MVW’s Ray McAvay Releases a Statement


Following up on Cancer Jiles’s declaration earlier tonight that he would wrestle The Highwaymen all by himself on October 8th at Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Terre Haute, Indiana house show, MVW Owner Ray McAvay released the following statement:

As everyone in MVW knows, there’s nothing I hate more than ‘shenanigans’ and outside interference taking place in title matches.  Clearly what happened Sunday night at the Heartland pay-per-view show constitutes ‘shenanigans’ in my opinion with the outside interference from Clay Byrd.  

So, since Lee Best has seen fit to assign match #4 of The Highwaymen vs.  The Egg Bandits best of five for the HOTv Tag Team title to MVW, I will conduct the fourth match, in the same way, I would with any of our titles when there’s too much outside interference.  

Therefore, I will grant Cancer Jiles his wish and ban everyone, and I do mean everyone, from ringside during the match.  No Sunny O’Callahan.  No Steve Harrison.  No Clay Byrd.  No Doozer.  No Bobby Dean. The only three people allowed at ringside during the match will be Cancer Jiles, Joe Bergman, and Steve Solex. 

I will also instruct referee Davey Keels to immediately disqualify any team who violates the above.

I believe what HOW and HOTv fans want to see is a good, clean match and that’s exactly what will happen on Saturday, October 8th at the Hulman Center in Terre Haute, Indiana when Steve Solex and Joe Bergman aka The Highwaymen take on Cancer Jiles- singularly representing the Egg Bandits.

May the best team win.

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