Chaos 014




We dont waste any time as the HOW logo fades away and we cut immediately inside The Best Arena for the beginning of the 14th Chaos of this era.Joe Hoffman: Welcome to CHAOS 14. We are coming to you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive from the home of High Octane Wrestling, The Best Arena here in Chicago Illinois, where we’ll be for the rest of the year. Tonight we have a fantastic show planned for all of you.

The camera pans around the arena, showing off fans all over the arena. We scan past a few signs.





The camera pans back to Joe at the announce desk and he continues on.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight we have Brian Hollywood taking on Jatt Starr, Cancer Jiles taking on Steve Solex, Bobby Dean takes on Joe Bergman, and GREAT SCOTT takes on Sc…

The lights in The Best Arena go out and guitar and harmonica begin to blare throughout the arena.


Joe Hoffman: I guess we’re going to get The Highwaymen first thing…

Clay Byrd steps out onto the entrance ramp, flanked on one side by Bergman and Harrison, and on the other side by Steve Solex. The three men make their way to the ring, while Byrd has a microphone in hand. Byrd rolls under the bottom rope, and gets up throwing off his duster and cowboy hat.

Clay Byrd: Iconic…

Clay pauses as the crowd erupts again.


Clay Byrd: Last year I walked out on this same show, the show after Rumble At The Rock, the show after I beat Jace Parker Davidson like the sack of human shit he is…


Joe Hoffman: These fans in the Best Arena absolutely despise Byrd. Hell, I hate Clay Byrd, and I don’t hate anyone.

Clay smiles at the crowd and shakes his head back and forth.

Clay Byrd: Last year I won the right to be in the main event of Iconic, last year I naively walked down to the ring, and I was attacked. I was attacked by Cecilworth Farthington and they DEMANDED I give up my shot at the World Title. And I wouldn’t fuckin’ do it.

Clay walks to the ropes and smirks.

Clay Byrd: So they broke my fucking arm. I still main evented Iconic 2021, I just did it with six other fucking people, instead of one.

Clay adjusts his neck for a moment pausing.

Clay Byrd: Then there was the debacle right here, in this very fucking arena. There was that dumb fuck Benny Newell gettin’ involved ‘cause I was gonna break Michael Lee Best in the center of this ring. Then ya had the next week, the entire chucklefuck gang of The Board runnin’ down and gettin’ themselves involved, keepin’ me from beatin’ Conor Fuse.


Clay laughed at the sarcastic cheering for the beating he received at the hands of the entire Board.

Clay Byrd: They fucked me over at War Games, they fuck me over every chance they get. It’s the one constant in my life, someway, somehow, they are going to figure out how to fuck me. GET THE FUCK OUT HERE CHRIS!


“The Greatest American” by Cracked Prism Studios hits.

With a chorus of boos, Christopher America makes his way out with the beautiful #97Red glistening on his shoulder. Smiling from ear to ear and soaking in the boos, America silently and sarcastically thanks the crowd.

Christopher America: Clayton, Claymore, Claydoll. I hear you. I understand your Texas sized heart, probably clogged with all sorts of unimaginable cholesterol, is worried that there will be some sort of screw job. Let me see if there’s something I can do to reassure you.

As if almost on cue, twenty EPU agents come flooding out of the back and stand at the bottom of the ramp. They face Byrd before doing an about-face towards America.

Christopher America: You see, Clay, these men are here for your protection. I don’t want anything bad to happen to your dumb ass before ICONIC. They are here to protect you from the most dangerous things that exist in HOW. Things like… ME!

The crowd boos even louder.

Christopher America: Because what have I to fear from the Monster? I’ve taken down The Ordinary Man, The Military Man, and the Miracle Man. And now… I’ve come for you. You want to know how you’re getting screwed over for ICONIC? You’re facing the unpinned and unsubmitted HOW World Champion!

Crowd: Fuck-you-clap-clap. Fuck-you-clap-clap.

Clay Byrd: Go on Chris, is this where ya give me the ol’ Billy Mays? Do I say IM GONNA GET YOU CHRIS!? And then you drop the other shoe? It’ll be me, against you, with all of these EPU fucks as lumberjacks right? Or it’ll be a handicap match against you and Mike Best, or you’ll dig up STRONK’s fucking corpse and trot it out there like he’s the mountain in Game of Thrones? Fuck all of that.

America goes to talk, but the giant Texan cuts him off.

Clay Byrd: And this you huntin’ me shit? Boy I’ve been lookin’ fer ya fer a looooooooong time, I wasn’t hidin’. So yer either pretty pisspoor at huntin’ or yer as blind as Lee. ‘Cause my six-foot seven ass has been marchin’ ‘round BEGGIN’ ta fight ya fer half a fuckin’ year…

Christopher America: What other shoe? Tell me how I screwed over Solex by beating him in HIS match at Dead or Alive or how I screwed over Harrison by beating him in HIS match at Rumble at the Rock.

And again, these EPU agents are to protect you from me. I’d knock on your head but I wouldn’t want to knock you out and give you CTE or something. Unlike you, I haven’t had interference in my matches. I haven’t needed others to jump my opponents before PPVs to secure wins. I do it the old fashioned way. I do it the American way.

I haven’t been hiding or hunting. I’ve been systematically picking you off one by one.

America smirks as the crowd boos.

Christopher America: And you shut the hell up about STRONK. I’ve already petitioned religious leaders in America to begin his canonization as an official saint. The patron saint of bulls.

America makes the sign of the cross, places his hand on his heart, kisses his fingers and points upwards.

Christopher America: In a few weeks at ICONIC, I’m going to beat the shit out of you and leave you scrambling for excuses as to why you failed. But the reality… the truth… is that America is simply better than you… just like he was better than every other member of your goon squad.

Now be a good boy and thank the EPU for their service.

America flips the microphone and holds up the HOW World Championship. Byrd smirks and lifts his arm with the microphone staring at America and giving the EPU the bird as our scene fades to our first commercial of the evening.

World Championship Match
Clay Byrd vs. Christopher America©

LSD Championship Match
Steve Solex vs. Jace Parker Davidson©

High Octane Television Championship Match
??? vs. Great Scott©

HOTv Tag Team Championship Match
??? vs. The eGG Bandits©

Singles Match
Steve Harrison vs. Conor Fuse

Singles Match
Joe Bergman vs. Jatt Starr


After the quick ICONIC commercial that highlighted the matches already booked for the final PPV of the year, we cut back live to our Hall of Fame announcer.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone. We’re only a week out from Rumble at the Rock and Byrd and America are already heating things up. Well, to start the action on CHAOS proper… we’ve got our opening match. Let’s throw it to Bryan McVay.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

“Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA. Hollywood walks out and begins making his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos.

Bryan McVay: Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California… BRIAN HOOOOOOLLYWOOOOOOOOD!!!

Hollywood climbs into the ring and loosens up as he focuses towards the ramp.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain.  “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Jatt Starr. Jatt makes his way down the ramp, smirking at Hollywood.

Bryan McVay: From Havre, Montana, he is the JATTLANTIC CITY IDOL…. JAAAAAAAT STARRRRRRRRRR!!!

Joel Hortega calls for the bell as the match gets underway.

The two come together at the center of the ring and Jatt quickly performs an arm drag. He quickly pops back up and applauds at Hollywood. Hollywood gets up, scowls at Starr and charges again. Starr again performs an arm drag before turning and taunting the crowd. The crowd pops for him and applauds. Hollywood gets up again and nods at Starr. The two circle up and then go for a lock up. Hollywood pushes Starr back, shoves his hands in Starr’s face and then slaps him hard. Hollywood backs off as Hortega admonishes Hollywood. Hollywood pushes the ref to the side charges Starr in the corner. Jatt moves out of the way as Hollywood drives his own shoulder into the ringpost. Starr taps his temple and smirks. He goes behind Hollywood, wraps his arms around his waist and hits a German suplex. Hollywood lands high on his back and crumples to the mat.

Jatt covers.



Hollywood gets the shoulder up quickly.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood with the quick kickout. Deep down, you got to believe Hollywood knows what a win over Jatt Starr would do for him here in HOW.

Hollywood tries to get back up to his base but Starr is all over him, hitting him with lefts and rights. Hollywood pulls his arms up to block his face. In between the gap of his arms, Hollywood sees an opening and hits a knee to the gut. Starr stumbles back as Hollywood hits a step up enziguri. A sickening crack rings out as Hollywood’s foot connects with the back of Jatt’s head.

