UltraViolence News and Notes

    • Some awful news out of the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. The night of UltraViolence, Jonathan Rhine was admitted for emergency surgery to repair two broken vertebrae. The operation was successful, but doctors are very pessimistic about Rhine’s chances to ever walk again. In addition to the broken bones, there was extensive spinal cord damage. It is with a heavy heart that we report that due to the heinous attack by his partner, Jonathan Rhine’s wrestling career is over.


    • After retaining the PRIME Tag Team championships in their match against the Winds of Change, both Reina Raspberry (Justine Calvin) and King Blueberry (Jared Sykes) were seen leaving the arena. It was later confirmed that they spent the weekend at Sunrise Hospital where Jonathan Rhine was taken following his injuries at the hands of Paxton Ray. When reached, neither would comment on the situation, or the events of UltraViolence.

When asked about her reaction to her partner appearing in a satellite vignette during the latest High Octane Wrestling show, Reina Raspberry responded with an offering that we are unable to reprint due to internal decency guidelines.


    • PRIME President Lindsay Troy spent Friday night, all day Saturday, and part of the day Sunday and today with Jonathan Rhine and Shweta Kallemullah. Troy is said to be equal parts devastated at Rhine’s condition and prognosis for recovery and furious at Paxton Ray for his actions at the supershow. An internal investigation has been launched and, thus far, Troy’s calls to Ray have gone unreturned. What this means for the Layfayette Bruiser is unknown at this time, however an angry Queen of the Ring is never good news for anybody.


    • The attack Paxton Ray made on Jonathan Rhine at UltraViolence sent shockwaves through PRIME. While The Anglo Luchador was not in Rhine’s inner circle, the two had become friends in this run of PRIME, especially due to the Intense Champion’s willingness and ability to raise money for Fighting For Nora. The attack Ray levied on Rhine, seven Lafayette Lullabies and a brainbuster, has thrown the entire foundation into disarray. The luchador has been distraught over this. Shareholders in his charity branch have held him to account as well. They feel like his refusal to put his name on any of the donations was a clear violation of their trust, as it appears from the outside that he may have known what was coming.

However, the luchador is on record saying he had no idea of Paxton’s intentions, that the anonymity, which much like his “Jerichoholic Anonymity” from a long time ago was a terribly kept secret, was “just how he was taught to do good deeds.” However, few people have been able to get anything substantive out of him. Both his wife, Tamara, and his brother and occasional PRIME/MGM Grand volunteer Michael, have demanded that people respect not only his privacy, but the privacy of Rhine’s inner circle, the Kings of Popsicles, and that of Brandon Youngblood, all of whom have been noted as the most shaken by this vicious attack.

Of course, the next question is whether or not The Anglo Luchador will have knives out for Ray over this. We may have more info on that in Rumor Mills, as those thoughts are unsubstantiated at the moment.


    • Melvin Beauregard and the PWA offices would like to cordially invite anyone on the PRIME roster to a prayer and good vibes service at the hospital’s chapel at 7pm on September 26th. The meeting is to help aide Jonathan Rhine in a speedy and quick recovery from his serious injuries sustained at the hands of Paxton Ray at UltraViolence.

Dinner will be provided at Melvin’s personal expense for any families caring for loved ones in the same unit as Mr. Rhine.

Melvin had this comment for us:
“I’ve been through the unthinkable of being assaulted, I know what my wife went through while I was dealing with my own injuries. I hope Shweta, and the Rhine family can find comfort in the efforts we are taking. My teams been dispatched to the hospital to wait on every need they have. I wish Mr Rhine the best, and hope he can make a recovery. I’ve also asked for my therapist to be in attendance, and he will be providing grief and stress counseling for the family and friends of Mr. Rhine pro bono.”

“Nobody should have to go through this alone, I encourage all of Mr Rhine’s friends to continue to be there for him. Even when he’s confined to his room and just trying to watch an Indy wrestling event with his friends. Please be there for him. We’re all a big family here at PRIME and the PWA, and we all want the same things for Mr Rhine. The world of wrestling is better with Jonathan Rhine involved. Let’s use this moment to bring everyone closer together, just like Mr Rhine would want.”


    • The new Universal Champion and number one by definition, Cancer Jiles, was transported via a heavy PRIME escort to a nearby Las Vegas hospital to treat his various wounds and ailments. His list of injuries is extensive. Almost too many to count. In fact, it would just be easier to say that the only thing not hurting him is his ego.

Jiles will be in attendance for ReVival 16, however. He’s sitting in row one, seat one, of section 97.


    • PRIME reporters caught up with Nate Colton, fresh off his win at UltraViolence against fellow rookie standout FLAMBERGE. Here’s what he had to say.

On his victory over FLAMBERGE:

“Really excited about it, for sure. That might have been the toughest fight I’ve ever had, and considering who else I’ve faced in PRIME, that’s saying something. That guy is the real deal, and I’ll have to keep busting my ass if I want to stay ahead of him.”

(“Does this mean the two of you have gotten over your issues with each other?”)

