Some Hardcore News


Some Hardcore News…..


I just wanted to personally put some news out there before the show tonight in case anything doesnt go according to plan.

I have known Scott Woodson for a very long time and have always appreciated his time in HOW. He is in the Hall of Fame for more than his in ring career. He has done a TON for the company outside of the ring.

But all good things come to an end and Time is undefeated.

With ALL that said, and if Scottywood survives tonight, I just wanted to announce that I will not be renewing Scottywood’s contract and his final match will be at Rumble at the Rock…..a fitting place for the Hardcore Artist.

Scotty…..Win or Lose tonight…….your job is to survive so we, mainly me, can give you a proper send off at RATR.

MOAR news to come….

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