Starr goes down to his knees as Hollywood pulls himself up. He bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick right to Starr’s face. Starr falls to his side, holding his lips and looks at Hollywood, incensed. He slaps the mat hard, gets up quickly and meets Hollywood in the center of the ring. He presses his face right into Hollywood’s and begins jaw jacking with him. Hollwyood gives it right back before Starr headbutts Hollywood right in the face. Hollywood goes down and blood begins flowing from his nose.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr is not in a good mood. Apparently whatever Hollywood said ticked him off. And you have to believe that being left off of Rumble at the Rock also did not sit well with the Hall of Famer!

Starr mounts Hollywood and begins raining fists into Hollywood’s face. Hollywood is unable to block the punches like he did earlier. Blood is splashing over Starr’s fist and all over Hollywood’s face. Hortega is counting before pulling Starr off of Hollywood.

Starr looks at his bloody fist before throwing it in the air to the roar of approval from the crowd. As he turns and looks at Hollywood who is struggling to get to a base, Starr moves in. He grabs Hollywood, kicks him in the gut and plants him with a DDT. Hollywood’s body goes completely vertical, smashing his already battered face into the ring. Hollywood rolls away as The Rembrandt of Wrestling looks at the beautiful artwork – the bloody outline of Hollywood’s face – left imprinted right in the middle of the ring.

Starr now stalks Hollywood from behind, yelling at him to get up. Hollywood stirs as Starr continues yelling at him. Hollywood finally gets to a vertical base, staggering on his feet as Starr hooks both arms and spins him around.


Jatt quickly goes for the cover.






The crowd roars as Jatt picks up the win in quick fashion.

Joe Hoffman: What an absolutely DOMINATING win by Jatt Starr. First, he takes America to the limit in a World Championship match, and now a quick win over former World Champion, Brian Hollywood. You have to believe that the return to Jatt Starr has produced results for the Hall of Famer. I’m in awe of what we just saw! What a performance by Jatt Starr!

Hortega hoists Starr’s arm in victory as the crowd continue to cheer.

The action cuts backstage.


We cut somewhere backstage in the Best Arena where we see Blaire Moise and the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens.

The audience immediately boos Stevens as he steps into frame and the Texan has new ring attire and is in noticeable pain.

Blaire Moise: What’s with the attire?

Blaire asks as the camera gets a good look at the 97 Red sleeveless body suit. The chest area going down to the abdomen is colored gold with a white outline. The knee and hip areas have the gold pattern around them has well with the white outline. His right knee has a 97 Red colored brace with a gold knee pad over it. The camera pans to Stevens’ back and the back has an image of the House of Best mural.

Scott Stevens: As you know I am still not at one hundred percent and this attire is to better help me compete in the ring until I am fully healed.

Stevens explains and Blaire nods.

Blaire Moise: Seems as if Scottywood did a real number on you.

Blaire says to Stevens who jerks his head towards her his sunglasses almost fly off.

Scott Stevens: Don’t you ever mention that name again, you hear me?!?!?

Stevens shouts in an aggressive tone.

Blaire Moise: I hear you.

Stevens slowly grabs the microphone and pulls her closer to him.

Scott Stevens: That didn’t sound convincing. I said do you fucking hear me?

Stevens asks her again in a more threatening tone and Blaire nods.

Scott Stevens: From this point forward the name Scottywood, Scott Woodson, Hardcore Artist, the Anti-Christ, Planet Scottywood, NGW, HATE, and anything related to him is here by banned.

The crowd burst into boos.

Blaire Moise: You can’t be serious?

Scott Stevens: I’m very serious Blaire, you see one of the perks of being the Senior Advisor to GOD himself is a bit of creative control.

The boos grow louder.

Blaire Moise: Seems the crowd doesn’t like that decision by the sound of it.

Scott Stevens: I don’t give a shit what these filth think. Hell, they are lucky I was overruled on one thing because if I had it my way I would’ve erased his sorry ass from existence! No title history, no HOTv, no retro merchandise, no Hall of Fame. NO NOTHING!

The boos become deafening.

Crowd: Fuck you Stevens. Fuck you Stevens. Fuck you Stevens.

Scott Stevens: No, fuck each and every one of you.

Stevens replies before giving the finger to the camera.

Scott Stevens: If anyone mentions the name or anything related to the name that has been banned you will be fined ten thousand dollars.

Blaire Moise: You can’t be serious?

Stevens shoots Blaire a look.

Scott Stevens: Very serious. You better be glad I don’t fine you right here and now for mentioning that scum’s name. This is your only warning going forward.

Blaire shakes her head.

Blaire Moise: Anything else regarding you know who?

Scott Stevens: Yes. Since I have beaten you know who in back to back retirement crucifixion matches on his own island arena I am the new owner of it.

The crowd boos and Blaire looks stunned.

Blaire Moise: What?

Scott Stevens: That’s right. When HOW returns to Alcatraz Island next year the sign won’t read, “Stevens Welcome” it’ll read, “Stevens (A)rena.”

Stevens chuckles.

Blaire Moise: I see, but before that happens you have a big match up here tonight for the HOTv championship against Great Scott.

The crowd goes ballistic and Stevens nervously scratches.

Scott Stevens: Scott Stevens versus Great Scott. Father versus Son. It was bound to happen whenever he stepping foot into HOW.

Blaire rolls her eyes at the son part but continues.

Blaire Moise: Well your “son” had some scathing things to say about you.

Scott Stevens: It’s fine Blaire because my son can deny me all he wants. He can even go as far as to say that I’m not a great Scott, but a lot has changed since the Battle of the Scotts three years ago. I have found a new focus because of HIM while you have lost focus by poisoning your body with STRONKUMMS and letting my little buddy Jace poison your mind. The path to greatness my son is through the House of Best not with STRONKUMMS. You can call me whatever you like, but after tonight you will have no choice but to call me champion because tonight Blaire….tonight we make Scott great again.

The crowd boos as Stevens lowers his glasses.

Scott Stevens: In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the HOly FC. Praised be the House of Best. Praised be to the new HOTv champion.

The crowd boos.

Scott Stevens: Praised be Lee mother fucking Best!

Stevens shouts to the heavens as the image fades to commercial.


Back live from commercial and we are once again backstage to see Blaire Moise is now with a blond haired, blue eyed, 97RED jumpsuited, HOTv Tag Title holding man you may or may not be able to see standing next to her.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back and please join me in welcoming one half of our HOTv Tag Team Champions, representing the eGG Bandits, Doo-

An opened hand shoots up in front of Blaire’s face so fast it causes the usually calm and collected Moise to flinch, silencing her instantly.

He-Who-Must-Be-Good-Looking-Because-He’s-So-Hard-To-See: I doooooo not know any eGG Bandit whose name sounds anything remotely like that, Blaire.

The Elder Bandit shoots a quick wink toward the feed for all the Octabandits in attendance, those watching over HOTv, and the faithful PrimEggs tuned into PWA: TV before turning back to Blaire, who’s already looking like she regrets taking the interview.

The-Wrestler-Formerly-Known-As-Dooze: See, Blaire, at PRIME’s Revival 18, in honor of Halloween, I decided it was finally time to ditch the mask I’d been hiding behind all these years. No more hats, no man superhero shirts, no more stupid, uncomfortable jorts… just yours truly. Fred Mayhew.

Blaire clears her throat, doing her best to keep her eyes from rolling out of their sockets.

Blaire Moise: Good to know, Mr. May-

The hand returns.

Fred Mayhew: You can call me Freddy.

Blaire contemptuously raises her own hand, pushing The Old Bull’s out of her face.

Blaire Moise: No, thanks.

The Boston Bruiser snatches the mic from Blaire’s other hand.

Fred Mayhew: You’re no fun, B.

Blaire Moise: I’m not paid to-

She attempts to swipe the mic back, but instead receives an open palm to the forehead, keeping her out of arm’s reach.

Fred Mayhew: Clearly.

The New England Ne’er-Do-Well, palm still against Blaire’s forehead, turns his attention back to the feed.

Fred Mayhew: You know the saying, a little change goes a long way. Well, I recently realized I was long overdue for one. Maybe Chicago should follow my lead and try to NOT be a complete dump, am I right?

The boos from Best Arena cause the camera to tremble.

Fred Mayhew: Missed you too. Some of you, at least. You know who you are, friends of the Shell.

The Octabandits rise up, creating a mixed reaction throughout the crowd.