“Christ, no. Just ’cause I respect him, that doesn’t mean I like him.”

On the recent announcement that PRIME would start touring after UltraViolence:

“The timing definitely sucks; the ink was barely dry on my lease when that news came out. And I appreciate all the offers to help get me out of it, but I’m going to stay. Even after we start hitting the road, it’s still a really convenient location–I’m just a quick drive to PRIME HQ for promotional stuff, and I can hit up Timo’s gym. I hear the smoothie bar there is insane.”

“Besides, I was brought up to keep my promises.”

On his plans for PRIME in the coming months:

“Over the last couple of months, I think I’ve established that I belong on this roster. Now I think it’s time to make a move, y’know? Maybe throw down a challenge to some of the top wreslters; maybe get my name in consideration for a title shot. I just know that I’m ready to take on whatever challenges PRIME throws at me. It’s time to start showing the fans, showing the *world*, what my name means. If you know, you know. And if you don’t know…you’re about to find out.”

On Paxton Ray’s brutal attack on his tag team partner, Jonathan Rhine:

“No comment.”

On Cancer Jiles becoming the Un–

“Actually, you know what? Fuck that. I will comment. Paxton Ray is a shit-sucking dirtbag for what he did. Actually trying to end someone’s career is just about the worst thing you can do, and to do that to your own tag team partner? I’m sure he’s got some bullshit reason, but I don’t care. Fuck Paxton Ray forever. The only reason I’m not demanding a match with him as soon as possible is that there’s four or five people who already beat me to it. I hope he’s proud of himself, ’cause I’m pretty sure Nora isn’t, and won’t ever be again.”

On whether he plans to sign a PWA contract:

“…I have to go.”


    • Jacob Mephisto refused medical treatment after his brutal dog collar match with Anna Daniels at UltraViolence. He was last seen leaving the arena with The Montgomery Twins. When approached for comment, The Patriarch simply said, through a very scratchy voice, that he had a family meeting to attend.


    • After UltraViolence, one of our camera drones caught up with Anna Daniels. The following is a message from her:

“Elvis Nixon made a grave mistake by fucking us over. We had Mephisto beat. They both know it and so do we. And with He-Who-Hates out of his cage, it is certain the referee will pay for his poor decision making. When he does, we won’t be able to stop it until He-Who-Hates is satiated. This is a warning. We suggest you heed it.”


    • Adam Ellis was checked out backstage and only had a bloody nose after ‘REAL LOVE’ Darin Zion’s Pearl Harbor job on him Friday night at UltraViolence. Zion himself got off lucky as Ginny Van Lear’s jumping spin kick just barely missed his already broken nose (courtesy of one Frank Dylan James in a HOW match a week ago). Ellis was spotted Sunday night backstage at MVW’s Heartland show with Van Lear visiting Joe Bergman and MVW Owner Ray McAvay.


    • The Anglo Luchador was also spotted backstage Sunday night at MVW’s Heartland pay-per-view show with Adam Ellis talking with MVW owner Ray McAvay. Reports indicate that McAvay was explaining to TAL the proper way to throw a fireball at an opponent. It’s also worth noting that TAL has an upcoming match this Sunday with Jace Parker Davidson at High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 11. Coincidence?


    • With all the chaos transpiring from events that occurred at UltraViolence, the question on everyone’s mind was whether or not Tony Gamble was going to survive the night. While details have been few and far between it has been confirmed that he did indeed make it through his medical procedure, and is at this time scheduled to make an appearance at ReVival 16.

While not having a medical release to compete that evening, Tony mentioned not wanting to cheat the fans of the opportunity of showing their adoration after the hard fought battle he went through with his best friend and new member of the Gamble Adoration Syndicate. “A celebration is in order!” Tony answered when asked for a comment as he left the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center early Saturday morning.

On a similar note, it’s being reported that after UltraViolence concluded a talent scout recruited Gamble to audition for a role in an upcoming Top Gun sequel. The sequel, dubbed, Top Gun: Stitches, is about a boy who fell out of the cockpit and cut his arm.


    • Coral Avalon is now an active member of the PRIME roster going forward, after his appearance in the corner of the Winds of Change in their failed bid to capture the PRIME Tag Team Championship at UltraViolence. Avalon, a former PRIME Tag Team Champion with the Codemaster, has primarily wrestled overseas since his last appearance in PRIME. He is most notable for his time in the Japanese company, Bang! Pro Wrestling, where he led the “Crownless Kingdom” to prominence.

Avalon was not immediately available for comment after UltraViolence, as he left the building after the conclusion of the tag title match, and was sighted at the hospital that had admitted Jonathan Rhine while wearing his patchwork cloak without a shirt on.


    • Joe Fontaine went missing almost immediately after losing the tag title match, and was not seen again until the following morning. He was described as “inconsolable” immediately after reaching the backstage area, and left without a word to reporters or anyone else who wanted to talk to him. When he was finally seen again, he seemed to be in high spirits again and claimed, “We’re running that shit back.”

