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  • FoundedOctober 2001
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationUnited States of America

About: SHOOT

Organization: SHOOT Project

Staff: Josh, B, Eddie

Style: Angled with results/matches generated by Fire Pro Wrestling World

Roster Size: 20ish handlers, 40+ characters.



World Heavyweight Champion – Joshua Breedlove

World Tag Team Champions – Lux Aeterna (Lindsay Troy/Ayumi Seppuku)

World Battalion Champions – The Broguns (Kitsune/Mike de los Huesos/Dave de los Muertos)

Iron Fist Champion – Jacob Mephisto

Rule of Surrender Champion – NEMESIS

Sin City Champion – Jamie Johnson

Shut Up and Fight Champion – Blaze Claymore



World Heavyweight Championship – Singles title. No stipulations. 

World Tag Team Championships – Two person team championship, no stipulations.

World Battalion Championships – Six man tag team championships, no stipulations.

Iron Fist Championship – Singles title. Best 2 of 3 falls stipulation.

Rule of Surrender Championship – Singles title. Can only win by submission.

Sin City Championship – Singles title. Lower-midcard title, akin to a TV Championship.

Shut Up and Fight Championship – Singles title. Champion chooses their opponent.


Unique Events:

Master of the Mat: A King of the Ring style tournament that has an accompanying PPV associated with it. Winner gets a World title shot and bragging rights.

Redemption Rumble: Our take on the royal rumble. 8 participants in the ring at once, no limit to the number of characters that can be entered, winner gets a World title shot at Reckoning Day. ALL ACTIVE SINGLES CHARACTERS ARE BOOKED.

The ApeX: Our take on NJPW’s G1-Climax. A round-robin style tournament

The Iron Will Classic: A true endurance challenge. 9 wrestlers are slotted into 3 triple threat matches for 3 spots in the Iron Will Classic. The Iron Will Classic features two champions putting their belts on the line and the winners of each of the triple threats go into 2x 5-person elimination matches against both champions. All of this happens on the same night. 


Last PPVRedemption (06.26.2022)

Next PPV – Iron Will 2 (09.04.2022)

Most Recent Show(s)Ruination 29 & Revolution 179


Ongoing Stories:

Azraith DeMitri – Hall of Famer and veteran wrestler Azraith DeMitri, fresh off an absolute war with Jacob Mephisto, is taking some time off to heal numerous injuries that have been persisting throughout the last year or so.  Deciding to skip the current tour, Az has been doing a mix of commentary and audio work for the SHOOT Project archives, as well as meet and greets and fundraiser activities while the majority of the roster and executive wing are indisposed.


NEMESIS – Meanwhile, Judy-E DeMitri, AKA NEMESIS, has been earning her stripes on the SHOOT Project Roster.  A former Sin City as well as SHOOT World Heavyweight champion, she currently represents the company as it’s first Rules of Surrender Champion in over seven years.  She’s been spending most of her time training and making sure she holds on to her championship going into Iron Will 2, looking to be the second DeMitri to face that crucible.


Jacob Mephisto – Coming off a brutal war with Azraith DiMitri in which the former hung on to the Iron Fist Championship by a thread, closing a two-year feud. Recently, three new challengers have emerged for the Iron Fist Championship in Ignatius Albert Martin, Haskell Payne, and Lexi Gold. Mephisto has attempted to duck all three challengers, but an upcoming 6-person tag team match may just change the landscape of the Iron Fist Division.


Joshua Breedlove – Universally loathed World Heavyweight Champion. Just wrapped a feud with Lindsay Troy at Redemption and later recaptured the World title in the main event. Recently re-signed with the SHOOT Project after a public contract dispute. The new terms of the contract are unknown, but he’s got his eyes set on defending in the Iron Will Classic. Runs a group called the “Holy Breedlove Empire” or “The Empire” for short.


Jamie Johnson – Son of SHOOT Project Owner and legendary Hall of Famer, the Real Deal. Career has been full of ups and downs in a short period of time. He’s currently embroiled in a very bitter feud with El Paria, a member of the Empire. He’s the current Sin City Champion and is trying to forge his own path and stay outside of his father’s shadow.


