ReVival 16 News and Notes

    • The firing of Paxton Ray is legitimate. Paxton has been terminated from his contract for behavior detrimental to the company and/or its employees. Lindsay Troy is quoted as saying “he’s lucky he isn’t in jail.”

We tried to catch up with Ray for comment but were unable to find him after the show. Hopefully this is the last we’ve heard of the man they call The Bayou Butcher.


    • The GruelTec Foods and Rat Poison Company successfully negotiated a settlement with Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe in the class action lawsuit over the hyper-laxative properties of their edible liniment, WarmCold. Each plaintiff will receive a sum of $45, which is the cost of five tubs, before tax, of the substance. The paltry sum was due in part to the excellent negotiations of GruelTec’s legal counsel, the New Orleans-based firm of Fleetwood, Fleetwood, Harper, and Fleetwood. GruelTec will continue to manufacture and market the edible topical rub, only not in America and while highlighting the laxative properties in the company’s other top markets: Malaysia, Singapore, and Bhutan.

As for The Anglo Luchador, the former spokesman for the substance, Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe was able to negotiate a penalty-free release from his sponsorship deal with GruelTec. In response, he said, “I’m going to read the fine print before I enter into any more endorsement deals.”


    • PWA officials from each of the partner promotions, as well as representatives from HOTv and the ACE Network, met at Caesars Palace last night to discuss various event and merchandising opportunities. The talks broke down an hour in, and it’s being reported that PRIME President Lindsay Troy stormed out of the casino in anger.


    • It was announced that the Winds of Change will be heading to Japan for the holidays after Colossus, working dates with Bang! Pro Wrestling. Coral Avalon, who has family in Japan, was given permission to work for the Japanese company during the month of December through the fourth of January when he signed his full-time contract with PRIME. He has since had this permission extended to the WoC as a whole.

Bang! Pro Wrestling was established by the Doi siblings, Inoue and Ryuunosuke Doi, in 2011, and has been home to numerous ridiculous matches as well as multiple widely-acclaimed matches over its nearly twelve year existence. Avalon’s work with the promotion made him an elusive target for multiple American companies for years, though he curiously turned down multiple contracts until he was offered one with PRIME. The company recently concluded its eighth annual Terminus Complex (TC-X) tournament, with “the Godslayer” Hanazawa Akira outlasting a 20-person field to win it.

When asked about the move, Sid Phillips said, “I’m going to powerbomb stuff so hard over there, the Rising Sun itself is going to go into hiding, afraid to rise again until after I’ve left. Like a Tony Gamble erection.”

Joe Fontaine added, “Going to add some kimonos to my whole wardrobe. It’s gonna be so fresh!”


    • After their match, Ria Lockhart sought out Alex Steel backstage. The two had a friendly conversation before Lockhart introduced Steel to a few other members of the roster. The newcomer seems well-liked already, with a few unnamed wrestlers saying they see big potential in the Aussie.


    • Following the brutal attack by Vickie Hall and her entourage at the end of ReVival 16, both King Blueberry (Jared Sykes) and Reina Raspberry (Justine Calvin) were brought to the nearby Sunrise Hospital for evaluation. Calvin was treated and released on Saturday, however her status for a planned Tag Team championship defense against the Masters of the Multiverse B-Team slated for ReVival 17 is still up in the air.

“Right now everything is very wait-and-see,” Calvin said. “There’s an appointment scheduled for next week to see about getting cleared to compete, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Feel like the fucking ‘Love Convoy’ ran me over with an actual truck, but fortunately no concussion.”

When asked if she had any information on the status of her partner, Calvin was noncommittal in her response.

“You’d have to ask him,” she said.

She was similarly curt when asked if she had any indication that Sykes planned to storm the ring at the start of the show to lay out a challenge to Paxton Ray, before ending the call abruptly.

PRIME officials confirm that Calvin flew back to Boston early Monday morning, and her name has been updated on the PRIME website.


    • Applications for this year’s Belmont Classic have been coming in fast and furious in recent weeks. While the selection committee is not at liberty to name any specific applicants, they did let slip that “several” names from the PWA have applied.

This came along with an announcement that the date of the event will be changed, as the original schedule overlapped with PRIME’s next major event, Colossus. The Belmont is now scheduled for the week prior.


    • Confirming Nick Stuart’s report during the broadcast, PRIME’s Five Star Champion “The Escape Artist” Rezin sustained both a high ankle sprain and hyperflexion in his neck during a contest at ACTS of DEFIANCE in Los Angeles.

The Goat Bastard was taken to a nearby medical facility for observation but (expectedly) “escaped” the charge of the medical professionals providing him care.

While he waits out his recovery, the Five Star Champion has reportedly returned to his home state of Indiana to attend to “personal business.” He is not expected to be present for ReVival 17.


    • Despite his partner being released on Saturday, PRIME has learned that the medical staff at Sunrise Hospital elected to keep King Blueberry (Jared Sykes) for observation through the long weekend.