Fred Mayhew: But, love me or hate me, this isn’t about you. This is about ME! The Dooze is dead. Now you get Fred! And I’ve got a lot in store for all of you, trust me on that. The road to ICONIC might be short, but it will not disappoint. I wouldn’t count all my eggs before they crack, but if you’re planning to tally up the victims we will leave in our yolky, yellow wake, and you have the IQ of the average Windy City reject-

The boos take back over.

Fred Mayhew: Well, get ready to take those shoes and socks off. Because you’re all about to witness the Reign of the eGG, and it will be RAINING some eggs! By the grace of GOD himself, we plan to poach High Octane’s protagonists, scrambling your sense of reality, and fry every fuckhead who wants to stand in our way. Omelet you take it from here Blaire. Take it, over, easy.

A salesman-level of a cheesy smile follows, as Mayhew retracts the hand on Blaire’s forehead and shoots a thumbs up to the camera. Moise, whose face turned 97 shades of red, grabs her mic back.

As she regains her composure, none other than Cancer Jiles walks nonchalantly by.

Blaire Moise: What a pleasant surprise… PRIME’s Universal Champion and fellow eGG Bandit, Cancer Jiles. Anything you’d like to add to what we’ve had to endure from your partner Fred Mayhew, since this could barely get any worse anyhow?

Jiles, putting on his best acting job, pretends to be surprised by the invitation. In one COOL motion, he twists and snags the mic.

Cancer Jiles: May-WHO?

The COOLYMPIAN looks around, confused, acting shocked as he finally acknowledges his friend’s existence.

Cancer Jiles: Oh, you mean my man Frank here? Shitty bodyguard, if you ask me. Great cameraman, though. Now excuse me, I have a match to win tonight. Thanks.

Quick pucker kiss.

Mayhew’s now lobster red. He attempts to steal the mic as Jiles returns it to Blaire, who couldn’t be happier with how the tables turned so quickly.

Blaire Moise: That’s all the time we have here. Back to the action!

We cut back to ringside leaving the #97Red colored Mayhew not looking too happy.


We go straight to Bryan McVay in the ring, where Bobby Dean is already perched against the turnbuckle, waiting having just watched his fellow Bandits on the HOV screen above the entrance ramp. “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito is still playing but winding down.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first… from Houston, Texas… weighing in a three hundred sixty nine pounds!…. BOBBBBBBYYYY!!! DEEEEEEEEEEAAN!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean already in the ring per his usual routine lately. Bobby’s been out of sorts since before Rumble at the Rock, but he looks like he’s focused on turning things around here tonight.

The opening piano played by Billy Powell followed by the iconic guitar licks from Gary Rossington’s slide guitar at the beginning of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s epic ‘Freebird’ blare out of the speakers.

Seconds later, the lovely Sunny O’Callahan emerges from the back dressed in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band wearing a spaghetti strap top, a pair of jeans, heels. and her usually straight hair is all frizzed out and curly.

Sunny takes a swig from a bottle of Southern Comfort and sways on the stage as Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals come on over the sound system.

“If I leave here tomorrow… will you still remember me?”

Bryan McVay: And hailing from Plattin, Missouri and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds…

“For I must be traveling on now… ‘Cause there’s too many places I want to see…”

Joe Bergman comes out dressed as normal in a plain black robe over his wrestling trunks.

“But if I stayed here with you girl… Things just couldn’t be the same…”

Bryan McVay: … representing The Highwaymen tonight…

“Cause I’m a free as a bird now… and this bird you cannot change…”


The crowd roars. Joe pumps his first in the air.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

With Sunny leading the way, she and Bergman start down the ramp towards the ring.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

Bergman slaps people’s hands along the way to the ring.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

Joe climbs up on the ring apron and opens a path for Sunny to climb into the ring. Then he leaps over the top rope and climbs up on the turnbuckle.

“Lord knows, I can’t change”

Looking out over the ropes with Sunny right by his side, Joe raises his arms in the air and a can of PBR in tribute to the ‘ordinary people’ in attendance tonight and, of course, Section 214.

The bell rings and Bergman lightly hops back and forth from one foot to the other, while Bobby Dean stares at him and wishes he had some ice cream. Finally, they approach each other and lock up.

Joe Hoffman: And we are underway! The respective factions both these guys represent have been going at it for a while now. Rumble at the Rock was meant to settle things between these two men in particular, but instead, they’ll settle things tonight.

Dean with the size advantage manages to push Bergman back toward the corner, but Bergman is able to shift his weight and pull to the side, sending Dean into the turnbuckle face first.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean tried to use his considerable size advantage to put Joe Bergman back into the corner, but Bregman is a little too quick, and now Bobby Dean clutches at his head after eating the turnbuckle face first.

Embarrassed, but not hurt too badly, Dean uses the ropes to get back up to his feet and gives Bergman a “you should not have eaten the last piece of pie” look. Bergman waits, and Dean charges in. Bergman sidesteps and redirects Dean into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman waiting in the middle of the ring as Bobby comes back…

Bobby Dean comes bouncing off the ropes and the full heft of his body weight crashes into Joe Bergman, who goes down like a shot and practically bounces up against the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: And smashes into Joe Bergman like a Mack truck! Bergman tumbles out to the floor!

Dean stalks Bergman, pulling him up by his hair. Wrapping his arms around Bergman’s waist, he lifts him up and over with a gutwrench suplex. With Bergman prone in the middle of the ring, Bobby Dean sees his opening and sprints to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean sees an opening! He’s gonna try and end this thing early!

Coming off the ropes, Bobby leaps into a vertical splash, but Bergman rolls out of the way and Bobby Dean crashes ass first into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: My God! I’d hate to be that mat right now! Bobby hit hard and now he flops backward…

Bergman wastes no time in scurrying to his feet and taking Bobby Dean by the left ankle and twisting it, forcing Bobby to roll onto his considerable stomach. Bergman grapevines the leg, then drops a hard elbow to the back of Bobby Dean’s head, wrenching his ankle and knee in the process.

Joe Hoffman: And now Bergman is doing some ground work. Bobby’s stuck on the mat with nowhere to go, and the technical mastery of Joe Bergman fully on display.

Bergman stands back up, waiting on Dean as he slowly gets up to all fours. He measures the big man as he gets to his feet, then runs to the ropes only to have Bobby Dean drops back down to the mat, causing Bergman to go flying across the ring and under the bottom rope to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby ducks and there goes Bergman! It’s hard to tell if that was by design or if Bobby’s knees just buckled, but either way, Bobby gets a reprieve for a moment here.

Bobby takes this moment to catch his wind, then finally starts to climb down to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman hit the ground hard and rolled right up to the barricade, and now Bobby has another opening…

Bergman is pulled up by his hair. Bobby leans him against the ring apron, then unleashes a loud knife edge chop. He smiles at the crowd reaction, then throws another, and Bergman clutches at his chest in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Now Bobby Dean trying to work the crowd, really getting into these chops!

Bobby turns toward the crowd, enjoying their approval and chuckles as he looks out.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean is really eating this up..

A big grin is on Bobby Dean’s face until his eyes lock onto a young man in the second row with a “RED LOBSTER” shirt on.

Joe Hoffman: Until now! There’s…. There’s a kid wearing a Red Lobster t-shirt of all things! Bobby made a point of his aversion to lobster based food items, and you have to wonder if this kid wore that shirt to mess with him a little bit!!

Bobby’s face goes white, and he does a full blown dry vomit motion. Little does he know, Bergman has climbs up onto the ring steps and is waiting, and as Bobby turns around, Bergman leaps off into a cutter that drives the front of his beautiful face into the ringside floor.

Joe Hoffman: The distraction was just enough! Bergman with a beautiful leaping cutter!

The crowd cheers again, this time for Joe Bergman as he yells out into the crowd, fired up, and goes to pull Bobby Dean back to his feet. He finally manages to get him up, then fires right hands into his face and midsection over and over.

Joe Hoffman: Joe Bergman on the attack! This crowd is going nuts!

Grabbing Bobby Dean by the head, Bergman growls as he rushes him to the corner and slams his head right into the ring steps. He holds on, repeatedly smashing Bobby’s face into the unforgiving steel.

Joe Hoffman: Over and over into the steps!

Bobby stumbles around, and Bergman looks up at the turnbuckle, then takes Bobby by the back of his head and rolls him into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean is in some real trouble right now! All of the momentum has shifted back to Joe Bergman!

