcher. The two knock heads and America falls down exhausted. Boettcher falls out of the ring, leaving Starr and America alone in the ring.

After almost 20 seconds, Starr is the first to stir. He gets up and looks around. He goes to the ropes and sees Boettcher on the outside. Jatt slides outside and tries to wake Boettcher up. He shakes him a couple of times and pleads for Boettcher to wake up. He tries to lift him but the dead weight of Boettcher is a little too much after all Jatt has been through.

The crowd stirs and Jatt notices. Hepeeks over the ring apron to check on America but sees nothing.

Joe Hoffman: No! Nonononono!


The sickening sound of steel chair smashing Jatt’s face against the steel ring post reverberates out as the crowd boos louder than it ever has all match. America slides the chair under the ring as Jatt collapses on Boettcher.

America grabs Starr and rolls him into the ring. America shakes Boettcher who begins stirring. America rolls in and pulls Jatt towards the center of the ring. America covers as Boettcher slowly gets up.

Joe Hoffman: Not like this! Not this way!!!

Boettcher gets into the ring.


Joe Hoffman: Come on, no!!!

The crowd boos for America and increases with each count.


Joe Hoffman: Utterly disgraceful!

The crowd chant Jatt’s name.


Joe Hoffman: No! No! No!

The crowd erupt!

Joe Hoffman: He kicked out! He kicked out! Jatt Starr dug down deep and kicked out! I don’t believe it!

America rolls off of Starr in near tears. Boettcher falls back down to the mat trying to shake the cobwebs.

America rolls off Jatt and gets up. He is sucking wind at this point. He pulls Jatt to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Jatt hits sternum first and stumbles backwards. America tries to lock in an inverted headlock but Starr wraps America’s arms.

The crowd explodes as Boettcher finally get his wits about him.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going for it! FALLING STARR!

Starr grabs America’s arms and spins him around…

But America slips out!

He grabs Jatt by the back of the head and…

Joe Hoffman: For America! 2.0!

Jatt hits the mat hard as America hooks the leg.






Joe Hoffman: What an incredible match! A supremely gutsy performance by Jatt Starr who had this match won if not for America doing everything from low blows to using illegal weapons to retain his title. Jatt still has a date with John Sektor at Rumble at the Rock but it unfortunately won’t be for the HOW World Championship.

America should be ashamed of his conduct from faking injuries to retaining championships via cheating. America’s showing that he’ll do anything to retain his championship! Oh, I hope Harrison’s watching. I hope he’s watching so that he can see the kind of garbage America is capable of.

America is handed his championship by Matt Boettcher. America squeezes the title close to him and rolls out of the ring. He falls backwards as he lays on the entrance ramp, cuddling his championship.

Joe Hoffman: For HOW, I’m Joe Hoffman! We’ll see you next week from Paradise, Nevada! Good night!

The camera cuts back to America, walking backwards up the ramp, championship in the air as we fade to black.

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