PWA Acquires…PWA?


Big news from Chicago this afternoon, as can confirm that Pro Wrestling: Assault, the independent wrestling company owned and operated by James Cornfield, has been acquired by the Best family in a deal on behalf of HOTv and the Phoenix Wrestling Alliance.

Cornfield, who made a brief splash in High Octane Wrestling when his client GenoSyde captured the HOTV Championship, has not been seen or heard from since his client’s loss to Board member STRONK GODSON. While Pro Wrestling: Assault has ceased operating weekly shows in the Las Vegas area, it would seem that their intellectual property was not without value to the right buyer.

“Honestly, we needed the initials.” Michael Best told staff. “Cornfield had been fighting us on the rights, and ultimately we would have won the war, but it just wasn’t worth the battle. Threw that carny piece of trash about $97 and we got everything.”

While the true price tag has not been revealed, what was acquired is interesting to say the least. In addition to the rights to the initials “PWA”, the purchase also included all other assets and intellectual properties under the Pro Wrestling: Assault banner. We are also told that several talent contracts were picked up in the deal.

“Yeah, we grabbed a couple guys.” Best said. “No big shocking swerves here though, these guys aren’t ready for TV, and they’re going straight to TEN-X. Maybe something comes of it, and maybe it doesn’t. But seriously, this was mostly about the initials.”

Amidst the contracts that have been absorbed, one name stands out in particular, however– how this man will be used is not yet clear, but it’s an interesting contract to have picked the option up on:

“We got James Cornfield.” Best laughed, cruelly. “He’s been bankrupted by the Best Family three fucking times, and now he works for us. Who knows. Maybe I’ll give him a mop.”

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