Bergman jumps up and climbs the turnbuckle, then wastes no time as he leaps off into a thunderous flying elbow from the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Huge impact! Joe Bergman is fired up and Bobby Dean is down! Boettcher starts the count as Bergman covers!




Bergman looks up at Boettcher for a split second, then pops up to his feet, egging the crowd on, and they give him a loud ovation. He turns to Bobby, who is desperately trying to get to his feet. Bobby takes a step here, takes another step there, and is generally making a confused and dazed circle in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean is twirling in circles… he’s out of it! Bergman just waiting!!

Finally he turns toward Bergman and eats a huge blast of 97Red mist to the face.

Joe Hoffman: And the mist to the face! Bobby Dean is blinded! He’s desperately clutching at his eyes, but Joe Bergman is waiting!

Bobby screams out, but is blinded and has no defense for Bergman slipping behind him and pulling him back into the Dragon Sleeper.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman has it locked in! The Dragon Sleeper is locked in right in the middle of the ring and Bobby Dean has nowhere to go!

Bobby’s arms flail around him and he tries to do whatever he can to remain conscious, but, just like when he doesn’t eat enough, he passes out. Bergman wrench his neck a few more times before Matt Boettcher calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean falls limp and that’ll do it! What a huge and emphatic win for Joe Bergman!

Bryan McVay: The winner of the match…. JOOOOOOEEEEEE BEEEEEERGMAN!!!!!!!

Bergman rolls out of the ring and looks out at the fans. He gives a salute to Section 214 and begins a slow walk back up the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: It was clear that Bergman wanted to get in and get out quickly. With that win its now official that The Highwaymen will get a HOTv Tag Team Championship match against the Bandits.

The camera cuts one more time to Bergman as he reaches the top of the entrance ramp. He raises his arms up in the air, pats his heart, and seemingly waves goodbye as we cut elsewhere.


We cut to the backstage area of the Best Arena here in Chicago. Blaire Moise is ONCE AGAIN standing with her microphone in hand in front of the camera. The cameraman signals that they are live as Blaire raises the microphone up to her lips.

Blaire Moise: Has anyone seen Brian? Anway…..Please join me in welcoming STILL unfortunately… the HOW LSD Champion, Jace Parker Davidson.

Jace walks into camera range with the HOW LSD Championship belt over his right shoulder. Jace is dressed casually even though his hand is still heavily wrapped up due to the stab wound suffered at RATR thanks to Bobbinette Carey. Clearly, the Champion isn’t 100% but he still smiles like he’s feeling like a million dollars.

Blaire Moise: I have to ask just how are you feel–

Blaire is interrupted by Jace.

Davidson: How am I feeling? I’m battered, I’m bruised, and I was nearly killed at Rumble at the Rock but Blaire? I feel FANTASTIC! I’m still the LSD Champion, I’m still the forever ICON Champion, and better still we live in an era where Scottywood isn’t on the HOW roster. Life is good, Blaire.

Jace laughs obnoxiously as the crowd in the arena boos loudly.

Blaire Moise: I’m not allowed to say that… person’s… name but I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of him.

Davidson: What do you mean you’re not allowed?

Blaire Moise: Scott Stevens says that if–

For a second time Jace interrupts Blaire.

Davidson: Scott Stevens, gotcha. That’s all you had to say. Look, whatever it is that Scott Stevens threatened you with? Forget all about it. Scott Stevens has no pull or power here in HOW. He’s not a member of The Board. He’s not a Champion. I don’t care how much he worships Lee Best’s godly nut sack. It doesn’t change the fact that everything Scott Stevens says is complete and utter nonsense.

Blaire Moise: Well, later tonight Scott Stevens has the chance to become a Champion if he… you’re going to interrupt me again, aren’t you?

Davidson: Good! You’re learning!

Jace reaches out and tries to pat Blaire on the head but she moves out of reach.

Davidson: No one cares about Stevens. He’s not going to beat GREAT SCOTT and he’s not walking out of here as HOTv Champion. Let’s move onto something important.

Blaire Moise: How about the fact that you failed in your attempt to wipe the existence of Bobbinette Carey from HOW?

The crowd cheers wildly as Jace cuts his eyes at Blaire.

Davidson: Okay, okay, yes, har har. I didn’t erase Bobbinette Carey from HOW and its history books. I walked into Alcatraz and Bobbinette Carey literally fought the best match she’s ever fought in nearly a decade. Bobbinette Carey tried to rise to the occasion and once again a match that involved yours truly stole the show. Carey managed to show that there is an ounce of talent in that blubbery body of hers. But now what? She went toe to toe with the GREATEST LSD Champion of all time. How does she follow up? I’ll answer that for you, she doesn’t. She’ll squander all of that hype, all of that attention, and all of that heat. She’ll go right back to being the same Bobbinette Carey that didn’t give a shit whether she won or lost because that’s what they all do. Look at Darin Zion. Look at Scott Stevens. The list goes on and on.

Blaire Moise: It’s been announced that at ICONIC you will be facing off against Steve Solex. A match where you’ll be representing Peach State Wrestling and he’ll be representing LPW.

Jace’s face sours at the mention of Peach State Wrestling.

Davidson: Peach State Wrestling is dead and gone. The only reason that name is even relevant today is because that is the place I worked at before I arrived here in HOW. You want to know what I represent? I represent HOW. I represent the Hall of Fame. I represent The Board. Most importantly, I represent greatness.

Blaire Moise: And Steve Solex doesn’t?

Davidson: Are you kidding? What has Steve Solex done exactly? Oh, that’s right he’s responsible for The Highwaymen losing the HOTv Tag Team Championship belts to The Egg Bandits.

Blaire Moise: He’s the first ever HOTv Champion!

Davidson: And I am the BEST ever HOTv Champion. The fact is Steve Solex is responsible for The Highwaymen losing the last piece of HOW gold that they were clinging to. What has done about it? Oh, yeah, he decided to crash on another man’s couch and bully him so that he can live there rent free. Just sitting on the couch smoking cigarettes and drinking beer while watching the fucking Golden Girls.

Jace begins to clap his hands sarcastically.

Davidson: Good job, Solex! Way to represent the HOW Hall of Fame, douchebag. This motherfucker has the nerve to talk about Cancer Jiles being the PRIME UNIVERSAL Champion… not World Champion, idiot. But tell me, just what World or Universal Championship belt has Solex won? This son of a bitch couldn’t even keep them from winning the HOTv Tag Team Championship belts in a handicapped match and he’s sitting there talking shit?! Unbelievable! But Solex is going to be out there in the ring a little bit later and we’ll see if he’s managed to pull a molecule of talent out of his ass. If not, then it looks like I’ll have a nice easy time at ICONIC.

Blaire Moise: One last question before I let you go. Can you give us any kind of information on STRONK Godson?

Davidson: Any information regarding THE STRONKEST MAN ALIVE is highly confidential. Even asking about STRONK Godson has been made something that gets flagged by the FBI. It’s that confidential! But worry not, Blaire. The STRONKUMMS LLC and STRONKUMMS products aren’t going anywhere. The new face of the company GREAT SCOTT is going to do us proud out in the ring later tonight.

Jace smiles but suddenly Abdullah Choi staggers into camera range. The man is clearly strung out on some kind of substance and doesn’t look like he’s bathed in days. Choi pushes past Blaire and grabs a hold of Jace.

Abdullah Choi: Jacey! Pal! You have to help me?!

Davidson: What the hell is going on? What happened to laying low?!

Abdullah Choi: I did that! I went home to Minnesota and I laid low and I came to a realization. Do you know what that was? I’ll tell you… It was fucking boring! I mean, it’s Minnesota for fucks sake but still! So what did I do? I did what I do best. I ordered as much and as many illegal substances that I could get my grubby little hands on. I ordered escorts and hookers and I fucking lived, man. I partied around the clock 24/7!

Davidson: So, what is the problem?!

Abdullah Choi: The problem is that the neighbors started to complain and threatened to call the cops. Appliances started to break down. Bill started to flood in through the mail. I got the card but I can’t handle it all. There is no fear of my head being squashed like a grape now that I live by myself. I’ve become lazy and more addicted to every drug on the market than ever before. I don’t trust myself to handle the things that NEED to be handled. I’m likely to blow all the STRONKUMMS money on hookers and blow. I need help! I need work! I need you to make me your manager! Pleaseeeee!!!!

Choi begs and begins to fall to his knees while holding onto Jace. Blaire watches on disturbed by what she just heard as Jace turns towards the camera.