PRIME officials were able to catch up with him on Monday morning following his release. According to Sykes, his status for ReVival 17 is also questionable, pending the results of an evaluation next week. While he did not go into specifics regarding the nature of the injuries that he sustained as a result of the attack that followed the ReVival 16 main event, he did indicate that there were come concerns about the psychological impact of the assault.

“It legit might be the worst thing that’s happened over my career,” he said. “But I don’t know if that’s just recency talking. I’ve got appointments lined-up to work through it over the next few weeks, but honestly I’m trying not to think too much about it right now.”

We asked if he was aware of his partner returning to Boston, and Sykes confirmed that was the case.

“She told me,” he said. “Everyone handles these things in their own way, so if this is what she needs to do to get right, then I’m one hundred percent behind it.”

ReVival 16 was the first PRIME event to follow the tragic events of UltraViolence, and the start of the show was held up as Sykes marched to the ring to challenge Paxton Ray, the man who ended the in-ring career of Jonathan Rhine. While this was a surprise to PRIME officials, we reached out to see if it was also a surprise to his partner, Reina Raspberry (Justine Calvin).

“Yeah, I didn’t say anything about it, and I’ve been informed that was a very stupid decision. Both me doing it, and me hiding it. Not thrilled with the outcome, both the firing and the aftermath, but there’s not much I can do.”

The stunt had the desired effect, bringing Paxton Ray to the ring, however it also drew the attention of Lindsay Troy, who used the opportunity to publicly terminate Ray’s employment with the company. In response to squaring-up with the president after her announcement, Sykes had this to say:

“I was caught-up in the moment, I guess. Didn’t really think about what I was doing. It just sort of happened. Not something I’m going to address here, though. I fucked-up in person, so that apology will happen in-person, too.”

We’ll have more about the status of both members of the Kings of Popsicles as we draw closer to ReVival 17. Make sure to visit for updates!


    • In news that is sure to make Brandon Youngblood happy, the following fines are being levied against the Love Convoy for their attack on the Kings of Popsicles and Hayes Hanlon at ReVival 16: newcomer Tristan-Crispin Gladhappy is being fined $10,000, both Darin Zion and Jonathan-Christopher Hall are being fined $15,000, and Vickie Hall is being fined $20,000. When asked about the punishments, Lindsay Troy simply replied with, “Welcome back, assholes. Payment’s due by ReVival 17.”


    • Big news coming out of the Masters of the Multiverse camp, off the back of their declaration of becoming the Commissioner of Food and Beverage in PRIME…as well as the announcement of their impending Tag Team Championship match against the Kings of Popsicles, King Blueberry and Reina Raspberry.

Needless to say, the B-Team had a lot to say about the matter. Randall reached out to us first, with the following:

“We’re proud to serve the Food and Beverage division of PRIME well during this time of uncertainty. We look forward to making sure all catering, food trucks, etc. are up to our high standards of quality.”

This was quickly followed up by Kenny Freeman, whoever the hell he is:

“And, of course, we’re looking forward to making smoothies out of the tag champs at ReVival 17, and winning them straps. We want the gold, sucker. King Blueberry, we’re coming for you, you little berry bi–“

The blatant fruitism was quickly avoided as the line of communication was cut short, but we get the intention…the Masters look to add PRIME Tag Team Champion to their curious collection of accomplishments!


    • Timo Bolamba is happy to announce that his son Junior and girlfriend Mandy are indeed expecting. They are due in spring 2023. Timo has been seen backstage handing out Cohiba Behike cigars to any and all who want one (as long as they are of age, of course!).


    • After leaving Nevada victorious at ReVival 16, Ivan Stanislav and Alexei Ruslan traveled to Cuba to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Ian. Portions of the island were still out of power. Stanislav was asked as he was boarding a private airplane, “I mentioned PRIME offering to help with reconstruction efforts in Cuba, and not a single person opted to offer any form of help. But if any individual talks about going out for drinks, the drunkards all respond like this!” he said, and snapped his fingers for effect.

“It is the least I can do. Some individuals in PRIME refer to non-Americans as ‘you people’ and the like, but my heart aches for the hardship of all people.”

Several photos showed Stanislav helping prop up power lines, rebuilding roofs, and consoling “the injured and struggling masses,” per the article.


    • The ACE Network recently announced the creation of a new liaison role to work more closely with the talent and production team of PRIME. Beginning as soon as this week, Alexa Van Horne will serve the network as the newly promoted Vice Director of Marketing & Public Relations.

Van Horne is expected to begin working closely with the on-camera PRIME talent whose image may be considered “problematic,” in hopes of further developing a televised product that reaches across to mainstream audiences.


    • A bit of good news concerning Jonathan Rhine: The New Life has regained movement in his head and upper body. The doctors seem confident enough in his progress that they are working on getting him discharged from the hospital, where he can finally return home to New Orleans. Rhine has not been moved from his room in the Sunrise Medical Center since his surgery the night of UltraViolence.







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