Meanwhile, Sid Phillips was asked about the debut of his new elbow smash that night. He denied ever doing it, even when he was confronted with video evidence, and also claimed that what we were seeing was him powerbombing his elbow into people.


    • Reports following the Brandon Youngblood/Nova contest at UltraViolence are that there was a meeting between the two PRIME legends during the main event. This meeting did not last for an extended period of time, but sources claim that the Tower of Babel was in extremely good spirits despite suffering what many feel is an upset loss. “It was almost like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders” is the word coming from my source.

Given the history between the two once bitter rivals, this lends credence to the notion that the pair have fully buried their past conflicts. While it’s been known the Youngblood is intent on pursuing the Universal Championship once again, his loss to Nova obviously complicates his path towards contendership. What the future holds is certain to be interesting.


    • An altercation seems to have occurred backstage at UltraViolence between the Dangerous Mix of Mushigihara and David Fox. Frustrated by their loss to the Masters of the Multiverse… B-Team, as well as the recent revelation that Mushigihara isn’t just a monosyllabic lummox, but an actual well-spoken individual, the two men got into heated arguments, including threats of violence, and left the MGM Grand in separate vehicles.


    • Controversy abounds coming out of the highly-anticipated showdown between the Masters of the Multiverse B-Team and Dangerous Mix…and we’re not talking about the dubious manner in which the B-Team secured their victory.

No, we’re talking about the fact that upon their return to the hotel after UltraViolence, the Masters discovered to their horror that the charity they set up for GREAT SCOTT was shuttered that same day, under heavy allegations of fraud.

Claiming complete innocence on the matter, Kenny Freeman issued a statement via his online blog addressing where the money won in the Fund-O-Matic Challenge would go:

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, it seems A GREAT HOME FOR GREAT SCOTT is no more. We’re just thankful that GREAT SCOTT has indeed already found himself a lovely new place of residence…but we will still honor our promise of donating to a worthy cause.

After some debate, we’ve settled on TWO great charities that funds will be donated to: the JDRF, and the AANE. Two causes near and dear to our hearts, that we hope our loyal fans will also support. Thank you!”

On the surface this all seems very wholesome and touching, but the question must be asked…how can you trust the word of someone you don’t know?


    • With Ivan Stanislav being booked for ReVival 16, it appears that The Russian Bear’s one time contract to wrestle Hayes Hanlon at UltraViolence has been extended. Stanislav, who has a history of causing trouble for every front office in his previous federations, could bring in a lot of attention but is still a controversial figure. PRIME management didn’t give a definitive answer to our questions, but it does appear that a clause in Stanislav’s contract has given the Russian the opportunity to turn his one time deal into a full time deal if he so chose. Stanislav lost to Hanlon at UltraViolence, and many thought he would decide to go back to his modest lifestyle in Russia. When asked for a comment, Alexei Ruslan responded very quickly, and in Russian, and we weren’t able to translate anything he said.

Stanislav is booked to wrestle Shawn Warstein at ReVival 16. When asked about the match, Stanislav shoved our reporter away and responded thusly: DYAAHAAHAA!!


    • Applications will be opening soon for the Belmont Classic, a yearly 32-person tournament held in St. Louis, MO every December. The tournament is reserved for wrestlers with less than one year of professional experience; anyone whose debut came after December 31, 2021 will be eligible.

The tournament is named after “Rock ‘n Roll” Johnny Belmont, widely considered the first “modern” superstar in professional wrestling, and is credited with innovating many facets now considered standard in the industry: entrance music, flamboyant attire, signature moves and holds, and pre-recorded promos. From 1960 to 1985, Belmont delighted audiences all over the world with his theatrical performance as well as his in-ring prowess.

The Belmont Classic has been held every year since 1990; Belmont himself was heavily involved until his death in 1996. PRIME wrestlers who have appeared in the Belmont Classic include Jared Sykes (2000), Coral Avalon (winner, 2002) and Nate Colton (winner, 2018.)


    • A collection basket was passed around during UltraViolence so Darin Zion could change his last name back to Matthews. No word on how much was raised. Timo Bolamba was not involved.


    • A certain backstage report cites that Hayes Hanlon, after watching the conclusion of the main event, openly cried because he knew it’d be impossible for him to ever beat Cancer Jiles again, and therefore would never become Universal Champion. His cold sore from Bobby Dean’s aqua sock has reportedly healed.


    • Senior PRIME officiate Timo Bolamba no longer has to paint his face. Turns out Cancer Jiles made it so he doesn’t have to. As for the Samoan Slicer’s new colors, black and blue, he is said to be struggling with the adjustment.


    • The Anglo Luchador is set to be the next guest on The Undergroundcast. The episode should drop soon!


    • Roderick McRatrick, thanks to an anonymous tip from a “Mikey B.” has been compromised to a permanent end.

No, he’s not dead, unfortunately. But Lindsay Troy, in cooperation with the Nevada State Police, has found a long-running job for the swindler working the Ditch Fields. He will not be heard from again. Thank God.

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