Davidson: Sorry Blaire, something has come up. This interview is over.

Jace grabs a hold of Choi by the back of the neck and leads him towards the locker room as head to commercial.


Coming back from commercial break we see the locker room door of Conor Fuse followed by a bandaged hand knocking on the door. As the person comes into view, it’s the bruised cut up face of Bobbinette Carey. She looks like she’s recovering, her head wrapped as she wears her normal black slacks with a pink button up blouse and black blazer. She opens the door and smiles weakly.

Bobbinette Carey: Hey… I tried calling you a couple of times.

The camera reveals Conor sitting idly in the corner of the room, leaned forward, arms folded across his knees. He slowly glances up and gives a slight grin.

Conor Fuse: Sorry… I…

The gamer’s voice trails as he stares off in the distance. Carey picks up where she left off.

Bobbinette Carey: I know originally I suggested we play Super Smash Bros. after RATR. The hospital exams and stitches put a damper on that.

She laughs weakly showing her hands bandaged.

Bobbinette Carey: But I wanted to check on you.

Fuse nods, listening along to his friend. When she finishes speaking, he raises his head once more with a shrug.

Conor Fuse: I’m not really in the mood for gaming right now, ya know?

Bobbie gives Conor a moment to think things through, as she tries to lighten the mood with a smile.

Bobbinette Carey: What you did… it wasn’t your fault. That place… you know by now it changes all of us.

Fuse takes another moment to contemplate these words as he leans back on the locker room bench.

Conor Fuse: You know what’s funny, Bobbie? Last year I was mentally destroyed when I lost the World Title to Mike Best at Rumble at the Rock. Totally devastated. I didn’t talk for months. And now? Now I took that ‘roided goomba’s head and literally stomped a fucking weight through it. He deserved it, too. He fucking deserved more for everything he’s done. It was also time I leveled up and didn’t allow Alcatraz to get the better of me.

Fuse replays the events of last week in his head.

Conor Fuse: I did it, I did exactly what I said I was gonna.

He pauses, a concern rushes over his face.

Conor Fuse: And I still feel like shit.

Bobbie is quick on the response.

Bobbinette Carey: We don’t even know if he’s dead. Scooter… his phone goes straight to voicemail… and Frankie and Ben haven’t heard from him.

Her voice breaks a little as we see her eyes start to water.

Bobbinette Carey: But it doesn’t mean either of them are dead… and you… you can’t blame yourself for what you did.

Conor takes a deep sigh before standing up. He puts on a brave face.

Conor Fuse: You know what? It’s fine, I’m good. Like not great, but good. I did what I did. And if anything… I showed the entire world not to fuck with me. Like Steve Harrison… I finally have my one-on-one match with Steve Harrison. Guy has said so much shit about me all year. Maybe I’ll kill him, too.

Immediate regret rushes over Conor’s face.

Conor Fuse: Okay, okay, maybe I’ll just pin him.

Bobbie replies warmly with “that’s the spirit”, as Conor collects some of his items. He reaches into his duffle bag, taking hold of something in there… but doesn’t reveal it.

Conor Fuse: Which reminds me, we’re here all month now, huh. I guess next week, Harrison and I should get a little more acquainted with each other.

Fuse grins, sadistically.

Conor Fuse: Because I have something for him.

He winks at Bobbinette.

Conor Fuse: I have a little something for everyone.

The Power-Up King walks over to Bobbie and pats her on the shoulder.

Conor Fuse: Good luck with your match against JPD tonight, Bob.

He leaves the room as The Queen of Epicness has a confused look on her face. She watches Conor exit before adding a reply.

Bobbinette Carey: But I don’t have a match…

She looks nervously on as the camera cuts back to ringside.


The beginning of “This Means War” by Avenged Sevenfold thumps from the sound system as the crowd explodes into a fury of boos and hisses. A montage of Steve Solex plays on the HOV, flashing on and off in rhythm with the music. As the music stalls, the HOV goes black as the lights throughout the arena go dark. A bomb like explosion blasts at the top of the entry way sending a plume of smoke up and in front of the HOV in the shape of a mushroom cloud, and at that moment the music returns and Steve Solex makes his way out from behind the curtain.


Joe Hoffman: I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Solex booed in The Best Arena…

The montage continues to play on the HOV as Solex stops atop the entrance ramp and pounds his chest twice with a white knuckled fist before throwing his hands high up into the air. He soaks in the boos from the crowd before marching down to the ring. No glitz, no high fives, just a fast paced march and the look of cold blooded killer. He slides under the bottom rope and stares down the referee before finding his corner and resting back into it.

The lights dim.

The arena quiets.

A chill moves through the air…

“I am the COOL” explodes over the speakers.

~I’m the one your mama warned you about

~When you see me, I will leave you no doubt

~I’m the coolest man that ever walked this earth

~I’ve been the coolest since the day of my birth


Out from behind the curtain, after a second or two of suspense, The Crown Prince of COOL, Cancer Jiles emerges. Shades on, hair on point, he pauses at the top of ramp. Jiles confidently makes his way down to the ring and slides on in under the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: And Hortega is quick to call for the bell for this one.


Solex and Jiles immediately begin circling each other. Solex goes in for a leg but Jiles sidesteps him and tries to run his nails down Solex’s back with a back rake. Solex turns around just as Jiles starts with a vicious right hand that claps Jiles across the jaw. Jiles stumbles backwards into the ropes as Solex comes barrelling over. Hortega comes over to separate the two men. Solex breaks clean but Jiles slips a thumb to Solex’s eye.

Joe Hoffman: Cancer Jiles is universally hated for being a cheating scumbag.

Solex blinks awkwardly as the two men once again take up circling each other in the center of the ring. Solex tries to shoot in again, but Jiles manages to sidestep him. Jiles peppers off a right hand to the already squinting right eye of Steve Solex. Solex reals back and Jiles digs his nails into Solex’s forehead above his right eye and rakes downwards on Solex’s face. The MercDad grimaces and grabs his eye before stumbling around.

Joe Hoffman: Solex looks to be in trouble here.

Solex goes to the ropes with his head down and Jiles comes over with a head of steam looking to keep the upper hand. Jiles tries to run Solex’s face across the ropes, but Solex stops him in his tracks and grabs Jiles around the wrist. Jiles squirms trying to get away, but Solex pulls him close. Jiles tries to throw a knee, but Solex turns Jiles over and plants him to the canvas with something between a belly to belly suplex and a judo throw.

Joe Hoffman: Jiles was doing a great job dancing around Solex, but Solex played possum and caught him!

Jiles tries to shake Solex off of him, but Solex steps into a postured up MMA position in Jiles’ guard. Jiles tries to manuever but Solex starts raining down right hands, some to the face, some to the chest and stomach, wherever he can make contact with Jiles.

Joe Hoffman: Jiles gets away!

Finally Jiles is able to plant his salt shoes onto Solex’s thighs and launches himself backwards into the ropes. He grabs a hold as Hortega steps in to make sure the two separate again. Jiles gets to his feet and is barking at Hortega to back up Solex even further, sticking his head and upper body through the middle rope. Solex shakes his head and rolls his eyes as Jiles refuses to come back through the ropes until Solex has hit the far corner.

Joe Hoffman: Solex has had enough!

Solex comes across the ring on fire, Hortega tries to get in front of him, but isn’t in time. Solex grabs Jiles around the waist and drags him through the ropes, practically yeeting him to the center of the ring. Jiles scrambles to his feet but Solex gets over to him grabbing him around the waist. Jiles is able to reverse the position, getting behind Solex. Jiles plants his nails in Solex’s back and rakes them down as painfully as he possibly can. The Hall of Famer arches his back and awkwardly begins to walk across the ring. He turns around right into another thumb to the right eye.

Joe Hoffman: Jiles is a technician of cheating. I know that’s a weird phrase, but the man finds a body part, and absolutely exploits it as much as he possibly can. All through cheating. It’s actually kind of impressive.

Jiles is all over Solex, left hand to Solex’s blindside, followed by another left hand. Solex ducks down trying to cover up his face, and Jiles boots him as hard as he can across the side of his head. Solex slumps to the mat, and Jiles steps back, swinging the salt shoe forward again and delivering another straight kick right into Solex’s right eye. Solex goes to the ground, and Jiles delivers a few stomps before standing on Solex’s face and spinning. Solex rolls over holding his face as Jiles paces looking for an opening.

Joe Hoffman: The former World Heavyweight champion is as ruthless as they come.

