G’Day! A New Face Joins PRIME


Earlier this morning, PRIME officials finalized a deal with yet another prospect, “Awesome” Alex Steel!

Alex comes to PRIME from Australia and has wrestled around the world, where she’s known for both her power and her technical prowess. She is also a former competitive powerlifter and has dabbled in the acting sphere.

“I’m very excited Alex is here,” Lindsay Troy said to us this morning. “She’s young, hungry, and ready to work. She’ll be debuting after UltraViolence as we head into our biggest show of the year: Colossus.”

Alex joins a talented “young gun” corp that includes former Five Star Champion Hayes Hanlon, FLAMBERGE, Nate Colton, Adam Ellis, the Winds of Change, Ria Lockhart, GREAT SCOTT, Jonathan-Christopher Hall, and Paxton Ray. Welcome to PRIME, Alex!

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