Come One Come All To The Altar of Best


Come One Come All To The Altar of Best!


We at just got word from “The Demi-God of HOW” when we were notified of a statement by Stevens.

“These St. Louis heathens should be fucking ashamed of themselves as they cheered their GOD getting brutally assaulted by that caveman, Chris Kostoff. Kostoff should be fucking ashamed of himself for attacking the man who made him! What’s wrong with Kostoff? For a man who made a career out of murdering people with said people seeing him coming he’s been doing a lot of hiding as of late. What’s with all the hiding big man? Afraid GOD is going to put you out of your misery once and for all?!?!? Pussy.

Then you have those hacks from MVW and those idiots in the Highwaymen laughing and clapping in the center of GOD’s ring as he is viciously assaulted by Kostoff. You fucks from MVW should be lucky that you are being seen at all as GOD has graciously allowed your product to be broadcasted on HOTv and PWA: TV. You bitches in the Highwaymen should all be thanking GOD for the opportunity he has given you because he could’ve left your asses swimming in the waters of McKenna Blue.

Then we have the Board…..or lack thereof. You fucks were all in the building and not one came out to protect your GOD. Despicable.

With what has transpired at Chaos 3, I’ll be hosting the first ever The Altar of the Best this Tuesday in Tulsa at the local Marriott and I’m inviting all that has been enlighten by 97 Red to attend. We will praise our Lord and Savior, Lee Best while denouncing all things Kostoff, MVW, Highwaymen, Scottywood, and the Board.

Remember, if you aren’t 97 Red you’re 97 Dead.”

We will give you updates on the exact Marriott location when we get it.

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