Jiles tries to boot Solex’s back, but the bigger man manages to grab ahold of Jiles’ foot as it lands, pinning it to the canvas. Solex pulls the proverbial rug out from under Jiles, he jumps to a squat and explodes upwards flipping Jiles right onto his back. Solex falls forward with the same momentum ontop of Jiles and starts raining down right hands. Jiles tries to put Solex in a guard again but Solex passes it without a second thought and is throwing right hands like they are buy one get one free.

Joe Hoffman: Solex once again with the upper hand here.

Jiles once again tries to squirm his way out, but he manages to get his hands up around Solex’s eyes. Solex swats them off and throws another right, but Jiles once again goes for the eyes and manages to jam his thumb into Solex’s eye while simultaneously scratching at his face with his other hand. Solex backs off and Jiles gets to his feet. Jiles comes in at Solex, but Solex tries to send Jiles into the ropes. Jiles reverses and instead sends the Hall of Famer into the ropes.

Solex comes back and takes a huge swing with a lariat, Jiles ducks under and Solex continues into the far ropes. Solex comes back off the ropes and Jiles fires off an attempt at Terminal Cancer but Solex manages to duck under and grab Jiles.


Jiles smashes off the mat with a huge thud. Solex immediately hooks Jiles’ leg for the pin as Hortega slides over.

Joel Hortega: UNO!

Joel Hortega: DOS!




Joel Hortega: TRES!



Joe Hoffman: What a win for Steve Solex. That is two wins tonight for the Highwaymen over the eGG Bandits here tonight and with their Tag Title match looming…they have ALL the momentum.

The camera catches Solex smirking as he stares at the PRIME World Champion as we cut to another commercial break.


We come back from commercial to an establishing shot of Alcatraz, the words “A RANDALL SCHWARTZ PRODUCTION” superimposed in bold letters to clue us in on what’s to come as we cut to different shots of the prison, the site of Rumble at the Rock, as “Prison Grove” by Warren Zevon begins to play…

An icy wind burns and scars

Rushes in like a fallen star

Through the narrow space between these bars

Looking down on Prison Grove

We cut to a shot just outside of “The Hole,” the solitary confinement space where one Xander Azula was locked in for 24 hours, a punishment befitting of his unruly behavior at the PPV event leading to the cancellation of the Prison Yard match. As we stare down the door of this space, the song continues to play.

Dug in, hunkered down

Hours race without a sound

Gonna carry me to where I’m bound

Looking down on Prison Grove

Suddenly, the door opens up as we get a better look inside the cell…a look at the Fighter himself, his back turned to us as he stares at the wall, with what appears to be a piece of chalk on his hand. Written on the wall is a word that has been circled:


And below it, a familiar name that’s been crossed out.


As the music continues faintly in the background, Xander finally turns around to face us…a wicked smile on his face as he slowly approaches the door, acknowledging that his time in The Hole has come to an end. We cut back outside, watching the profile of the Fighter as he takes his first steps outside of solitary confinement in roughly a day, and the song kicks back in.

Some folks have to die too hard

Some folks have to cry too hard

Take one last look at the prison yard

Goodbye, Prison Grove

Azula is greeted by the EPU, who snatch him up to send to the main gate…where we find him reunited with his Eternal Circle loyalists, who are more than happy to greet him as the music fades, leaving us with silence as the feed fades to black.


The cameras cut back live inside the arena after the video finishes playing on the HOV. The Chicago crowd has been electric all night and knows the biggest match of the night is still to come. The camera pans over to the announcer’s table where Joe Hoffman is ready to bring Chaos 014 to a climatic end.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Chaos 014. There will be no other commercial breaks or interruptions of the action until we go off the air. Coming up we have our title match of the evening where the HOTv Championship belt will be on the line. Let’s send it to Bryan McVay in the ring ready to make the introductions.

The camera shifts to the center of the ring where referee Matt Boettcher stands beside Bryan McVay. The Hall of Famer ring announcer raises the microphone up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: The following match is the main event and it’s for the HOTv Championship!

The crowd cheers loudly in anticipation of a knock down drag out fight over the HOTv Championship belt.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first the Challenger…

The lights in the arena go black as a synthesized hymn begins to play as the High Octane Vision comes to life as an angelic voice begins to sing.

“Born from pain, inside my veins.

Bred for war, begging for more.

None shall mourn, I am reborn.

Live in sin. The House always wins.”

The hymn continues as the screen begins to show the Best Arena transformed into a style of a church and the screen slowly flashes the words…..


Lee Best’s infamous blood shot eyes hover above the top. The lights in the arena begin to come on in a shade of 97 Red as smoke and fog begin to fill the stage area as well. The sound of glass breaking is heard as the screen shows a crack over the mural of the Best Arena and Lee Best’s eyes as “O FORTUNA EXCALIBUR REMIX” by Apotheosis begins. Lights above the ring shine down to create a 97 Red HOB. The stage flashes with alternating red and white lights as Scott Stevens makes his way out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: From The Great State of Texas and representing the HOUSE OF BEST!….he is the “Demi-God of HOW!” SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEENS!

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Scott drinks in his own hype as he lifts his right arm and points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk toward the ring. As he does so he carries the Book of Best front and center of his chest while he sticks as close to the center of the ramp as possible to avoid being touched by the heathens that line the barricade. As Scott climbs up onto the mat, the massive Cross of Best hangs around his neck like jewelry.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens was victorious at Rumble at the Rock in his match against Scottywood but that doesn’t mean the HOW Hall of Famer is at 100%. As you can see Stevens has some new ring attire that he feels will help him continue to compete until his injuries fully heal. We’ll see if this new look Scott Stevens has what it takes to become the new HOTv Champion.

Scott wipes his feet off on the edge of the ring, his smile never leaving his face. Moving towards the center of the ring, Scott bathed in the red lettering, drops to a knee before looking up with his eyes closed towards the heavens mouthing something as he is bathed in the sinister glow of 97 Red. Once his prayer is done he slowly lowers the hood of his jacket and lifts his arm high into the air as the music dies and the house lights return signaling Scott to take off the Cross of Best and kiss it before making his way to his corner to prepare for his match.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…




Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT did not compete at Rumble at the Rock which means he’s in top form here tonight against a very much compromised Scott Stevens. The current HOTv Champion has been on a tear since he’s won the belt and looks to make Stevens the next victim of the dreaded SCOTTACANRANA here tonight.

Bryan McVay exits the ring as Matt Boettcher secures the HOTv Championship belt from GREAT SCOTT. Boettcher walks to the center of the ring then holds the belt high into the air. Boettcher hands the belt off to the timekeeper then calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.


Both GREAT SCOTT and Scott Stevens walk to the center of the ring. Stevens begins to talk to GREAT SCOTT about the House of Best while continuing to insinuate that he is his son. Stevens opens his arms wide and motions GREAT SCOTT in for a hug as the crowd boos.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t tell if Scott Stevens is playing mind games with GREAT SCOTT or if he is really that delusional to think he’s GREAT SCOTT’s father.

GREAT SCOTT steps forward but instead of hugging Stevens he slaps him across the face. Stevens staggers a bit then both men lock up collar and elbow. Both men struggle for position but GREAT SCOTT manages to force Stevens back against the turnbuckle. Boettcher comes over and begins to count for a break. GREAT SCOTT lets go of Stevens then goes to throw a kick to the midsection but Stevens quickly ducks under the top rope. Boettcher stands between Stevens and GREAT SCOTT and orders GREAT SCOTT to back away. The HOTv Champion steps back towards the center of the ring as Stevens pulls his head back into the ring. Stevens walks back to the center of the ring as the two men circle each other. GREAT SCOTT goes to lock up again but Stevens drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens seems to be trying to frustrate GREAT SCOTT here early in this match. The veteran Stevens is trying to spark his opponent’s temper and exploit a mistake the Champion might make.

GREAT SCOTT walks towards the ropes to exit the ring but Stevens shouts at Boettcher to keep the Champion away so that he can get back into the ring. Once again Boettcher forces GREAT SCOTT to back away as Stevens pulls himself back up to the apron. GREAT SCOTT charges but quickly Stevens hops back down to the arena floor as the crowd starts to boo the antics of the Texan. Stevens turns to the crowd and points to his head as he walks around the ringside area. Stevens doesn’t pay attention and unintentionally backs up into GREAT BEAR. Stevens spins around with wide eyes… or rather eye as he backs away from the vibin’ bear. Stevens at the bear then reaches into the corner and grabs the Book of Best. Stevens opens up the book and begins to lecture GREAT BEAR. Obviously this is a futile effort as GREAT BEAR cannot hear Stevens due to his sweet Beats by Dre headphones.

