MVW Presence Confirmed For Tonight’s Chaos 3


With the recent interfed news concerning the addition of the sanctioned Violence organization to the Phoenix Wrestling Alliance joining High Octane Wrestling, PRIME, and Missouri Valley Wrestling, and since the headquarters of MVW is located in St. Louis, Blaire Moise advised today to expect a definitive MVW presence at tonight’s Chaos 3 show.

Blaire confirmed MVW owner (and former HOW World Champion) Ray McAvay will be on hand for tonight’s show.  She also advised several MVW wrestlers will also be in the building- mainly to support the Highwaymen’s Joe Bergman as he wrestles in the main event.  Bergman is revered by much of the MVW roster for his behind the scenes work in developing many of MVW’s wrestlers.  Over half MVW’s current roster has trained in part at Joe Bergman’s Barn- including for HOW Tag Team champion Adam Ellis.

McAvay also commented on the news that broke yesterday about the sVo joining the PWA: “HOW, PRIME, and the sVo are three companies with long and rich histories and tradition.  Missouri Valley Wrestling being able to partner up with these three legacy wrestling organizations is an enormous positive for us and being a part of a network with these three companies will hopefully result in a few more eyes on our product.”

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