Xander Azula Signs PWA Contract


Some big news coming out of sVo’s Jackpot PPV that aired last night on High Octane Television, as HOW competitor Xander Azula has finally made things official on his end in his apparent war against the sVo by signing a PWA contract!

(Footage courtesy of Sanctioned VIOLENCE Organization and HOTv)

Jon Page: Xander, if you really wanted this fight as bad as you’ve been claiming anywhere that someone would listen, then you should’ve prepared yourself accordingly. It’s clear as day that you’re not dressed to compete…and you don’t have a proper contract to fight here.

This gets some boos from the crowd, but Page jumps in to clarify.

Jon Page: In case you’ve forgotten how this works, Xander…you can lay any challenge down you like, but unless you have a contract with the PWA, you have no right to compete wherever you like willy-nilly. Hell, I could have security come out here right now and escort you off the premises…but I won’t. You wanna know why?

Page motions toward the entranceway, where a security guard and a man in a business suit make haste toward ringside, the man in the suit holding a clipboard with a small stack of papers in one hand and a pen in the other.

Jeremiah Sloan: Hang on, is that…?

Both the guard and the suited man step into the ring, bringing a smile to Page’s face.

Jon Page: Because we can take care of business right now, in this very ring. I’ve spoken with the higher-ups in the PWA, and I’ve secured a PWA contract you can take from one of my lawyers and sign right this very minute…or, I can have my guard help you find your way out of the Goodfellas Casino. The choice is yours, Xander.

Xander and his crew stare down McRae and British Hospitality as the crowd is buzzing with excitement over an impending collision…only instead of fireworks, the situation ends with Xander grabbing the clipboard and pen from the lawyer, signing the contract with a wicked grin on his face!

Jeremiah Sloan: Whoa, he did it!

Julian Fiasco: Xander Azula’s signed a PWA contract, and that means he’s legally obliged to the fight he’s been craving!

With the contract signed, Xander chuckles before raising the mic to his face once more.

Xander Azula: See how easy that was, Page? I guess we’ll be seeing how sanctioned this violence truly is soon enough.

With that remark, Xander and his group back away, making their exit from the ring leaving behind a slightly stunned Empire and Page.

Jeremiah Sloan: Well folks, the deal is official…but when will we see this fight go down?

(End footage)

With the PWA contract now signed, Xander Azula is free to compete as he so pleases…though it seems his sights are locked in on sVo and the newly-formed Empire’s Kyle McRae! The question remains, how soon will we see this collision…and will it end up bleeding over to Rumble at the Rock on October 30th?

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