Let’s Up The Ante Scottywood


At Chaos 4, Scottywood made his return to HOW after being viciously assaulted by Scott Stevens weeks ago. Scottywood had a giant barbed wire board drop from the ceiling and fall on top of his rival leaving him a bloody mess as it cut his back to pieces. Scottywood challenged Stevens to a Baptize in Blood match where the ropes are barbed wire and the only way to win is to knock your opponent out.

HOWrestling.com has recently got a response from Scott Stevens as he is being stitched up.


The image comes into view and we see Scott Stevens in the doctor’s room getting stitched up and the stitching doesn’t faze the Texan as he sits there with his eyes hidden behind his 97 Red sunglasses and devilish smile. He looks up and sees the camera and he begins to slow clap.

Scott Stevens: Welcome back Scotty!

Stevens stops clapping.

Scott Stevens: I’ve missed you my friend.

Stevens nods.

Scott Stevens: I have to congratulate you because I didn’t think Bobbinette would give you your balls back long enough to attack me while she was whoring herself out to half the men on the roster.

Stevens motions with his head to zoom in as he looks around before asking.

Scott Stevens: Is it true STRONK is bigger than a blue whale? Is it true that Conor and Jatt gave her the Chinese Finger Trap while STRONK Daddy was bench pressing her one handed up her poop shoot?

Stevens shrugs.

Scott Stevens: I’m sure I’ll hear the details from GOD after his next Board meeting.

Stevens chuckles.

Scott Stevens: However, you manned up and I’m proud of you Scotty. You have taken your first steps toward redemption to being brought back into the 97 Red Army. BUT…..

Stevens lets the word linger for a moment.

Scott Stevens: I gave you props for getting your balls back and attacking me, but you attacked me like a fucking coward.

Stevens sternly states as he slowly lowers his sunglasses.

Scott Stevens: There is a quote from the Book of Kostoff called Pussy in the Book of Best and it states; “Always attack your enemy from behind. Don’t be a man and attack them eye to eye because you’ll have remorse so attack from the back to ensure no remorse.”

Stevens shakes his head in disappointment.

Scott Stevens: You’re a pussy and a coward just like that bitch Kostoff.

Stevens nods.

Scott Stevens: You want to have this blood bath at Dead or Alive is fine with me…..but let’s up the ante.

Stevens smile grows bigger.

Scott Stevens: You think I’m scared of barbed wire?

Stevens cackles.

Scott Stevens: HAHA! FUCK NO!

Stevens bangs his hand on the table.

Scott Stevens: Scotty, most of the scars on my body are from barbed wire.

Stevens points to the marks over his chest and abdomen.

Scott Stevens: You want to knock me out, fine.

Stevens shrugs nonchalantly.

Scott Stevens: However, when I massacre you and you look like a Carey’s vag after getting Triple P’d and Triple M’d, the official will not stop this match because you have no more blood to drip out of your body. YOU HEAR ME!

Stevens shouts.

Scott Stevens: There will be no stopping this match because of blood loss because I’m going to beat the living hell out of you and sacrifice you to the Altar of Best.

Stevens informs as he brings his hands together in prayer.

Scott Stevens: We aren’t done yet.

Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: To make sure we maximize your blood baptism. We will have our hands taped, we will then put them in glue and cover the glue with shards of broken glass because I want to make sure the Hardcore Artist loses in a canvas of blood and gore.

Stevens puts his glasses back on and slowly raises his hands in prayer.

Scott Stevens: See you at Dead or Alive.

A sinister smile plasters the Texan’s face as the video fades.

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