High Octane Wrestlers make it official…


News over at HOWrestling.com confirmed that a couple members of the HOW roster have already signed contracts with the PWA that will allow them to appear and compete on other shows.

The following wrestlers signed their contracts today with more expected to follow:

Event Contracts:
Jace Parker Davidson- Will continue to compete inside HOW and OCW rings but this contract allows him to compete anywhere under the PWA umbrella. Jace was quoted as saying “It’s a brand new day in the industry when I signed that contract. It means everything to competitors all of the world. Of course, they can all thank me for being the pioneer to make this all possible. Being an HOW Hall of Famer and putting eyes on OCW by becoming THE savage champion means the world to me. This isn’t one of flash in the pan kind of thing. I am the PWA Elite Athlete, I am the workhorse of his business. HOW knows this, OCW knows this, and soon? All the other PWA federations are going to know who is really King of this PWA castle. Now that my name is on the dotted line, each and every single one of you may Bend the Knee to your King.”

Darin Zion -Will continue to compete inside HOW and PRIME rings but this contract allows him to compete anywhere under the PWA umbrella. Zion was said to have appreciated the REAL and BEST LOVE shown here with this contract.

Some other news regarding inter-promotional dealings:

HOTv Championship:
Clay Byrd -Due to the HOTv Champion being under a HOW contract and Lee Best making it known that the HOTv Championship will travel ONLY amongst other HOTv companies, Clay Byrd is essentially under a PWA event contract with NO SAY so on his behalf.
OCW – It is 97% guaranteed that one member of the OCW roster will be taking on Clay Byrd at HOW’s Dead or Alive PPV on August 14th for the High Octane Championship. No word as if this is a one off or if members of OCW have signed a PWA event contract. MOAR to come on that…maybe as soon as tomorrow on Chaos or OCW’s PPV Truth or Consequences.

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