Joe Hoffman: I think Lee Best needs to consider mental health personnel as an addition to the HOW staff. After all of the damage of the last two PPV’s I’m not sure Scott Stevens is all there in the head.

Stevens begins to shout louder while reading from the Book of Best but GREAT SCOTT leans off the top rope and grabs a hold of Stevens by the hair. GREAT SCOTT pulls Stevens up to the ring apron but Stevens manages to quickly counter by hitting a stunner on GREAT SCOTT dropping him throat first along the top rope. GREAT SCOTT hits the mat as Stevens grabs a hold of the Book of Best off of the arena floor and places it back into the corner. Stevens slides back into the ring then immediately begins to mount GREAT SCOTT and fire away with right hands to the face. GREAT SCOTT manages to push Stevens off of him as both men climb back to their feet. Stevens gives GREAT SCOTT a knee to the midsection then whips him into the corner. GREAT SCOTT hits the turnbuckle hard as Stevens gets a running start. Stevens leaps into the air and hits GREAT SCOTT with a stinger splash in the corner. Stevens backs away from the corner as GREAT SCOTT falls down to the canvas. Stevens steps forward and begins to lay in repeated mudhole stomps in the corner as Boettcher walks over and begins a five count.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens acted like an absolute fool at the start of this match but now he’s taking the fight to GREAT SCOTT. I guess Stevens might have learned a thing or two from their match three years ago in a company we don’t mention in HOW anymore.

Boettcher reaches a count of four as Stevens holds his hands up and steps away from the corner. Stevens steps forward and grabs GREAT SCOTT by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. Stevens whips GREAT SCOTT into the ropes but GREAT SCOTT reverses and sends Stevens into the ropes. Stevens bounces off the ropes then leaps into the air and connects with Debbie Does Dallas. The leaping European Uppercut lands flush and knocks GREAT SCOTT down to the canvas. Stevens hooks the leg and makes the cover on GREAT SCOTT as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO


Joe Hoffman: Stevens rocked the skull of GREAT SCOTT but that European uppercut was only enough to hold GREAT SCOTT down for a two count. I think Stevens knows it’s going to take a lot more than that to defeat the HOTv Champion but he’s putting pressure on GREAT SCOTT to expend as much energy as possible.

Stevens gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT and pulls him up to his feet. Stevens hooks GREAT SCOTT and tries to lift him up for a vertical suplex but GREAT SCOTT blocks the attempt. GREAT SCOTT locks his arms around Stevens then launches him overhead with a release belly to belly suplex. Stevens hits the canvas hard as GREAT SCOTT takes a moment to recover before pulling himself back up to his feet. Stevens is back to his feet and charges as GREAT SCOTT but gets rocked with a huge clothesline that sends him crashing back down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT shakes out his arm and flexes it as the crowd cheers. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Stevens and pulls him back up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT gives Stevens a boot to the midsection then whips him into the ropes. Stevens bounces off the ropes but GREAT SCOTT catches him and hits him with a snap powerslam down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens tried to match power with GREAT SCOTT and tried to go suplex for suplex with the HOTv Champion. That was a bad move as now GREAT SCOTT has come to life and he’s unleashing some brutal offense on an already injured Scott Stevens.

GREAT SCOTT gets up to his feet then stalks around Stevens who staggers back up to a vertical base. Stevens charges towards GREAT SCOTT but the Champion catches him and plants him down to the canvas with a spinebuster. GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of Scott Stevens by the head and begins to peel him off of the canvas. GREAT SCOTT shoves Stevens’ head between his legs then grabs him by the waist. GREAT SCOTT lifts Stevens high into the air then plants him with THE GREAT SCOTT BOMB. GREAT SCOTT hooks the leg and makes the cover on Stevens as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO


Joe Hoffman: Big time powerbomb by GREAT SCOTT on Scott Stevens but I guess that new attire is doing its job because Stevens managed to kick out at two. I don’t know how many more GREAT SCOTT BOMBS that Stevens can take before it’s over for him in this match.

GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet then stalks around Stevens as he struggles to regain a vertical base. Stevens gets to his feet and turns around as GREAT SCOTT connects with GREAT SCOTT MUZIK. The superkick sends Stevens staggering back into the ropes. Stevens bounces back off the ropes then hits GREAT SCOTT with Remember The Alamo to the face. Both men hit the canvas hard after trading superkicks. Boettcher begins a ten count as both men try to recover and get back to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens got hit with GREAT SCOTT MUZIK but I think the ropes saved him from hitting the canvas or the arena floor. That allowed him to connect with Remember The Alamo to GREAT SCOTT and now both men are on the canvas and this is anyone’s game.

Slowly both GREAT SCOTT and Stevens pull themselves back up to their feet. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Stevens and goes for a fisherman’s suplex but Stevens counters with repeated elbow shots to the side of the head. GREAT SCOTT breaks his hold on Stevens and staggers a bit. Stevens grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT from behind and hits him with the Scorpion Death Drop down to the canvas. The back of GREAT SCOTT’s head bounces off the mat as Stevens gets back up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of the ropes and pulls himself back up to his feet. Stevens grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT and whips him into the ropes. GREAT SCOTT bounces off the ropes but Stevens clubs him with the Texas Hammer that sends him crashing down to the canvas. Stevens smiles as he points over to the top turnbuckle. Stevens steps through the ropes and slowly begins to climb the turnbuckle. Stevens balances himself on the top rope then leaps off and hits GREAT SCOTT with a diving headbutt. Stevens shakes the pain from his head away then hooks the leg and makes the cover on GREAT SCOTT as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE

Matt Boettcher: TWO

Matt Boettcher: THR– NO!


Joe Hoffman: Diving headbutt from the top rope from Scott Stevens but I think that momentary shake of his head from the impact of the move is what cost him from becoming the new HOTv Champion right there. He needs to keep the pressure on GREAT SCOTT here and not argue over if it was a slow count or not.

Stevens pulls himself up to his feet then stalks around GREAT SCOTT as he fights his way up off of the canvas. GREAT SCOTT turns around as Stevens grabs a hold of him and goes for the Toxic Sting. GREAT SCOTT counters by pushing Stevens away. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Stevens from behind putting him in a full nelson before snapping him backwards with a dragon suplex down to the canvas. Stevens rolls through and staggers back up to his feet. As GREAT SCOTT gets back up Stevens goes for a discus clothesline but GREAT SCOTT ducks under it. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Stevens from behind and then hits him with a release German suplex down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT has found his second wind and he’s tossing around Scott Stevens with a variety of suplexes like he was nothing more than a ragdoll!

GREAT SCOTT gets back up to his feet as Stevens rolls to the corner. GREAT SCOTT marches forward as Stevens uses the turnbuckle pads to pull himself up to his feet. GREAT SCOTT lowers his shoulder then begins hitting Stevens with repeated shoulder blocks to the midsection. GREAT SCOTT climbs to the middle rope and then begins to fire down right hands to the face of the eye patched Scott Stevens. The crowd counts along with each shot but Stevens switches into survival mode. He grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT then runs out of the corner and plants him with a running sit out powerbomb. Stevens holds GREAT SCOTT in position as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE




Matt Boettcher: TWO





Matt Boettcher: THREE!








Joe Hoffman: You can’t get closer than that to crowning a new HOTv Champion. The running powerbomb took it out of both men but I have a feeling the first man to his feet will be in control of this one!

Slowly both GREAT SCOTT pulls himself up to his feet as Stevens crawls towards the corner. Stevens grabs a hold of the Book of Best and gets back up to his feet. Stevens turns around but GREAT SCOTT charges and hits Stevens with a spear that sends him crashing down to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of the Book of Best then mounts himself over Stevens. GREAT SCOTT looks through the pages of the Book of Best but are we sure GREAT SCOTT can read? With a shrug of his shoulder GREAT SCOTT closes the Book of Best and then begins to bludgeon Stevens with it repeatedly.

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT is using the Book of Best as a weapon against Scott Stevens!