El Paria – Mysterious young newcomer that the Empire scouted and picked up immediately, due to his athletic and technical gifts. Hates Jamie Johnson for some reason and attacks him as often as humanly possible. He’s currently suspended for refusing to pay a $100,000 fine for a brutal, unprotected chairshot onto Jamie Johnson at Ruination 28, giving the Sin City Champion a concussion.


Spinebuster Island – A tag team made of two journeymen who have been in and around the SHOOT Project since 2016, never seeing a huge amount of success. They’ve recently re-dedicated themselves to competing at the highest level which has started to pay dividends. Currently embroiled in a feud with the returning Unholy Cyber Army, Spinebuster Island makes up just one part of SHOOT Project’s very stacked tag team division.


Real Deal – 44 year old Owner and CEO of the SHOOT Project, along with Sean Kygon. Once considered one of the SHOOT Project’s cornerstones and a current member of the Hall of Fame. No current feuds happening, as he prefers to stay out of the way and run the company. Will sometimes get into it with talent on Spitter and just book himself into matches against them, mostly to stay semi-active.


Lexi Gold – Lexi is a former Shut Up and Fight Champion and while she is still relatively new to SHOOT Project compared to the other talent on the roster, having only joined the company a few months back. However, she has never been shy to jump into the fire from the start and continues to do so today. Currently, she is inserting her name into the Iron Fist Championship picture that is currently held by Jacob Mephisto. Two names have also made their intentions known with that title, that being Haskell Payne, and Ignatius Albert Martin, despite the numbers disadvantage that won’t stop her from proving she is more than capable of holding gold once again and ascending the mountain top with the greatest wrestlers of all time.


Lux Aeterna – From the ashes of VALOR, Lux Aeterna has risen. At Revolution 174: Champions’ Choice,  Lindsay Troy and Ayumi Seppuku defeated the then-SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, the Sisters of Steel, to claim the titles. Now, at Iron Will 2, they’re set to clash with the young, brash upstarts known as the Carolina Lions, who have made it clear that they are not only the future SHOOT tag champs, but they are the future of tag team wrestling.


Ayumi Seppuku – A SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, Ayumi is determined to be a role model for others and a protector for those who can’t defend themselves. She is currently holds the Tag Team Championship with her friend Lindsay Troy. Under the name Lux Aeterna, Ayumi and Lindsay are looking to make good on the early promises of a stable they formed when Ayumi returned to SHOOT last year after a decade-long absence. They are currently embroiled in a war of words with the upstart tag team the Carolina Lions who have made a claim for their belts claiming to be the best tag team in SHOOT. Ayumi is determined to shut down the Lions and stand as true tag team role models.


Blaze Claymore – A cocky, dumb, somewhat competent troll, Blaze is a Hollywood actor who is eager to play the role of the trickster but often, instead, a fool out of himself. He recently won the Shut Up and Fight Championship after harassing long-reigning champion Lexi Gold as part of a campaign to reveal the truth of “DeepSHOOT” to the world. He was recently joined in this ongoing mission by Chadwick Kyle and – together – they make up the newly-formed troll-tastic tag team “Delayed Heat”


Judy Punchinello – Formerly known as “Punky the Clown” and as one half of the “Pop Punks” Judy Punchinello or “Punchin’ Judy” is a student of iconic brawler “Screaming Banshee” and recently turned on her former teammates and friends, including Daihm Ferguson, after they failed to stand up for her. Now, she is on a mission to carve her own path and reject the roster members she believes are “legacy” fighters either as veterans who are past their prime or second-generation stars getting by on nepotism. She is currently fighting for spot in the Iron Will match as part of the First Strike tournament.

Daihm Ferguson – After learning his father was SHOOT Project veteran Lennox Ferguson, Daihm left his home in Scotland on a mission to meet his father. His dream turned into a nightmare when Lennox was named SHOOT Project’s Chief of Staff and has all but made Daihm’s life a living hell. Now, at his father’s own direction, he is in a literal battle for a spot on the roster in a “Best 2 Out of 3” series of matches with the indomitable Ultimo Muerte.

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