Uprising 29 and Showdown 136 Previews


Uprising 29 (4th September 2022)

The sVo returns from the Jackpot 2022 PPV with Uprising 29 live from the Goodfellas Casino! Bobby Dean gets straight to work on trying to make it to the ten defences that he needs of the Roulette Championship to cash in for a sVo Championship shot, with the Roulette wheel throwing up former Champion Absolute Zero as the first challenger!

Opening Tag Team Match
The Von Drakes vs. Starr Brothers

Tag Team Match
Son And A Gun vs. Rebel Society

Single Match
Kyle McRae w/British Hospitality vs. Dallas Jordan w/Patriot Act

Single Match
Boyd Jackson vs. Clam Idia

Roulette Championship Match
BBD vs. Absolute Zero

Showdown 136 (11th September 2022)

After the massive Jackpot PPV, the sVo fans are demanding answers on Showdown 136! Will we hear from returning hall of famer Night? Will we hear from William Vorheez and is the sVo Champion still a member of the roster? Will we hear if Hugo Ryzing was infact the man who attacked Kenneth D Williams? When will Big Aug get his sVo Championship shot he won in the Jackpot match & when will BIG Trouble get their Tag Team title shot against new Champions Blood Money? Who will be next to challenge Carny Sinclair for the Las Vegas Championship? If BBD get’s through Uprising, can he make it defence #2 on his road to 10 and a sVo Championship shot? Will Xander Azula show up after signing a PWA contract on Jackpot?

Opening Tag Team Match
Black Brothers vs Canadian Connection

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs Hiro Ryuu

Single Match
Hugo Ryzing vs. El Froggo

Non Title Match
Carny Sinclair vs. Jacob Izaz

Roulette Championship Match
BBD (Or Absolute Zero) vs. Clam Idia

Main Event Match
Big Aug vs. Athena


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