Boettcher walks over and warns GREAT SCOTT that he’ll disqualify him if he doesn’t stop but GREAT SCOTT continues to try and turn Stevens’ head into mashed potatoes. Boettcher grabs a hold of the Book of Best and prevents GREAT SCOTT from hitting Stevens with it again. GREAT SCOTT gets to his feet as him and the referee have a bit of a tug of war over the book. Boettcher snatches the book away from GREAT SCOTT and admonishes him. GREAT SCOTT pays no attention to Boettcher and turns around. But doesn’t realize Stevens is back up to his feet and connects…

Joe Hoffman: TOXIC STING!

Stevens hits his finisher but GREAT SCOTT rolls out of the ring to the arena floor because Stevens couldn’t capitalize with the cover because of the damage he’s sustained. Stevens slowly pulls himself up to his feet then steps through the ropes and exits the ring. Stevens grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT off of the arena floor and then rolls him back into the ring. Stevens slides back into the ring and gets to his feet as GREAT SCOTT pulls himself back up to a seated position. Stevens charges forward then hits GREAT SCOTT with Don’t Mess With Texas right to the face. GREAT SCOTT collapses to the canvas as Stevens hooks the leg and makes the cover as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!






Matt Boettcher: TWO!







Matt Boettcher: THREE!!!!

Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… AND NEWWWWW–

Boettcher leaps to his feet and waves McVay off. Stevens climbs to his feet and begins celebrating but Boettcher points to GREAT SCOTT’s foot that just happens to be underneath the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens thinks he just became the new HOTv Champion thanks to that knee using that heavy new brace but Boettcher is indicating that GREAT SCOTT’s foot was under the bottom rope. This match is going to continue!

Bryan McVay: GREAT SCOTT’s foot was not fully inside of the ring during the cover and referee Matt Boettcher has decided that this match will continue!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Stevens turns around furious. Stevens and Boettcher get into a heated argument but Boettcher stands his ground. Stevens turns his attention towards GREAT SCOTT who is still on the canvas. Stevens drags GREAT SCOTT to the center of the ring then once again hooks the leg and makes the cover as Boettcher slides in.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!

Matt Boettcher: THREE!!!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!! KICK OUT BY GREAT SCOTT!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT is still alive in this one and Stevens can’t believe it!

Stevens pulls himself back up to his feet, not happy at all. Stevens grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT by the head and pulls him off of the canvas. Stevens shoves GREAT SCOTT’s head between his legs. Stevens grabs a hold of GREAT SCOTT by the waist then lifts him up into the air. Stevens begins to march towards the corner going for a bucklebomb but GREAT SCOTT reaches down and grabs Stevens’ eye patch. He moves it over to Stevens’ good eye then flips backwards…


GREAT SCOTT hits his finishing move on Stevens but the sheer momentum sends Stevens towards the corner and out of the ring. Stevens hits the arena floor as GREAT SCOTT remains on the canvas trying to recover from this grueling match. Slowly but surely GREAT SCOTT fights his way back up to his feet as Stevens moves his eye patch back to its proper position. GREAT SCOTT exits the ring then grabs a hold of Stevens. GREAT SCOTT lifts him to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. GREAT SCOTT stops and turns towards the crowd as he notices a sign being held by a fan. The sign reads “WE <3 STRONK!” as GREAT SCOTT grabs it from the fan. GREAT SCOTT holds the sign high into the air and pounds his chest with his free hand as the crowd explodes with cheers. GREAT SCOTT hands the sign back to the fan then slides into the ring. GREAT SCOTT gets to his feet and pulls down the straps of his singlet as Stevens staggers back up to his feet. As Stevens turns around GREAT SCOTT snaps his head towards him and gives him THE GLARE!

Joe Hoffman: GREAT SCOTT means business now!

Stevens is unfazed by the glare then charges towards GREAT SCOTT. Stevens leaps into the air going for a bicycle knee strike but GREAT SCOTT moves out of the way. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Stevens from behind.

Joe Hoffman: THE LOOP HOLD?! GREAT SCOTT is using STRONK Godson’s finishing move here against Scott Stevens!

Stevens flails his arms around wildly as GREAT SCOTT tries to apply the move properly. Having already felt the move before Stevens is quick to act. He reaches behind him and lifts GREAT SCOTT up off of the canvas. Stevens races backwards and crushes GREAT SCOTT against the turnbuckle. GREAT SCOTT keeps his grip on the move but Stevens charges out of the corner then falls backwards sending GREAT SCOTT crashing down to the canvas using all of his weight. All of the oxygen is forced out of GREAT SCOTT’s lungs which causes him to release the hold.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are down and I don’t see how they have anything left to give in this match. Even a fresh GREAT SCOTT hasn’t been able to put away a less than 100% Scott Stevens but can he do it? Can Stevens overcome the brutality of his RATR match to defeat the long reign of GREAT SCOTT?

Slowly both men struggle to get back up to their feet. GREAT SCOTT looking the worst of the two men after that move. Both men stand up on unsteady legs and turn towards each other. Stevens leaps into the air and goes for another TOXIC STING but GREAT SCOTT falls to the canvas. GREAT SCOTT grabs a hold of Stevens as he goes down and gets him into a roll up as Boettcher slides in for the count.

Matt Boettcher: ONE!

Matt Boettcher: TWO!

Matt Boettcher: THREE!!!

Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 22:17… AND STILLLLL HOTv CHAMPION! GREATTTTTT SCOTTTTTTTT!!!

Stevens instantly pops up to his needs after the announcement is made. Stevens argues with Boettcher but he indicates that the three count is official as he awards the HOTv Championship belt to GREAT SCOTT who rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: These two threw everything that they had at each other but in the end it’s a roll up by GREAT SCOTT that allows him to escape here tonight still the HOW HOTv Champion. Stevens isn’t a happy camper but it looks like GREAT SCOTT remains to be GREAT. That’s all the time we have here tonight for Chaos 014. Tune in next week for Chaos 015 where we’ll be live from the Best Arena once again. Goodnight everyone!



The sound of open palm meeting flesh echoes thru the empty room and darkened room.

Well almost empty.


This time the back of a hand meets the other cheek and the man’s head snaps in the other direction.

“You know it was not that long ago when the World Champion was sitting in that very seat you are in and was TORTURED by that fucking mental midget Steve Solex. How fitting isn’t it that now YOU sit there?”

Suddenly the room is full of light as we see the man that just flipped the light switch on:

Lee Best in all his Gold Mask glory.

The man sitting in the chair?

Joe Bergman.

“Everyone…and I mean EVERYONE knows how much I respect you Joe. I give and I give, and I give. But what do you and all these other assholes do? Take and take and take.”

Lee rears back his right hand and delivers a right hand to the jaw of Bergman…snapping the man’s head in the other direction.


Lee shakes his hand and looks down at surely at his now bloody knuckles.

“I am done giving everyone respect. I am done doing everything to make things kosher around here. Fuck everyone’s feelings. What these last several weeks have taught me is that at the end of the day I can only count on my fucking self and a few folks. That is why tonight Joe you will be the sacrifice to let all the other’s now that I am no longer going to sit on the sidelines while they TAKE…AND TAKE….AND FUCKING TAKE!!!!”

Lee rears back his right hand once again but this time his arm is grabbed and stopped.

“What the fuck???”

Lee looks behind him and sees the man that stopped him from delivering another blow……and smiles.

Lee slowly lowers his arm and steps to the side and allows the man to step forward.

He stares intently at Bergman until The Highwaymen member slowly raises his bloody and bruised head and makes eye contact with his fellow Hall of Famer. His eyes grow wide as the man swings violently at his head….


This time it is not flesh and bone that makes contact with Bergman’s head…..instead it is the cold steel of a black tire iron.

Bergman is instantly knocked out and blood begins to form under his hanging head.

The man raises his arm to strike again….


This time the man turns and sees that Lee is not alone.

He is in fact surrounded by three more individuals….and it is then that we fully see his identity….

Jatt Starr.

The Hall of Famer smiles as he watches Lee motion for the men to line up in front of Bergman.

Jace Parker Davidson……GREAT SCOTT….and finally the man that Lee referenced earlier who was literally beaten to an inch of his life in that very chair that Bergman sits now……The World Champion.

Lee walks up and kneels next to Bergman. He grabs the man by his chin and raises his head so that the man has no choice but to look at him. Lee slowly pulls his mask up and his own mangled and scarred face causes Bergman’s eyes to grow wide….even while surely concussed.

“You will wish your face looked as good as mine when these guys are done with you Joe. They will never call you Ordinary again…..nah……tonight these four men will make you EXTRAORDINARY ”

Lee pulls his mask back down and slips off into the shadows as the four men prepare to do work as the feed quickly goes black.

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