MVW Owner Ray McAvay Responds to Darin Zion Comments


Blaire Moise spoke to an ‘extremely annoyed’ Ray McAvay this afternoon after word got back to the owner of MVW about remarks made by former MVW Men’s champion Darin Zion earlier today concerning the end of his title run.

When I ‘lost’ the MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship a few months back—I never had my shoulders pinned to the mat.  No one submitted me.  MVW Management stole it from me on a technicality.  I never lost MY MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship belt.”

McAvay’s reaction?

“Bullshit.  Darin Zion no-showed a title defense against ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and he was stripped of the title.”

Where was Zion that night?

4/18/2020-High Octane Wrestling’s Lethal Lottery Show – Darin Matthews Segment
We cut to outside the entrance to the HOW skybox…




Darin Matthews:  Let me in right now!   I deserve to be sitting in there.    Don’t you know who I am?  I’m Darin Matthews!  M-A-T-T-H-E-W-S!  Look it up on Stevenspedia!  I’ve held 23 different pro wrestling championships.  I’ve accomplished over 100 other wrestling accolades and other milestones in my 15-year career.  I’m the Pinnacle of Professional Wrestling.  The Artiste of Atlantic City.   The Ivory of Indiana!  The Mauler of Missouri!  

“I had to drive up to Chicago to get the belt back because Darin thought it was more important to pound on the door of the HOW Skybox instead of… you know… defending the MVW Men’s title.”

McAvay then added.


When asked about the upcoming Ellis-Zion match at Dead or Alive, McAvay didn’t mince words.

“I hope Adam knocks his fucking block off.”

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