High Octane Wrestling

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  • FoundedOctober 5th 2002
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationUnited States of America

About: HOW

Bookerman: Lee Best

Results: Summarized weekly. Full written PPV. Matches wrote by rotating members of the roster

Style: Roleplay Fed

Roster Size: 15-20. Anything over 20 and I get a rash.

World Championship – Top of the food chain
ICON Championship – Secondary Championship. Work rate championship
LSD Championship – Secondary Championship. Hardcore brother to the ICON
HOTv Championship – Low to Mid card title that can travel to other HOTv member companies
Tag Team Championship – Standard Tag Team Championships. Contested under free bird rules 100% of the time.

The High Octane Table tracks rankings and is used for 97% of the defenses. 3% is random

Television Shows (Current Era):

Refueled: First 100 weekly shows since the restart in 2019
Chaos: Current Weekly Show taking place on Sundays

Special Events:

March To Glory: Annual first PPV of the year. Culminates the annual Lee Best Invitational. Usually in Late March.
War Games: Annual War Games Match with limited undercard (if any) Usually in Early June
Summer PPV: Rotating Summer PPV’s. Usually occurs in July.
Rumble At The Rock (RATR): Annual October PPV taking place at Alcatraz Prison.
ICONIC: Annual December PPV that closes out the year for HOW.

High Octane Matches